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There’ll be a new look to the Denver Nuggets this season, both on the court as well as the sideline. Mike Malone takes the reins for 2015-16, and the respected coach is focused on implementing an up-tempo style of play built on a foundation of aggressive defense. The Nuggets are looking to return to the playoffs after missing the cut for the first time in 11 seasons last year, and they’ve got the staff to make it happen. Danilo Gallinari is back to buoy Denver’s offense, and newcomer Emmanuel Mudiay will look to make an immediate impact in the Mile-High City. You can always find the best seats in the house at Razorgator—claim your Denver Nuggets tickets for Nuggets home games at the Pepsi Center, on sale now!
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Making Strides in the Mile-High City
Following a disastrous 2014-15 campaign, the Denver Nuggets decided to start fresh with a new head coach. Mike Malone has already started to institute major changes, helping transform this young squad from a cellar dweller into a potential playoff contender. With just 23 games left in the regular season, time’s running out to grab your cheap Denver Nuggets tickets for 2016.

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Plenty of great games remain on the schedule, including Kobe Bryant’s farewell game in Denver this Wednesday (tickets available from $47), a visit from the Dallas Mavericks (get in from $24) and the only home game this season versus the NY Knicks. Keep it tuned to Razorgator for outstanding discount prices every day!

Denver Nuggets 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/9/16 - The Denver Nuggets have struggled this season and are currently sitting in the eleventh spot in the Western conference. One of the team’s biggest problems is they are not consistent. Luckily, the Nuggets were able to show some consistency when they played against the Detroit Pistons on February 10. The Nuggets stayed with the Pistons the entire first half and came out during the last two quarters to put their winning plan into action. They outscored the Pistons in both the third and fourth quarters, ending the game with a 103-92 final score. See if they can keep up the good work when they face off against the Kings on February 19. Tickets are still up for grabs.
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2/2/16 - The Denver Nuggets have won two of their last four games, but they came heartbreakingly close to winning January 30th’s matchup against the Indiana Pacers as well. It came down to overtime, but the Nuggets fell just short with a final score of 105-109. This loss comes right in between victories against the Washington Wizards and the Toronto Raptors, so the Nuggets are still having a pretty successful run. Unfortunately, their season record is still 19-31 and they are now preparing for a long series of away games. The Nuggets will return to Denver on February 21st when they host the Boston Celtics. Tickets are available for their homecoming starting at $31.

1/26/16 - After losing two games, the Denver Nuggets were able to add a win to their record when they played the Pistons on the 23. The Pistons led going into half time, but the Nuggets came out and took control of the third period, outscoring the Pistons 39-20. The Pistons were able to get close to the Nuggets in the fourth. Danilo Gallinari led the team with 30 points, and had the final go-ahead basket with 23 seconds left. However, they could not turn that win into a streak and fell in their next two games. They next play the Wizards on the 28, and you can still get tickets to catch the game in person for prices starting at just $2.

1/19/16 - After beating the Warriors on the 13, the Denver Nuggets lost a close game to the Heat on the 15. They played the Pacers on the 17, and rallied to win 129-126. Their defense was poor in the first half, accounting for their falling behind. However, they made up for in the second half with a strong offense, scoring a total of 75 points. Danilo Gallinari led the team with 23 points, and Will Barton added 21, 15 of those were in the fourth quarter. They were unable to maintain the momentum when they played the Thunder on the 19 and subsequently lost 110-104. They host the Grizzlies on the 21, and tickets are available for prices starting at $15.

1/12/16 - The Denver Nuggets may be having a rough time this season, but they are doing well recently. They have won three of their last four games, putting an end to their losing streak. First, they took on the Minnesota Timberwolves, and managed to win 78-74. After a close defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Nuggets finally returned to Denver to host the Charlotte Hornets on January 10th. The score came to 92-95. Most impressively of all, however, the Nuggets have beaten the leader of the entire league, the Golden State Warriors. The Nuggets dealt them what was only their third loss of the entire season. With that victory at their backs, the Nuggets should be able to take on anything.

