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The Drive for the Finals began with 16 elite teams. And now, after all the game-winning heroics and dominating performances, only two remain. It is a battle of East vs. West in this best-of-seven series. Which team will bring home the title and raise the banner to the rafters? Get ready for the excitement of the 2016 NBA Finals! Purchase your NBA Finals tickets at Razorgator today.

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champions

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NBA Finals News and Updates

This year’s NBA finals have been a roller coaster of angst and anticipation. Starting with game one, the struggles of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson gave an off feeling to the entire feel of the Golden State Warriors. In game 2 of the finals, the Warriors were able to come around and outpace the Cavaliers. Draymond Green played a larger-than-life game on both ends of the floor leading the Warriors to the win. Like the proverbial ping pong ball, the Cavaliers were able to bounce right back in game 3 of the series. LeBron James rampaged through the game, apparently determined to take his team to the top. Be sure to grab tickets for game 4 in the series, still available starting at $74.00 to experience the happenings a the Quicken Loans Arena.
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Basketball fans are excited as the NBA Finals are finally here. With the playoffs providing plenty of thrills and upsets, now only two teams remain. The Golden State Warriors have knocked out the Oklahoma City Thunder with three consecutive victories while narrowly escaping being eliminated and the Cleveland Cavaliers easily overcome the Toronto Raptors. These final two teams will be facing off in the finals as the last seven matches get under way. There is no saying which is going to be coming back as champions, so get your tickets to secure your spot in the stands, come out to show your support, and cheer your favorite team to the victory they need to earn the championship title.

With just four teams remaining in the NBA Finals, every basketball fan was anxious to see who would be advancing to the Championship round. The Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, and Oklahoma Thunder remain. While every team is exceedingly capable, few fans were expecting the Thunder to beat the Warriors down. Oklahoma now has two victories in the Conference Finals, while the Warriors only have one. In fact, their most recent matchup was not even close as the Thunder racked up an unbelievable 133 points. Meanwhile, the competition between the Raptors and Cavaliers is heating up, each team with two victories. Get your tickets and come out to cheer on your favorite team.

Is your team still in the running to make it to the NBA Finals? Things are down to the wire in the running for the 2016 NBA championships, and just four teams are left. That’s right, it’s down to the conference finals and the competition is in full swing. In the Eastern Conference, the last two standing are the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors. In the West, it’s down to Golden State and the Oklahoma City Thunder. With games almost every night in these next seven days or so, there’s plenty of basketball for you to enjoy. Tickets for all upcoming games are on sale now! Don’t miss out—get your seats today!

The NBA Finals are nearly here. As the most exciting games in the entire season, all fans are looking to try and figure out who will be moving on to the final round. The Cleveland Cavaliers seem like a strong pick, as they lead the Eastern Conference, have not suffered a single loss in the playoffs, and just earned their spot in the Conference Finals. As the leader of the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors are also a fan favorite, needing just one more victory to secure their spot in the next round. Of course, remaining team, which are the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and San Antonio Spurs, have a chance to go all the way.

The NBA finals are still weeks away, but fans still have plenty of action to watch as the teams battle it out in the playoffs. The first round has just begun, but already a few teams stand-out as favorites to make it all the way. Most predictions put the Warriors playing the Cavaliers in the final game, with the Warriors winning the whole thing. The Spurs are dominating the Grizzlies and demonstrating their potential to beat the favorite Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals for an upset. Because both teams are from the West, only one can make it into the finals. Buy your tickets now so that you can secure your seat for what will most likely be an exciting game.

With the playoffs about to get started, everyone is wondering who is going to make it to the NBA Finals. Most fans are betting the Golden State Warriors will be representing the Western Conference, as they completely dominated the regular season, but each of the eight teams have a shot at advancing through the rounds and facing off for the championship. With the game one of the first round starting on April 16th, it will not be long at all before we see who will be advancing to the Conference Semi-finals. There is still time to get your tickets so you can come out and cheer your favorite team to victory.

Going into Game 4 of the 2015 NBA finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers are ahead of the Golden State Warriors 2-1. LaBron James has been touted as the most crucial player for a team in the history of the finals. James has had a 44 percent usage rate, which means that almost half of the team’s offense is going through him, due to some injuries as well as his talent. To compare, Michael Jordan’s rate for the 1993 finals was 38.9 percent. James also has more minutes played, field goals completed, rebounds, and other important aspects of the game than other players on his team. For the Warriors, the key player is Stephen Curry with a 30.5 percent usage rate. Tickets to the final games are on sale, with prices for game 4 in Cleveland on June 11 starting at $472.

6/3/15 - The NBA Finals has not held this level of intrigue for several seasons, as this year’s championship round brings together two of this generation’s most talented players in LeBron James and reigning MVP Stephen Curry. James is backed by a capable staff including Kyrie Irving and sharpshooter J.R. Smith, while Curry’s Warriors boast one of the most talented overall rosters in recent memory. Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Bogut will back up their star point guard as Golden State searches for their first championship since the 1970s. Tickets are on sale now for each game of the Finals! Game 2 will be hosted by the Warriors in Oakland on Sunday the 7th, and tickets can be had starting at $663. Game 3 will take place at Quicken Loans Arena with seats available from $326!

