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There’s plenty to see in L.A., but nothing quite like taking in a game at Staples Center. The 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers season is shaping up to be an intriguing one, as the storied franchise seeks to bounce back from one of the toughest years in recent memory. Living legend Kobe Bryant is playing the final season of his illustrious career, and the notoriously-competitive shooting guard will surely be driven by the chance to lead his team of young players. Newly-acquired Roy Hibbert joins the Lake Show this year to anchor the inside game, and Ohio State standout D’Angelo Russell is likely to see time at the point guard position in his first year as a pro. Score your Los Angeles Lakers tickets today!
Los Angeles Lakers Tickets - Lakers Ticket Schedule and Dates
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Date Event Location
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Fri Feb 19 7:30 PM San Antonio Spurs at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fri Feb 26 7:30 PM Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Tue Mar 01 7:30 PM Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fri Mar 04 7:30 PM Atlanta Hawks at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Sun Mar 06 12:30 PM Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Tue Mar 08 7:30 PM Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Thu Mar 10 7:30 PM Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Sun Mar 13 6:30 PM New York Knicks at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Tue Mar 15 7:30 PM Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fri Mar 18 7:30 PM Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Tue Mar 22 7:30 PM Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Fri Mar 25 7:30 PM Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Sun Mar 27 6:30 PM Washington Wizards at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Wed Mar 30 7:30 PM Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Sun Apr 03 6:30 PM Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Wed Apr 06 7:30 PM Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA
Wed Apr 13 7:30 PM Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Lakers 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/3/16 - The Los Angeles Lakers have a large series of away series starting, but they have been able to kick it off strong. For the first time in a while, the Lakers have won back-to-back matchups. On February 2nd, they hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves and blew them away with a final count of 119 points. Two days later, on the 4th, the Lakers travelled to New Orleans to face the Pelicans. This time, the Lakers pulled off a victory by just three points. They may be on the road until February 19th, but could this be the beginning of a winning streak for the Lakers? Their next home game will be against the San Antonio Spurs.

1/27/16 - The Los Angeles Lakers are still struggling to add wins to their record. They came close when they hosted the Mavericks on January 26. The Mavericks outscored the Lakers in the first quarter, but the Lakers had a strong second quarter, sending the teams into the locker room at the half with the Lakers ahead by two. The Lakers stayed in the game, and it was tied as the game reached the final seconds. However, the Mavericks scored with just two seconds left to secure the victory over the Lakers. The Lakers lost their next game to the Bulls on the 28. They next play the Clippers on January 29. You can still get tickets with prices as low as $7.
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1/20/16 - The Los Angeles Lakers have once again found themselves in a losing streak after winning against the Pelicans on the 12. Their most recent loss came against the Kings on January 20. Despite trailing for most of the game, the Lakers never gave up. They even outscored the Kings in the second quarter 34-39. After getting close, they remained within a few points until the Kings had a 13-0 run halfway through the fourth quarter. They were unable to recover from that run. Brandon Bass led the team with a season-high 18 points. They next play the Spurs at home on Friday, January 22. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person, with prices starting at just $7.

1/13/16 - The Los Angeles Lakers have managed to put an end to their short four-game losing streak. They hosted the New Orleans Pelicans on January 12th, ending with the Lakers ahead with a final score of 91-95. They started out by falling behind in the opening quarter, but the Lakers managed to turn things around in the final period. This victory brings their season record to 9-31. They just have a few away games before they return to Los Angeles for a nice long series of home games. This is your best opportunity to catch the Lakers in action. Tickets for their first game back, against the Houston Rockets, start at $67.

1/6/16 - The Los Angeles Lakers have been dominating the court lately, but they unfortunately ended their series of home games on a low note. After returning to Los Angeles on January 1st, they managed to get their winning streak up to three. Their final matchup, however, against the Golden State Warriors, ended with the Lakers behind 109-88. This loss against the top team in the league is not entirely unexpected, but it is still disappointing. This means the Lakers now have a season record of 8-28. This is the Laker’s strongest run of games, so fans are hoping their luck has not run out yet. From here, they will be travelling to play the Sacramento Kings, then return for some more home games on January 8th.

12/30/15 - The Kobe Bryant Retirement Tour continues for the Los Angeles Lakers, as they get set to enter 2016 on what they hope will be a good note. They’ll need to top their age-old rivals in Boston to snap a four-game skid which comes at the tail end of six losses in seven games. In all likelihood, the contest will mark Kobe’s final outing at TD Garden, after scores of memorable matchups versus Paul Pierce and other Celtics greats over the years. The Lake Show returns home to host Phoenix on Jan. 3rd and you can score tickets from $85 and up! Don’t miss one of your last chances to see one of the all-time greats on the court!

