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With their first Western Conference Finals appearance in nearly 20 years, it’s now official: the Houston Rockets are back and they mean business. James Harden has emerged as one of the NBA’s top stars, revolutionizing the game with his uncanny ability to score seemingly at will. Dwight Howard will continue to control the paint, and he’ll have incoming Wisconsin alumni Sam Dekker at his side this season as well. Key pieces returning this year also include defensive specialist Patrick Beverly, veteran wing scorer Corey Brewer and the always-dangerous Trevor Ariza. Is this the year the Houston Rockets finally return to the NBA Finals? Secure your Houston Rockets tickets at the Toyota Center for Houston home games right now to find out—Razorgator is your ticket for NBA action in 2015-16!
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Houston Rockets Ready for Postseason Lift-Off
No team is in greater danger of slipping out of the Western Conference playoff mix than the Rockets at this moment, with just a half-game separating them from ninth-place Utah. Sacramento and New Orleans are also lurking in the rearview, making for a thrilling neck-and-neck race to the postseason. We’ve got cheap Houston Rockets tickets on sale today so you can follow the action up-close and in person.

Big Tests in Texas
James Harden and company will host a pair of Western rivals at the Toyota Center in coming weeks, starting with the Pelicans this Wednesday. Punch your ticket at a discount—Razorgator’s got seats starting at just $15. Just 22 games remain in the 2015-16 regular season; don’t miss a minute of the action!

Houston Rockets 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Houston Rockets have been put up against the toughest team in league for the first round of the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors demolished the Rockets during the first two games of the series, but this didn’t get the Rockets down. The third game was when the Rockets were able to find their strength, leading them to their first victory of the series. On Sunday night the Rockets had high hopes of taking home the win for game four especially since Curry was on the bench with a sprained knee. Unfortunately, the Warriors came out the victors. See them play live during game five on April 27. Tickets start at $123.
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Only one game remains for the Houston Rockets in the regular season, which means it is nearly official whether the Rockets make it in the postseason or not. At the moment, the Rockets are sitting in the number eight spot, right at the bottom of the list of teams that qualify for the playoffs. With a season record of 40-41, Houston certainly has had a strong year. As it winds down, the Rockets took two back-to-back victories, against the Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves, earning an impressive 130 and 129 points in these two exciting matchups. Hopefully, this means they will give the Golden State Warriors a challenge if they qualify for the postseason.

The race for the playoffs continues and the Western Conference teams are fighting tooth and nail during every game to secure a spot in postseason play. The Houston Rockets are no exception and they are currently sitting in the last and final position for the playoffs. So much can change in the next couple weeks and there are at least four teams in the running for the last three spots in the playoffs. On Tuesday night the Houston Rockets took on the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was a tight match up. It all came down to the final minutes but the Thunder prevailed holding off the Rockets for the 111-107 win. Spice up your weekend by purchasing a ticket for the Rockets game on Friday, March 25 against the Toronto Raptors. Tickets are still up for grabs.

3/18/16 - The Houston Rockets are holding on for dear life to their position in the Western Conference. They are currently in seventh place, but are tied with the Dallas Mavericks and could easily not make it to the playoffs if things don’t go well in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the Rockets added another loss to their record when they hit the court against the Los Angeles Clippers on March 16. The Clippers came out strong in the first quarter and hit four three-pointers to give them a ten-point lead. The Rockets did their best to come back from the deficit, but were unable to See them play live again against the Timberwolves on March 18.

2/9/16 - The Houston Rockets are one of the team’s in the NBA that are completely unpredictable. Even their own players are complaining of inconsistencies they have suffered throughout the season. Either the Rockets are on or they are entirely off. The Rockets have faced off against some tough competition recently, including the Portland Trail Blazers and the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors took no prisoners on the Tuesday night game and gave their home crowd a fun game to watch. The Rockets left the Oakland Arena with another loss to add to their record. See what happens when the Rockets take on the Phoenix Suns on February 19. Tickets start around $9 each.

