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Not since the days of Rick Barry had Bay Area basketball fans tasted championship success. Forty years later, the Golden State Warriors are NBA Champions once again, led this time by the league’s Most Valuable Player in Stephen Curry. The Warriors have become the poster boys for a new generation of NBA basketball, which has seen the defensive-minded big man replaced by speedy point guards and long-range scoring threats. Led by Curry and fellow “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, the Warriors are a deep, young team that will undoubtedly remain part of the playoff picture for seasons to come. There’s no building louder or more exciting than Oracle Arena when it comes to basketball, and you can experience the energy first-hand with Golden State Warriors tickets from Razorgator!
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Golden State Warriors Eyeing Another Championship
As they steamroll their way to the NBA playoffs, it’s hard to envision any team stopping this Warriors squad when fully healthy. They consistently fill up Oracle Arena, where they are undefeated this season. They’re the hottest team in every city they visit. In short, cheap Golden State Warriors tickets are the hottest commodity going in pro basketball today.

Shooting the Lights Out
Take advantage of the Razorgator discount and enjoy Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and all of the sharpshooting Warriors at their best. With key matchups looming in their hunt for a record-setting season, there’s still plenty of drama before the playoffs hit. The Dubs host the Thunder in Oakland this Thursday and seats are available from $164 and up!

Golden State Warriors 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Golden State Warriors are looking forward to an exciting week as they plan to win the 4th game in the series. With Steph Curry named as MVP, the team has definitely benefitted from his prowess on the floor. The team’s incredible performance has not only made it back to the NBA finals, they also have a great chance to take it all. Make sure to be part of the action, instead of simply reading about it after the fact as the Warriors and Cavaliers battle it out in game 4 of the series. With tickets still available starting at $71.00, there is quite literally no reason to sit out the action.
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After the Golden State Warriors finished the May 24th matchup behind the Oklahoma City Thunder with 94-118, they only had one victory in the Conference Finals and would be knocked out of the playoffs if they lost one more time. Recognizing what was at stake, the Warriors knuckled down and fought as hard as possible, taking three consecutive victories, never by more than nine points, and earned their spot in the final round. They very nearly were eliminated, but when they finished May 30th’s matchup with a final score of 88-96, they officially had a chance to become the champions. On June 2nd, the Warriors face their final opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they prepare to end the season.

All through the NBA Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors have been the favorite. In the first two rounds, they were able to beat out the competition, knocking the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trail Blazers out while only taking one loss to each of them. Now, in the Conference Finals, the Warriors are facing the Oklahoma Thunder, who are proving to be their toughest opponent yet. The Warriors hosted the first two matchups, but were only able to win once, with a final score of 91-118. After the third game, the Warriors trail by one win, putting them at a disadvantage going forward. The league leader needs all the support they can get as they face the Thunder in the fourth matchup.

With so much hype about a potential showoff between Curry and his good friend LeBron in the NBA finals, Oklahoma City stayed under the radar in this postseason, blowing away the competition in the first two rounds. Now they’re taking on the Golden State Warriors, who were quite noticeably not at their best in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. The 108-102 loss to the Thunder Tuesday shows that Stephen Curry and the rest of the team have their work cut out. Game 2 of the Thunder versus Warriors series is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, at the Oracle Arena. We have a limited number of tickets left for sale now starting at $174.

With the Golden State Warriors taking a tight 132-135 overtime victory against the Portland Trail Blazers, they are now just one victory away from earning a spot in the Conference Finals. All fans were anticipating the Warriors moving on to round three, but most were expecting their opponents to be the San Antonio Spurs, who are in the number two spot. Currently, however, the Oklahoma City Thunder has three victories, while the Spurs only have two, meaning they must win the next two matches to move on and face the Warriors. Either way, fans are expecting the Warriors to go all the way to the Championship round, especially since they have not broken a sweat getting this far.

As the Golden State Warriors enter their eighth postseason game, and third in the Conference Semifinals, they have only taken a single loss. It seems the Warriors are just as unstoppable in the playoffs as they were in the regular season. They blasted past the Houston Rockets and are now taking the Portland Trailblazers on. Their opening match ended with the Warriors ahead 106-118. Game two ended similarly with a final score of 99-110. They are headed to the Trailblazers’ court now, but it seems safe to say they are making their way to the next round. Be sure to get your tickets to see all the Warrior excitement for yourself.