12/24/15 - After getting a win against the Bucks, the Los Angeles Lakers added two more losses to their record. Their latest loss came against the Thunder on December 19. Kobe Bryant sat out the game due to a sore right shoulder, and Anthony Brown played in his stead. Lou Williams led the team in scoring with 20 points, and Jordan Clarkson helped out with 15 points. The final score was 118-78, which marked the second-lowest score the Lakers had this season. The Lakers are in Denver to play on the 22 and then head home to play their city rivals the Clippers on Christmas Day. Tickets remain available for prices starting at just $10.

12/16/15 - There is no question that the Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling this season, but they are still surprising fans. On December 15th, the Lakers earned their fourth victory of the year, against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Lakers opponents earned 95 points, while the Lakers themselves came away with an impressive 113 points. In fact, they earned the most points in the first three quarters, and only scored two less points in the final period. Hopefully this victory means the Lakers have built up some momentum and will earn a few more victories in the coming games. They will be hosting the Houston Rockets on December 17th before hitting the road again, so this may your best chance to see if they have what it takes to win again.

12/9/15 - After their win on December 2 against the Wizards, the Los Angeles Lakers have once again added nothing but losses to their record when they fell to the Hawks, Pistons, Raptors, and Timberwolves. It appeared that things might once again go their way against the Timberwolves after the Lakers played a close game that went into overtime. They lost by one point, with misses from D'Angelo Russell and Roy Hibbert in the final 9 seconds ending their chances of a win. Kobe Bryant chose to sit out the fourth quarter and overtime period in this stop of his retirement tour. The Lakers next play the Spurs on December 11, and tickets are available starting at $52.

12/2/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers are definitely going through a rough patch this season, being at the very bottom of the Western Conference standings. They lost over six games in a row at the end of November and things were looking pretty grim. However, they had a bright spot occur when they finally won a game against the Washington Wizards on December 2. It all came down to the final seconds of the game and a lot of the win was due to Kobe Bryant’s outstanding performance. He was able to hit a pull-up jumper with only 30 seconds remaining, which gave the Lakers the lead and win. Get your tickets today to see the Lakers in the flesh. You won’t regret it.

11/25/15 - After the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Pacers, they unfortunately lost the next three games in a row against the Suns, Raptors, and Trail Blazers. The Lakers want another win on their record, which is now 2-11, and will look to turn things around when they play the Golden State Warriors in Oakland on November 24. The Warriors are poised to make history for the most wins to start the season. It may seem as though the Lakers have a small chance of winning, but Kobe Bryant feels differently. He says anything is possible, while coach Byron Scott knows the Warriors will be a tough opponent. You can still get tickets to the game, with prices starting at $48.

11/18/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers used to be the team in the NBA that was dominating it all, but in the past several years the Lakers have been getting older and older while other teams have been picking up fresh, new talent. This year hasn’t been much better, as the Lakers are the second from the bottom in the Western conference standing board. The good news is that the Lakers were able to scrape their way out of a four-game losing streak when they took on the Pistons on November 15 and won. Get your tickets for the next live Lakers game when they play the Toronto Raptors at the Staples Center on November 20. Tickets are still available.

11/11/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers finally snapped their four game losing streak when they beat the Pistons 97-85 on November 15. Kobe Bryant made 6 of 19 shots to snag a total of 17 points, and he also had nine assists and eight rebounds to help the team to victory. Bryant played a season-high 37 minutes, which also means that he will miss the game against the Suns to rest. Jordan Clarkson also helped out with 17 points. This game was only the second win of the season, and the Lakers will look to win another game when they play the Suns on the 16th. You can still get your tickets to the game, with prices starting at $17.

11/4/15 - Things are not looking good for the Los Angeles Lakers. They have just finished up their series of home games and they are yet to earn a victory. It seems their single-point loss in the season opener may have hurt their momentum because they have not come that close to a victory since. Now, the Lakers are hitting the road and will not return to Los Angeles for the next five matches. This is going to be a long and difficult run of games, but the Lakers are capable of pulling off some away-game victories. Tickets for their homecoming, on November 15th against the Detroit Pistons, are available for $32.

10/28/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers lost a nail-biter of a game against the Timberwolves in their 2015-16 season opener. The Lakers were ahead by 16 points in the second half before the Timberwolves started to rally to bridge the gap and nudge ahead, and the game went back and forth for a bit. With seconds left, Lou Williams went for a four-foot runner but missed right at the buzzer, giving the victory to the Timberwolves. The Lakers showed their support for their opponent's loss of long time coach and team president Flip Saunders by wearing warm up shirts that said Flip. The Lakers head to Sacramento for their next game, and you can still get tickets with prices starting at $46.

10/21/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers finished their preseason with a loss against eh Golden State Warriors. To further the blow, Jordan Clarkson sprained his right shoulder, which might mean he would miss the season opener game on October 28. He will undergo an MRI on Friday to find out the extent of the injury. With the preseason over, the Lakers will now look towards the start of the 2015-16 season, which will also include some roster cuts as they need to get down to the maximum of 15 players by the October 18 deadline. You can still get your tickets for the season and home opener on the 28 against the Timberwolves for as little as $4.

