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It was nearly a nightmarish offseason for the Los Angeles Clippers, but loyalty prevailed as DeAndre Jordan made the decision to return in 2015, keeping the team’s core intact for another run at the elusive NBA Championship. Along with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, Jordan helps form the nucleus of a team that’s been a major part of the postseason conversation for four years running. The Clips added another piece to the puzzle this season, acquiring Lance Stephenson in hopes of finally getting over the hump and into the Western Conference Finals. Claim your LA Clippers tickets for Staples Center, on sale now! Find out if Doc Rivers can devise the formula the Los Angeles Clippers need to reach the NBA Finals and hoist the ultimate prize: the Larry O’Brien Trophy.
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Chris Paul, Clippers Seeking Third Seed in Playoffs
Just two games separate the L.A. Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference standings, a crucial distinction with the postseason fast approaching. The fourth-seeded team will likely have to tangle with the mighty Golden State Warriors in the second round, meaning the third seed is highly coveted to say the least. With fewer than 25 games left on the schedule, cheap Los Angeles Clippers tickets are in high demand.

Lots of Offense in Los Angeles
Starting PG Chris Paul and his Clippers team will host OKC this Wednesday at Staples Center, and Razorgator has your tickets in the door. Get in with discount prices as low as $33 and keep tabs on one of the most important playoff races in the NBA!

Los Angeles Clippers 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers are giving each other a run for their money during the first round of the playoffs. Currently, the two teams are tied at two games apiece and are preparing to head into game five to be played on April 27. The Clippers suffered some serious injuries during the last game, including Chris Paul’s broken hand and Blake Griffin still struggling from quad troubles. The Trail Blazers took total advantage of the injuries and won the game 98-84 against the Clippers. See what happens during the fifth game of the series when you get your tickets today. They are still available to purchase and start at an affordable $8.
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The Los Angeles Clippers have officially ended their regular season, and now only have the playoffs remaining. With a season record of 52-28, they have secured their spot as the number four seed. As they head into the playoffs, the Clippers finish the season with an impressive six-game winning streak, which wrapped up with a strong 84-110 home victory against the Memphis Grizzlies on April 12th. It certainly does look like the Clippers are in a fine position as the postseason kicks off. Be sure to get your tickets for these final matches to catch the Clippers in action one last time before the long wait for next season begins.

The NBA playoffs are just about one week away and the matchups have finally been determined. As the number four seed in the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Clippers will be facing the Memphis Grizzlies first. The Clippers have only won seven more games than the Grizzlies, and each has beaten the other once during the season, so this is sure to be a fierce competition for the coveted spot in the second round. Additionally, these two teams are going to face each other for the final match of the regular season. Get the first look at how the Clippers may fare in the playoffs by watching them face their first round opponents on April 12th.

The Los Angeles Clippers officially know who they will be facing in the first round of the playoffs. As the third seed, they will be hosting number six, the San Antonio Spurs, for the first two matchups on April 19th and 22nd. Tickets for these matchups are still available and you can attend the playoff opener for as little as $94. In the meantime, however, the Clippers still have four home games in the regular season, the first of which will be against the Washington Wizards on April 3rd. Tickets start at just $17 for that match. Come out and catch the Clippers in action while you are still able to.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently sitting in fourth place in the Western Conference and are considered to be one of the best teams in the league. However, the Clippers are suffering from a losing slump and are having a hard time consistently pulling off wins. On Sunday, March 20, the Clippers hit the court against the New Orleans Pelicans and were barely able to scrape by with the win. The Clippers face off against the Portland Trail Blazers on March 24 at the Staples Center, so don’t miss your chance to see all of the players live along. Purchase your tickets today starting at $6 apiece to fill your night with entertainment and fun.

3/18/16 - The Los Angeles Clippers may be one of the top teams in the Western Conference, but the month of March has not been on their side. Currently they are breaking even with four wins and four losses this month. On Wednesday night, the Clippers were able to leave the court as the victors when they took down the Houston Rockets. Thanks to J.J. Redick coming out and hitting four three-pointers in the first quarter, the Clippers were able to hold off the Rockets for the remainder of the game. Add some entertainment to your weekend and purchase tickets for the upcoming Clippers game against the Grizzlies. Tickets are still available and start at $38 each.