The Golden State Warriors ended their regular season on an incredible note and were pumped up heading into the playoffs against the Houston Rockets. The Warriors won their first game of the series, which wasn’t surprising to anyone. However, the Rockets were able to defeat the Warriors during game three and gave the Rockets some hope. This was quickly crushed on Sunday when the Warriors went up 3-1 against the Rockets. The only glimmer of hope for the Rockets is that Curry sprained his knee during game four, putting him out for the next two weeks. See if the Warriors can seal the deal without their star player when they hit the court on game five. Tickets are still available.

The regular season is officially over for the Golden State Warriors. With more than 70 victories, there is no denying that they had one of the strongest seasons of all time, no matter which way you look at it. Everyone, fans or otherwise, is anticipating great things from the Warriors as the postseason kicks off. The first round is just a few days away. Get your tickets for the April 16th matchup when the NBA Playoffs start. The Warriors will be playing on their own court to start, so you can bet they will be dominating the game. Even at this late date, tickets are still available starting at $180.

The Golden State Warriors have taken several losses lately, but they are still the leading team as the playoff approach. With a season record of 69-9, they are the number one seeded team in the Western Conference. Their first opponents will be the Utah Jazz, whom they have faced four times this season. The Warriors have come away victorious in each match, so fans are certainly anticipating the Warriors to move on the second round. Get your playoffs tickets now to see for yourself how they fare. Tickets for the first playoff match are available starting at $295. Before the postseason begins, there is one more home game for the Warriors, which you can attend for $175.

The amazing season for the Golden State Warriors is coming to a close. Seven games remain, five of which are on their home court. It has been unbelievable how well the Warriors have done this year with a record of 68-7, but they still have a little ways to go. They remain undefeated on their own court, and it will be an amazing accomplishment if they are able to keep it that way through the end. The Warriors will host the New Orleans Pelicans on April 18th and 20th to kick off the playoffs, but in the meantime, be sure to catch one of their remaining regular matches, the first of which is against the Boston Celtics on April 1st.

The Golden State Warriors continue to plow through team after team. Just recently the number two team in the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs, conquered their winning streak. Even though the Warriors lost, they were able to recover quickly when they played the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday, March 21. The game was close against the Timberwolves and the Warriors were able to barely avoid their first two-game skid of the season. Final score for the game was 109-104 in favor of the Warriors. The Warriors play against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, March 25. Get your tickets today for a weekend filled with entertainment and excitement starting at $149 apiece.

3/18/16 - The Golden State Warriors have really outdone themselves this season with an outstanding record. They are currently sitting with 61 wins and only 6 losses. Not only are they practically winning every game, they are doing it with such authority. In their last seven games, the Warriors have scored at least 115 points. They are unstoppable offensively and work really well on the other end of the court as well. See them play live when they take on the Dallas Mavericks on March 18 at 7:30. Tickets are still available to purchase, so add some excitement to your weekend and get your tickets before it is too late. Each seat starts around $31.

2/9/16 - The Golden State Warriors are the team to beat this year. They are definitely considered the golden team this season and have lived up to the hype of being the reigning champions. Currently they are sitting on an amazing 47-4 winning record and seem almost unstoppable. The Warriors have won their last nine games in a row and are always ending their games scoring in the upper 100’s. After having a weeklong break from the court, the Golden State Warriors will begin playing again on February 19 against the Portland Trail Blazers. Get your tickets today to see the best team in the league play live. Tickets start at $24 each.

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2/2/16 - As expected by all Golden State Warriors fans, the team is still dominating the league. They have now gotten up to an incredible nine-game winning streak. This entire season, the Warriors have only lost four matchups. They have been on the road recently, but they are heading back to their home court now. If you are ready to catch the Warriors in action, be sure to secure your spot in the stand for February 6th’s match against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It is sure to be an exciting game. Some tickets are still available starting at $186. Afterward, the Warriors will be hosting the Houston Rockets on February 9th before hitting the road again.