10/12/15 - With the start of the 2015-16 season just a couple weeks away, the Los Angeles Lakers are working hard to build their team during this offseason. They lost their first three preseason games, but finally got a win when they played a non-NBA team, Israel's Maccabi Haifa for an exhibition game. Maccabi also played the Grizzlies, to which they lost. During the game, Kobe Bryant had 21 points, D'Angelo Russell had 11 assists, and Roy Hibbert had 15 rebounds. The Lakers are happy to have Bryant back, after he missed parts of last season due to a rotator cuff injury. The Lakers host the Sacramento Kings on October 13 for their next preseason game, and tickets are available starting at $227.

8/12/15 - With Kobe Bryant expected to return in the upcoming season, do the Los Angeles Lakers have what it takes to get back to the top? After a monumental slide, the once-champion Lakers finished at the bottom of the Pacific Division with a humiliating 21-61 record. As their star shooting guard expects to return, the Lakers will look to start making up for lost time. The new schedule for the 2015-2016 NBA season has just been released, giving Lakers and their fans something to look forward to during the offseason. The Lakers will kick things off at home against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, October 28 at the Staples Center before facing the Sacramento Kings on the road. Tickets to the home opener start at $15.

2014-2015 Season

4/10/15 - When the Los Angeles Lakers took on the L.A. Clippers, they played their best game since they beat out the Philadelphia 76ers last week. Unfortunately, the Lakers still came up just a little bit short. They fell behind early, but did an excellent job catching up in the second two quarters. It just was not quite enough, with the final score coming to 100-105. The Lakers only have four remaining games, spanning April 10th to the 15th. If you hope to see one last live game in the 2014-2015 season, you are quickly running out of opportunities. Three of the final four matches will be home games, the first being against the Minnesota Timberwolves. There are still some tickets available for as little as $16.

4/3/15 - As the 2014-15 NBA season winds down, the Los Angeles Lakers look for victories and lessons to build on for next season. While their record does not indicate the type of success Lakers fans are accustomed to, a season marred by injuries and early retirements has made the road more difficult than anyone could have anticipated. L.A. has picked up keys wins recently, including a resilient 101-99 overtime win on the road in Minnesota, as well as a 113-111 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers which also ran into extra time. Gutting out tough wins after regulation is a must for any team, and the Lakers will benefit from these experiences next season and beyond. Friday night, Jeremy Lin and his squad will face the Portland Trail Blazers in L.A. Tickets are still available from $24!

3/24/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers have had a very rough season, but they have been playing very well this last week. The Lakers won two of their last three games, and scored more than 100 points in all three. First, despite falling behind in the first half against the Philadelphia 76ers, the Lakers achieved an impressive upset and blew the 76ers away. The final score came to 87-101. More recently, the Lakers were able to just barely edge out a victory against the Minnesota Timberwolves. This time, the Lakers took the lead early, but the game was tied at the final buzzer. Los Angeles was able to take it in overtime, however, with 101-99. If the Lakers keep this up, their final six home games will be very exciting, the first of which is on April 1st against the New Orleans Pelicans.

3/17/15 - The slump continues for the Los Angeles Lakers. Things are not looking up as they are handed their eighth loss in nine games. They very nearly were able to end their streak, however, and against the top team in the league, no less. When the Lakers took on the Golden State Warriors, no one expected the bottom team in the Pacific Division to stand up to the division leader. However, both teams were tied at the end of the first, and the Lakers only trailed by four points at the half. Again, they scored the same amount in the third, and in the end Los Angeles lost by a measly three points, the final score being 105-108. Hopefully the Lakers can play this well when they take on the Utah Jazz on March 19th.

3/10/15 - On paper, they knew that the schedule looked tough—and the month of March has been just that for the Los Angeles Lakers. After closing out February with a three-game winning streak, the Lakers have lost five in a row to playoff teams. No single loss has come by more than seven points during the stretch, however, a promising stat for a team which had become accustomed to losing by double-digits on many nights. If they can put together a few solid offensive performances, then upcoming home contests with the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks should provide opportunities for the Lakers to bolster their win-loss record. Tickets for both games at Staples Center are still available, and you can be a part of the action for as low as $13.

3/3/15 - Coach Byron Scott may have been a little miffed at the boisterous enthusiasm some of his players displayed following their 118-111 overtime victory in Boston, but snapping a seven-game skid can be enough to make just about any team feel like celebrating. The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t played to their usual high standards this season, largely due to injuries sidelining their veteran stars, but their win over the Celtics did propel them to just their second three-game winning streak of the season. After downing Utah and Milwaukee, the Lakers came up short versus the shorthanded Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, suffering a 108-101 setback. The Lake Show will hit the road for three games this week, opening in Charlotte on Tuesday night as they take on the Hornets, and tickets are available from $21!