1/5/16 - The Denver Nuggets finally broke their six game losing streak with a victory over the Timberwolves on January 6. Danilo Gallinari led the team with 20 points and also had four assists and seven rebounds. Jusuf Nurkic added 15 points and also grabbed 10 rebounds to help the team triumph over the Timberwolves. The team was also able to keep the Timberwolves to just a 38 percent shooting. After going into the halftime behind by just two points, the Nuggets turned things around and dominated the rest of the game to take the 78-74 victory. They head to Memphis to play the Grizzlies on January 8, with tickets available starting at just $9.

12/29/15 - They’ll have one more opportunity to snap a three-game losing skid before the end of 2015, and the Denver Nuggets are focused on making it happen. They’ll have to pick up a win on the road in Portland in order to enter the new year 13-20 instead of 12-21, and it’ll be even tougher on the second half of a back-to-back. Denver’s in this spot due to a grueling stretch wherein they faced San Antonio and Oklahoma City on the road (on consecutive nights, no less) before tangling with the Cavaliers, who were looking to snap out of a funk of their own. The Nuggets will open 2016 facing the champs on the road—get your tickets for Denver vs. Golden State from $133!

12/24/15 - The Denver Nuggets are coming off of two losses, so they will be looking to turn things around when they play the Lakers on December 22. Their first loss came against the Jazz on the 18th, and then they had a close game against the Pelicans on the 20. The Nuggets went into halftime leading the Pelicans 74-67, but the Pelicans drew ahead in the third quarter. The Nuggets were ahead with 8 minutes left to play, but then the Pelicans took back control and won the game. Will Barton led the team with 32 points, which was a career high. You can still get tickets for the Lakers game, with prices starting at $55.

12/15/15 - The Denver Nuggets had a rough early season, but they seem to really have hit their stride recently. Currently in the middle of a winning streak, they are moving up the rankings. They are now sitting at number eight, with five fewer wins than the third place team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most recently, the Nuggets faced the Minnesota Timberwolves in an away game. The Timberwolves scored an impressive 100 points, but they were still no match for the Nuggets, who ended up with an incredibly 112 points. From here, they will be heading to Utah to face the Jazz, then return to Denver on 20th to take on the New Orleans Pelicans.

12/8/15 - After two wins in a row, the Denver Nuggets lost to the Magic on December 8. Their second win was a narrow one against the 76ers on the 5 with a final score of 108-105. The Nuggets had a weak first half, leading to a strongly worded pep talk from the coach during halftime that turned the game around. The teams went into the locker rooms at the half with the 76ers ahead 59-52. It took awhile to catch up, but they finally did with 1:26 remaining. Danilo Gallinari had a slam dunk in the final minute of play to ensure the victory. The Nuggets next host the Timberwolves on the 11. There are still tickets available for as little as $16.

12/1/15 - The month of November has not been kind to the Denver Nuggets, despite the holiday. The Nuggets are currently on a seven-game losing streak and haven’t been able to work together well enough to be tough competition. On November 30, the Nuggets faced off against the Milwaukee Bucks with hopes of getting out of their losing slump. The Bucks defense was tough throughout the entire game and it showed in the statistics. The Nuggets turned over the ball 24 times, which handed the Bucks the 92-74, win over the Nuggets. Get tickets today to help cheer the Nuggets on to a victory when they play against the Chicago Bulls on December 2.

11/24/15 - Despite having a strong start to the season, the Denver Nuggets are having trouble now. They are currently on a four-game losing streak with a season record of 6-9. Just last week, the Nuggets had a positive win ratio, but they now fall into the number 10 slot for the Western Conference. Most recently, the Nuggets fell 17 points short when hosting the Los Angeles Clippers. The final score came to 111-94. They have one more home game before hitting the road again. Be sure to get your tickets for the match against the San Antonio Spurs on November 27th while they are still available. Tickets start as low as $25.

11/17/15 - The Denver Nuggets aren’t sitting a position that is great nor terrible. Right now they are in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference and are balanced out with five wins and five losses to their name. On November 17, the Nuggets hit the court against the Pelicans. Thanks to Danilo Gallinari scoring a season high of 32 points during the game, the Nuggets were able to easily glide passed the Pelicans for a 115-98 win. See if the Nuggets can keep up the good work when they take on the Phoenix Suns on November 20. Tickets are still available, so don’t miss your opportunity to see the sweat right in front of your eyes.