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2/2/16 - The Houston Rockets were on a short losing streak, but it looks like they have recovered. On February 2nd, the Rockets hosted the Miami Heat in their final matchup before hitting the road. They were able to completely dominate their opponents for a final score of 102-115. This victory comes on the heels of their disappointing 123-122 loss against the Washington Wizards just two days before. Fortunately, it looks like the Rockets may be starting another winning streak. They were able to maintain their momentum by beating out the Phoenix Suns on February 4th. The final score came to 111-105. Your last chance to catch the Rocket in action before their away series will be February 6th when they host the Portland Trail Blazers.

1/26/16 - The Houston Rockets won three games in a row before losing to their state rival the Spurs on the 27. The Rockets beat the Bucks 102-98 on the 22, and then played their other state rivals the Mavericks on the 24, beating them 115-104. The Mavericks maintained their winning momentum, narrowly beating the Pelicans 112-111. James Harden led the team with 35 points, and Trevor Ariza helped out with 31 points, a season high for him. The Rockets had a hard time competing with the Spurs, but they will look to come back from the loss and beat the Thunder when they play on the 29. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $34.

1/20/16 - After beating the Lakers on the 17, the Houston Rockets lost their next two games. They played a close game against the Clippers on the 18 that went into overtime. The Clippers led for most of the game, but the Rockets rallied to tie the game. However, they were unable to beat the Clippers in the overtime period and subsequently lost the game 140-132. Dwight Howard led the team with 36 points and also grabbed 26 rebounds, which tied his career high. He also had his 10th straight double-double. The Rockets also lost to the Pistons on the 20. They host the Bucks on the 22, and you can still get tickets to see the game in person for prices starting at $16.

1/13/16 - The Houston Rockets may be seventh in the Western Conference, but they are on a roll now. With their seven-game winning streak in full swing, the Rockets have improved their season record to 21-19, which means they are finally back to a positive win ratio. If the Rockets are able to maintain this momentum, they may start to move up the rankings and be a force to contend with once again. From here, the Rockets are going to face the Cleveland Cavaliers before hitting the road for back-to-back away games. They will return on January 20th to host the Detroit Pistons. Tickets are available starting as low as just $8.

1/5/16 - The Houston Rockets broke a four game losing streak with two wins against the Jazz in a home-home series. The first game was close, with a final score of 93-91. The Rockets were down by 15 points for 31 minutes of the game, but the James Harden found his groove. He led the team with 30 points, including seven straight points to help cut the deficit in the third period. He also had a layup in the final two minutes that finally put the Rockets in the lead. The second game was a much stronger victory, with the Rockets beating the Jazz 103-94. The Rockets will look to continue winning when they play the Pacers at home on the 10, with tickets available for just $17.

12/29/15 - With a current record of 16-17, the Houston Rockets are managing to stay afloat in the Western Conference, but back-to-back losses has them in danger of sinking out of the top eight. After coming up with a huge four-point victory over rival San Antonio on Christmas Day, Houston has slumped once again with losses to the Pelicans and Hawks. They’ll need to sharpen up in a hurry, as the World Champion Golden State Warriors are headed to town on New Year’s Eve. The schedule gets no easier after that, as the Rockets head to the AT&T Center for another matchup with the Spurs. Get your tickets from $70 and up for Houston at San Antonio!

12/24/15 - The Houston Rockets have started a winning streak with three in a row. Their latest victory was against the Hornets on the 21. James Harden led the team with 36 points, of which 16 were from free throws. The Rockets were ahead by double digits as the game wound down, but the Hornets rallied and tied it up, putting the pressure back on the Rockets. Harden went for a layup and was fouled. He hit the free throw to give the Rockets a three point lead with 30 seconds left. The game was back in the Rockets’ favor, and they won 102-95. They next play the Magic in Orlando on the 23. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $19.

12/15/15 - On December 12th, the Houston Rockets had won five of their last six games. Now, two matches later, they are on a two-game losing streak. Fans are hoping the Rockets will recover soon, but there is still one more away game they must slog through before returning to Houston. Once they are back, however, the Rockets will be hosting back-to-back matches against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Charlotte Hornets. Tickets for these matches, which will be on December 19th and 20th, are available starting at $27 and $16 respectively. This would be an excellent opportunity come out and show your support while cheering the Rockets to their streak-breaking victory.