2/26/15 - After a seven game losing streak, the Los Angeles Lakers have put two games in the win column. It’s the most games they’ve put together in a streak since December when they won three games in row. Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson continue to be high scorers for the Lakers, with Carlos Boozer making the most rebounds in the game against the Boston Celtics. On Sunday (3/1), the Oklahoma City Thunder come to town. We have tickets starting at $36. Join the home team in the Staples Center and cheer them on to another win. The Thunder will be a tough team to beat, so they need your support. The Lakers go out on the road for the following week, so you need to catch them now.

2/19/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t change their roster with the NBA trade deadline, so they’ll finish out the season with the team they have. The coaches did play a prank on Jordan Hill, making him believe that he was going to be traded. The Lakers are looking to wrap up the remaining games strong, to keep their pride. In their game on Sunday (2/22), they host the Boston Celtics at the Staples Center. You can get your tickets to this game with tickets from Razorgator starting at $43. Skip the hype of the Oscars and come down to the arena to enjoy some fast-paced action on the court. The Lakers used their break to get healthy, so you’re sure to see Hill, Nick Young, and Wayne Ellington back on their game.

2/11/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t break their losing streak, now up to six games. When they played the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, the Lakers never overcame an eight point deficit from the first quarter. Jordan Clarkson did all he could with 17 points, six rebounds, and four assists, but it wasn’t enough. The Lakers come back from the All-Star break to host the Brooklyn Nets on Friday (2/20). Tickets start at $21 for this game. On Sunday (2/22), the Staples Center will be buzzing with the Boston Celtics. You can still find great seats for this game starting at $43. Have a great weekend and enjoy the fast-paced action on the court. The Lakers need your support. Come out and yell and shout for the home team!

2/3/15 - After nine straight losses, the Los Angeles Lakers finally got a win against the strong Chicago Bulls. The fans went crazy to see the Lakers crush the Bulls with a final score of 118-123. The Lakers went out on the road and couldn’t convert in their game against the New York Knicks. By NBA standards, it was a low scoring game, the final score of 80-92 is a tribute to the Lakers defense. Los Angeles comes back home to the Staples Center on Thursday (2/10) to host the Denver Nuggets, and you can get your tickets starting at $18 from Razorgator to enjoy a fast-paced, exciting game on the court. Keep your eye on rookie point guard Jordan Clarkson, who is coming on strong in Kobe Bryant’s absence.

1/29/15 - Amid a nine-game losing streak, the Los Angeles Lakers received confirmation of the news they had been dreading: Kobe Bryant will miss the remainder of the season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. The positive side of the loss is that the team will now have an additional roster spot available to develop another younger player, as the Lakers look to continue rebuilding in hopes of returning to the playoffs in the 2015-16 season. Bryant also had not been as productive on the court as in previous seasons, and his downtime will allow coach Byron Scott to tinker with different lineups. L.A. will host the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night, as they try to stop Derrick Rose and former teammate Pau Gasol from claiming their second victory in three nights. Limited seats are still available, starting at $70.

1/20/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers are having the season every team dreads. They seem to have trouble finding their identity. Kobe Bryant hasn’t been the powerhouse everyone expected. With talk of sitting out the last quarter of the season, the Lakers may struggle even more. It’s time to keep supporting the players to see what they can do. The Lakers do have some great talent, but they need time to find their game. Ed Davis is great on defense and ranks in the top 25 players in the NBA in blocks per 48 minutes. Ronnie Price is emerging as a strong point guard. Catch the Lakers at home when they face the Houston Rockets on Sunday (1/25) and the Washington Wizards on Tuesday (1/27). Get your tickets at Razorgator for all the action.

1/12/15 - For coach Byron Scott, this season has been a balancing act in many ways. Central to everything for the Los Angeles Lakers is the physical status of veteran shooting guard Kobe Bryant, who has sat out numerous games this year to rest and try to keep his body fresh. The 18-year veteran remains the Lakers’ most dangerous weapon on offense, however his performance has been inconsistent—likely the result of more than 50 thousand minutes logged in his NBA career, including the playoffs. The Lakers hope to have him in uniform as they face the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers (who likewise hope to reinsert LeBron James into the active lineup) in the final two games of a four-game homestand. Tickets for Thursday’s game versus the Cavs are available from starting at $62, but they’re going fast!

1/5/15 - The Los Angeles Lakers will look to get back on the winning track when they begin a four-game homestand on Friday night. With veteran Kobe Bryant in and out of the lineup, the Lakers have gone 2-2 in their last four games, improving their overall record to 11-24, but remain outside of the playoff conversation in a Western Conference that is stacked with talented teams. Bryant remains a force on offense, leading L.A. with nearly 24 points per game, and center Jordan Hill is averaging 12 points plus eight rebounds, but roster tweaks will almost certainly need to be made before the Lakers are ready to reposition themselves among the NBA’s elite. Kobe and company will square off with the Orlando Magic on Friday night in search of their 12th win of the season, and Razorgator has great seats at Staples Center available from just $33.