1/26/16 - The Golden State Warriors' latest winning streak is up to five games. Their latest victory was against the Mavericks on the 27. Klay Thompson had a great game, leading the team in scoring with an impressive 45 points, which is a season high for him. Stephen Curry had just 14 points after struggling to find his groove. With the victory at home, they now have a 40-game regular season winning streak at home, 22 of which are from this season. This brings them to a second-place tie with the Magic for the longest home unbeaten run. They next play the 76ers on the 30, and you can still get tickets to catch the action in person for prices starting at $52.

1/20/16 - The Golden State Warriors may no longer be undefeated, but they still lead the league. They lost another game when they played the Pistons on the 16, but they made up for the loss when they won their last two games. The trounced the Cavaliers on the 18, beating them 132-98. They had another big night when they played the Bulls on the 20. Stephen Curry led the team in scoring with 25 points, and the Warriors beat the Bulls 125-94. Klay Thompson helped the offense out with 20 points, and Harrison Barnes added another 19. The Warriors host the pacers on the 22, and you can still get tickets for prices starting at $29.

1/13/16 - After the Golden State Warriors took their first loss, hopes of a perfect season were lost. Now, the team and fans are hoping for the Warriors to win 100 percent of their home games, which would still be a record. They take one more loss, this time against the Denver Nuggets, but their chances are remaining undefeated on their own court are unchanged. This is only the Warriors’ third loss of the season, but they have a series of away games coming up that they are going to need to play hard to overcome. They will be facing the Detroit Pistons, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Chicago Bulls over the next week.

1/5/16 - The Golden State Warriors are back to their winning ways with a four game winning streak. Their latest victory was against the Los Angeles Lakers. Stephen Curry sat after experiencing a blow to an already sore left leg. Curry did not leave until the Warriors had scored 22 straight points, ensuring the victory. Klay Thompson led the team with 36 points, 22 in the first quarter alone. Before Curry left in the fourth quarter, he scored 17 points. With the win, the Warriors are the first NBA team to win 33 of the first 35 games of a season. The Warriors next play the Trail Blazers on the 8, and you can still get tickets for prices starting at $38.

12/29/15 - Still with just a single loss to their name, it’s clear the Golden State Warriors are the toast of the league through the first two months of NBA basketball. They prevailed over the Sacramento Kings this week, their first win over their NorCal rivals with DeMarcus Cousins in the lineup. Or at least, he was until he managed to get himself ejected from the game for arguing his fifth foul call in the third quarter. At that moment, the Dubs sparked a 17-0 run which broke open the game and they never looked back en route to their 29th victory of the year. Next up for GS is a date at Oracle with Denver—get your tickets from $133!

12/24/15 - After the disappointing loss against the Bucks on the 12, the Golden State Warriors are back to their winning ways. They had another chance to beat the Bucks when the two teams met again on the 18, and this time the Warriors came away the winners with a final score of 121-112. The Bucks went into the fourth quarter ahead, but the Warriors rallied to outscore them 36-19 in the fourth quarter and take the victory. Klay Thompson led the team with 27 points, and Stephen Curry had 26. Draymond Green helped out with 21 points, including some key points to help diminish the gap in the final minutes. The Warriors next play the Jazz on the 23, with tickets available starting at $147.

12/15/15 - There is bad news for Golden State Warriors fans. It was looking like the Golden State Warriors were going to remain undefeated throughout the entire season, but they just suffered their first loss. Unfortunately, it looks like the Warriors are not going to be pulling off that unheard of feat this year. Despite this disappointing news, the Warriors are significantly ahead of the number two team in the league, the San Antonio Spurs. It was the Milwaukee Bucks that were able to dethrone them, in their December 12th away match, which was the first game of the season to see the Warriors score less than 100 points. The good news is they still have a shot at setting the record for remaining undefeated in all of a team’s home games.

12/8/15 - The Golden State Warriors continue their unbeaten season with a record of 23-0 after beating the Pacers on December 8. The Warriors had a strong first three quarters, but the Pacers fought back hard in the final 12 minutes to force the Warriors to step up their game to ensure they would maintain their perfect record. Klay Thompson had a season-high 39 points, and Stephen Curry helped out with a triple-double. Thompson injured his ankle late in the game, but it was not serious and he expects to be fine by their next game. They head to Boston to play the Celtics on the 11, and you can still get tickets to se the game, with prices starting at $173.