11/10/15 - The Denver Nuggets lost to the Suns to break their three game winning streak that started with a 108-104 win against the Trail Blazers. Then, they faced the Bucks on the 11 and eked out a one point win. Kenneth Faried rebounded a shot from Danilo Gallinari in the final five seconds to put the Nuggets ahead. The team had a larger lead when they beat the Rockets 107-98. The Nuggets had a cold night when they played the Suns, only scoring a total of 81 points to the Suns' 105. Will Barton was the team leader with 19 points and 12 rebounds. The Nuggets head to New Orleans to play the Pelicans on the 17. You can still get your tickets, with prices starting at just $4.

11/3/15 - The Denver Nuggets have officially earned their second victory for the season. Unfortunately, fans were hoping for fewer losses. Now that they are five games into the new season, the Nuggets’ record is 2-3. Most recently, they hosted the Utah Jazz on November 5th, but the Nuggets fell short by 12 points. Coming up, they will be hosting the Portland Trailblazers on November 9th. This is sure to be an exciting match, so secure your spot in the stands and come out to show your support. Tickets are still available starting as low as $14. If the Nuggets are going to turn this season around, they are going to need all the support they can get.

10/27/15 - The Denver Nuggets opened their season strong with a 105-85 win over the Houston Rockets. The Nuggets dominated the entire game, never trailing the Rockets. Their win was no surprise to coach Michael Malone, who stated after the game that the victory should not come as a shock. The team worked hard and prepared for the team and look to have a spectacular season. Six Nugget players had double digits, and Danilo Gallinari was the team's leading scorer with 23 points. The Nuggets head back home for their home opener on October 30 against the Minnesota Timberwolves. You still have a chance to get your tickets to see what is promising to be a good game. Prices start at $49.

10/20/15 - The Denver Nuggets have had a pretty decent preseason. After losing their first game, they had a four game winning streak. However, they lost their final two preseason games to bring the final record to 4-3. With their preseason complete, the Nuggets are now focusing on preparing for their first regular season game on October 28 in Houston against the Rockets, followed by their home opener on October 30. There is still plenty of time to get your tickets to these games and the rest of the 2015-16 season. Ticket prices for the season opener in Houston start at $17, or if you want to wait for the home opener, you can find tickets from just $15.

10/15/15 - The Denver Nuggets officially have no more home preseason matches, so fans are going to have to wait until October 30th for the regular season to kick off. To get the season started, the Nuggets are traveling to Houston to face the Rockets, but they will be back for their own home opener a few days later to host the Minnesota Timberwolves. Tickets are still available starting as low as $20. That price will not last, however, so be sure to get your tickets and come out to show your Denver Nuggets support. Afterward, they are hitting the road again, so do not miss this opportunity to catch your team in action.

8/11/15 - The Denver Nuggets and their fans are likely still recovering from what was a terrible 2014-2015 season, but they’ll have to leave it all behind them as they head into the upcoming season in just ten short weeks. This week, the NBA released the official schedule for the 2015-2016 season. Unfortunately, the Nuggets will not have an easy start. They’ll be tested right away when they face the force that is James Harden and the Houston Rockets on the road. Then, they’ll face the Minnesota Timberwolves in their home opener at the Pepsi Center on Friday, October 30. Do they have what it takes to recover from their disappointing 30-52 record last season? Come find out this October. Tickets to the first home game are available for as little as $59.

2014-2015 Season

4/6/15 - The Denver Nuggets have entered the final stretch for the 2014-2015 NBA season. They have had a lot of trouble on the court recently, but they just started a series of home games earlier this week. So far, they have not had any luck, taking a 107-92 loss against the Los Angeles Clippers. There are three more home games before they hit the road again, which are the final three home games for the entire season. If you want to catch the Nuggets live, this is your last chance. Otherwise, you are going to have to wait until October. Total, Denver has five games remaining this season, the final match being on April 15th against the Golden State Warriors. It has been an exciting season, but it is now winding down.