12/31/14 - Facing a brutal schedule to wrap up 2014, the Los Angeles Lakers will try to close things out with a win on Tuesday when they visit the mile-high stadium to face the Denver Nuggets. Although it came against the league-leading Golden State Warriors, the Lakers have managed only one win in their last seven games, after a three-game winning streak that included an overtime win over the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. Kobe Bryant has been in and out of the lineup to rest and recover, but is expected to be in uniform when the Lakers travel to Denver on Tuesday night. Razorgator is your source for great prices on NBA tickets, and you can get in to the Pepsi Center for Nuggets vs. Lakers starting at just $29!

12/25/14 - Kobe Bryant recently passed the great Michael Jordan for third place on the NBA all-time scoring list, but hasn’t gotten many shots to fall in the Los Angeles Lakers’ most recent losses. The purple and gold suffered a disheartening one-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder at home on Friday night, before falling 108-101 to their cross-state rival Sacramento Kings. Bryant and “Swaggy P” Nick Young combined for 51 points, and the Lakers out-rebounded the Kings 47-44, but they shot just below 38 percent from the floor en route to the loss. L.A. will try to bounce back when they host the league-leading Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night, before traveling to Chicago for a Christmas Day showdown with Derek Rose and the Bulls. Tickets for this special event are still available starting at $85, but they won’t last long!

12/16/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for redemption following last week’s 110-91 loss against the Indiana Pacers. Currently ranked last in the Pacific Division standings, the team will take on the top-ranked Golden State Warriors Tuesday, December 23 in a pre-Christmas game that is sure to be exciting. With an 8-17 record, the Lakers want a big win, and one against the Warriors would show that the Lakers are still a force to be reckoned with. Leading the team in points this season, Kobe Bryant continues to throw up impressive numbers, despite the team’s losses. Tickets to next Tuesday’s big game are still available for purchase. Tickets for the Staple Center begin at only $4, but since it is so close to Christmas, are sure to move quickly.

12/9/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers will try to string together consecutive wins for only the second time this season on Friday when they visit the reigning NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. Kobe Bryant led his team to a hard-fought 98-95 victory Tuesday night over their intrastate rivals, the Sacramento Kings, improving the Lakers’ season record to 6-16 and 3-9 at Staples Center. Bryant shot 11-27 from the floor and dished six assists, including several key passes in the fourth quarter as the Lakers rallied from a nine-point halftime deficit. Carlos Boozer added 15 plus 9 rebounds off the bench for L.A., who will travel to the AT&T Center for a Friday night showdown with Kawhi Leonard and the Spurs. Razorgator is your source for great seats, with tickets still available from $48!

12/3/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t let their rocky season slow them down when they took on the Toronto Raptors on Sunday. Despite Toronto being the top team in the Atlantic Division and holding a win ratio of 13-4, the Lakers’ strong offence earned them a 9 point lead at the half, scoring 31 points in the second quarter. The Raptors slowly inched their way back in the final two quarters, tying the game at 109. Then, in overtime, Los Angeles was able to score 20 points over Toronto’s 13, bringing the final score to 122-129. This incredible game ends the Lakers’ four-game losing streak and brings their win/loss to 4-13. Los Angeles is starting a series of away games, so hopefully this impressive win gave them the momentum they need.

11/26/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers have been having a hard time gaining momentum this season. It looked like they might be turning things around on Wednesday when they pulled off a two-game slide, but now they have just lost their second game in a row against the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. After being tied at the end of the fourth quarter, a tense overtime heartbreakingly left the Lakers a little behind at 101-94. This game puts them at 3-11 and further secures their position as last in the Pacific Division. While it does look like there might not be any chance of catching up to the Clippers at 7-5, you can be sure that the Lakers will continue to play their best as they always do.

11/17/14 - Another disappointing loss for the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday brings them to 1-8. The Lakers have had a hard season so far, and their game against the San Antonio Spurs was no exception. Los Angeles was just one small step behind San Antonio through the entire game, ending with a close score of 93-80. Their next couple games are going to be vital. If they have any chance of turning things around, they are going to need some wins soon. However, even if things don’t look up for the Lakers, you can rest assured that they will continue to fight hard and play a good game as they always do. They could use your support during their next home game against the Denver Nuggets on the 23rd. Tickets start at $15.