12/2/15 - The Golden State Warriors are by far the golden team this season. They haven’t lost a single game yet of the 19 games played and they appear to be having the perfect season thus far to top off their championship from last year. The Warriors are topping the charts and making history in the NBA as they continue to win game after game. The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are the only teams who have a longer standing undefeated record than the Warriors, but it seems that the Warriors might pass up Miami’s 27 game winning streak. Don’t miss your chance to be amazed by the team when they play against the Charlotte Hornets on December 2.

11/24/15 - The Golden State Warriors seem to be totally unstoppable. They still manage to remain undefeated, now up to 16 consecutive victories. Their most recent conquest, on November 24th, was against the Los Angeles Lakers. The final score came to an incredible 77-111. The Warriors have one away game against the Phoenix Suns, but they will be back on the 28th to host the Sacramento Kings. Get your tickets to see if they will be able to maintain their winning streak. At this rate, it is looking like they may have a perfect season. Still, the Warriors can always use the support of their fans. Come cheer them to their next victory.

11/17/15 - The reigning champs, the Golden State Warriors, are proving to be the titleholders they were last year. Not only are they standing in first place in the Western Conference, but they are the only team left in the NBA that is undefeated. However, that doesn’t mean that games haven’t been tight. For example, on November 14 the Warriors took on the Brooklyn Nets, one of the worst teams thus far in the season. The Nets played out of their minds during the first half, but they weren’t able to hold off the talented Warriors - mainly in overtime play. The Warriors barely beat the Nets 107-99. See the undefeated players play live on November 20. Tickets are still available for $34 each.

11/10/15 - The Golden State Warriors almost lost their perfect record when they played the nets on the 14. The game went into overtime, where the Warriors were able to outscore the Nets 10-2 to get the win. Stephen Curry had 34 points, 21 of which came during the second half. Andre Iguodala had 18 points, including the game tying 3-pointer with just five seconds left to play. The Warriors had to play catch up after being outscored 36-21 in the first quarter, but were able to take the win for an 11-0 record. They will look to remain undefeated when they host the Toronto Raptors on the 17th. Tickets remain available, staring at $65.

11/3/15 - The Golden State Warriors are now five games into the 2015 season and they are yet to take a single loss. They have not even gotten a score less than 110 yet. With only one other team in the league that is still undefeated, this incredible performance has earned the Warriors the top position in the Western Conference. This is not the time to let up, however. The Warriors will be traveling to Sacramento to face the Kings, then they will be back to take on the Detroit Pistons on November 9th. Get your tickets, starting at $47, to come and see if they have what it takes to continue their winning streak.

10/27/15 - The Golden State Warriors showed they still have their championship moves when they beat the New Orleans Pelicans 111-95. Stephen Curry, the NBA MVP, showed that he still ruled the courts when he snagged 40 of the Warriors' 111 points. Before the game, the Warriors had their championship ceremony during which the players received their rings. Coach Steve Kerr was in attendance for the pregame ceremony, but he is still recovering from back surgery so left interim coach Luck Walton to lead the team during the game. The Warriors will look to continue their domination when they head to Houston to play the Rockets on October 30. Tickets remain available for prices starting at $24.

10/20/15 - The Golden State Warriors ended their preseason with a 3-4 record, but that does not mean that the defending champs will not have a great season. The preseason is often a time for the starters to rest and the rest of the team to have a chance to prove their value on the court. This week, the Warriors signed Xavier Henry and Chris Udofia to contracts, which brings their training camp roster to 19 players. They will need to start cutting that down in preparation of the regular season start on October 27. Their first game will be at home against the New Orleans Pelicans. You can still get your tickets for prices starting at $48.

10/15/15 - If you missed your chance to catch the Golden State Warriors in action during the preseason, do not worry. It will not be long before they have their season opener. It all gets started on October 27th, when the Warriors host the New Orleans Pelicans. Tickets are available starting at $142. This is sure to be one of the most exciting matches of the season, so be sure to secure your spot in the stands and come out to cheer the Warriors on. After this match, they will be hitting the road, but the Warriors will be returning to the Golden State on November 2nd to host the Memphis Grizzlies.