3/30/15 - After a hard series of away games, the Denver Nuggets returned to their court hopeful to start winning games again. The first, against the Philadelphia 76ers, turned out to be a bust, seeing the Nuggets fall short by 14 points, but the latter, against the Utah Jazz, was far more exciting. The Nuggets scored an impressive 107 points and won by 16. The Nuggets' next game will be a rematch against the Utah Jazz, then they will be returning for their final series of home games for the season. They will play four games, then the rest of their matches will be on other teams' courts, so this will be your last chance to see them live. The first game, against the Los Angeles Clippers, will be on April 4th and tickets start at $19.

3/23/15 - Since the Denver Nuggets lost their winning streak recently, they have been having a hard time regaining their momentum. They have now lost three consecutive games. Luckily, their series of away matches is coming to a close, and the Nuggets managed to end it strong. Their final road game, against the Orlando Magic on March 22nd, saw the Nuggets rack up an impressive 119 points, even going as far as earning an incredible 41 in the second quarter. From here, the Nuggets return to Denver where they can, hopefully, relax a little bit. First they will take on the Philadelphia 76ers, then they will face off against the Utah Jazz. The former game is completely sold out, but you can attend the latter for as little as $12.

3/16/15 - The Denver Nuggets have, unfortunately, ended their winning streak. It looked like they would carry their momentum from their series of home games on the road when they beat the New Orleans Pelicans on their own court in a double overtime game, but the Memphis Grizzlies proved to be too much. The Nuggets lost 81-92, the first time the Nuggets scored less than 100 in nine games. Jameer Nelson led them with 24 points, but Denver was trailing the entire game, only briefly taking the lead once. They are now 4th for the Northwest Division. The Nuggets have three more away games before they return on March 25th to play the Philadelphia 76ers. Tickets for that exciting game are available starting as low as $3.

3/9/15 - The decision was made last week to release Denver Nuggets head coach Brian Shaw, who some in the organization felt had lost his team’s attention as they continued to slide in the standings. The move was followed by a pair of victories for the struggling Nugs, who took down the Milwaukee Bucks at home before besting the Minnesota Timberwolves on the road the following night. Unfortunately for Denver, the schedule led them next to the state of Texas, where tough matchups with San Antonio and the Houston Rockets resulted in a pair of losses. Monday night brings a visit from the New York Knicks, followed by the NBA-best Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. Come out for Nuggets vs. Hawks at the Pepsi Center—seats are selling for as low as $4 each!

3/3/15 - No team was more ready to be finished with February than the Denver Nuggets, who posted only a single win in ten outings. The struggling young squad showed promise on Sunday versus the New Orleans Pelicans, taking a 65-65 tie into the fourth quarter. However, a 34-point quarter for the Pelicans ultimately was too much for Denver to overcome, as they fell by a score of 99-92. In happier news, Nuggets star Kenneth Faried—known best to fans as “The Manimal”—was named as an Ohio Valley Conference Basketball Legend by the league office, in recognition of his outstanding career playing for Morehead State. Denver will close out their current home stand on Tuesday night when they host the Milwaukee Bucks, and seats at the Pepsi Center are available for just $3!

2/24/15 - The Denver Nuggets haven’t gained any momentum since the All-Star break. They’ve lost three games in a row, the most recent game against the Brooklyn Nets. The Nuggets’ star player in that game was Danilo Gallinari with 22 points and two rebounds, but Denver’s offense only scored 82 points total against Brooklyn’s 110. Come down to the Pepsi Center on Friday (2/27) to see Denver host the Utah Jazz. Tickets start at $6. It’s a great way to kick off your weekend. On Sunday (3/1), bring a friend to watch the Nuggets take on the New Orleans Pelicans. Tickets start at $3, making it an inexpensive evening of excitement. Tuesday (3/3), the Nuggets host the Milwaukee Bucks. Catch your home team before they go out on the road.