2/10/16 - The Los Angeles Clippers season has gone well thus far with a winning record. In fourth place in the Western conference, the Clippers have won 35 games and lost 18 games. Until February 10, the Clippers were on a three-game winning streak. On Wednesday, however, the Clippers took on the Boston Celtics and suffered a tough loss in overtime. The game was tight throughout regulation time, but during overtime was when the Celtics were able to shine offensively. The final score was 139-134 for the Celtics. See if the Clippers can come back from the loss after a week break when they take on the Spurs on February 18. Tickets start at $6 each.

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2/3/16 - The Los Angeles Clippers really took off this week. Unfortunately, however, their winning streak has come to an end. Starting on January 26th, the Clippers were able to beat out their opponents in four consecutive games. They had close matches with victories as narrow as two points and complete dominations with 30 points difference between them and their completion. Their most recent victory was against the Chicago Bulls on January 31st. The final score came to 93-120. From here, they will be hitting the road for an extended period, but they will be back on February 18th to host the San Antonio Spurs. Tickets are available starting as low as $46.

1/27/16 - After losing against the Raptors on January 24, the Los Angeles Clippers won their next two games. They faced the pacers on the 26. The teams went into halftime with the Pacers ahead by 5, but the Clippers had a strong third quarter and were able to take control of the game. On the 27, the Clippers played the Hawks and once again won without Blake Griffin. It was a close game that came down to the final seconds, but the Clippers were able to hold onto the game and win 85-83. They will look to add another victory when they play the Lakers on the 29. You can still get tickets for prices starting at just $7.

1/20/16 - The Los Angeles Clippers lost to the Kings on the 16, ending their 10 game winning streak. They bounced back when they played the Rockets in a game that went into overtime. The Clippers led early, but the Rockets rallied. J.J. Redick was not about to let the Rockets beat the team, and led the team with 40 points for a career high. The team rallied around him, scoring 22 3-pointers for a franchise record. Chris Paul added 28 points and had a double-double with 12 assists. The Clippers will look to add another win to their record when they head to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers on the 21. You can still get tickets with prices starting at $29.

1/13/16 - It looks like nothing can stop the Los Angeles Clippers. With their most recent victory against the Miami Heat on January 13th, the Clippers now have a strong 10-game winning streak. Fans were a little worried after their last game came down to overtime, but it looks like the Clippers are dominating as much as ever. They still have a ways to go to catch up with the number one and two teams in the Western Conference, but they are now only two victories behind the number three team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Be sure to catch the Clippers in action while they are on a roll when they host the Houston Rockets on January 18th. Tickets start at $19.

1/6/16 - The Los Angeles Clippers continue their winning streak. Their most recent away matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers on January 6th marked their seventh consecutive victory. The final score came to 109-98 after the Clippers built up an impressive lead in the first half. These victories have moved the Clippers up to the number four position in the Western Conference, however the Golden State Warriors continue to dominate the rankings. Still, the Clippers are now looking much better for the post season. They now get to relax a little with a series of home games, starting on January 9th. The Clippers will be hosting the Charlotte Hornets, followed by the New Orleans Pelicans and the Miami Heat.

12/30/15 - Holding second place in the Pacific Division sounds nice, but the Los Angeles Clippers have quite a bit of ground to make up if they’re hoping for a first-place finish. Golden State leads the division by a healthy margin, leaving the Clips and everyone else to play for runner-up honors. L.A. currently finds themselves three games into a five-game road trip, and with a 3-0 mark thus far and dates with Charlotte and New Orleans forthcoming, a perfect 5-0 is certainly within reach. The Clippers return home on Jan. 2 to open the new year with a matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers. Tickets are available now starting at just $29, but supplies are limited so act now!

