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The return of superstar Paul George is just one reason Indiana Pacers fans are hyped for the 2015-16 campaign. After suffering a devastating injury as part of Team USA in 2014, the two-time All-Star is back to lead a dynamic new offense, bolstered by the additions of high-scoring guards Monte Ellis and Rodney Stuckey. Frank Vogel will return to man the sidelines for the blue and gold, as he looks to guide the Pacers deep into the playoffs following their first postseason miss in five tries. Can Indy return to the Eastern Conference Finals for a third time in four years, and if so, will LeBron James be awaiting them once again? Be a part of the action live at Bankers Life Fieldhouse—book your Indiana Pacers tickets today!
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Indiana in Pole Position for Final Lap
Just over 20 games are left in the NBA’s regular season, which has created an exciting race for the final three Eastern Conference playoff positions. The Pacers currently own the eighth and final spot, but they’re going to need to keep the pedal to the metal to stay on-track. Razorgator’s got cheap Indiana Pacers tickets on sale so you can be there to cheer them on all the way to the finish line.

Pivotal Matches in March
Paul George will lead Indy against a run of strong teams at home this month, including San Antonio, Boston and Toronto in the coming weeks. Get your tickets to Bankers Life Fieldhouse at a great discount when you shop Razorgator—catch Spurs-Pacers with seats starting at just $15 apiece!

Indiana Pacers 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Indiana Pacers are currently still playing in the first round of the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. Before heading into their fifth game on Tuesday evening, the Pacers and Raptors were all tied up at two games apiece. The Pacers seemed to have the game in the bag as they never lost the lead in the first, second and third quarters of the game. However, the Pacers slowly unraveled in the fourth quarter and basically handed the Raptors the game. The Indiana team only scored 4 of their 15 shots in the fourth quarter, giving them only 9 points in that period. See if the Pacers can make a comeback when they take on the Raptors again on April 29 for game six.
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The Indiana Pacers ended their regular season with three wins against the Nets, Knicks, and the Bucks. Against the Bucks, the Pacers chose to rest four of their starters in preparation of the playoffs. Solomon Hill led the team in scoring with 25 points, and Glenn Robinson III and Lavoy Allen helped out with 14 points a piece. At one point, the Pacers led by 24 points, but the Bucks rallied to get within 5. The Pacers play the Raptors in the first round of the playoffs. The first two games on the 16 and 18 will be in Toronto, and the Pacers host game 3 and 4 on the 21 and the 23. You can still get tickets for just $10.

The Indiana Pacers have suffered a couple of tough losses in the last week, but they were able to come out on top on Monday, March 21 against the Philadelphia 76ers with the 91-75 win. A win is something that should be rejoiced, but the Pacers can't feel incredibly proud of beating the worst team in the Eastern Conference. The Indiana team needs to be able to defeat teams that are ranked higher and they need to be more consistent in order to be successful in the regular season to make it to the playoffs. The Pacers have two big games coming up this weekend, one against the Brooklyn Nets and the other against the Houston Rockets. Don't miss your chance to liven up your weekend and catch them live.

3/18/16 - The Indiana Pacers had an extremely exciting game against the Toronto Raptors this week, which led both teams into overtime. The Pacers were able to keep up with the Raptors until late in the final quarters. Lowry and Derozan from the Raptors were a shining duo on the court, wearing the Pacers down by executing clutch plays. Indiana was coming off of a win over Boston earlier this week and was hoping to move their way further up the Eastern Conference standing board. See what they can do against the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 19 for another home game. Ticket prices range from $47-$267 a seat pick up a pair today.

2/9/16 - The Indiana Pacers are hanging in there this season as they sit in sixth place in the Eastern conference. On Wednesday night, the Pacers stormed the court to play against the Charlotte Hornets. The first quarter was an even matchup between the two teams and ended at 25-25. The second quarter was when the Hornets brought out the big guns and outscored the Pacers by 17 points. After the Pacers fell into the large point deficit, they had a hard time coming back from it. The final score was 117-95 for the Hornets. See if the Pacers can recoup from the loss when they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder on February 19. Tickets are still available so get them today.