12/8/15 - A loss to the Nets on December 8 broke the Houston Rockets' three game winning streak, but they were back on top when they beat the Wizards the next night. James Harden had an impressive night with 42 points, and further helped the team with seven assists and nine rebounds. The Rockets led for most of the game, but the Wizards battled back with a strong third period that got them close to winning. The Rockets did not let it get to them, and Harden had a late three0point play to ensure the 109-103 victory for the team. The Rockets host the Lakers on the 12, and you can still get tickets to the game with prices starting at $48.

12/2/15 - The Houston Rockets may not have one of the best records in the league or even qualify for the playoffs in the future, but they are still a team to watch out for. The Rockets seem to have a way with the second half and comebacks and have pulled off some amazing wins this season. Unfortunately, on November 30 when they took on the Detroit Pistons, the Rockets weren’t able to take home the away-game win. The game held a lot of offense and ended with a 116-105 score for the Pistons. Don’t miss your opportunity to see the Rockets sweat right before your eyes when they play against the Pelicans on December 2. Tickets are still up for grabs.

11/25/15 - Things are not going well for the Houston Rockets. They did manage to break their losing streak on November 18th against the Portland Trailers, however. The Rockets carved out a single-point lead at the end of the first quarter, but they fell way behind by the half. In the end, they managed to tie everything up with an incredible 23-38 final period. Then, in overtime, the Rockets took the victory with a final score of 103-108. More recently, however, the Rockets have fallen back into their old pattern of losses. They are in the middle of a series of home games, so come out and show your support. Tickets for their next home game start at $15.

11/17/15 - Predictions for the Rockets the start of November was looking a lot brighter than they are today. The Rockets won their first four games of the month, but have since lost four games in a row. On Monday night the Rockets faced off against the Boston Celtics for an exciting game. Things were going well offensively for both teams, until the Rockets completely crashed and burned during the third quarter. Not only did they score 13 measly points, but the Celtics put up 32 points on the board during the quarter. The Celtics were the victors of the 111-95 matchup. See if the Rockets can recoup from the harsh loss when they play against the Trail Blazers on November 18. Get your ticket today.

11/10/15 - The Houston Rockets broke their four game winning streak when they lost against the Nets on the 11. The game was tied up until the last few minutes of play. The Nets had a six-point run to draw ahead. Houston fought back, including a 3-pointer by Marcus Thornton, but the Nets held their lead. James Harden had 23 points to lead the team in scoring. They also lost against the Nuggets and Mavericks to start a three game losing streak they will be looking to break when they play the Celtics on the 16. You can still get tickets to catch the Rockets play in person. Ticket prices to the Celtics game start at just $6.

11/3/15 - The Houston Rockets had a tough start to the season, suffering losses for the first three matches, but it seems they have found their footing. The Rockets have earned two victories, most recently against the Orlando Magic on November 4th in an overtime game ending 114-119. It seems like the Rockets need a stronger defensive game. Their opponents have earned more than 100 points in every match so far, even the ones where the Rockets won, and each of their victories has been by a slim five points. They will have plenty of time to practice, because they are hitting the road for back-to-back away games. They will return on November 11th to host the Brooklyn Nets.

10/27/15 - The Houston Rockets were shocked to find themselves dominated by the Denver Nuggets in their season opener game on October 28. The Rockets fell to 10-1 before the first timeout was even called. The players seemed to be low on energy and there was a lack of chemistry between James Harden and Ty Lawson. Harden also only went 6 for 21 from the floor, and as a team the Rockets only went 8 for 35 from the 3-point mark. Dwight Howard missed the game due to a suspension. The Rockets will look to shake some of the cobweb out the team and start to dominate when they face the Golden State Warriors on October 30. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $24.

10/20/15 - The Houston Rockets have one more preseason game, which will be in San Antonio against the Spurs on October 23. Their preseason record currently stands at 3-4, so they have a chance to even it out. Joshua Smith will be looking to earn his position in the roster, which will be cut down and finalized in the days leading up to the official start of the 2015-16 season. For the Rockets, the regular season starts on October 28 when they host the Denver Nuggets. Fans still have a chance to get tickets to see the game, with prices starting at just $17. You can also head to San Antonio on the 23rd and see the final preseason game for just $11.

