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Building a winner in the Big Apple takes time, a fact that’s certainly not lost on Phil Jackson. The Zen Master ran into a rough first year at the helm of the New York Knicks, but some shrewd moves could quickly help to reverse his team’s fortunes. The Knicks added veteran Arron Afflalo, high-flyer Derrick Williams and inside presence Robin Lopez in hopes of sparking an offense that ranked near the bottom among NBA teams last season. All-Star Carmelo Anthony is expected to return at full-strength in 2015 as well, laying down the groundwork for a very competitive team in the Atlantic Division. Get your New York Knicks tickets today for the Mecca of Basketball, Madison Square Garden—you can always be confident that you’re getting great prices with Razorgator!
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New York Knicks 2015-2016 News and Updates

1/28/16 - The New York Knicks are in the middle of a four game losing streak. It looked as though they had a chance to win when they played the Thunder on the 26. The game was close and went into overtime, where the Thunder outscored the Knicks 15-9. Langston Galloway led the team with 21 points, and Derrick Williams had 19 points to help the team out. They led by 11 in the forth quarter, but the Thunder battled back. The Knicks had their fourth loss on the 28 against the Raptors. They will look to break the trend when they host the Suns on the 29. You can get tickets for prices starting at $52.

1/21/16 - The New York Knicks have won their last two games. They played the 76ers on the 18 in a game that went into double overtime. The Knicks led by 18 points in the third quarter, but the 76ers were able to catch up. Carmelo Anthony was back on the court after sitting out two with a hurt ankle. The Knicks were able to stay strong and battle it out in the two overtime periods to win 119-113. When they played the Jazz on the 20, the game also went into overtime. This time, it was the Knicks who had to battle back in the second half to tie the game. They next play the Clippers on the 22, and tickets are available starting at $81.
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1/14/16 - After winning two in a row, the New York Knicks lost a close game against the Nets on January 13. The Nets led by three points when the teams went to their locker rooms at halftime, but the New York Knicks battled back during the second half. The Knicks were leading by two points with just five minutes left, but then the Newts had a 10-2 run. The Knicks continued to battle, but were unable to succeed in grabbing back the victory. Aaron Affalo had 18 points and Jose Calderon added 16, but Derrick Williams led the team with 31 points to tie his career-best. The Knicks play the Grizzlies on January 16, and you can still get tickets for $22.

1/7/16 - The New York Knicks are on a roll. They had a rocky start, but, with their most recent victory against the Miami Heat, their season record is now up to 21-14. This is the Knicks’ third consecutive win and their fourth during their last five matches. When they took on the Heat in an away matchup, things started out strong as the Knicks scored more than their opponents in the first three quarters. The final score came to 98-90. From here, the Knicks will be playing one more away matchup, against the San Antonio Spurs, then return to New York for back-to-back home games as they host the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics.

12/31/15 - A record of 15-18 might not sound like a reason to write home, but for the New York Knicks, it’s a substantial jump over where they were last season. Rookie center Kristaps Porzingis has been a big part of the NY revival, consistently leading his team in rebounds, points or both. It was Carmelo Anthony leading the scoring charge against Detroit however, as the Knicks went on the defeat the Pistons 108-96 at Madison Square Garden. The win puts them just four games out of eighth place overall in the East, meaning there’s a very real chance the Knicks could return to the postseason in 2016. Get your tickets for Hawks at Knicks on Jan. 3rd starting at $109!

12/22/15 - The New York Knicks have sure had a month of ups and downs. They started December off in a very rough way by going on a four-game losing streak. However, things have started to look up since their win on December 12 against the Portland Trail Blazers. That single win seemed to fire up the Knicks to lead them to winning the next three games in a row. Their most impressive victory was over the Chicago Bulls on December 19. They took it to the Bulls and were able to win 107-91 for their fourth win in a row. See if they can keep racking up the W’s when they take on the Orlando Magic on December 21. Get your tickets today.

12/17/15 - The New York Knicks’ four-game losing streak is officially over. They may have been close matches, but they followed their disappointing run up with back-to-back wins against the Portland Trail Blazers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. First, the Knicks managed to catch up and surpass the Trail Blazers in the final quarter with a two-point win, then they held the Timberwolves at bay to maintain their lead through the end of the game. From here, the Knicks are heading to Philadelphia to play the 76ers, but they will be back in no time at all. They host the Chicago Bulls on December 19th. Tickets for the much anticipated game are available starting at $118.

12/10/15 - The New York Knicks find themselves in the midst of a four game losing streak. They almost had a win in their latest game against the Kings on December 10. The Kings led for most of the game, and the Knicks were down by 19 but started to rally late in the fourth quarter. The Knicks got to within two in the final minutes and had a chance to win when Carmelo Anthony, who had 23 points and led the team in scoring, missed a 3-pointer at the buzzer. They head to Portland to play the Trail Blazers on December 12, where they will look to turn things around. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $23.