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2/2/16 - The Indiana Pacers have been struggling, but they are on a roll now. Their 114-100 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on February 3rd marks their third victory in four games. This is also their first of their last three matchups not to end in overtime. The Pacers earned their lead in the opening quarter and was able to maintain it through the entire game for a clean and strong victory. There is just one more away match before the Pacers return to Indiana for a nice, long home series. Their homecoming kicks off on February 6th. Be sure to get your tickets to welcome them back as they host the Detroit Pistons.

1/26/16 - The Indiana Pacers broke their three game losing streak when they beat the Hawks 111-92 on January 28. Myles Turner started for the first time and scored 20 points and grabbed six rebounds, and Mota Ellis found his groove, leading the team with 25 points. The Pacers were down 90-88 with just under six minutes left to play when the team rallied, going on a 12-0 run to lead 100-90. They maintained the momentum for the final minutes of the game, coming away with the victors with a 19-point lead. The Pacers will look to keep this momentum when they host the Nuggets on the 30, and you can still get tickets for prices starting at $14.

1/20/16 - After losing three in a row, the Indiana Pacers finally got a victory to break the streak when they played the Suns on the 19. The Pacers came out strong, outscoring the Suns 25-17 in the first quarter. The Pacers also had a 20-piont lead at one point in the second half, but the Suns battled back and closed the deficit. The Pacers held onto the game, and won 97-94. Monta Ellis led the team in scoring with 20 points, and Paul George added another 19 to help out. The Pacers will look to add another win when they play the Warriors on the 22. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $29.

1/13/16 - The Indiana Pacers are having a hard time building a streak. They have been winning many of their recent matches, but they are also taking several disappointing losses. With their most recent matchup against the Boston Celtics, which ended with the Pacers behind 94-103, they have won three of their last five games. Their season record is now 22-17 and they are number five in the Eastern Conference. They are definitely not falling behind yet, but if they want to remain competitive, the Pacers are going to need to start winning more consistently. They are headed out on the road for a series of away games, so be sure to get your tickets for their homecoming on January 26th against the Los Angeles Clippers.

1/5/16 - The Indiana Pacers began their series of away games earlier this week. Unfortunately, they ended up losing their first matchup against the Miami Heat in an overtime game. The final score came to 100-103. Fans will be happy to hear that the Pacers followed this loss up with a strong 95-86 victory against the Orlando Magic. Two more away games remain before the Pacers return to Indiana. They will be taking on the New Orleans Pelicans and the Houston Rockets, then hosting the Phoenix Suns back on their home court on January 12th. Tickets are available starting as low as just $6. Take this opportunity to come out and show your support.

12/29/15 - It had been looking like Paul George had not only returned to form, but perhaps taken his game to a new level. Indeed, the Indiana Pacers are in third place in the Eastern Conference, but it appears to be in spite of a temporary regression from George, whose scoring touch has not been what it was through the first month-plus of the 2015-16 season. It hasn’t mattered to these Pacers, who are looking at the possibility of home court advantage in the playoffs for the first time in several seasons. They’ll wrap up the year at home and kick off 2016 there as well, facing Detroit at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Jan. 2. Get your tickets from $26!

12/24/15 - After losing two in a row, the Indiana Pacers will be extra motivated for a win when they play the Kings at home on December 23. Their most recent loss was in San Antonio on the 21. The Spurs led for most of the game, but the Pacers continued to battle to the final minute. Rodney Stuckey led the team with 16 points, which makes for the seventh straight game that he has scored points in the double figures. Paul George was held to just seven points, a season low for him. George Hill and Jordan Hill added 15 points apiece for the team. Tickets to the Kings game remain available with prices starting at just $10.