10/12/15 - With the official start of the 2015-16 NBA season just weeks, the Houston Rockets are working out their kinks in the preseason games. After three preseason games, the offense is already showing signs of improvement. There's a new point guard on the court, Ty Lawson, who is looking to create a faster pace for the team. They barely lost in the first preseason game against Memphis despite shooting just 36 percent. Their second game went better, and they beat Dallas. They shot 43 percent and cut down their turnover number. In their third game, they had another narrow loss against Orlando with a final score of 119 to 123. They next play the Phoenix Suns on October 13, with tickets starting at $39.

8/11/15 - James Harden, Dwight Howard, Jason Terry, and the rest of the force known as the Houston Rockets are eagerly gearing up for the 2015-2016 season. The official NBA schedule for the upcoming season was released this week, and the Rockets will be looking for another blazing start as they face the shaky Denver Nuggets in their home opener on October 28. After finishing first in the Southwest Division last year with a 56-26 record and making an appearance in the playoffs, the Rockets will be looking for a strong start to the season. Come show them your unwavering support when they play the Nuggets on October 28 at Toyota Center. Tickets can currently be purchased for as little as $24, but they won’t last long.

2014-2015 Season

5/19/15 - Counted out and left for dead, the Houston Rockets have risen from the ashes to propel themselves into the NBA Western Conference Finals for the first time since the days of Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. James Harden overcame flu symptoms and the Rockets got significant contributions from Josh Smith, Trevor Ariza, and Corey Brewer to come all the way back from a 3-1 series deficit, shocking the L.A. Clippers with an epic Game 7 victory at the Toyota Center. Harden and company will hope that the confidence and momentum remains as they head into battle against Stephen Curry and the dangerous Warriors at Oracle Arena. Tickets for the first two games in Oakland are on sale now starting from $152, while Houston will host Games 3 and 4 beginning on Saturday. Seats for the Toyota Center start at $239 and they’re going fast!

5/5/15 - After stumbling against the Clippers in Game 1 of their second-round series, the Houston Rockets are facing a crucial contest on Wednesday night. James Harden and his squad climbed into the Western Conference Semifinals by knocking out the Mavericks in five games, but could not capitalize on home court advantage to start their series versus Los Angeles. Houston led at the half by a slim margin but came up short in the third quarter defensively, as Blake Griffin led his team to a 37-point quarter to claim a lead they would not relinquish. The Rockets will host Game 2 of the series at the Toyota Center on Wednesday night, and the building will surely be rocking. Tickets are on sale now to be a part of the excitement in-person—claim yours starting at $76.

4/27/15 - It is official: the Houston Rockets are going to the conference semifinals. On April 28th, the Rockets earned their fourth and final victory in the first round against the Dallas Mavericks. They even went as far as taking a victory on the Mavericks' home court, with an astounding 130 points. Houston's record in the playoffs so far is only tarnished by a single loss, April 26th's game. A very impressive feat, but three teams managed to remain undefeated, most notably the Golden State Warriors, whom the Rockets may have to play if they survive the next round. As for the conference semifinals, it is looking like Houston will be playing against the San Antonio Spurs, unless the Los Angeles Clippers are able to make a huge comeback.

4/22/15 - So far so good for the Houston Rockets, who have now won two games in the first round of the playoffs. They just need to beat the Dallas Mavericks two more times, out of the five remaining games, to move on to the conference semifinals. Clinching the number two spot over the San Antonio Spurs seems to be paying off. The tie was decided based on the Rocket’s more Southwest wins. Next, the Rockets will travel to Dallas to play the Mavericks in two away games. If they do not win both, they will return on April 28th to play again. Tickets for that game are nearly sold out and start at $122. Come out to see your team secure a spot in the second round of the postseason.

4/13/15 - The Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs have been neck and neck throughout this whole season. Now, with only one game remaining for each team, they are tied for the second spot at 55-26. After the regular season ends on April 15th, the Rockets will know if they are in the number two or the number three spot for the Western Conference. Most importantly, this final game will determine which team Houston plays in their opening game for the playoffs. Right now, it could either be the Los Angeles Clippers, the Memphis Grizzlies, or the Dallas Mavericks. The result depends on how all five teams play on April 15th, but the Rockets have a strong track record against all three of their potential opponents.