11/12/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers had a very slow start to the season, losing all five of their first games, but on Sunday, Los Angeles earned their first victory against the Charlotte Hornets (3-4). Not only did the Lakers win, the game wasn’t even close with the final score resting at 92-107. Of course, the game didn’t look like it was going to be a divergence from the losing streak at first. The Lakers were trailing at the half by nine until a 25-6 run put them in the lead at 64-76. They dominated the third quarter. Boozer scored 8 points in a row during a streak of 14 unanswered scores. Los Angeles is looking to add a second win on Tuesday against the Memphis Grizzlies and potentially turn things around for them.

11/5/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to improve for the rest of the 2014-15 season, following another loss against the Golden State Warriors 127-104. The team sits at 0-4, last in the Pacific standings. However, long-timer Kobe Bryant says that the team has a lot of room for improvement. At 36, Bryant continues to wow fans. The first half of the game was disappointing for the player, however, Bryant was able to score 19 points within the third quarter, finishing the game with 24 points. The Lakers meet up with the Phoenix Suns at the Staples Center on Tuesday, November 4, in a game that is sure to excite. Tickets for Tuesday’s game are still available and can be purchased starting at $20 per ticket.

10/29/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a loss of 59-69 in their 2010 home-opener matchup against the Houston Rockets Tuesday, Oct. 28. Kobe Bryant made his regular season return. Last season, Bryant scored 83 points in six games with his knee and achilles problems. He is now entering his 19th season. Steve Nash will be out for the season with a back injury. With 40-year-old Nash out, and his career possibly ended, the Lakers turned to Jeremy Lin, former Rocket, as their starting point guard. Lin scored 3 points and Bryant scored 16, but the game came up just 10 points short for the Lakers. They will play the Los Angeles Clippers at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31, at the Staples Center. Get your tickets now for just $8.

10/20/14 – The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers who share the Staples Center in downtown now share a similar average ticket price on the secondary market. At $244, Los Angeles Lakers tickets this season are fifth most expensive in the league followed by their LA rivals who boast an average $240. Don’t miss Kobe’s regular season return in a 2010 home-opener rematch against the Houston Rockets (min. $64). Jeremy Lin will face his former team; will we see a Linsanity moment for the now point guard of the Lakers?

10/14/14 – The Lakers bench continues to diminish with Lin (ankle), Clarkson (calf), Kelly (hamstring), and Young (thumb) all out with injuries. Lin is said to be 50/50 for Thursday’s game in Orange County (get-in $47) while Clarkson and Kelly should be back for Sunday’s matchups against Utah at the Staples Center (min. $18).

8/18/14 – The Los Angeles Lakers 2014-2015 schedule emerged last week, and the former Western Conference juggernauts are ready to get back to their winning ways. In one of the most anticipated reveals of the year, the Oct. 28 opener against Houston will see Kobe Bryant's blockbuster return, Byron Scott's debut as head coach, and Dwight Howard's first game opposite Black Mamba since the superstar left LA a year ago. LeBron James will visit on Jan. 14 toting his hometown team of Cleveland, and the “five ring club” gets a little cozier on Nov. 14 when Tim Duncan comes to town with the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. NBA fans will get an awesome gift on Christmas, with Bulls-Lakers tickets on Dec. 25—the first time Pau Gasol will take on his former team in his new hometown of Chicago. The wait is over: buy Los Angeles Lakers tickets for the 2014-2015 season and actually be in the stands when Kobe lights up the court this year!

A bevy of injuries to star players prompted the Los Angeles Lakers to endure their worst season in franchise history. Not only was Kobe Bryant stalled at the outset by his Achilles, but not soon after his recovery, the superstar suffered a season-ending fracture to his left knee. Likewise, his right-hand-man, Pau Gasol, was a frequent side-liner throughout the season, while veteran x-factor Steve Nash could only muster 15 game appearances. Not all bad surfaced from last year’s egregious campaign: LA saw inspired play by its younger contributors, have tons of cap space to spend in the offseason, and the await the return of two superstars on the horizon.

Last year’s gloomy season was highlighted by the likes of Jodie Meeks, Jordan Hill and Nick Young—all of whom put up career numbers. But after re-tooling this summer, how will the Lakers look in the new year? Los Angeles parted ways with fan-favorite Pau Gasol and Meeks, and said hello to Jeremy Lin, Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer. The franchise also chose a new head coach in Byron Scott, and received the seventh overall pick in the Draft, landing NBA-ready Julius Randle out of Kentucky. You’ve been pining over No. 24’s return for what feels like forever—don’t wait a minute longer. Score your Los Angeles Lakers tickets now and watch Black Mamba do his thing on the court!

2013-2014 Season

4/17/14 - It’s been an historic season for the Los Angeles Lakers…and not in a good way. Not since the team was in Minneapolis (where the Laker nickname was more a propos), in the 1959-60 season (its last before decamping for LA), has a Laker team won this few games; the 1959-60 Minneapolis Lakers went 25-50. This year’s Lakers are 26-55 and just two games ahead of last place Utah for the bottom position of the Western Conference. The Lakers’ 26th win was picked up against the Jazz on April 14, 119-104 at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City. Hero of the game was reserve forward Nick Young, who dropped 41 points, three rebounds and three assists; starters Jodie Meeks (23) and Jordan Hill (21) combined for almost as many points as Young. Wesley Johnson had a nice all around game for the Lakers, with 12 points, six rebounds, four assists, five steals and three blocks; while Kendall Marshall dished out 15 assists.