12/16/15 - After a couple rocky games, it is reassuring for fans to see the Indiana Pacers really let loose and dominate the court again. December 14th’s match against the Toronto Raptors was the first game to see the Pacers score more than 100 points in a week. Despite starting out behind, the final score came to 90-106 with the Pacers ahead. There is just one more home game for Indiana before the Pacers hit the road again, not to return until the 23rd. They host the Brooklyn Nets on December 18th, which should be a hugely exciting matchup. Tickets are still available, starting at just $8. Come see if the Pacers can maintain this momentum.

12/8/15 - A loss against the Trail Blazers broke the Indiana Pacers' winning streak, and they have been unable to get another win on their record. They lost a close game in overtime against the Jazz on December 5. Paul George carried the team with a season high 48 points. The Jazz led early, and the Pacers fought back and gained a lead. The game eventually went to the Jazz. The Pacers had a chance to tie at the final seconds, but George Hill missed a 3-pointer. They added another loss against the undefeated Warriors on the 8. They will look to get back to winning when they play the Heat on December 11. You can get tickets for prices starting at just $13.

12/2/15 - The Indiana Pacers are looking hot, hot, hot during the month of November. Blazing through team after team, the Pacers are proud of their five-game winning streak they are currently riding. On November 29, the Pacers took on the Los Angeles Lakers at the tough Staples Center crowd. The away game didn’t seem to affect the Pacers play as they left the stadium with the 107-103 win over the Lakers. See if they can add a few more W’s this week to their already shining record. On December 2, they play against the Los Angeles Clippers and on December 3 they hit the court against the Portland Trail Blazers. Tickets for both games are still available, so what are you waiting for?

11/25/15 - The Indiana Pacers may have broken their winning streak last week, but they are building a new one. With the victory against the Washington Wizards on November 24th, they are currently up to three consecutive wins. For the second game in a row, the Pacers managed to earn an incredible 123 points. It certainly does seem like they are on a roll. They will be returning to Indiana for one home game on November 27th, but then they are hitting the road for a while. Be sure to catch them in action while you can when they take on the Chicago Bulls. Tickets are available starting as low as $38.

11/17/15 - The Indiana Pacers are one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference this season and are currently in eighth place. On November 16, the Pacers were matched up against the Chicago Bulls for a grueling game. The Bulls started the game off right and outscored the Pacers by eight points in the first half. The Pacers came back during the second half, but were a little too late and ended up losing 95-96. Watch the Pacers play live on their home court on November 21 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Tickets are still available and start at $13 each, so don’t miss your chance to see all of the action.

11/10/15 - After a loss against the Cavaliers on the 8 that ended a three game winning streak, the Indiana Pacers have started another three game winning streak. They beat the Magic 97-84 on the 9. Then, they placed the Celtics and won 102-91 on the 11. Their third win came against the Timberwolves in a 107-103 victory on the 13. Paul George had 29 points and snagged nine rebounds. Monta Ellis had his best game, helping out in the fourth quarter. They next face the Bulls on the 16th in Chicago. Fans still have a chance to get tickets to catch all the action on the court. Tickets to the game in Chicago remain on sale, with prices starting at $21.

11/4/15 - The Indiana Pacers have finally started to turn things around this year. They had a tough time finding their footing, but after three close losses, they have started winning. They have taken two victories, against the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics. Despite a 2-3 record, the Pacers have scored more than 90 points in every match with one exception. It does not seem like their offense needs work, but if their defense could be improved, they would be unstoppable. If they want to practice, they may have their opportunity on November 8th when they travel to face the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Pacers will return the next day to host the Orlando Magic. Tickets start at $4.