12/24/15 - Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers are asking Santa to bring them a win to break the three-game losing streak the team is currently in. The Clippers’ most recent loss was at home against the Thunder on the 21. It was a close game, and the Clippers fell by just one point after the Thunder rallied late. Chris Paul was denied a winning shot at the buzzer, but he led the team with 32 points. They play their cross city rivals the Lakers on Christmas, which is sure to be a fun game as the two LA teams play one another. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person, with prices starting at just $8.

12/16/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers are on a roll again. They have won five of their last six games, and scored over 100 points in just as many. Most recently, fans saw the Clippers finish up this long series of away games by beating the Detroit Pistons on their own court. The final score came to 105-103. Now, the Clippers are ready to relax just a little by hosting the Milwaukee Bucks on December 16th. After that, they will hit the road again, but they are coming back soon to host the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 21st. Tickets for that match are already available, starting at the low price of $44.

12/9/15 - The Loss Angeles Clippers have built up another winning streak, winning their last three games in a row against the Magic, Timberwolves, and Bucks. Their victories against the Magic and Timberwolves were close, but the Clippers had a bit more breathing room against the Bucks with a final score of 109-95. The teams went into the locker room at the half with the Bucks ahead by one, but the Clippers came out and outscored the Bucks for the second half. J.J. Reddick had a season-high 31 pints, and Blake Griffin added 21 points. The Clippers will look to add to their winning streak when they play the Bulls on December 10. You can still get tickets, for prices starting at $10.

12/2/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers may not have the best record in the league, but they are still contenders for the playoffs as they hold on to the sixth spot in the Western Conference. Last weekend was very successful for the Clippers as they powered through an amazing three-game winning streak. The winning streak unfortunately came to close when they took on the Indiana Pacers on December 2. The Clippers ended the first half with the lead, but after the break the Pacers were able to slide by the Clippers and come out with the 103-91 win. See if the Clippers can come back from the loss when they take their home court against the Timberwolves on December 5. Get your tickets today.

11/25/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers were doing really well this time last week. They were maintaining a positive win ratio, but that seemed to change when they faced the still-undefeated Golden State Warriors. Since then, they have lost two more times and won once to bring their record to 7-7. They have not fallen too far behind; the Clippers still have the number seven spot in the Western Conference. Still, if they want to remain competitive this season, they need to turn things around now. They are just starting a long series of home games, so this is the perfect opportunity for the Clippers to regain their momentum. First up, they are hosting the Utah Jazz.

11/18/15 - The California NBA teams that used to be considered the weakest are currently rising to the top. Included in this category are the Los Angeles Clippers who are sitting in fifth place in the Western Conference. On Saturday, November 14, the Clippers took on the Pistons at the Staple Center. Thanks to the Clippers pulling it together during the third quarter and outscoring the Pistons by ten points, they were able to pull off the 101-96 win over the Pistons. See if they can keep up the good work and beat the undefeated Golden State Warriors on November 19. This will be a rivalry game you don’t want to miss, so purchase your tickets before it is too late.

11/11/15 - After losing two games against the Mavericks and Suns, the Los Angeles Clippers got another win when they played the Detroit Pistons on the 14. Jamal Crawford scored 37 points, which is a season high for him. He also made 10 of 10 free throws to help the Clippers defeat the Pistons. Crawford started the game due to J.J. Redick being sidelined. The game was close, but the Clippers were able to rally at the end and ensure their victory. They will look to take this momentum when they place the Golden State Warriors, who have not lost a game this season. You can still get tickets to see what should be an exciting game, with prices starting at $6.

11/4/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers have suffered their very first loss of the year. It is unfortunate that they could not keep their winning streak up, but they were facing one of the top two teams in the entire league: the Golden State Warriors. Despite their tough opponents, the Clippers managed to score 108 points, just three less than the Warriors. It is a shame to see them come to heartbreakingly close to dethroning the Warriors, but the Clippers should have some good games coming up. They return to Los Angeles to host back-to-back home games, against the Houston Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies. Be sure to come out and show your support.

10/28/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers started the 2015-16 season with a win against the Kings. The game was close, with the final decision down to the final minutes of play. Paul Pierce helped pull the Clippers ahead with a late jumper. Chris Paul had 18 points and Blake Griffin led the team with 33 points. The Clippers had a 15 point lead but almost lost it before they were able to once again take the lead and win. The Clippers next face the Dallas Mavericks on October 29 at home. You still have a chance to get tickets to see this game and the rest of the season in person with prices starting at just $3.