8/11/15 - It’s finally August and that means that the 2015-2016 NBA season is almost here. In fact, the NBA just released the schedule for the upcoming season this week, and things are looking good for reigning champions the Golden State Warriors. After finishing first in the Pacific Division, winning the NBA Championship, and leaving the 2014-2015 season with an incredible 67-15 record, the Warriors will be looking to hold on to the title going into the new season. They’ll have an easy start against the New Orleans Pelicans at home on Tuesday, October 27. Next, however, they’ll be tested as they face James Harden and the Houston Rockets on the road. Come send the Warriors into a great season on October 27 at Oracle Arena. Tickets are limited!

2014-2015 Season

6/9/15 - The Golden State Warriors have their work cut out for them. They had the home court advantage going into the NBA playoff finals, but they have fallen behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. The opening round started promising enough; the Warriors pulled off a 100-108 victory. The Cavaliers rallied, however, and took the next two matches. No matter what happens, the Warriors will have at least one more opportunity to play on their own court, which may be their best chance to turn it around, but they will be in much better shape if they can take June 11th's away game. The Cavaliers are just two victories away from taking the championship, so the next couple games will decide which team goes home as the runner up.

6/3/15 - Behind the dynamic offense of Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors have returned to the Finals in search of their first NBA championship in 40 years. Fellow sharpshooter Klay Thompson has been cleared for play in Game 1 on Thursday night after passing the league’s concussion protocol, giving the Warriors their full starting five as they go toe-to-toe with LeBron James’ Cavaliers in one of the most hotly-anticipated Finals series in years. Golden State has earned home court advantage by virtue of their 67-15 regular season record and will open Games 1 and 2 at Oracle Arena. Tickets for Sunday night are on sale now starting at $648! If you’re in the Cleveland area, seats for Game 3 are available starting at $326 but they’re going fast!

5/26/15 - The Golden State Warriors are finally on top this season after years and years of being at the bottom. The Warriors shined at the top of the Western conference all season and have continued to show off their talent during the NBA playoffs. They are currently fighting for the final position in the NBA Finals against the Houston Rockets. The Warriors have a 3-1 game lead on the Rockets and only need one final win to move on to the championship. The first and only championship that the Warriors took home was back in 1975. See if Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green can pull out all of the stops and bring home the Warriors second championship. Tickets for their upcoming games are still available to purchase.

5/18/15 - After crushing most of the league throughout the regular season, the young Golden State Warriors are finally near the peak. Stephen Curry and his squad face off with the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals as they try to reach the final round of the NBA Playoffs for the first time in over four decades. The Warriors are known for their potent offense, but they may be meeting their match as they head up against James Harden, Dwight Howard, and a host of role players who have come up big in the first two rounds. Tickets are on sale now for Games 1 and 2 at Oracle Arena! Get seats for Tuesday night’s game starting at $152 or Game 2 on Thursday evening starting from $184!

5/11/15 - Despite leading the entire league for wins, the Golden State Warriors' record in the second round of the playoffs is the same as every other team. Across the board with only one exception, each team has won two and lost two of the first four matches, which means there is still no telling who will advance to the semifinals. So far, the Memphis Grizzlies have been giving the Warriors the fight of their life, keeping them down to a disappointing 89 and 90 points in two consecutive matches. It is looking like it is going to come down to May 17th's game, the final match for the round. Luckily for the Warriors, two of the remaining games will be on their court, so they have a significant advantage.

5/5/15 - After dispatching the young upstart Pelicans in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors advanced to Round 2 to face the Grizzlies. Golden State made quick work of New Orleans with a four-game sweep, and seem to have maintained their momentum with a 101-86 victory over Memphis in Game 1 of their Western Conference Semifinals matchup. To no one’s surprise, Curry led the way with 22 points and seven assists, and Klay Thompson added 18 and six to help propel the Warriors to a 1-0 series lead. Golden State will look to defend their home floor again on Tuesday night as they host the Grizz in Game 2 of the second round. Tickets for Oracle Arena are available from $137 but they won’t last long!

4/30/15 - The Golden State Warriors continued their winning streak all the way to the end of the playoffs' opening round. It is no surprise that the top team in the league were able to beat out the New Orleans Pelicans, who secured their spot in the postseason on the final day of the season. Remaining undefeated is, however, still an impressive feat, only two other teams also pulled it off. The Warriors' opponents in the conference semifinals has also been determined: the Memphis Grizzlies. While they are still only the number five seed, the Grizzlies will put up a much tougher fight than the Pelicans. Will the Warriors be able to remain undefeated? Find out at the first game of the second round, on May 3th.