10/28/15 - The Indiana Pacers fell to the Toronto Raptors 106-99 in their season opener. The Pacers were ahead by 16 in the second quarter, but they were unable to maintain the lead. They rallied back to take the lead again with two minutes left, but the Raptors once again drew ahead for the win. George Hill scored 19 points and C.J. Miles had 18. Paul George returned to the court after missing most of last season due to a broken leg. He only went 4 for 17 but had 17 points, eight assists, and 12 rebounds. The Pacers will look to get a victory when they host the Memphis Grizzlies on October 29. Tickets remain available, starting at just $10.

10/20/15 - The Indiana Pacers had a good preseason, which has now ended. They finished with a 5-2 record. They had a four game winning streak until they lost to the Bulls on the 20th. They came back and won their final preseason game against the Hornets on the 22nd. Now, they will be looking to fix any kinks before the regular season opener on October 28, which will begin Toronto against the Raptors. Their home opener will be the next night against the Grizzlies. You still have a chance to get your tickets to catch the Pacers play in person. Tickets for the Toronto game start at $43, while the home opener prices start at just $8.

10/12/15 - The Indiana Pacers are 2-1 in the preseason. The franchise has also earned a high position in ESPN the Magazine's "Ultimate Standings," which ranks the 122 franchises of the four major professional sport leagues in America. There are several categories, and the Pacers ended up with an overall ranking of 13 and fourth in the NBA. In other news, the Pacers added a new player this week: free agent Kadeem Jack to bring their training camp roster to 18 players. He is a forward who played for Rutgers. The Pacers' preseason continues when they host the Detroit Pistons, who they beat on the 6th, for a match on October 13th. You can still get your tickets for the game, with prices starting at $2.

8/12/15 - With the release of the official 2015-2016 NBA schedule this week, the Indiana Pacers and their fans can look forward to a fresh start. They finished a mere fourth in the Central Division last year, with just a 38-44 record. Paul George and the rest of the Pacers will be looking to redeem themselves when they begin the new season on the road against the Toronto Raptors. Then, they’ll head home to face the Memphis Grizzlies in what is sure to be a tough game. Come show the Pacers you know they have what it takes to get to the top this season. It all kicks off on Thursday, October 29 against the Grizzlies at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Tickets are limited and start at $55.

2014-2015 Season

4/22/15 - Now that the Indiana Pacers are officially done for the 2014-2015 season, they can look back at their year, not to mention prepare for the 2015-2016 season. While they did miss out on the playoffs by an incredibly slim margin which came down to the final day, the Pacers did very well. That fact is made more impressive when you realize that Pacers star Paul George fell out of the league at the beginning of August when he fractured his tibia and fibula. He missed the rest of the season, but it is now clear that he will be returning next year, better than ever. Who knows how far they will go when they are playing at 100% in 2016. With the future to look forward to, the Indiana Pacers are ready to get back in it.

4/16/15 - Tragedy struck on April 15th for the Indiana Pacers. Most sources had essentially assumed that the Pacers were locked into the final seed for the playoffs. The chances that they would not make it in were incredibly slim. To lose their spot, they would need to lose against the Memphis Grizzlies in their final game and simultaneously, the Brooklyn Nets needed to win against the Orlando Magic in their final game. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. It is amazing that it came down to the very last game of the season, but the Indiana Pacers were edged out of their seed by a tiny margin. While their season is now over, and fans are still shocked, the Pacers can start focusing on the next NBA season.

4/6/15 - With 13 points in just 15 minutes of playing time, Indiana Pacers star Paul George made his long-awaited return to the court in a dominating win over Miami, one that resurrected the Pacers’ once-flagging playoff hopes. Having lost nine of 11 before Sunday’s win, the Pacers square off against the N.Y. Knicks and Detroit next, hoping to gain ground on Boston and Brooklyn in the race for the final Eastern seed.