4/10/15 - The Houston Rockets are on a hot streak. Winning seven of their last eight games, and currently on a three-game winning streak, the Rockets remain in the third position for the entire league, only behind the Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks. The Warriors may hold ten more victories than Houston, but they just ended their winning streak with two consecutive losses. If the Warriors are going through a rough patch, it could be good news for the Rockets, especially with the playoffs now only a week away. Houston has four remaining games, and three of those games are on their own court. If you want to catch them in action before the regular season ends, you had better grab your tickets soon. Your next opportunity will be on April 10th when they play the San Antonio Spurs.

4/3/15 - With only six games remaining on their schedule, the Houston Rockets have climbed into second place overall in the Western Conference, leapfrogging the rugged Memphis Grizzlies. However, separated by only a half-game in the standings, the Rockets are fully aware that they must stay focused on maintaining their position. Superstar guard James Harden has done his part and then some, rattling off 75 points in Houston’s last two games, including a career-high 51 to shut down the Sacramento Kings. The Rockets take to the road beginning Sunday, as they clash with Oklahoma City and the uncontainable Russell Westbrook. Tickets are still available for Chesapeake Energy Arena for this afternoon game, starting at $37. Will these two teams meet again in this year’s NBA playoffs? Only time will tell!

3/24/15 - The Houston Rockets remain one of the top teams in the league. They have been playing especially well this last week as well, winning five of their last six games. It looks like they might be losing a little steam, however. Despite winning, their latest game against the New Orleans Pelicans was their first in seven matches in which they scored less than 100 points. Luckily, they now return to their home court to regain some of their energy. Things are looking extremely well for the Rockets as the playoffs quickly approach. If they can maintain this level of play, they will do fine in the postseason. Tickets for the Timberwolves/Rockets game start at only $37. Their next home game will be on April 1st against the Sacramento Kings.

3/16/15 - The Houston Rockets continue to alternate between winning and losing with back to back wins against the Los Angeles Clippers and the Orlando Magic, following two consecutive losses. The Rockets are, however, now back on their own court, so this may be their chance to balance out and gain some energy. They certain need the momentum before the postseason starts next month. As it is, they are sitting at 45-22 following their 94-107 win against the Magic, which came down to the final period. There are two remaining games before they return to playing on the road. The first, against the Denver Nuggets on March 19th, has tickets available for $54. Then they take on the Phoenix Suns on the 21st, which you can attend for $46.

3/10/15 - A narrow loss to the Memphis Grizzlies had coach Kevin McHale upset—not to mention Houston Rockets players and fans, who felt that James Harden was fouled on a key play in the final seconds. No call was made, however, and Marc Gasol sank a short baseline jumper to steal a win for the Grizz, who remained just ahead of the Rockets for second place in the Western Conference with the victory. Houston responded with back-to-back victories, dispatching the Detroit Pistons at home before taking to the road to knock off the Denver Nuggets on Saturday. Harden and his squad will enjoy three off days before heading to Portland to battle another Western Conference rival in the Trail Blazers. Limited seats for the Rose Garden are available starting at $22, but don’t delay because they won’t last long!

3/3/15 - In a showdown of MVP candidates, James Harden bested LeBron James, leading his Houston Rockets to a 105-103 overtime victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The contest represented a potential finals match-up, pitting top teams from each conference against one another with the playoffs just six weeks away. The win marked the Rockets’ fifth straight, a stretch that has included blowout victories as well as close games versus some of the league’s best. Houston will look for win number six on the road, as they travel to Atlanta to face another legitimate contender in the Hawks. Limited seating is still available at Philips Arena, with tickets starting at $33—come see two of the NBA’s best going head-to-head in what should be an action-packed, high-scoring affair.

2/24/15 - With 31 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, James Harden of the Houston Rockets showed how valuable he is to the team in a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Rockets had the win with 102-113. They have a two-game winning streak. Find out if they can keep it going when you come down to the Toyota Center to watch the Rockets take on the Brooklyn Nets. Tickets for this Friday (2/27) night game start at $29. A basketball game is a great way to begin your weekend. End your weekend with some fast-paced action on the court when the Cleveland Cavaliers come to town for an afternoon game. See all the Houston players you love take on the stars of the Cavaliers. Tickets start at $73.