2/17/15 - The Denver Nuggets have some interest in their point guard Ty Lawson at the trade deadline, but it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere. Lawson has been steady over the past three years for the Nuggets, and this year is no exception. He has a 16.9 points per game average, with 10.1 assists, for the NBA lead, tied with Washington’s John Wall. Come out to the Pepsi Center on Monday (2/23) to catch the Nuggets when they host the Brooklyn Nets. Tickets start at $6, so bring the whole family for a night of great entertainment. On Wednesday (2/25), the Phoenix Suns meet the Nuggets. With tickets at $5 and up, you can enjoy another evening out with the fast-paced action on the court cheering the home team to a win!

2/10/15 - After a six game losing streak, the Denver Nuggets finally caught a break against the Los Angeles Lakers. With a final score of 106-96, the game was tied going into the fourth quarter, where the Nuggets scored 35 points to the Lakers 25. Ty Lawson scored 32 points and had 16 assists during the game, making him the outstanding player of the game. Altogether, the Nuggets had five scorers who had double digits in points for a 54.4 percent overall shooting game. After the All-Star Break, Denver goes out on the road for two games before coming back to the Pepsi Center on Monday (2/23). Get tickets now to get the best seats starting at $6, so you can bring the entire family for a great night of exciting basketball.

2/2/15 - The Denver Nuggets experienced three more disappointing losses against the Memphis Grizzlies, Charlotte Hornets, and Philadelphia 76ers. The consensus is that the Nuggets are out of the play-offs in the Western Conference, even though their record (19-30) might be good enough if they were in the East. The next home game at the Pepsi Center is against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday (2/9). Razorgator has great seats for this game with ticket prices starting at $17. The Nuggets may not be having the season they had hoped for, but it’s still a great evening of fast-paced action on the court that breaks the monotony of your week. Let the Nuggets see that Denver loves them and support the home team. Come out and watch them play!

1/26/15 - The Denver Nuggets continued to slide in the standings this week, as their losing streak has reached a season-high seven games. There is reason for optimism in the Mile High City, though, as their last three losses have come by a total of only seven points, including a 117-115 heartbreaker in overtime handed to them by the Washington Wizards. Ty Lawson continues his outstanding play in spite of the results, putting up 19 points and dishing 11 assists in the Nuggets’ 102-98 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night. Wilson Chandler chipped in 18 and 10 boards for Denver as well. The Nuggets continue their three-game road trip on Wednesday night at New Orleans, where they will face All-Star Anthony Davis and his Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center. Great seats for the game start at just $3!

1/19/15 - After a five game winning streak earlier this month, the Denver Nuggets have lost the last four games. Coach Brian Shaw sums up their playing this season as terrible. The consensus is that they lack defense, but they are going to keep pushing through the season. Catch the Nuggets at the Pepsi Center when they host the Boston Celtics on Friday (1/23) and the Washington Wizards on Sunday (1/25). The tickets for Sunday’s game start at only $8, and you won’t get another chance to see the home team play for another week. Give the team support from their fans so they can turn their season around. With an 18-23 record, the Nuggets are not the worst team in the NBA, but they certainly were hoping for a better season.

1/12/15 - The win streak continues for the Nuggets, who have put up four straight W’s to improve their record to 17-20. Denver has not been .500 or better since December 2, when they dropped to 9-9 with a loss to Portland at home. They’ll need to work hard to get back on track, as they play seven of their next 10 games against opponents with winning records. Kenneth Faried has played outstanding ball over the last ten games, averaging over 13 points and rebounds, while Ty Lawson has consistently led the Nuggets in points and assists during their recent surge. Denver will face off with the Dallas Mavericks in a home-and-home series, starting in the Pepsi Center on Wednesday night. A limited number of seats are still available starting at just $12, so come out and support your Denver Nuggets!

1/5/15 - Brian Shaw made a simple tweak to his team’s pre-game preparation recently, and at least in the immediate, it’s showing results. The Denver Nuggets have won back-to-back games for the first time since mid-December, including a 29-point rout of the imposing Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night. To ask several Denver players, the difference has been scheduling gameday shoot-around for the afternoon instead of early in the morning. Additional rest, combined with the practice session being fresher in the team’s minds heading into the game, has given the Nuggets a much-needed lift, as they fight to climb back into the playoff race. They will continue their quest on Friday night when they visit the Sacramento Kings at Sleep Train Arena, and Razorgator still has limited seats available from $47!