12/3/15 - The New York Knicks had a tough week during the Thanksgiving holiday. That week the Knicks played four games and the team wasn’t able to add one win to their record. Luckily, they came out of the losing streak when they played against the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night. The Knicks were pleased to play in front of their home crowd that night and they showed it with a 99-87 win over the 76ers. The Knicks took charge from the start and didn’t let up the entire game. See if they can perform just as well when they face off against the Milwaukee Bucks on December 5. Tickets are still available to purchase.

11/26/15 - The New York Knicks are on a roll, winning the past four games in a row. Their latest victory was against the Rockets on the 21. Kristaps Porzingis finally showed his value to the team, with 24 points and 14 rebounds. He helped defensively as well, blocking seven shots. This marks the first time that a 20-year-old rookie has done this since Shaq in 1992-1993 season. The Knicks worked hard for this victory that came down to the last minutes of play. The game was tied with three minutes left, and the two teams battled it out, with the Knicks finally winning 107-102. They next play the Heat on the 23, and tickets remain available starting at $27.

11/19/15 - If the playoffs were right around the corner, the New York Knicks would barely be out of a contending position. Currently, the Knicks are sitting in the tenth spot in the Eastern conference, but are working hard to improve their record game after game. On Tuesday night, the Knicks crashed the court against the Charlotte Hornets at Madison Square Garden. Thanks to the Knicks impressive showing in the third quarter, they were able to pull off the W and add another win to the record board. Get your tickets today to see them sweat in person when they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 20. Tickets are still available to purchase.

11/12/15 - The New York Knicks won three of their five games this week. After losing against the Bucks on the 6, they got two victories against the Lakers and the Raptors. Then, they had two losses in a row against the Hornets and the Cavaliers. They were able to get another victory on their record when they beat the Pelicans 95-87. Carmelo Anthony scored 29 points and grabbed 13 rebounds to help the team to victory. Langston Galloway helped out with 15 points, and Kevin Seraphin had a solid performance with 12 points, three rebounds, and two assists. The Knicks next play the Hornets on the 17, and tickets remain available with prices starting at $38.

11/5/15 - The New York Knicks just took two consecutive losses, and for the first time this season, earned less than 100 points in a match. They still have a record of 2-3 and they have two consecutive home games coming up, so the Knicks have an excellent opportunity to turn things around. Hopefully they are able to stop this losing streak before it starts. They are going to face the Milwaukee Bucks on November 6th, then they host the Los Angeles Lakers on the 8th. Tickets for the much anticipated Lakers game start at $113. Afterward, they will be hitting the road for a couple matches, so catch the Knicks in action before they leave.

10/29/15 - The New York Knicks had a strong outing for their first game of the season when they beat the Bucks 122-97. The Knicks went out fast and strong, getting a 15-0 run between the first two quarters to help them take a strong lead. They retained a lead that hardly ever went under double digits during the last half hour of the game. Derrick Williams helped out with 24 points, and newbie Kristaps Porzingis nabbed 16 points in his league debut. The win gives fans hope that this season will be much better than last year's franchise-worst season. The Knicks next play the Atlanta Hawks at home on October 29. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $84.

10/22/15 - The New York Knicks have undergone a lot of changes in the past few years, one being the addition of a brand new head coach. Derek Fisher joined the rounds late in 2014 and is not only a new coach for the Knicks, but a new coach all around. Derek Fisher is well known for being a successful NBA player for a wide variety of teams. He was an outstanding outside shooter and mostly played as the seventh man regardless of what team he played for. This season has been highly anticipated to see what he can do to pull the Knicks out of the slump they have been in for the past few years. Get tickets today to watch them live for their first home game on October 29.

10/13/15 - The New York Knicks look sharp in their preseason, wining all three games so far. They started their preseason with an exhibition game against the Paschoalotto Bauru Basket. During this game, Carmelo Anthony led the team in the most points with 17. Kyle O'Quinn also had a good game with eight rebounds and four assists. Their second game was against the Wizards, and Derrick Williams led the team with 23 points. Williams had another high-scoring game in the third preseason game against the 76ers, where he scored 21 points to help the team win. The Knicks next face the Celtics at home on Friday, October 16. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $34.

8/13/15 - Carmelo Anthony has been in the league for a while now, and the 2014-2015 season was possibly one of his worst years. His team, the New York Knicks, placed fifth in the Atlantic Division after finishing with a terrible 17-65 overall record. Anthony and the rest of the Knicks will surely be looking ahead to the 2015-2016 season for redemption, and it starts in just ten short weeks. The NBA officially published the schedule for the upcoming season this week, and it looks like the Knicks will have a gentle start. They’ll first face the Milwaukee Bucks on the road before coming home to take on the Atlanta Hawks. The home kickoff game takes place on Thursday, October 29 at Madison Square Garden. Tickets start at $81.