3/30/15 - Indiana Pacers fans have to have their fingernails chewed to the nubs with this playoff race – but if ESPN and FiveThirtyEight are correct in their predictions, they’ll sneak in. As of Monday, ESPN’s Holliger Playoff Odds (at 44.2%) and FiveThirtyEight’s Playoff Odds (at 50.1%) have the Pacers pulling ahead of both Brooklyn and Boston into the final spot; 538’s Neil Paine explains this is due to the Pacers’ remaining schedule.

3/23/15 - If the Indiana Pacers intend to have Paul George return this season, they’d better hurry, as time is running out. After an extended winning streak, the once-promising Pacers have completely reversed course, losing their last five straight and falling back into a four-team scramble for the final playoff spot in the East; the Pacers were scheduled to play Houston on Monday but George’s long-expected return to the court was placed on hold with no reason given by the team.

3/16/15 - After a couple losses against the Celtics and the Raptors that ended their seven game winning streak, the Indiana Pacers will be looking to turn things around when they face the Chicago Bulls on March 18. The 117-98 loss against the Raptors still had some solid scoring from the Pacers, including 23 points from George Hill and 20 points from Rockney Stuckey. The Pacers were unable to draw ahead after the Raptors built up a 37-24 lead during the second quarter. They came close right after halftime, when the score reached 58-56, but the Raptors soon drew ahead again. The Pacers are now in a four-way tie for the last two spots in the playoffs from the East. Tickets remain on sale for the Bulls game, with prices starting at $24.

3/9/15 - Well well, lookie here at who’s above the line in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Yep, it’s those pesky Indiana Pacers, who are still six games under .500, but have moved into a tie with Charlotte. And, according to John Hollinger’s power rankings, which ESPN used to predict playoff probability, the Pacers are 72.7% favorites to make the postseason.

3/3/15 - Believe it or not, the Indiana Pacers are on the verge of pulling into the playoffs next month. The Pacers have fought and scratched their way to the point where they are just a half game behind eighth-place Brooklyn, and a game behind Miami, their playoff nemesis the last two seasons, in the overall Eastern Conference standings.

2/24/15 - It’s getting crowded in the middle of the Eastern Conference pack, and even though they’ve been in somewhat of a funk since the start of the season, the Indiana Pacers are right in the thick of things. And, if Paul George is indeed coming back to the Pacers’ lineup in mid-March, that will be a definite shot in the arm for the team’s stretch run.

2/18/15 - Despite their struggles, the Indiana Pacers actually remain in contention for an Eastern Conference playoff spot. The Pacers entered the All-Star break at 21-33, tied with Detroit, but just two games out of the seventh/eighth seed, a tie between Charlotte and Miami.

2/10/15 - Is there hope in Hoosierland still? According to a piece by Josh Planos in Tuesday’s Washington Post, there’s still a chance that the Pacers could scrape themselves into the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed, and they have George Hill – for whom it was a dream to play for the Pacers, growing up in Indy, even attending IUPUI – to thank for their slim hopes.

2/3/15 - Could the hope of every Indiana Pacer fan come to reality this season? ESPN has reported that both team president Larry Bird and coach Frank Vogel are in favor of getting Paul George, who suffered a grotesque leg injury last summer, back on the court, possibly as soon as next month.

1/27/15 - The Indiana Pacers broke a seven game losing streak last weekend, wrapping up a five game road trip with a win over Orlando. The Pacers remain in struggle mode, however, having fallen 13 games off the pace set by Chicago, and a game and a half behind fourth place Detroit.

1/13/15 - Since the beginning of the year, the Pacers have alternated wins with losses, essentially running in place while teams ahead of them pull away. The loss of Paul George during the offseason, plus additional early season injuries to key players, has taken its toll on the team.

1/6/15 - The Indiana Pacers have won three of their last four games, including a home win over Miami, and road victories over Milwaukee and Utah. The road wins sandwiched a one-point loss to the L.A. Lakers, who are still trying to find their way in the other conference.

12/23/14 - Though they’ve won just three times in their last 10, the Indiana Pacers are working on a two game winning streak. The Pacers come up on the holidays having defeated New Orleans and Minnesota, with a trip to nearby Detroit next up, the day after Christmas.

