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2014 Season

6/9/14 - The NBA Finals evened up, after the Miami Heat handled the (literal) heat quite well and tied the series 1-1. LeBron James put up 35 points in Sunday’s stunner, while Chris Bosch’s supreme 4th quarter (and clutch three-pointer) helped take down the San Antonio Spurs, 98-96. The Spurs’ magic number is now three, as they hope to entrench the legacies of Greg Popovich and Tim Duncan, who tied Magic Johnson’s playoff double-double record at 157. Game 3 gets underway in Miami tomorrow, giving the Spurs an opportunity to capitalize if the Heat gets off to a similarly slow start as in Game 2. These teams are showing the public why they’re the best in the league; Dwayne Wade surmised, “this is a perfect, different animal, kind of series” and one not to be missed. Buy your Game 3 NBA Finals tickets for as low as $236 in Balcony Level.
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6/2/14 - Ready for a grudge match? Its been a wild year in the NBA, so it's almost a relief to have two frequent foes, the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat, square off for epic NBA Finals rematch. The Spurs defeated No.2 seeded OKC in the Western Conference finals to advance, while the Heat pummeled Indiana to take their fourth straight Eastern Conference title. The Spurs are in a much better place than the last time these two teams danced: in 2014, San Antonio won eight more games than the Heat, for an NBA-best (62-20) record in the rough Western Conference. They also own home-court advantage this time around, and the Spurs have never lost a Game 1 of the NBA Finals. A huge question will be whether All-Star point guard Tony Parker can bounce back from a sprained left ankle suffered during Game 6. This may leave the door open for LeBron James to be LeBron James; he leads all scorers with a 27.1 average, and is determined to take the two-time defending champions to a third victory. During the regular season, these two teams split their series 1-1, see who gets the ultimate tiebreaker with NBA Finals tickets.Game 1 kicks off this Thursday in San Antonio, buy NBA Playoffs tickets now and get-in for as low as $236.

5/27/14 - The Miami Heat are one win away from another Eastern Conference title and one step closer to a championship three-peat. Chris Bosh had 25 points while LeBron James put up 32, plus 10 rebounds, in Monday night's 102-90 win over the Indiana Pacers. It looks like Miami needs no added motivation from Lance Stephenson's testy trash talk, or help from the refs (to Paul George's dismay) in exacting victory. Over in the West, Serge Ibaka returned from injury and provided OKC enough thunder to achieve a Game 3 win on Sunday night and save the squad from a potential sweep. The win cut San Antonio's lead down to 2-1 heading into Game 4 tonight at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. A day later, the Indiana Pacers, on the brink of elimination, will host the Heat for Game 5 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Miami is one victory away from becoming the first team in the NBA to reach four straight Finals since the 1980s Celtics team —will you be there to witness history? Get you NBA Playoff tickets now!

5/20/14 - One game is in the books for each of the NBA Conference Finals. Both showcased a one-and-two matchup, with the upper seed in the Western and Eastern Conferences prevailing. The San Antonio Spurs scored more than half of their points in the paint and took Game 1, 122-105, against a beat up Oklahoma City Thunder team. OKC's Serge Ibaka is expected to miss the entire playoffs with a calf strain sustained during the series-clinching game of Round 2 against the Clippers. The Thunder must fare without him in Game 2 against the Spurs, Wednesday at 6PM. Paul George led Indiana with 24 points in Game 1, as the squad cruised past the Heat, with six Pacers scoring in double digits. Indiana took a 10-point lead in the opening minutes and never looked back, leading the whole game, but can they do so again in Game 2? Score NBA playoff tickets for tonight's competition at Bankers Life Fieldhouse to find out. The NBA lottery will be held tonight prior to Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Get you NBA playoff tickets now!

5/13/14- The second round of the NBA playoffs might be nearing a close, but the postseason is certainly heating up. San Antonio leads the series against Portland, three games to none, while Indiana closes in on Washington, up three games to one. At this point, the two Round 3 long-shots, the Wizards and Trail Blazers, have their backs against the wall with their early postseason invincibility wearing thin. Tighter series matchups include the Clippers vs. Thunder and the Heat vs. Nets. Los Angeles and OKC are tied up (2-2) in the most thrilling competition of the entire second round. Three-peat seekers Miami may be up two games against Brooklyn, but they crumbled in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference's most exciting series. If you want to be part of the heart-pumping action, Razorgator can get you an incredible view with our Hard-To-GetSM 2914 NBA playoff tickets!