2014-2015 Season

4/10/15 - The New York Knicks have finally ended their nine-game losing streak. The 2015 NBA season is just about over, but this win gives the Knicks the opportunity to finish the year off strong. They certainly were in control when they took on the Philadelphia 76ers on April 5th, ending the game with a 10-point lead. If they can play like that, the Knicks could score a couple more wins in their final games. If you are looking to catch them in action, you have two more chances: on April 10th when they take on the Milwaukee Bucks, and on the final day of the regular season, the 15th, when they play the Detroit Pistons. Tickets are still available for both games, starting at $43 and $37 respectively.

4/3/15 - The first year of Phil Jackson’s experiment is coming to a close, and New York Knicks fans are ready for a fresh start. Coach Derek Fisher and his squad will look to this year’s final games as an opportunity to learn and teach for next season, as the Knicks look to shuffle the deck and return themselves to playoff contention. Besides superstar Carmelo Anthony, several quality pieces are already present—point guard Alexey Shved is a talented player who has shown moments of brilliance this season. Tim Hardaway Jr. is poised to make a leap as well, which could make for a tough backcourt to back up ‘Melo as New York fights to return to basketball prominence. The Knicks will host the 76ers on Sunday evening, and you can get in to MSG for as low as $66!

3/26/15 - Without a spot in the playoffs, the New York Knicks' season is nearly over. You have six remaining opportunities to see them in action in the 2014/2015 NBA season. Unfortunately, it seems the Knicks are in the middle of a slump, losing five consecutive matches. They have actually been playing relatively well when you consider more than half of those losses were against teams that have made it to the postseason. Their next opponent, the Boston Celtics, also has a spot in the playoffs, but they are the trailing team, so the Knicks might have a real chance at victory. You can attend that game and cheer New York on for as little as $56. Your next opportunity to see them live will be on April 1st.

3/20/15 - The New York Knicks are back from their trip to the west coast, and they kicked off their return with a bang. When they took on the San Antonio Spurs, it turned out to be a very high scoring game. The Knicks were behind by a whopping 10 points at the half, but they were able to just barely catch up and tie things up before the buzzer. Langston Galloway led New York with 22 points. In overtime, the Knicks scored twice as much as the Spurs to bring the final score to 100-104. Two days later, history repeated itself. After trailing at the half, the Knicks caught up to the Minnesota Timberwolves, but unfortunately fell just three points short in overtime. Their next home game will be against the Memphis Grizzlies.

3/11/15 - Despite missing Tim Hardaway Jr. and leading scorer Carmelo Anthony, the New York Knicks kept pace with the Jazz for three quarters. Utah ultimately pulled away in the fourth to win it 87-82 behind 29 points from Derrick Favors, sending the Knicks to their fifth straight loss. Alexey Shved nearly posted a triple double for New York with 21 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. Cole Aldrich added 17 points and 13 boards in 29 minutes off the bench. The Knicks will continue their five-game Western Conference road trip on Thursday in L.A. as they face Jeremy Lin and the Lakers at Staples Center. Great seats are still available for this matchup between two of the NBA’s marquee teams, with prices as low as $15!

3/6/15 - It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the New York Knicks this season, but Derek Fisher’s squad managed two impressive wins over Eastern Conference foes to close the month of February. A gutsy 121-115 double-overtime win in Detroit propelled New York to another solid victory, 103-98 over the third-place Toronto Raptors. The beginning of a new month hasn’t been quite as favorable for the Knicks, who fell to the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers on consecutive nights to drop their season record to 12-48. New York will play the second half of their home-and-home series with the Pacers in Madison Square Garden on Saturday evening, and seats are still available. You can be a part of all the action with tickets as low as $57, but supplies are limited!

2/26/15 - The NBA All-Star break did not change the New York Knicks’ losing streak. They’re up to eight games in row. In the most recent game against the Boston Celtics, Andrea Bargnani was the high scorer with 17 points and Jose Calderon continues to show how great he plays with seven assists, but it was not enough to push the Knicks over the top. The final score was 94-115. With two home games in the upcoming week, the Knicks could turn the tide. The Toronto Raptors join the Knicks on the court on Saturday (2/28). Tickets start at $47. On Tuesday, the Sacramento Kings come to Madison Square Garden. We have tickets available starting at $38. Show your support for the local team and enjoy some great basketball with plenty of action on the court.

2/20/15 - The New York Knicks bought out Amar'e Stoudemire’s contract and lost him to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA trade. The Knicks gained Alexey Shved from the Houston Rockets. Shved has a 6.7 point and 2.4 assist average in his 166 games over the past three seasons with the Timberwolves, 76ers, and Rockets. He should benefit the team and help them get back on track for next season. On Friday (2/20), the Miami Heat come to Madison Square Garden. Don’t wait to get your seats for this game and cheer the team to victory. Tickets start at $114. On Sunday (2/22), get out of the house for some weekend fun. Come watch LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers try to match his All-Star appearance. Enjoy the action on the court!