4/9/14 - My, how times have changed in the City of Angels. For the third time in four tries this season, the once-mighty Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Clippers, 120-97. The depleted Lakers, who did not start a true center against the dominant Clippers as both Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman were out, were led by forward Jordan Hill, who had 22 points and nine rebounds; Nick Young came off the pine to record 18 points, while Kendall Marshall recorded a double-double of 11 assists and 10 points. The lone true center in uniform for the Lakers, Robert Sacre, nearly had a double-double of his own, contributing 10 boards and nine points.

4/1/14 - With nine games remaining, the Los Angeles Lakers have opened up a little distance between themselves and last place Utah. The Lakers are three games up on the last place Jazz and just a half game behind Sacramento. In their last game, a 115-99 defeat of potential playoff squad Phoenix, the Lakers got double-digit scoring performance from no less than six players; center Chris Kaman led the way with a big double-double of 28 points and 17 rebounds. Another double-double was rung up by Kendall Marshall, who combined 13 points and 11 assists; while shooting guard Jodie Meeks tossed in 22 points. Ryan Kelly contributed 17 points, five boards, a pair of assists, another pair of steals, and yet another pair of rejections coming off the bench.

3/25/14 - After dropping four straight, the Los Angeles Lakers found a rare win last weekend, emerging victorious over the visiting Orlando Magic, 103-94. Jordan Hill recorded a double-double for the Purple and Gold, collecting 28 points and 13 rebounds, both game highs. Nick Young also had a good night coming off the bench, ringing up 26 points, while Kent Bazemore had eight assists and Jodie Meeks chipped in 13 points. Unfortunately, center Pau Gasol will be out for at least the next game; he left the game over the Magic early, with nausea and dizziness; his ailment has been described as “vertigo” by an Assocated Press story quoted in Pro Basketball Talk.

3/18/14 - With their latest loss, a 119-85 blowout by San Antonio last weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers were officially eliminated from playoff contention this season. Pau Gasol paced the Lakers with a double-double of 18 points and 11 rebounds, both Laker team highs for the game; guards Jodie Meeks and Kent Bazemore were the only other Lakers to break double figures in points. Gasol also had a game-high four blocks. The bad news off the court also continued, as Jordan Farmar suffered a groin strain during practice earlier this week and is expected to be out for roughly two weeks.

3/13/14 - After dropping three straight, including a historic loss to the Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers put everything together in a stunning weekend victory over Oklahoma City. Jodie Meeks put together a credible imitation of the injured Kobe Bryant, scoring 42 points, including six three pointers and a perfect 14-for-14 from the free throw line. Kendall Marshall’s contribution was not so much in scoring, but helping his teammates score, with 10 assists. Center Pau Gasol contributed 11 rebounds to the victorious effort. Speaking of the injured All Star Bryant, he told the website that his knee fracture is not healing fast and that he is getting drustrated with riding the stationary cycle.

3/5/14 - Break up the Lakers. While not exactly Showtime these days, the Lakers are winners of two straight, including a 107-106 defeat of Portland on the road thanks to a last second alley-oop play from Kent Bazemore to Wesley Johnson; while before that, knocking off Sacramento at the Staples Center by a 126-122 count. Center Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 22 points, nine rebounds and five assists; Jodie Meeks chipped in 21 points; and Kendall Marshall dished out 11 assists on the night. Off the court, ESPNLosAngeles’s Dave McMenamin reported that Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni does not expect to see guard Steve Nash play the rest of the season.

2/26/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers found themselves playing a part in history last weekend, being the opponent for the Brooklyn Nets return of center Jason Collins. The Lakers ultimately dropped the contest 108-102, Currently on a two-game swing to Indiana and Memphis, the Lakers announced that Nick Young would not accompany the team on their road trip, citing continuing problems with Young’s left knee. Young played 20 minutes against the Nets over the weekend but is being listed as day to day by the Lakers.

2/18/14 - Whither the Lakers? Their usual main man, Kobe Bryant, is out with a left knee fracture, with no timetable for returning. Their starting point guard, Steve Nash, is listed as day to day. Pau Gasol, the starting center, could return from a groin injury as soon as mid-week; but trade rumors are swirling around the Spaniard as the deadline approaches. And moreover, the Lakers are tied with former playoff nemesis Sacramento for the worst record in the Western Conference. All totaled, the 2013-14 season will not be remembered fondly in SoCal if things continue on their current pace.