10/21/15 - The Los Angeles Clippers had a decent preseason, ending with a 3-3 record. Their most exciting win came when they were able to overcome a 35-point deficit to claim the victory in their final preseason game against the Portland Trail Blazers. The first quarter, the Clippers were not playing their game, but they started to finally get things in order towards the end of the first half even though they still trailed by 18 points. The starters came in to play, and the Clippers got to just nine points. In the final quarter, the backups were able to complete the rally. The regular season begins in for the Clippers on October 28 in Sacramento, and tickets are available starting at $35.

10/12/15 - After starting out the preseason strong with a win, the Los Angeles Clippers lost the next two. They were missing Chris Paul and Austin Rivers due to injuries, but both were practicing on Tuesday morning and are hoping to play in their next game against the Hornets on Wednesday, which is part of a two game stint in Shanghai, China. So far this preseason, Deandre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Paul, and Blake Griffith have been the leaders in points and rebounds. The Clippers have also been awarded the highest ranking in ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Standings in the history of the franchise at 42 overall. The Clippers return home from China and host the Warriors on October 20, and ticket prices start at $6.

8/12/15 - There’s no doubt that Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and the rest of the Los Angeles Clippers are still disappointed in their finish to the 2014-2015 season. After winning a playoff appearance, the Clippers were eliminated by the Houston Rockets in a brutal seven-game series. Fortunately, they can look forward to redemption in just a few short weeks. The NBA released its official 2015-2016 schedule this week, and the Clippers are expected to have a strong start. They’ll kickoff the season on the road against the Sacramento Kings before coming home to face the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday, October 29. Don’t miss the clash between NBA giants Dirk Nowitzki and Blake Griffin in the home opener at Staples Center. Tickets are available starting at just $43.

2014-2015 Season

5/12/15 - Every team in the playoffs has been struggling with the second round, winning two and losing two games. The Los Angeles Clippers are the one exception to this pattern. Despite not having the home court advantage, and facing against a higher seeded team, the Clippers have only lost a single match to the Houston Rockets, even taking the round opener on a foreign court. With three games remaining, Los Angeles only needs one more victory to advance to the semifinals. While the odds are in favor of the Clippers, they cannot let their guard down quite yet. Two of the remaining matches are away games after all, even if they have been performing exceptionally well so far. May 14th's game will their final home game of the round.

5/5/15 - Despite missing starting point guard Chris Paul in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals, the Los Angeles Clippers found a way to win. Paul injured his hamstring during the Clippers’ thrilling Game 7 victory over the defending-champion Spurs on Saturday night, although his presence was hardly missed thanks to a Blake Griffin’s second straight triple-double in these NBA playoffs. Griffin posted 26 points to go with 14 rebounds and 13 assists, leading L.A. to a crucial victory over the high-powered Rockets and effectively snatching home court advantage in the series. Game 2 will take place on Wednesday evening at the Toyota Center in Houston, as the Clips look to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Semis. Get your tickets starting at $76!

5/1/15 - More so than any other matchup in this year's playoffs, the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs has been the most heated. The Clippers won their opening game, but immediately got a couple back to back losses. It looked like they were out of the game, but the Clippers played very well when it counted, taking a strong 114 victory and edging out the Spurs in a 102-96 win. Against the odds, Los Angeles has managed to tie up the score and the winner of the opening round will be decided on May 2nd, the seventh and final match. Both teams seem to be very evenly matched, but the Clippers do have the home court advantage. It is hard to say if that edge will be enough because they have actually lost more games on their own court than they have won.

4/20/15 - After numerous first- and second-round exits, the Los Angeles Clippers are ready to take the next step in the NBA playoffs. In their opening game of the 2015 postseason, the Clips took it to the defending champs, knocking off the San Antonio Spurs 107-92. Blake Griffin threw down an array of highlight dunks, Jamal Crawford provided a huge offensive spark off the bench, and starting point guard Chris Paul lit the Spurs up to the tune of 32 points, seven rebounds, and six assists to lead his team to victory. L.A. will take their 1-0 series lead into Game Two on Wednesday night, and tickets are on sale now! Be a part of all the playoff excitement at Staples Center, but secure your seats soon as supplies are limited!