2/11/15 - The New York Knicks lost their fifth straight game to the Orlando Magic on Wednesday, giving them the worst record overall in the NBA at 10-43. There may be a change in the lineup over the All-Star break, as Amar’e Stoudemire is considering a buyout. Carmelo Anthony injured his left knee, and it’s unsure if he will return this season. After the break, come out and see the Knicks can turn their game around when the Miami Heat come to town. Get tickets from Razorgator starting at $76. The Knicks may be having a disappointing season, but you’ll still get great basketball and have an exciting evening when you come down to Madison Square Garden. Keep watching the Knicks and cheer them on to a victory.

2/4/15 - The New York Knicks are one of only ten different teams in the NBA to routinely sell out their home games. In fact, the Knicks have sold out every home game this season. Don’t wait to get your tickets to Saturday’s (2/7) game against the Golden State Warriors from Razorgator or they’ll be gone before you know it. Tickets start at $85. It’s the final home game before the break, and the Knicks love their fans’ support. The Knicks have the second worst record in the NBA at 10-39, but the fans keep coming back to enjoy great basketball. The Knicks won last Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, which was a nice surprise for their fans. You never know how the game will play out.

1/29/15 - After going a full month without a win, the New York Knicks have taken four of their last five games, including a three-game streak that was snapped by the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday. In the week prior, the Knicks defeated the Pelicans, 76ers, and Magic, each by seven-point margins, as Carmelo Anthony has started to settle into an offensive groove that has fans in New York breathing a sigh of relief. The Knicks’ contest with the Sacramento Kings was postponed Monday night due to weather conditions, but Madison Square Garden was rocking again on Wednesday, as Melo led his team to a 100-92 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. NY will stay active, as they travel to Indiana to square off with the Pacers on Thursday night. Seats are still available starting at just $2 each!

1/21/15 - The New York Knicks broke their 16-game losing streak with a win against the New Orleans Pelicans on January 19. Proving their win wasn’t a fluke, they turned another game into a win the following Wednesday against the Philadelphia 76ers. Enjoy some great basketball when the Knicks host the Orlando Magic on Friday (1/23). On Monday (1/26), the Sacramento Kings come to town, then on Wednesday (1/28), it’s the Oklahoma City Thunder. Show your support for the Knicks when you get tickets from Razorgator to watch the team in the arena. The Knicks are still working hard, and they’re playing for pride. On one hand, they’ll probably get a top lottery pick in the NBA draft. On the other, it’s hard to keep playing when you’re not doing so well. Go out and cheer for the Knicks!

1/12/15 - Two weeks in, the New York Knicks are still looking for their first win of the year. Derek Fisher’s team has lost each of their last four by an average of 21 points per game, but a manageable schedule of upcoming opponents may give them opportunities to break out of their funk. The Knicks will travel to England this week to face off with the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night at the O2 in London, before returning home to host the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday. Carmelo Anthony remains questionable (knee injury), but point guard Jose Calderon will still lead a group of scorers capable of coming away with a win that would snap New York’s current 15-game slide. Tickets for Monday’s game at Madison Square Garden can be had for just $30 each!

1/6/15 - The turn of the calendar hasn’t provided the turnaround the New York Knicks had hoped, as they opened 2015 with a trio of losses to Eastern Conference foes that have dropped their record to 5-32 on the season. Carmelo Anthony continues to score at an outstanding rate, averaging just under 24 points per game, good for third-best in the NBA. When healthy, Amar’e Stoudemire is contributing 13 points and 7.4 rebounds per game as well, but the Knicks will need more from players like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Jose Calderon in order to improve their position in the standings. New York will host the Houston Rockets on Thursday night, as they will try to contain league scoring leader James Harden and the imposing Dwight Howard in the paint. Get in the game with Razorgator, with tickets starting at $48!

1/1/15 - December has not been a very forgiving month for the New York Knicks, who will try to win for just the second time since November on New Year’s Eve. The Knicks came close to victory in Sacramento on Saturday, erasing a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter to force overtime. However, DeMarcus Cousins took over late for the Kings, scoring nine of his 39 points in the extra session to preserve the win for his team. The loss had to be particularly stinging for Carmelo Anthony, who posted 36 points, 11 rebounds and six assists to lead New York, but missed a potential game-winning shot at the end of regulation. The Knicks will have one more opportunity to notch another victory in 2014 when they face the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night, and Razorgator is your ticket in the door. Seats start at just $18, but don’t wait because supplies are limited!

12/25/14 - Carmelo Anthony led five scorers in double-figures for the New York Knicks, but it wasn’t enough to hold off the East-leading Toronto Raptors on Sunday. The Knicks lost their fifth straight to drop to 5-25 this season, their first under rookie coach Derek Fisher. Anthony has maintained his all-star numbers across the board this year, averaging nearly 24 points and seven rebounds per game, while matching a career low with only 2.4 turnovers. The Knicks will need strong performances from Carmelo and their whole squad if they are to earn a win on Christmas Day, as they host the scorching Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden. Tickets for this holiday game are still available with Razorgator, and seats start at $97, but they’re going fast so don’t hesitate!