2/6/14 - How bad has it gotten for the Lakers of late? In their February 5 win over Cleveland, the Laker bench became so depleted through injuries that, even though he fouled out, an NBA rule kept Robert Sacre in the game because they had no one else available to replace him once he collected his sixth foul. During the game, Nick Young (twisted knee) and Jordan Farmar (cramps) had to leave due to injuries, and Chris Kaman fouled out early in the fourth quarter, leaving the Lakers with just five players: Sacre, Ryan Kelly, Steve Blake, Wesley Johnson, and Kendall Marshall. The Lakers still managed to pull out the win.

1/31/14 - If it seems there’s been a role reversal in Los Angeles – no matter how temporary – you’d be right, the heady Lake Show days long in the rear view mirror for the Lakers. Ravaged by injuries to Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash among others, the Lakers continue to limp along well off the pace in the Western Conference, 15 1/2 games behind their Staples Center cohorts, the Clippers, and just percentage points ahead of last place Sacramento. The Lakers have dropped their last five and eight of their last 10 games, both of their victories on the road at Boston and Toronto.

1/21/14 - The Los Angeles Lakers lost a heartbreaker on the road yesterday to the Bulls, 100-102. Chicago’s Taj Gibson effectively snapped LA’s two-game win streak with an overtime layup as the buzzer sounded, leaving the Lakers 16-26, looking at a brutal stretch of schedule still ahead. The Lakers outlasted Rondo’s return to the Celtic’s a week ago, and they’ll have to pull out all the stops when they face a battalion of superstars this Thurs against Miami—this hot match offers a $77 minimum in South Florida. The Lakers will continue their seven-game road stand against Orlando (1/24, get-in for $16) and New York(1/26, get-in for $61), before coming home to host the Pacers (1/28, get-in for $29) and Bobcats (1/31, get-in for $24). Can the injury-riddled Lakers dig themselves out of this hole? They did last year, finishing the second half of the season 28-13 after an abysmal start. Get your Los Angeles Lakers tickets now and watch this storied team do it again!

When will Kobe be back? It’s the question on every Lakers fan’s mind these days. Bryant’s return to the court is key to the success of the Los Angeles Lakers season. The 5x NBA Champion will sit out tonight’s season opener against the Clippers, but has been cleared for full weight-bearing running. His comeback is in full swing; but in the meantime, future Hall-of-Famer Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar, and Steve Blake will be called upon to be playmakers. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of just three teams in the league to see a fall in average ticket price since last season. Entering the 2013-14 season, Lakers tickets average $275, still second highest in the NBA but down 6% since last year. The most expensive game at Staples Center this year is the Christmas Day matchup against the Heat. Lakers vs. Heat tickets on December 25 start at $152 and is one of the Top 5 NBA games this season based on average price ($615).

The Lakers season last year was one of the most disappointing in the storied franchise’s history, and was punctuated by the offseason departure of top free agent Dwight Howard. Their success this season hinges on the health of Kobe Bryant’s Achilles and the performance of aging former All-Stars Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. The Lakers open their season on 10/29 against the Clippers in the first of four regular season games against their L.A. nemesis. The annual Christmas Day game will be held at home against the 2-time defending champion Heat. Both Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard make their hyped returns to Staples Center this season: Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Lakers on 1/14 (avg. $270) and Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers on 2/19 (avg. $421).

2012-2013 Season

2/13/13 - Despite bringing in a pair of marquee names in the offseason (Steve Nash and Dwight Howard), the Los Angeles Lakers find themselves struggling just to make the playoffs. The Lake Show, while still led on the floor by Kobe Bryant (currently third in the NBA in points per game), were a coaching carousel early in the season before settling on Mike D'Antoni. Not only that, but the team was struggling — and continues to struggle — with injuries to key players. Both newcomers, Nash and Howard, have been on the injury list for significant periods of time, as well as Pau Gasol; Howard's injuries are a key loss, as he ranks in the league's top five in rebounding and blocked shots. The only player to appear in as many games as Bryant has been forward Metta World Peace.

And, while offensively the Lakers are doing quite well — top ten rankings in the league in both points per game and rebounds — as a team, they need a reminder that basketball has two sides, offense and defense, as they are in the bottom quarter of the league in points allowed. Staples Center faithful can only hope that their boys in purple and gold can turn things around for a stretch run into the playoffs — otherwise they'll be on the outside watching Lob City and wondering what could have been. Lakers tickets average $268 at Staples Center, the second most expensive home game ticket in the NBA behind the New York Knicks. On the road, LA Lakers tickets average $70 less per ticket ($198) — only the world champion Miami Heat have a greater demand for road game tickets in the league. Who are the Lakers playing at Staples Center? The Lakers schedule includes upcoming home games with the Boston Celtics (2/20), Portland Trail Blazers (2/22), Atlanta Hawks (3/3) and Chicago Bulls (3/10).
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