2/17/15 - The Houston Rockets have been wanting to beef up their point guard rotation, and with the trade deadline approaching, they’re looking at Goran Dragic of the Phoenix Suns. Unfortunately, so are a lot of other teams, and Phoenix would like to keep him as well. You can see if the Houston Rockets made changes to their lineup when they play the Toronto Raptors on Saturday (2/21) at the Toyota Center in an evening game. Tickets start at $52. Houston plays five games at home before heading out on the road, so get in on all the action. Monday (2/23) is the Minnesota Timberwolves. Wednesday (2/25) brings the Los Angeles Clippers to town. The following Friday (2/27), the Brooklyn Nets join the Rockets on the court. Don’t wait to get your tickets to get the best seats in the house.

2/10/15 - The Houston Rockets couldn’t go out on the All-Star break with a win. In Wednesday’s disappointing game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the Clippers took the game with a final score of 95-110. The Rockets held their own until the final quarter, when the Clippers scored 30 and kept the Rockets at 16. Josh Smith was the top performer with 21 points and 13 rebounds. Catch the Rockets back at the Toyota Center on Saturday (2/21) when the Toronto Raptors come to town. Razorgater has some great seats for this game. Tickets start at $42. The Rockets have four more home games following the Raptors. Don’t wait to get your tickets. Come out and show your support for the local team. Enjoy great basketball and watch your favorite players.

2/3/15 - The Houston Rockets had a four game winning streak until they went to Michigan for a game against the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons won with a final score of 101-114. Houston comes home to the Toyota Center for three games, and you still have time to get tickets. On Sunday (2/8), it’s the Portland Trail Blazers. Razorgator has great seats available for this game starting at $31. It’s your last chance to catch the Rockets at home until February 21, so you’ll want to come out to watch some great basketball. It looks like Dwight Howard will be out for at least four weeks while he strengthens his right knee. The West is a tough conference, so Houston needs him to get well to stay in contention for the playoffs.

1/26/15 - Although he was noted voted in as a starter, it is widely expected that NBA scoring leader James Harden will be among the All Star reserves in New York on February 15th. Harden has rattled off four straight 33-plus point performances, en route to three wins in the last four games for the Houston Rockets. A pair of defeats at the hands of the torrid Golden State Warriors represents the only blemishes for Houston in their last half-dozen games, as they jockey for position in the highly-competitive Western Conference. They will host rival Dallas on Wednesday night at the Toyota Center, before opening up a back-to-back on the road in Boston versus the Celtics on Friday. Get in to TD Garden to be a part of all the action, with tickets starting at just $29!

1/20/15 - The Southwest Division is a close race to the playoffs. The Grizzlies, Rockets, and Mavericks all have similar records at halfway mark of the season, at 29-12, 29-13, and 29-13 respectively. The Houston Rockets host the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday (1/28). Both teams are going to fight hard for the win, to try to get on top of the division. Get the best seats to see the game at the Toyota Center with tickets starting at $42. The most exciting place to watch the Rockets play is next the court. The Rockets’ James Harden had a great game in a recent win against the Indiana Pacers with 45 points, one rebound, seven assists, and one block. He had four 3-pointers during the game, and he’s having an MVP season.

1/12/15 - With his team off to a shaky start in the new year, James Harden has stepped up and responded. The leading scorer in the NBA, Harden has averaged over 26 points per game to lead the Houston Rockets to four straight victories, including three wins on the road versus Eastern Conference opponents. Second-year forward Donatas Motiejunas has also played well of late, averaging 12 points and nearly six rebounds over his last ten games. Kevin McHale is also finding ways to work newly-acquired Josh Smith into an already potent offense, getting 9.5 points and 4.5 boards from the athletic veteran off the bench. Wednesday night, the Rockets will travel to Orlando to face off with the Magic in search of their fifth straight win. Get in the game for as little as $19—but don’t wait, because tickets are limited!