12/17/14 - For many basketball fans, there is no better way to spend Christmas day than by relaxing on the couch watching their favorite teams battle it out on the court. Luckily, the New York Knicks are slated to face off against the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden midday on December 25. With tickets starting at just $100 each, die-hard fans would be thrilled to receive the ultimate Christmas gift this year. Watching stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire play with skill and finesse is something that should be seen in person. While the Knicks are ranked fourth out of the five teams in the Atlantic Division standings, the team is looking for a big win and is sure to put on a show for the biggest holiday of the year.

12/9/14 - The New York Knicks will need to turn in a strong performance on Wednesday if they wish to snap their current losing streak, as they visit the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs in Texas. New York dropped their ninth straight game on Tuesday night, a 104-93 loss on the road to Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire combined for 43 points and 13 boards to lead New York, and J.R. Smith added 17 points in 28 minutes off the bench, but the Pelicans’ balanced attack proved too much, with five players scoring in double figures. The Knicks will look to get back into the win column at the AT&T Center on Wednesday night versus Tim Duncan and the Spurs, and Razorgator still has great seats available starting at just $7!

12/4/14 - The New York Knicks continue their losing streak and their rough season with another loss against the Miami Heat on Sunday. Both teams had exceptional defense in this very low scoring game. The Heat was able to just barely edge out a win with a final score of 86-79. This is the fourth loss in a row and brings the Knicks to 4-14. Despite their dismal position, they are not the last team for the Atlantic Division. They may never catch the Toronto Raptors with 13-4, but New York will still play a good game. Their next two games are home games, against team who also have average win ratios (Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers), so the Knicks have a good chance to score a couple wins coming up. Tickets start at $33 and $81.

11/26/14 - The New York Knicks have been having a difficult season, but they still managed to get a good win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday. With a final score of 83-91, taking on the 76ers with their 13-game losing streak was not an entirely challenging task, but hopefully it will give them the momentum they need to overcome their next opponents: the Houston Rockets, who are currently sitting comfortably at 10-3. The Knicks have 4-10 and are 4th in the Atlantic Division. They aren’t exactly in a good position, but if Saturday’s game is any indication, they have a lot of fight left and they may just be able to turn things around. Follow their series of away games and catch them when they return to New York on the 30th. Tickets start at $90.

11/19/14 - On Saturday night, the New York Knicks will host the Philadelphia 76ers at Madison Square Garden. While both teams have underperformed, it was at least expected from Philadelphia. The Knicks, on the other hand, were expected to be competitive and push for a playoff spot. It doesn’t really matter as Knicks tickets will still be expensive since it’s a Saturday night in New York. According to Razorgator, the average price for the game is $294.97 on the secondary market.

11/17/14 - Finally, after nearly two weeks, the New York Knicks have ended their losing streak. Not only did they end it, they sent its memory flying with a crushing 93-109 victory over the Denver Nuggets. They were tied at the end of the first quarter, but the highlight of this game was definitely the second quarter. Denver just couldn’t get it together with only 8 points against the Knicks whopping 31. That massive lead was one that held throughout the whole game. This puts New York’s seven game losing streak to rest with a bang as they head to Milwaukee to see if lightning can strike twice against the Bucks. Be sure to catch them on the 18th or when they return to New York on the 22nd to take on Philadelphia.

11/14/14 - The Triangle Offense hasn’t been kind to new head coach Derek Fisher and his New York Knicks, who enter the weekend with a dismal 2-7 record on the season. Despite the team’s poor start, Knicks tickets at Madison Square Garden continue to reach exorbitant numbers on the secondary market. Following a loss to the Magic at home on Wednesday, the Knicks host the at home tonight and end their week on Sunday when they host the Nuggets. Knicks tickets currently have a $278 average price on the secondary market, according to Razorgator.

11/13/14 - Unfortunately the New York Knicks were unable to defeat the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, just barely coming up short with 73-69. The exciting game was tied at the half even though the Knicks were down to 12 players. Then Kyle Korver drove 27 points for Atlanta and managed to pull them ahead outscoring New York in the third quarter by 27-13. This marks the Knicks’ fourth loss in a row, with their last victory being on the 2nd, leaving them at 2-5. However, they will have a chance to go against the Hawks again on Monday, but this time on their own court. That will definitely be their best opportunity to turn their streak around. It certainly promises to be an exciting game. The Knicks currently stand 4th in the Atlantic Division.

11/11/14 - The New York Knicks open their season at home suffering a one sided loss to the Chicago Bulls then followed that up with a unexpected victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road. The Knicks have not played as well since as they are on a current five game losing streak heading into Wednesday night’s game at Madison Square Garden versus the Orlando Magic. New York Knicks tickets against the Hawks have an average price of $144.37, according to Razorgator.