4/22/15 - The Golden State Warriors just finished up the second playoff game, and they came away with two victories. No one expects less from the team leading the entire NBA league. Despite their spot on the top, they did only win the opener by seven points, however, which is less than many expected. While they scored less overall, they held a stronger lead in their second game. For a team that only managed to secure a spot in the postseason on the final day of the regular season, the New Orleans Pelicans are putting up a very impressive fight. Fans will have to wait and see how the Warriors fare once they get on the Pelicans’ home court. Most suspect they won’t have any trouble taking two more victories, but they cannot underestimate New Orleans.

4/16/15 - As everyone suspected, the Golden State Warriors were able to continue their winning streak up to the final game of the season. Being the number one seed for the Western Conference and the top team in the entire league, the Warriors have a very realistic chance to take the championship. First up, they will be taking on one of the lowest ranked teams, the New Orleans Pelicans, who have more than double the losses as the Warriors. While the Pelicans were able to just barely qualify for the playoffs, the Golden State cannot let their guard down. They will be taking on the Pelicans on their home court, so you will have an opportunity to see the playoff opener live. Tickets are still available starting at $134.

4/6/15 - With the wire approaching, the Golden State Warriors fell flat on the road against the defending NBA champions from San Antonio, 107-92. The loss snapped a 12-game winning streak for the Warriors, and was just their second loss in the last 14 games; still, Stephen Curry hit for 24 points.

3/30/15 - The streaking (it feels like we’ve used that adjective all season for them) Golden State Warriors have officially clinched the top spot in the Western Conference, and are well on their way to earning home-court advantage throughout the playoffs. The Warriors, who have won nine straight in their last 10 games, hold a 10 game lead over second place Houston.

3/23/15 - Well, the Western Conference has its first playoff team, and it’s no surprise that it’s the Golden State Warriors, who have been dominant since the start of the season. The Warriors currently hold the best record in the league (56-13, for an .812 winning percentage), and are 7 ½ games clear of the Southwest Division leaders, Memphis.

3/16/15 - With a win against the Lakers Monday, March 16, the Golden State Warriors continue their winning season with a record of 53-13, which puts them ranked first in the Pacific Division. With 26 points from Klay Thompson and 19 points and nine assists by Stephen Curry, the Warriors secured a position in the playoffs, with help from Oklahoma City's loss to Dallas. However, Thompson will be out for the next week to 10 days after spraining his ankle during the Lakers game. This season marks the third in a row that the team will head to the playoffs, but the team is not satisfied. They are striving to finish the season with the NBA's best record. The next step will be a victory over the Atlanta Hawks on March 18. Tickets remain on sale, starting at $33.

3/9/15 - According to John Hollinger’s power rankings formula for ESPN, the Golden State Warriors are tops in the league in the probability that they will win the league title, at a healthy 38.6% chance, which is more than double the next highest team, Cleveland in the East. Still, championships are never won on paper, and there’s still a lot of hardwood between now and June.

2/23/15 - Percentage-wise, the Golden State Warriors have resumed their place at the top of the entire league. The Warriors, who lost their last time out, have lost just three times in the last 10 games, and their 43-10 record puts them at a winning percentage of .811, 25 percentage points ahead of Atlanta, the surprise best team in the East.

2/18/15 - The Golden State Warriors kick off the two-month, post-All Star stretch drive at home against San Antonio this weekend, before hitting the road for a six-game Eastern swing. As expect, Steph Curry outdueled his Splash Brother teammate Klay Thompson en route to a Three-Point Contest victory.

2/9/15 - Still the best team in the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors have won three of four in the month of February. After falling on the road to Eastern Conference leader Atlanta (despite Klay Thompson’s game high 29 points), the Warriors bounced back with a solid thumping of New York.

2/2/15 - The Golden State Warriors have cooled off a big from the scorching-hot start they got to the season. Still, the Warriors are 7-3 in their last 10 games, and hold a solid 5 ½ game lead over the L.A. Clippers at the moment.

1/26/15 - Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry was not only named as a starter to the All-Star Game for the Western Conference, he led all players in voting. Curry, who is leading the Warriors to one of the best seasons in the team’s history so far, outgained Cleveland’s LeBron James for top vote-getter this season.