1/5/15 - Since the return of Dwight Howard, the Houston Rockets have struggled to put together the sort of win streaks they opened the season with on their way to a 9-1 start. They remain squarely in the Western Conference playoff mix, with a current record of 23-11, but they will need Howard--their perennial Defensive Player of the Year candidate--to reassert himself on offense as well. The Rockets boast the top defense in the West, allowing 97.4 points per game, but are among the bottom four teams in points scored. When Howard is clicking with scoring leader James Harden, Houston creates an inside-out threat that can be matched by few teams in the league. The duo will have a great opportunity to find their rhythm on Thursday night when they visit the struggling New York Knicks. Get into Madison Square Garden with Razorgator! Great seats are available starting at $46.

12/31/14 - Facing their toughest five-game swing so far this season, the Houston Rockets emerged 2-3 to bring their record to 21-9 overall, placing them in a dead heat with Dallas for fourth place in the super-competitive Western Conference. Since reinserting center Dwight Howard into the lineup, the Rockets have lost close games to the Hawks and Spurs, but also posted quality wins over rivals Portland and Memphis, two of the teams currently situated above them in the standings. Monday night brought another setback though, as Houston could not slow down the Washington Wizards, who have emerged as a solid contender in the East this season behind guards John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Rockets will close out the year at home versus the Charlotte Hornets, and limited seats are still available with Razorgator starting at just $28!

12/24/14 - With just five games separating the top six teams in the powerful Western Conference, Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale knows that every win is crucial. The return of all-star center Dwight Howard should make things a little easier for his squad, who had dropped two home games before brushing off Portland, 110-95, behind 44 points from James Harden. Howard added 16 points and 13 boards in the win, the Rockets’ first game versus Portland since the Blazers eliminated them in the first round of last year’s playoffs. Houston improved to 20-7 on the season, and can gain a little more ground in the West on Friday night when they battle the Memphis Grizzlies at the FedEx Forum. Great seats are available from Razorgator, and you can be part of the action with tickets starting at $31.

12/16/14 - The Houston Rockets continue to hold on to their number two ranking in the Southwest Division, adding another win to their record against the Denver Nuggets last week. Only Memphis stands in the way of the team’s top spot, but the division is stacked with teams boasting winning records. Center Dwight Howard returned to the court in Saturday’s game after missing the last 11 due to an injury. Howard led the team to the win, scoring 26 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. The Rockets will face the Atlanta Hawks at the Toyota Center Saturday, December 20, in an attempt to add another W to their already stellar record. Tickets for the event can still be purchased and are available beginning at only $19 each.

12/8/14 - The Houston Rockets will have a golden opportunity to climb toward the best record in the NBA, as they visit the Warriors on Wednesday night. The Rockets have been rolling, rattling off four straight victories, including a win over fellow Western Conference power Memphis. James Harden continues to set the pace for Houston, his 25.2 points per game virtually tied for first in the league with Kobe Bryant and Anthony Davis. A victory on the road over Golden State would pull Houston out of a three-way tie in the standings, and place them just percentage points behind the Warriors for first place overall. Oracle Arena in Oakland will surely be in playoff form for this contest, so grab your tickets while they’re still available—starting at just $43 with Razorgator!

12/2/14 - The Houston Rockets were able to pull off a tight win on Saturday despite the Milwaukee’s impressive season. Scoring more points in each quarter, the Rockets lead by only 14 points with a final score of 117-103. This brings Houston to 13-4, tied with the San Antonio Spurs for second in the Southwest Division. The number one position, however, is still held by the Memphis Grizzlies, who are sitting at 15-2. They seem unstoppable, but the Houston Rockets are taking them on this Wednesday in a home game that promises to be intense. If Houston is able to secure a victory against their biggest competition, it will be a massive step toward the championship. You aren’t going to want to miss this game. Tickets are still available for $15.

11/26/14 - The Houston Rockets are back on course for their incredible season after their game against the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday ended their two-game losing streak. After a strong lead at the half and a good defense to hold that lead, the Rockets finished the game with 95 points over Dallas’ 92. This victory brings them to 10-3, just two wins shy of the top position in the Southwest Division, which is currently held by the Memphis Grizzlies (12-2). Houston will continue its series of home games with an exciting game against the New York Knicks on Monday. The Knicks currently have 4-10, so hopefully the Rockets will have a secure triumph. If you would like to attend to potentially witness Houston start a winning streak, tickets are available for $15.