11/6/14 - Come out to the Mecca of basketball to support your New York Knicks as they begin their quest to get back to the playoffs led by rookie Coach Derek Fisher and scoring machine Carmelo Anthony. With a new offensive system implemented by team president Phil Jackson, the 2014-2015 Knicks are must see basketball. In addition to Melo, the Knicks also feature the breathtaking J.R. Smith and Amare Stoudemire. Madison Square Garden is the best place in the world to watch a basketball game and Razorgator is your ticket for getting there. With seats for upcoming games against the Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, and Utah Jazz starting at just $39, there is no better time than now to come out to support your New York Knicks.

10/30/14 - After a disappointing first game of the season the New York Knicks are looking to bounce back in their upcoming games and learn from each play. The game on Oct. 29 started with the Chicago Bulls entering Madison Square Garden and ended with them walking out with a 104-80 win. Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony were the big scorers for the Knicks with 12 and 14 points respectively in that first season game. The Knicks can take much away from that game though, and with the lessons learned in their season opener this team can only get stronger as the season unfolds. Watching the team pull together and continue to grow in this new era under Derek Fisher and Phil Jackson. Tickets for upcoming games are still available starting at $48 per ticket.

10/20/14 – New York Knicks tickets are always top 5 among the most expensive in the league. This year is no different, but instead of fighting for the top spot with the Miami Heat, the Knicks are knocked down to number four in the secondary market rankings. For an average price of $255, you’ll be able to catch a regular season game at the historic Madison Square Garden this season. That is $80 more than the NBA average but about half the cost of Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

10/14/14 – New head coach Derek Fisher and the Knicks new triangle offense made their debuts in front of a home crowd Monday night. Carmelo who played just 15 minutes will be the star of the show tonight when the blue and orange play at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome. The Orange alum will be joined by 76ers’ Michael Carter-Williams and Jerami Grant, also former Syracuse Orange players.

8/18/14 – The New York Knicks 2014-2015 schedule released last week, revealing a tough battle right out of the gate. With Carmelo leading the way, the Knicks open up Oct. 29 against Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden. For game two, Fisher and Co. will travel to Cleveland to face LeBron James and the Cavaliers--marking the King's first game in his hometown (Oct. 30). The World’s Most Famous Arena will play host to the champion San Antonio Spurs (Mar. 17) and the runner-up Miami Heat (Nov. 30). For the second time ever, the Knicks will play a regular season game outside of North America—squaring off against Milwaukee in London (Jan. 15), and are slated for a Dec. 25 Christmas Spectacular opposite the Washington Wizards. Score New York Knicks tickets and re-ignite the Brooklyn rivalry when the Celtics visit MSG on Dec. 2 and Apr. 1.

The New York Knicks were hot last year—unfortunately their spark proved too little, too late. New York finished their 2013-2014 campaign winning 16 of their last 23 matches, thanks to the likes of Raymond Felton, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler. The first 50-odd games were utter disasters before Phil Jackson and his tried-and-true tenure granted the team and its ownership some reputable experience.

The New York Knicks will have an all-new feel in the upcoming season, starting with Jackson’s protégé Derek Fisher as head coach. Chandler was traded to Dallas in exchange for Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington, Samuel Dalembert, Shane Larkin and second round Draft pick Cleanthony Early. The most important move in the offseason of course, was convincing Carmelo to stay on a five-year $124 million deal. Score New York Knicks tickets now and watch their mastermind GM build a team around one of the NBA’s brightest stars!

2013-2014 Season

4/7/14 - Just when the Knicks reached the 8th seed in the East last week, the team dug another hole over the weekend. New York lost a close one (89-90) to Washington on Friday night, before falling to Miami (91-102) on Sunday afternoon. J.R. Smith's 32 points weren't enough on Friday, as Carmelo Anthony turned the ball over nine times and the Wizards Bradley Beal hit the game winner with 6.9 seconds left in 4th. On Sunday, Smith attempted an NBA record 22 3-pointers. He connected on 10, but LeBron James 38 points for Miami helped the Heat cruise to a 102-91 victory. With four games to go, New York's now two games out of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The NY Knicks are off until Friday, when they'll play at Toronto. Raptor vs Knicks tickets range in price from $19 for balcony seats to $1,892 for courtside seats.

4/4/14 - New York will host the Wizards tonight in NYC. Last-minute Knicks tickets are available from $108 at the Garden. Every New York Kicks game counts down the stretch of the 2014 NBA season, especially with Atlanta and Cleveland looking to knock the Knicks out of a playoff spot in the final days. Sunday, New York travels to Miami to play the #1 seed Heat. Miami Heat vs New York Knicks tickets start at $85 in South Beach.

4/3/14 - If the Knicks make the 2014 NBA Playoffs, it'll be a hot ticket in The Big Apple. Although the team hasn't clinched, New York Knicks playoff tickets for a potential first round home game at Madison Square Garden start at $169, 164% more than a ticket to see the East-leading Miami Heat in a playoff series at American Airlines Arena.

4/2/14 - With a 110-81 win over crosstown rival Brooklyn, and a loss by Atlanta, the Knicks moved into 8th place in the East tonight. Starters Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith combined to score 47 points, while rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. added 17 off the bench. New York pulled down 18 more rebounds than the Nets in the win, led by Anthony's 10. New York hosts Washington on Friday. Wizards vs Knicks tickets at Madison Square Garden start at $104. All six of the NY Knicks remaining regular season games will be against Eastern Conference playoff teams (three at home and three on the road). Atlanta has eight games left, only four against playoff teams.