4/13/15 - Heading into the final game of the season, the Los Angeles Clippers find themselves in a dead heat with the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. Should the Spurs lose their last game of the year, the Clips could climb into second place with a win over the Suns on Tuesday. Regardless of the outcome, Los Angeles will enjoy the benefit of home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs, where they will face off with the Dallas Mavericks, the Memphis Grizzlies, or possibly even the Houston Rockets. Tickets are on sale now for the NBA postseason! First round action in the Western Conference begins on April 18th. Secure your seats at the Staples Center now with prices starting at just $34! Don’t wait—supplies are limited!

4/7/15 - With four games remaining in their regular season, it is looking increasingly likely that the L.A. Clippers will end up as the No. 5 squad in the Western Conference, which would pit them against Portland – who would have home court advantage – in the first round of the playoffs. However, the Clippers are on a roll of late, winning their last three and nine of their last 10.

3/31/15 - For the first time in their history, including going back to their earliest days as the Buffalo Braves, the Los Angeles Clippers have clinched a postseason berth for the fourth consecutive season. The only other time in franchise history the team has been to the playoffs more than two times in a row was during their short stay in Buffalo near the beginning of the team’s history.

3/24/15 - With Blake Griffin back in the lineup, the L.A. Clippers are back on the move, having won four straight and six of their last 10 overall. The win streak puts home-court advantage back into play for the Clippers, who are in fifth place just a half-game behind Portland and a full game back behind Houston in the overall Western Conference standings.

3/17/15 - After Jamal Crawford came down with a right calf contusion, the Los Angeles Clippers brought on Nate Robinson for a 10-day contract on March 7. With Crawford still out for at least 10 more days, the Clippers have signed a second 10-day contract with Robinson. Robinson played well in the recent game against the Rockets. Robinson and Austin Rivers helped the team by staging a 9-0 run to reduce the team's deficit with less than 9 minutes remaining. However, this late run was not enough, and the Rockets won 100-98. Blake Griffen returned for the Rockets game, but did not play his best game. After losing the last two games, the Clippers are looking for a victory when they play the Hornets on March 17, with ticket prices starting at $6.

3/10/15 - With time winding down on the NBA regular season, the L.A. Clippers will need to make a bit of a push if they hope to gain home court advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs. The Clips are in fifth place in the conference standings, a game and a half behind Portland and 2 ½ games behind Houston – but they also have to watch out from behind, as they’re just a half-game ahead of sixth place Dallas.

2/23/15 - The L.A. Clippers are managing to string together wins, even without their frontcourt superstar, blake Griffin. The Clips have won four straight, second most in the West behind Oklahoma City’s six at the moment, and are just a half game behind Portland and a game back of Houston for a top-four seed and home court advantage.

2/18/15 - Winners of their last two before the All-Star break, the L.A. Clippers halted a four-game skid in the process. The Clips took down Houston in their last action, with DeAndre Jordan collecting a 20-20 double-double (24 points and 20 rebounds) en route to the win.

2/9/15 - There’s never a good time for a star player to go down with an injury, but for the L.A. Clippers, this one especially hurts. Big man and All-Star selectee Blake Griffin will be out three weeks, the team reported, after undergoing surgery for a staph infection in his right elbow; Griffin missed the Clips’ last game, and it showed in a loss to Oklahoma City.

2/2/15 - Despite going 8-2 in their last 10 games, the L.A. Clippers remain 5 ½ games behind Golden State for the top spot in the Pacific Division. Still, the gap remains manageable, especially since the Warriors have cooled off some from their torrid start to the season.

1/26/15 - It shouldn’t be any surprise that perennial Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin was selected as a starter once again for this year’s edition of the All-Star Game. Griffin was the lowest vote-getter, though, of any of the West’s starters, with a little over 700,000 votes.