12/30/14 - The Denver Nuggets picked up a win on Friday night behind a monster game from Kenneth Faried, who posted 26 points and 25 rebounds on route to a victory over the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves. It was the first time since the team was founded in 1967 that a Denver player has gone for 25-plus points and rebounds in a game. Timofey Mozgov added 11 and 14 for the Nuggets, who dominated on the boards all evening, grabbing 62 rebounds to Minnesota’s 44. The advantage was enough to help overcome Denver’s 18 turnovers, equal to their number of assists as a team for the contest. The Nuggets will try to close out the year on a high note as they host the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, and Razorgator is your ticket in to the Pepsi Center. Seats can still be had for as low as $29, but they’re going fast!

12/24/14 - The Denver Nuggets suffered a disappointing setback on Monday night, a 110-82 loss to the Charlotte Hornets that ended a two-game win streak, which came after losing seven of eight to start the month of December. Point guard Ty Lawson led the Nuggets with 18 points and four assists, but Denver’s cold-shooting—only 37 percent as a team from the floor including 2-18 from three-point range—ultimately sealed their fate. On the plus side, Denver enjoys a lighter schedule for the rest of 2014, with games versus Minnesota and the Los Angeles Lakers, and only one date with a winning team (Toronto). First up, though, they will visit the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night, and you can still get in the game with Razorgator—tickets start at just $21, but they’re going fast so act now!

12/16/14 - After an unfortunate 99-91 loss to the San Antonio Spurs last weekend, the Denver Nuggets are looking to redeem themselves against the Los Angeles Clippers in a few days. Despite a losing record so far this year, the Nuggets are ranked third in the Northwest Division standings, above both Utah and Minnesota. Last week, the team scored a big win against the Miami Heat, reminding fans that exciting basketball is played in Denver. The 102-82 game was a near blowout, with Wilson Chandler scoring 17 points and Arron Afflalo adding another 16. The Nuggets will play host to the Clippers Friday, December 19 at the Pepsi Center at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are still available and can be purchased starting at $17 per ticket.

12/8/14 - Following a tough loss on the road to the Toronto Raptors, the Denver Nuggets will try to rebound when they host the Miami Heat on Wednesday night. The Nuggets battled back from a 14-point third quarter deficit versus the Eastern Conference-leading Raptors, and held a lead for most of the fourth quarter before a timely three-pointer by Patrick Patterson tied the game at 102, forcing overtime. Denver was outscored 10-5 in the extra session to seal the disheartening loss, which dropped them to 9-12 on the season. The Nuggets hope a return to the mile-high stadium will cure what has been ailing them during three consecutive road losses, as they will face the new-look Miami Heat, led by Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Get in with Razorgator, with tickets starting at just $9!

12/2/14 - The Denver Nuggets have certainly turned things around this season. Once sitting at 1-5, the Nuggets are now at 9-8. Monday’s game against the Utah Jazz marked their seventh win in two weeks, during which they only suffered a single loss. However, this last game was intensely close. They managed to build up a 19 point lead by the half, but Utah fought long and hard to make a comeback. The Jazz did exceptionally well, but the Nuggets’ defense was able to hold off long enough to snag the victory with a final score of 103-101. Denver is in 2nd for the Northwest Division, and will be playing the number 1 spot, the Portland Trailblazers (13-4), next. That promises to be an exciting game, so if you would like to attend, tickets can still be found for as little as $4.

11/25/14 - The Denver Nuggets had a very rough start to the season, losing six games in a row. However, starting on Monday the 17th, they’ve been tearing up the court. This Sunday, the Nuggets’ victory over the Los Angeles Lakers marked their fourth win in a row. All the previous games in their winning streak were strong victories, but this last one went into overtime. Ultimately, Denver was able to pull ahead by 7 points bringing the final score to 101-94. If Denver wanted a shot at the championship, they had to pull their game together and they absolutely rose to the occasion. Sitting at 6-7 and 2nd in their division, the Nuggets may be starting a very impressive comeback. Follow Tuesday’s game against the Chicago Bulls to see if they can continue their winning streak.