3/28/14 - New York split 4 games during the last week: wins over the 76ers (93-92) and Kings (107-99) and losses to the Cavs (100-106) and Lakers (96-127). Los Angeles scored a team high 51 points in the third quarter of its blowout of the Knicks. Phil Jackson, the NY Knicks new president, watched the game from a suite at Staples Center. If Mike Woodson doesn't return next season, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today reports that TNT analyst Steve Kerr will be the frontrunner to be the next Knicks coach. Kerr played on Jackson's Bulls teams in the 90s. New York plays 4 road games in the next week: at Phoenix, Golden State, Utah and Brooklyn.

3/20/14 - With just 6 home games left - 4 against potential NBA playoff teams - the 9th place New York Knicks sit 4 games behind the Atlanta Hawks in the playoff standings. It'll be tough to make up those games, especially on the road at Phoenix, Golden State and Miami. But the Knicks have won the last 5, including a huge 92-86 win over the Indiana Pacers last night at the Garden. New York has the day off Thursday before traveling to Philadelphia on Friday to play the 76ers, losers of 22 in a row. The next Knicks home game will be Sunday versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cavs vs Knicks tickets start at $98. It's unlikely Cavs star PG Kyrie Irving will play after injuring his bicep.

3/14/14 - ESPN reports that Phil Jackson will be hired by New York to be its next team president. As a player, the Knicks selected Jackson in the 2nd round of the 1967 NBA Draft. In addition to his selection to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 1968, Phil won NBA titles with the NY Knicks in 1970 (although he didn't play) and 1973. One of Jackson's top priorities will be signing Carmelo Anthony, who leads the team in points, field goal %, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks. In its last game, New York defeated Boston by 24 at TD Garden on Wednesday. The Knicks return home to play two games at Madison Square Garden: 3/15/2014 vs Milwaukee and 3/19/2014 vs Indiana.

3/4/14 - It's been a tough week in New York. Already 10-plus games below .500 at the All-Star break, the Knicks have dropped all five games after, including two home games at Madison Square Garden. With the team 6.5 games out of 8th in the East, much talk has focused on the future. Will a frustrated Tyson Chandler, whose contract expires in 2015, explore other options? Could team MVP Carmelo Anthony sign with the Chicago Bulls, if it would put him in a better position to win a title? Before those questions get answered, however, the Knicks still have a shot to play back into the playoffs, starting tomorrow as 8.5-point underdogs at Minnesota.

2/25/15 - 44 points from Carmelo Anthony wasn't enough for the Knicks in Monday night's two-point loss to the Mavericks; Dallas won the game on Dirk Nowitzki's ugly buzzer-beater. Although it's only one loss, it keeps the Knicks from moving up in the East and inching closer to the final playoff spot. It won't get any easier. Up next, the Knicks play back-to-back games at Miami (East #2) on Thursday and at home versus Golden State (West #6) on Friday.

2/18/14 - Although Kyrie Irving won the All-Star Game MVP on Sunday, Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points in the Eastern Conference's victory, including a record eight 3-pointers. While the team prepares to face the Grizzlies in Memphis tonight,'s Marc Stein reports that the Knicks have shown interest in Boston's Rajon Rondo and Atlanta's Jeff Teague, and ESPN New York's Ian Begley believes they'll continue to pursue Toronto's Kyle Lowry. In any deal before Thursday's trade deadline, New York would likely have to give up Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton, and/or Beno Udrih. They'd like to hold on to shooting guard Tim Hardaway, Jr., however, who's playing well in his rookie season and has impressed teammates. Will the Knicks have a new look when they return to MSG next week? Mavericks vs Knicks tickets start at $68 on 2/24.

2/14/13 - While most of the Knicks will have the weekend off to rest, Carmelo Anthony will be a starting forward for the Eastern Conference at Sunday's NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, and rookie Tim Hardaway, Jr. will be a starting guard at tonight's NBA Rising Stars Challenge. With the trade deadline next Thursday and the NY Knicks a woeful 20-32 at the break, Scott Cacciola, an NBA/Knicks reporter, says in the The New York Times, "the Knicks have decisions to make." He considers how New York might handle Carmelo Anthony's contract situation and each scenario's potential impact on the team's current and future success. Anthony and the Knicks won't return to Madison Square Garden until 2/24, after a four-game road trip with games at Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, and Atlanta.

2/13/14 - Sacramento rallied to beat New York 106-101 on Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, spurred by 24 points from BYU's Jimmer Fredette. At the All-Star break the Knicks rank 3rd in the Atlantic Division and 10th in the Eastern Conference—2.5 games behind Charlotte in the playoff stadnings. Up next the NY Knicks travel to Memphis on 2/18. 500 Grizzlies vs Knicks tickets from $5 are available for Tuesday night's game at FedEx Forum.