12/9/14 - This could be a lost season for the Indiana Pacers, who have dropped their last five contests and are being outsocred by an average of 3.5 points per game (93.4 points for, 96.9 points against). While the latter is seventh in the league overall, the offensive numbers are 27th out of 30 teams.

12/2/14 - It is clear that the Indiana Pacers are missing Paul George. While the defensive effort is still in place (fifth in the league in points allowed per game), the offense is lagging decidedly, scoring just 93.4 points per game on average, good for just 26th in the league.

11/25/14 - For all their struggles so far this season, the Indiana Pacers find themselves just two games under .500 and a mere three games behind Chicago for the Central Division lead. The Pacers, who have split their last 10, square off with the Spurs in San Antonio before heading home for the weekend.

11/11/14 - Can the loss of two key players – one to free agency, one to injury – make a difference? In the Indiana Pacers’ case, losing Lance Stephenson to Charlotte and Paul George to injury has meant a very very slow start to 2014-15.

11/4/14 - It’s too early in the season to see many trends yet, but the Indiana Pacers find themselves looking at a two-game losing streak, after winning their opener. With resurgent teams like Chicago and Cleveland in their division, the Pacers will have their work cur out for them, and cannot afford to slide too far down the standings.

10/28/14 - Even though the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George is back on the floor taking jump shots, he and two other starters will be sidelined for the Pacers’ opener later this week. The team announced that David West and George Hill would both miss some time due to injuries.

10/23/14 - With the report that Paul George is back on the court taking jump shots, the Indiana Pacers have to be thinking optimistically. George, who suffered a gruesome broken leg at a U.S.A. Basketball scrimmage over the summer, may well return to the Pacers lineup much sooner than expected.

8/19/14 - The 2014-2015 Indiana Pacers schedule was just announced and it is filled to the brim with must-attend matchups! The Pacers 82-game slate opens up on Oct. 29 vs. Philadelphia at Bankers Field Lifehouse, followed by a Halloween game also at home, against the Grizzlies. Indiana fans have to wait until February to see LeBron James visit with the new-look Cavaliers (2/6), though the Pacers will take a trip over to Cleveland on Nov. 29. Score Pacers-Heat tickets to see if Frank Vogel’s team can seek revenge over Miami on New Year’s Eve. Attend the Nov. 19 game and see former Pacers guard Lance Stephenson’s return to Indianapolis when the Hornets come to town. Don't miss as Rodney Stuckey joins an experienced, blue collar team looking to make another deep post-season run with Indiana Pacers tickets today.

Right out of the gate, the Indiana Pacers made a compelling run as a title-worthy NBA team, mustering the franchise’s best-ever start to a season. Though the Pacers tripped up in the final months of the year, Indiana punched their ticket to the playoffs as top seed in the East. The squad was forced to retaliate against a 3-2 hole they dug themselves in Round 1, but were ultimately able to defeat the eighth-seed Atlanta Hawks. Indiana finished the Wizards in six games, but could not rally to defeat Miami in the Eastern Conference finals, marking the third time in three years that the Heat were responsible for annihilating their NBA Finals hopes.

With the exception of Lance Stephenson, the Pacers are returning the majority of its successful 2013-2014 squad that turned the Eastern Conference on its heels. Consequently, Indiana was pinned as a title-contender in 2015, that is, until the dreadful injury to superstar and primary scorer Paul George. But who is to say that Indiana won’t make the playoffs in the 2014-2015 season? David West is the lifeline of the squad, and is sure to come up big in George’s absence, George Hill is primed for a breakout year and if Roy Hibbert can step up to dominate the court, then the Pacers can surely maneuver through the Eastern Conference and punch their ticket to the postseason. Buy your Indiana Pacers tickets now and watch the never-say-die team charge through adversity!
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