11/17/14 - The Denver Nuggets finally ended their losing streak on Friday. In their match against the Indiana Pacers, they scored 108 over Indiana’s 87, a well deserved blowout. The Nuggets had all six of their losses for this season in a row, but hopefully this victory can break that cycle and maybe even start a winning streak. Sitting at 2-6 and 4th in their division, the Nuggets have a long way to go if they want to improve their win ratio. It’s certainly not impossible, but I hope they’re ready for a fight. They have a couple away games coming up, but catch them when they return to Denver on the 19th as they take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tickets are already available starting at $4.

11/11/14 - Unfortunately, the Denver Nuggets lost their Sunday night match against the Portland Trail Blazers. This loss brings Denver to 1-5 and is the fifth loss in a row. Like all of their games this season, this one was very close all the way until the end of the fourth quarter; the Nuggets have consistently fallen just slightly short. They still played a very good game, trailing by only eight points at the half. This game also marked the return of J.J. Hickson, who has just finished a five-game suspension. The Denver Nuggets are set to face off against the Trail Blazers again on Wednesday, but this time with the home court advantage. If Denver is to redeem themselves and end their losing streak, you can catch it with tickets starting as low as $4.

11/4/14 - Another NBA season is underway, so come out to the Pepsi Center to cheer on your Nuggets as they begin their quest for an NBA championship in the rugged Western Conference. Led by the steady point guard play of Ty Lawson and the amazing physicality of Kenneth “The Manimal” Faried, the Nuggets are the best ticket in town. Get out of the freezing cold and into the Pepsi Center to see the Nuggets take on the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers led by Lebron James on 11/07, as well as upcoming contests against division rivals Portland and Oklahoma City. Come cheer on your Nuggets in their quest for a 2015 playoff berth. Razorgator is the best place to get your tickets, with outrageously low prices starting at just $2.

10/28/14 - It’s a sign of the times. Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson recently opened himself up on the social media platform Reddit, to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session; according to the Roundball Mining Company blog, Lawson thinks the Nuggets can be a top three team in the West this year.

10/23/14 - Are the Denver Nuggets playoff-worthy? One Nugget of gold on the roster, Kenneth Faried, earned himself a lucrative contract extension, after a clearly golden performance at the FIBA world championships this summer.

8/18/14 – After an injury-marred season took the Denver Nuggets far out of contention in 2014, the squad is slated to return a full and healthy roster ready to tip-off their 2014-2015 schedule. Mile High mania will open on Oct. 29 at the Pepsi Center against the Detroit Pistons. Not long after, Denver is slated for their road opener at Northwest-Division champion OKC Thunder (Nov 1), followed by a visit from LeBron James and the Cavaliers on Nov. 7. This team has entered playoffs in 10 of their last 11 seasons, and with crucial players like Danilo Gallinari and JaVale McGee recovered, it’s not hard to see them making a return in 2015. Buy your Denver Nuggets tickets now and watch the franchise get back to its winning ways!

After achieving a franchise-record winning season just a year prior, the Denver Nuggets succumbed to the deluge of injuries that marred their rotation. Unable to recover from the loss of key players, the Mile High team was left out of the playoffs for the first time in a decade. The course of the 2013-2014 campaign saw JaVale McGee, JJ Hickson, Nate Robinson and Danilo Gallinari suffer season-ending injuries and the Nuggets racked up a combined 170 games missed due to health. Though the 36-win season looks atrocious on paper, the team actually advanced under Brian Shaw. The head coach will only be more comfortable in his sophomore year, and the growth of younger players Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried was palpable last season.

The summer has shown efforts to maintain Denver's high-scoring offense and bolster their sieve-like defense. The franchise has returned Arron Afflalo in exchange for Evan Fournier and the front office made an extremely impressive move in the Draft. The Nuggets picked up Jusuf Nurkic (No. 16) and Gary Harris (No. 19) by trading their No. 11 pick, plus Anthony Randolph, to the Chicago Bulls. This team is deep, and now that X-factors Gallinari are McGee are due to return from their respective leg injuries, there’s no where to go but up. Score Denver Nuggets tickets now and watch this team bring the Mile High mayhem back to the NBA!
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