2/5/14 - He’s just been named the NBA’s Player of the Month for January. But will Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony stay put, or will he be traded later this month in advance of becoming a free agent at the end of the season? A pair of ESPN analysts, Michael Wilbon and Ohm Youngmisuk, make the case for either leaving (Wilbon writes, “…the Bulls are in…need of what Anthony still does as well as anybody...: score”) or staying put (Youngmisuk said, “…for all the reasons Melo makes sense in a place like Chicago, that’s why he makes sense in New York”).

1/29/14 - The New York Knicks have been a streaky team this season; unfortunately the most significant of these had been an extended nine game losing run in November into the beginning of December. Currently the Knicks are riding a three-game win streak, most recently dispatching Boston at Madison Square Garden, despite losing Iman Shumpert to a sprained shoulder early in that contest – he had played in all 45 of the Knicks games up to that point. After a nationally televised weekend game against the Miami Heat, the next big opponents for the NY Knicks include a visit from Portland and a visit to Oklahoma City, two of the West’s top class.

1/21/14 - After winning five in a row to start the year off right, the New York Knicks are slipping, having lost four in a row. Most recently, NY lost badly to Atlantic divisional foes, the Brooklyn Nets, on MLK-day (103-80). The Knicks are three games back from the last playoff spot in the East, so they’ll have to kick it back into high gear and utilize the remaining six-game homestead to their full advantage. New York will have the opportunity to get back on track with their first three home games: the Knicks host the 76ers tomorrow (get-in for $34), the Bobcats on 1/24 (get-in for $31), and the Lakers on 1/26 (get-in for $61). Their final three home games will be harder to secure the victories, with the Celtics (get-in for $48 on 1/28), Cavaliers (get-in for $38 on 1/30) and Heat visiting on 2/1 for Super Bowl weekend. Unsurprisingly the Miami vs. NY game is the most highly anticipated match, running $147 - $10953 for seats. New Yorkers, your team will be back at MSG these next couple weeks, this gives you plenty of opportunities to get some New York Knicks tickets and usher them into the playoff picture!

The New York Knicks are the top selling team in the NBA and also boast the most expensive ticket prices. Knicks tickets for the 2013-14 season at MSG average $319, up 30% since last year. The second round playoff berth last season, has NYC fans excited for the year to come. If you recall, New York Knicks Conference Semifinals tickets were the most expensive round two ticket in the NBA. All that accounted for, it’s no surprise then that two of the Top 5 NBA games this season will be played at The Garden, both against the back-to-back NBA Champions – Miami Heat. The 2/1 meeting in New York is the most expensive NBA game this year, and despite the high price tag is also the top seller. Averaging $492, the 1/9 game against the Heat is $152 less than the February game. Last year, the Knicks had great success against Miami proving they too are contenders in the East. Are these games foreshadowing what is to come in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals?

The Knicks look to take the next step towards winning a championship after 2012-13 scoring champion Carmelo Anthony led the team to the second round of the playoffs first time in 13 years. Despite being limited by their cap situation, the team managed to add veteran toughness with Ron Artest and trade for former #1 draft pick Andrea Bargnani. The Knicks open the 2013-14 season at home on 10/30 against the Bucks. In the week leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII in New York on 2/2, the Knicks host the Lakers on 1/26 and the Heat on 2/1.

2012-2013 Season

3/26/13 - The New York Knicks will be tested on the road to the NBA Playoffs. Although they recently clinched a playoff berth, the Knicks will play seven of their next eight games against playoff-bound teams including the Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics at home. Still one of the most expensive tickets in the NBA, you'll pay $141 and $182 to see the Grizzlies and Celtics at Madison Square Garden - and that's just to get in the door. 2/12/13 - After an offseason where they lost their biggest — some might be inclined to say most surprising — impact player since the arrival of Carmelo Anthony, one would think the New York Knicks would be struggling somewhat, maybe trying to sneak into the playoffs as a low seed like they did last year, but no. The Knicks, led by Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, sit atop the Atlantic Division well clear of their rejuvenated rivals across the bridge in Brooklyn, and are challenging for the top spot in the entire Eastern Conference.

In addition to Anthony, who leads the team in scoring; and Stoudemire, who has become a valuable sixth man coming in off the bench. Coach Mike Woodson's squad also includes center Tyson Chandler, who leads the team in rebounding and blocked shots; Ronnie Brewer; and the guard tandem of Raymond Felton (tops in assists), and veteran Jason Kidd (leading in steals). As a team the Knicks are a top ten team in both points per game and points allowed per game, showing a balance between offense and defense. The home fans (and superfan movie director Spike Lee) at iconic Madison Square Garden have cheered the Knicks to a solid record at home, while the team remains just ahead of the break-even point on the road. Knicks tickets average $276 at home from February - April and $146 on the road. What's the hottest Knicks ticket? In March, New York hosts LeBron James and the Miami Heat, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics.
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