11/17/14 - The Houston Rockets were able to put away another good win on Friday, this being their eighth victory this season. However, unlike many of their previous wins, this game was incredibly close right up to the final buzzer. Being tied with the Philadelphia 76ers at the half, and behind by 5 at the start of the last quarter, Houston set up an incredible offence to catch up and win by a single point (87-88). Their six-game winning streak was interrupted just a few weeks ago, but they are on course to start right where they left off, this being their second win in a row. Be sure to catch them when they take on the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Monday to see if they can put another victory away.

11/11/14 - On Saturday, the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, two undefeated teams, faced off on the Rocket’s home court. Oakland was 4-0 and Houston was 6-0. With a score of 98-87, The Golden State Warriors were able to pull off a victory and keep their undefeated title. Though heartbreaking to see the end of the six game winning streak, Houston still have more victories overall and is in a beautiful position as they continue into the season. Additionally, this is the Warriors’ first 5-0 start in 20 years. Next, The Houston Rockets are headed to Mexico City to face the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday the 12th. This upcoming game appears to be completely sold out, but it promises to be a very exciting game.

11/5/14 - With the 2014-2015 NBA season in full swing, your Rockets are looking down on the entire league with a pristine 5-0 record. Led by Coach Kevin McHale and superstar duo James “The Beard” Harden and Dwight “Superman” Howard, your Rockets have been dominating the competition in the early stages of this NBA season. Come out to the Toyota Center to cheer on the Rockets in person for their upcoming game against the hated rival San Antonio Spurs on 11/6, as well visits from the exciting Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers. The time is now for Houston to reclaim their championship glory from the days of Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwan. Razorgator is the best place to get your tickets for Rockets games, with an excellent selection and prices starting at just $13.

10/27/14 - The Houston Rockets finished off the postseason the right way, with a 96-87 victory over in-state rivals San Antonio. Now comes the hard work, as the Rockets head to Los Angeles to open their season against the Lakers.

10/23/14 - If anyone is looking forward to this season, it’s the Houston Rockets’ big man Dwight Howard. One recent report notes that he’s “gone back” to his form from his days in Orlando; meanwhile, former Rockets superstar Hakeem Olajuwon expects Howard to have an MVP-caliber season.

8/19/14 – The 2014-2015 Houston Rockets schedule just announced and it is chock-full of must-watch matchups. Don't miss Trevor Ariza's return to Houston joining all-star tandem Dwight Howard and James Harden! The Rockets will open up on the road against the Lakers in Los Angeles (Oct. 28), followed by their Nov. 1 home opener against the Boston Celtics. On Nov. 12 the Rockets will visit Mexico City for a special game against the Minnesota T-Wolves South of the border. See Chandler Parsons for the first time since leaving H-Town, when division rivals, the Dallas Mavericks, visit on Nov. 22. Fans can see the LeBron James and the Cavaliers in their only game in Houston, Mar. 1, or head over the Cleveland on Jan. 7. Buy your Houston Rockets tickets for the new year and see this fiery squad light up the court!

The Houston Rockets are always major threats in the ultra-competitive West and, last season, no one could deny the power of their elite offense. Houston racked up the second-most points per game (107.7) and finished fourth in offensive rating, thanks to their three-point shooting, free throw and interior scoring skills. Former OKC player, James Harden was integral to Houston’s success—bolstered by the addition of big man Dwight Howard, who, of course, put up big numbers. The two will get much help from Trevor Ariza, whose on-court abilities are in-line with Houston’s dynamic.

With dealmaker coach Daryl Morey at the helm, the Rockets have moved closer to the Western Conference's top tier. H-town had two picks in the 2014 draft, and landed NBA-ready athlete Nick Johnson and future superstar Clint Capela. The Rockets allowed Chandler Parsons to walk and moved Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik in order to clear cap space, but were ultimately unable to land Bosch or Carmelo. Now, the front office may turn to a player like Rajon Rondo to put the cherry on top of their stellar roster before the season starts. Buy your Houston Rockets tickets now and see this offensive powerhouse tear the Western Conference up in 2015!
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