5/6/14 - The 2014 NBA Playoffs are historically competitive! Five out of the eight series in competition went down to the wire with the most Game 7s ever played in NBA history. Round 1 just did not want to end—every series was a must see—and now, Round 2 is upon us with those indomitable teams coming out of the carnage. In the Eastern Conference, we have the Indiana Pacers vs. Washington Wizards and the Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets. In the West, the San Antonio Spurs vs. Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Clippers do battle. These playoffs have already etched themselves into the history books as one of the best: from Russell Westbrook's pick-pocket move to Paul Pierce's game-winning block, and of course, Damian Lillard's buzzer-beating three point shot. In the regular season of 82 you might see a handful of 4-point plays, but the first postseason round has been jam-packed with them, accompanied by plenty of overtimes, scrums, tears, triumphs! If the second round is just as good as the first, we will be in for a treat and what better way to see the game than being there yourself? Luckily, Razorgator has you covered with NBA Playoff tickets so you can be part of history!

4/29/14 - Donald Sterling aside, the NBA Playoffs has been chock-full of drama through the first few games. There are plenty of Game 6s and 7s to feast on, with the Miami Heat being the only team to sweep their series. Teams on the brink of elimination include the Chicago Bulls (Washington leads 3-1), the Houston Rockets (Portland leads 3-1) and the Indiana Pacers (Atlanta leads 3-2). The only tied matchup in the East is between Toronto and Brooklyn, while the West has three 2-all series: San Antonio/Dallas, LA Clippers/Golden State, Oklahoma City/Memphis. Tonight, the Wizards can close in on the Bulls, the Grizzlies visit OKC and the Warriors head to LA. Indiana is on the verge of completing their collapse, the Bobcats are the first to experience first-round elimination, Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge are showing Harden and Howard a thing or two about teamwork, and three of four games between the Rockets and Blazers have gone into overtime. Thus far, the NBA postseason has been bench gripping to say the least—get your NBA Playoffs tickets now and see all this unbelievable action unfold in person!

4/21/14 - The NBA Playoffs have officially begun, and the first game for each series is now in the books. In the East, the Heat (2) were the only home team to secure a victory, while the Hawks (8), Wizards (5) and Nets (6) all edged out their lower seed counterparts. The winners of the first game in the West include the Spurs (1), Blazers (5), Warriors (6), and Thunder (2). The best upcoming match-ups to catch out of the West are the Clippers vs. Warriors and Rockets vs. Blazers. The Clippers/Warriors showdown was split during the regular season (2-2), while the Warriors are under-matched in size (especially after losing Andrew Bogut indefinitely with a fractured rib). For the Warriors to take the series they will have to rely on the outside shooting of "Splash Brothers" Curry and Thompson. The Rockets/Blazers matchup initially favored Portland (3-1 in the regular season), but the Blazers, who have lost in the first round in the last six-playoff appearances, won Game 1 in overtime. Victory was achieved off the backs of LaMarcus Aldrige (46 points with 18 boards) and Damian Lillard (31 points) in a historical performance: the two became the first duo to score 45+ and 30+ in a playoff game since Jordan and Pippen hit the mark in 1992. These exciting games have set the tone for the playoffs! Do not miss out on seeing the action in person by getting NBA Playoff tickets from Razorgator!

4/15/14- The 2014 NBA playoffs are just a few days away, with the regular season coming to a close as of tomorrow. All 16 postseason competitors have clinched a berth at this point, and are now waiting for their final seeding. The teams to clinch home court advantage in the first round are as follows: Pacers, Heat, Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, Raptors, Bulls, and Rockets. The Heat opted to rest LeBron James and Chris Bosh and subsequently fell to Washington on Monday, which allowed the Indiana Pacers to clinch the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Indiana will play Atlanta in the first round, while Miami is probably going to face Charlotte. In the West, the Spurs are locked in at No.1, but the Clippers have a real shot at taking the runner up seed if OKC loses Wednesday vs. Detroit. Memphis was the last team to punch their ticket to the postseason, squandering hopes of the heartbroken Phoenix Suns nation Monday night. First round matches are currently as follows, in the West: Spurs vs. Grizzlies, Rockets vs. Trail Blazers, Thunder vs. Mavericks, Clippers vs. Warriors, and in the East: Pacers vs. hawks, Bulls vs. Nets, Heat vs. Bobcats and Raptors vs. Wizards.On a side note, this year marks the first postseason that the big three—the Lakers, Knicks and Celtics—will all miss out on a run. Lock in your NBA Playoffs tickets today and experience the most bench-gripping action of the year!