1/19/15 - Since the beginning of the new year, the L.A. Clippers are 6-3, and winners of their last two. In those victories over Sacramento and Boston, big man Blake Griffin has scored a combined total of 52 points; in both games Griffin was the team’s high scorer as well.

12/22/14 - The Los Angeles Clippers used a solid effort from Chris Paul – 27 points and nine assists, both game highs – in a valuable victory over Milwaukee on Saturday. DeAndre Jordan provided more power for the victory as well, leading all players in rebounding with 16.

12/15/14 - The Los Angeles Clippers reeled off nine straight wins recently, including at Indiana for the beginning of a short, three-game road trip. However, the Clips ran out of steam during their Eastern swing, falling to Washington and Milwaukee in consecutive games.

12/8/14 - Any other time, the Los Angeles Clippers would be in the headlines for their winning streak, currently seven games and counting. Not so much this season, where the Clips remain three games behind a Golden State team which is downright incandescent.

12/1/14 - The Los Angeles Clippers seem to have worked out some kinks, and are on a four-game winning streak. However, the Clips still remain three games back of red hot Golden State in the Pacific Division standings.

11/25/14 - The Los Angeles Clippers rode a trio of double-doubles to their latest win, a 113-92 road romp over Charlotte. The double-doubles were collected by Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin; Paul was game high in points and assists, while Griffin was high rebounder.

11/17/14 - Even though there have been some struggles, the Los Angeles Clippers find themselves just a game behind hot-starting Golden State after eight games for each. The Clips blew past Phoenix over the weekend, 120-107, with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan leading the way.

11/10/14 - They’re in third place, a game behind Golden State, but the Los Angeles Clippers are playing decent, but “inconsistent” ball to start the year. The Clippers knocked off Portland over the weekend, and are preparing to face San Antonio.

11/3/14 - How close are the best team in Los Angeles – the L.A. Clippers – to being undefeated? Just six points, in fact, coming from a weekend loss to Sacramento at home. Still, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and company are off to a solid start this season.

8/18/14 – The 2014-2015 Los Angeles Clippers schedule recently revealed, and this squad is as amped as ever to compete for the title in the unforgiving Western Conference. The renewed Clip Show tips off with an Oct. 30 season opener against the OKC Thunder; can Los Angeles seek revenge for last season's early playoff exit? The following night will see the Lakers-Clippers Staples Center showdown in a can’t-miss Halloween special. Another must-see matchup comes on Dec. 25, with a Christmas Night clash featuring Los Angeles and Golden State. LeBron James comes to town with his hometeam Cavaliers on Jan. 16, while his former Eastern Conference juggernauts, the Miami Heat, visit on Jan. 11. The title-winning Spurs make their last trip to Staples Center on Feb. 19, which is sure to be a bench-gripping game. Buy Los Angeles Clippers tickets for all of these white-knuckle matchups in the 2014-2015 season!

The Los Angeles Clippers 2013-2014 season will forever be remembered for the Donald Sterling fiasco. A shame that the campaign, which saw the Doc Rivers-led team get closer than ever before to the title, was shrouded in a major controversy that may or may not have left the Clippers physically and mentally exhausted in the postseason. After overpowering Golden State in Round 1 of playoffs, OKC closed the Clip Show in Round 2, eliminating the team in four games. Despite their early exit, the Finals-ready squad ultimately set a franchise record for wins in a regular season, thanks a more mature Blake Griffin and DeAndre Johnson, not to mention a more comfortable Chris Paul.

The offseason saw the crucial replacement of Sterling at the helm, with the Los Angeles franchise selling for a record $2 billion to Steve Ballmer. This offseason, the Clippers did not re-sign backup point guard Darren Collison, opting to ink a deal with Jordan Farmar instead. The team also reinforced their frontcourt with the re-signing of Glen Davis and Spencer Hawes, and picked up a pure shooter in CJ Wilcox during the draft. With their summer’s biggest problems patched up, can Rivers and Co. make it past last year’s No. 3 seed in the super-competitive Western Conference? Buy Los Angeles Clippers and see this reinvented team advance in 2015!
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