5/27/15 - The very end of the NBA Finals are fast approaching. With the elimination of the Houston Rockets, only two teams remain: the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The first game of the last round will be on June 4th on the Cavaliers' home court. It is hard to say which team has the edge. The Warriors and the Cavaliers have only lost three and two matches in the playoffs respectively, so no hints can be found there. The Warriors were the top team in the Western Conference, but Cleveland was the number two team in the Eastern Conference, so there's no obvious leader there either. All signs point to this final matchup of the season being very close and intense. You will not want to miss it.

5/20/15 - The NBA Finals are just a few weeks away, with the first game set for June 4. The selection for the 2015 NBA championship team is down to just four contenders: the Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, and Golden State Warriors. The Hawks and Cavaliers are playing each other for the Eastern Conference title, while the Rockets and Warriors contend for the Western Conference title. The Warriors are already one game ahead of the Rockets. Experts predict that the NBA final match up will be the Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors are expected to go on and win the championship. Tickets to the final games are still available for the conference finals and the final games of the 2015 NBA playoffs.

5/12/15 - This season is very unique from other NBA seasons because all of the teams that have moved on for a chance at the NBA Finals haven’t been contenders for years. The big dog teams have been brought down and sent home packing. The Golden State Warriors are one of the most favored teams to make it to the Finals, however they are tied in their current series at 2-2 against the Memphis Grizzlies. It looks as if another California team, the Los Angeles Clippers are set to move one step closer to the Finals. All they need is one more win against to Houston Rockets to seal the deal. The next games are being held on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and tickets are still available for purchase.

5/7/15 - With the NBA Finals approaching and the conference semifinals officially underway, there is plenty of talk going around about the teams who have lasted this far. With teams like the Lakers, the Celtics, the Spurs and the Heat absent or eliminated from the postseason, this year’s series is already guaranteed to be won by a team that hasn’t reached that top spot for at least 17 years. The Bulls haven’t won the trophy since the Michael Jordan days, and the Hawks haven’t won since the 1950s when they were still in St. Louis. The fresh faces definitely add an exciting element to this year’s post season. Eight teams remain in the running, and the third games in the East and West Coast Conference semifinals series are to take place on Friday and Saturday.

5/1/15 - The race to the NBA finals is really starting to heat up. The San Antonio Spurs lost in game six last night to the Los Angeles Clippers in the quarterfinals, which means their series will be forced to game seven. If the Spurs are eliminated, it may mean much more than the end of this season for the legendary team. It may well mean the end of the dynasty that is Ginobili, Parker, Duncan, and Coach Popovich. The Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks are also in the midst of a grueling quarterfinals battle, with the Hawks leading the series 3 – 2. They will have the chance to advance to the semifinals tonight, but will have to beat the Nets at home to do so. Don’t miss a single game to find out who makes it to the championship. 4/23/15 - The NBA playoffs have finally begun and excitement is in the air. This is the time of year when the most gripping and aggressive basketball games are played. Each game won gets a team closer and closer to the ultimate goal, which is the NBA Finals. This year’s favorite teams are the Golden State Warriors from the Western Conference and the Atlanta Hawks who are the leaders in the East. The Warriors look like they are well on their way as they have closed out two wins already in their first series of games against New Orleans. The Hawks are also looking great with one win behind them. Get your tickets for the NBA Finals in advance and be sure to not miss out on the greatest basketball played in 2015.

4/14/15 - The NBA Finals are one of the most exciting times of the year and bring out some of the best basketball games in history. The champions from the Eastern and Western conferences face off against each other in the Conference Finals. Just like with the regular playoff games, these two teams play a best-of-seven series and the winner is declared the season champions. Just last year the game format was changed to a 2-2-1-1-1 format dividing up home court play a little better. It is hard to predict who will make it to the finals each year because there are so many factors that play into the teams that win. Don’t miss your chance to see all of the excitement and thrill this year. The games are sure to provide some excellent entertainment.

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6/9/14 - The NBA Finals evened up, after the Miami Heat handled the (literal) heat quite well and tied the series 1-1. LeBron James put up 35 points in Sunday’s stunner, while Chris Bosch’s supreme 4th quarter (and clutch three-pointer) helped take down the San Antonio Spurs, 98-96. The Spurs’ magic number is now three, as they hope to entrench the legacies of Greg Popovich and Tim Duncan, who tied Magic Johnson’s playoff double-double record at 157. Game 3 gets underway in Miami tomorrow, giving the Spurs an opportunity to capitalize if the Heat gets off to a similarly slow start as in Game 2. These teams are showing the public why they’re the best in the league; Dwayne Wade surmised, “this is a perfect, different animal, kind of series” and one not to be missed. Buy your Game 3 NBA Finals tickets for as low as $236 in Balcony Level.

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