4/8/14 - With just over a week left of regular NBA season, playoff matchups and berths are a topic of daily conversation. First up, the Pacers, Heat, Spurs, Clippers and Thunder have clinched division titles; they are joined by Raptors, Bulls, Nets and Wizards, while the Rockets, Bobcats and Trail Blazers are the latest berth-blessed contenders. As far as wild cards go, the East will see the Hawks and Knicks take it down the line, while the West has four teams on the brink: Warriors, Mavericks, Suns, Grizzlies. Will the Suns hold onto the 8th seed with the improved play of Gerald Green? Similarly, will Jeff Teague help the Hawks maintain their No. 8 seed? Teams that have seen a surge in chucking threes are the Mavericks and Knicks, though the latter will need much help from around the league to stay postseason relevant. See which teams stay playoff bound with NBA tickets!

3/31/14 - With the playoffs looming around the corner, the Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have all secured playoffs spots in the East. In the West, the San Antonio Spurs have separated from the pack riding as the best with a franchise tying 17-game winning streak, while OKC and Los Angeles have claimed the only other berths. Our condolences to the teams (Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz) that will be golfing rather than playing in the postseason, but they will get to enjoy the spoils of a generous draft class. If you have been counting that would make 15 teams or half of the league that the fates have been accounted for. The match-ups in the west are certain to be great no matter what pans out in the last bit of the season, so score your NBA playoff tickets now! Current eight seed Dallas Mavericks, 44-30, would be a third seed in the East and would have already clinched a playoff spot. Memphis, 43-30, and Minnesota, 36-36, are sitting on the bubble. The road to the NBA finals will unfold shortly as the playoffs start April 19.

3/25/14 - Playoffs are approaching and teams are finally starting to clinch their spots! With less than a month left of play, the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers are the only teams to have their postseason positions under wraps. Still, both the Pacers and Heat aren't acting like the top two teams in the East. While Indiana has gone 5-5 in their last 10, Miami's more atrocious, losing seven in the last 11. They should take notes form the Spurs (13 consecutive victories) or even the New York Knicks, who recently went on and 8-game win streak, putting them back into the playoff picture after becoming an afterthought. Another team that will take it down to the wire this month is the Phoenix Suns, who are just a half-game behind tying the Mavericks for that final 8 seed. March makes and breaks teams, get your NBA tickets now and see all the excitement go down yourself!

3/17/14 - The NBA is definitely putting the madness in March. The NBA gives you the best players in the world, competing at eye-popping elite levels—add a healthy dash of ego, and you can't go wrong when you buy NBA playoff tickets! Be there to see those make-it-or-break-it moments that will claim highlight reels for years to come, and with just over a dozen games left, things are taking a dramatic turn. The postseason separates the heroes from the zeroes, and you may think you know which team will hoist the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy in the NBA Finals, but anything can happen in playoffs!

A handful of teams are on either side of the playoff spectrum at this point in the year. Clubs definitely out of playoff contention range from the usual offenders (Kings, Pelicans, Bucks) to those reaching new and unforeseen lows (Lakers, Nuggets, Celtics). Teams that are shoe-ins this year are the Spurs (best record in the league), Thunder, Clippers, and Rockets in the West; and the Pacers, Heat, Raptors and Bulls lay claim in the East. Other, perhaps surprising, title contenders are the Blazers, and the Raptors who are making the most of a dismal Atlantic division. The playoff race in the weaker East is heating up with a number of teams in the same boat from the third through eighth seeds, while the West is a little less wild: the Knicks and Suns are both ninth in their conferences. Phoenix is one game out in the West, and New York 3 games out in the East.

Considering we'll be in the playoff trenches soon, it's time to ask some pressing questions. The Spurs have the best record in the West—will they obliterate their Eastern equivalents (Pacers) for their lack of offense? Will Kevin Durant win both the scoring title and MVP in the same year? LeBron James has his team poised for a third postseason run—will he be the first player since Larry Bird to take the MVP in three straight seasons? Will former Syracuse star and 76ers youngster Michael Carter-Williams take Rookie of the Year despite his club's losing streak? Your favorite team is on the hunt for a playoff spot, you should be on the prowl for the best NBA playoff tickets to see their hard work pay off!

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