1/19/15 - After falling last weekend on a visit to Oklahoma City – a loss which snapped a six game winning streak – the Golden State Warriors picked right back up again. The Warriors prevailed in their next two games, collecting wins over Houston and Denver.

12/22/14 - After having their 16-game winning streak snapped last week by Memphis, the Golden State Warriors set themselves back into winning just two days later. The Warriors hung a five-point victory on visiting Oklahoma City, 114-109, to get back into victory mode.

12/15/14 - Meanwhile, in the Bay Area and elsewhere, the Golden State Warriors just keep on winning. The Warriors haven’t lost since November 11, when San Antonio upended them, 113-100. In fact, that was the second of the two losses the Warriors have incurred, the other being two days earlier at Phoenix.

12/8/14 - Can anybody stop the Golden State Warriors? At this point, it’s looking mighty difficult; the Warriors are in the midst of a 12-game winning streak, the longest streak in either conference at the moment, and are outscoring their opponents by almost 11 points per game on average.

12/1/14 - Talk about a team on a hot streak. That’s the Golden State Warriors, who continue to be one of the top teams in the league; the Warriors have a nine-game win streak in progress that is currently the league’s current longest.

11/25/14 - With a five game winning streak – tied with Toronto for the second-longest in the league, behind Portland) the Golden State Warriors are starting to separate themselves from the pack in the Pacific Division. They’re 2 ½ games ahead of the second-place tie of Sacramento and the L.A. Clippers, and their .857 winning percentage is also second leaguewide, behind Memphis and Toronto.

11/17/14 - The Golden State Warriors overcame a 44-point outburst from Kobe Bryant en route to a solid 136-115 weekend victory over the struggling L.A. Lakers. Stephen Curry dropped 30 points and 15 assists on the Lakers, while Andrew Bogut collected 10 rebounds.

11/10/14 - The lack of Splash Brother Klay Thompson – out with a sprained hand – may or may not have been a deciding factor in the Golden State Warriors’ first loss of the season, to division rivals Phoenix. This came just after the Warriors dealt Houston their own initial loss this year.

11/3/14 - There’s three unbeaten teams in the Western Conference…and one of them is the Golden State Warriors. The boys from NorCal are on a roll, as evidenced by Klay Thompson’s 41-point outburst against a weak Los Angeles Lakers squad over the weekend.

8/18/14 – The 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors schedule was unleashed last Wednesday and, with last year's playoff team left intact, much anticipation is building on the 82-game slate. How will this high-scoring team fare with a new coaching staff? The Warriors open up their season on the road with a game against the Sacramento Kings on Oct. 29. Rookie head coach Steven Kerr's big debut home opener is set on Nov. 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena. Recall the blood-sweat-and-tears Game 7 of Round 1? Buy Golden State Warriors tickets now and be in the stands for the rematch everyone is itching to see. On Nov. 5, the Warriors play their second home game against the visiting Clippers, while Christmas Day will see the Steph Curry-led squad down in Los Angeles, for another game against Blake Griffin and company.

For the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors earned the No. 6 seed when it came time for postseason. In round one's Battle of California, the Clippers, who proved undaunted by the media frenzy regarding their owner, dispatched the Warriors after a white-knuckle Game 7. Golden State grappled with their fair share of drama off the court last year as well. Coach Mike Jackson’s hot seat reached a boiling point when assistant coaches Scalabrine (reassigned to a D-Leage position) and Erman were dismissed. Despite all of this, the Warriors were fire on the court. Stephen Curry further established himself as a superstar in the NBA, while Klay Thompson stunned all with his shooting capabilities; Draymond Green proved to be a top forward prospect and Andrew Bogut played a lengthy season as defensive powerhouse.

Can Golden State surpass last year's early exit with less distraction from their front office? The Warriors are revived for the 2014-2015 season, touting new head coach Steven Kerr, acquiring Shaun Livingston as backup point guard, as well as former Warrior Brandon Rush, who will ramp up the bench. The franchise was left with zero draft picks in the offseason and, as such, are returning a familiar squad. Are you ready for more action from the Splash Brothers and company? Buy your Golden State Warriors tickets now and be in the stands when this improved team hits the courts in 2015!
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