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In 2015-16, it will be Fred Hoiberg assuming the reigns for the Chicago Bulls. The former shooting guard served as a dangerous marksman on some of the NBA’s top teams throughout his ten-year career, including Chicago from 1999-2003. His task now is to mold perhaps the league’s most tireless defensive squad into one that values offense equally, balancing the Bulls in hopes of guiding them back to the NBA Finals for the first time since Michael Jordan’s 1998 retirement. With a talented core of Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, there’s no doubt that this Chicago Bulls team will be instrumental in the playoff conversation in 2015-16. You don’t have to wait to secure your Chicago Bulls tickets for the United Center—the best seats in the house are on sale now!
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Chicago Bulls 2015-2016 News and Updates

2/1/16 - The Chicago Bulls are now four games into their seven-game away series. They started out very strong by beating the Los Angeles Lakers on January 28th, but they have taken a couple losses so they have only won half their away games total. It came down to overtime when the Bulls took on the Utah Jazz on February 1st. The final score was 96-105. Fortunately, the Bulls followed this loss up with a strong 107-102 victory against the Sacramento Kings the very next day. Three games remain before they return to Chicago. On February 10th, the Bulls will greet the fans once again as they take on the Atlanta Hawks.

1/25/16 - After losing to the Warriors and then the Celtics, the Chicago Bulls beat the Cavaliers 96-83 on January 23. Pau Gasol led the team in scoring with 25 points, and he also grabbed 10 rebounds and had six assists. The Bulls really took control of the game in the third quarter when they had a 17-point lead and never allowed the Cavaliers to come any closer than eight points. However, they could not maintain the winning momentum and lost a close game against the Heat on the 25. They head to LA to play the Lakers on the 28 and then will play the Clippers on the 31. You can still get tickets for prices starting at just $6.
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1/19/16 - The Chicago Bulls beat the Pistons on January 18. The Pistons outscored the Bulls in the first quarter, but they did not let that happen again in the game. The Bulls played without Joakim Noah, who was out due to a dislocated shoulder. Paul Gasol led the team with 31 points and also grabbed 12 rebounds for a double-double. Derrick Rose helped out the team with another 20 points. However, they were unable to maintain their winning momentum when they played the Warriors ion the 20. The Bulls will look to get another win on their record when they play the Celtics on the 22. You can still get tickets for $53.

1/12/16 - Fans of the Chicago Bulls might have been getting a little nervous. They lost three consecutive matchups, but it looks like they are past that short rough patch and are back to dominating. Thos watching closely would notice that, despite losing, the Bulls have not scored less than 100 points in recent history, which is impressive. With a season record of 23-15, the Bulls are number three in the Eastern Conference. It looks like they are still a force to be reckoned with, so get your tickets now to see the Bulls take on the competition. They will be hosting the Dallas Mavericks next, then will play the Golden State Warriors after a quick away game.

1/4/16 - The Chicago Bulls are on a roll with six wins in a row. Their latest victory was over the Celtics on January 7. Pau Gasol had a great game, with 17 points and 18 rebounds, making his 19th double-double. Jimmy Butler led the team with 19 points and Derrick Rose added another 18. Boston led in the first quarter, but the Bulls were ahead by one at halftime. They came back strong with a 26-16 third quarter and maintained the lead through the rest of the game to win 101-92. The Bulls will look to continue their winning ways when they head to Atlanta to play the Hawks on January 9. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $12.

12/28/15 - It’s not often you hear pro ball players insisting they need to be coached harder, but that’s just the way the Chicago Bulls are wired. Superstar shooting guard Jimmy Butler came before the media to state that first-year coach Fred Hoiberg needs to be more willing to hold players accountable, and the message seems to have worked: The Bulls snapped a three-game losing skid and have posted two wins in three games over stiff competition including OKC and Toronto. Chicago will have the benefit of playing on their home court for New Year’s Day, as they face off with the New York Knicks at the United Center. Get your tickets from $84 and up!

12/24/15 - The Chicago Bulls’ Christmas wish will be to break their three game losing streak when the play the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Christmas Day. Their most recent loss was a narrow one against the Nets on December 21. The Nets led for most of the game, and at one point had a 12-point lead. However, the Bulls did not give up and played hard in the fourth quarter to get close. They were within two points with 20 seconds left of the game, but the Bulls had to foul and the Nets scored both free throws to further the gap. Jimmy Butler led the team with 24 points. You can still get tickets to the Christmas game starting at $36.

12/14/15 - The Chicago Bulls have won their three most recent matches, and it paid off. The Bulls are now number two in the Eastern Conference and fourth in the entire league. They are tied for wins with three other teams, however, and have had one less match than these teams. If the Bulls are not able to continue their winning streak on December 16th when they face the Memphis Grizzlies, they are likely to significantly lower in the rankings. Still, the Bulls are performing very well this season, with a record of 14-8. If they keep this up, they are going to be topping the rankings in no time at all.

12/7/15 - The Chicago Bulls have not had a good week. After beating the Nuggets on the 2, they lost three close games against the Hornets, Suns and Celtics on the 5, 7, and 9 respectively. The game against the Hornets came down to the final seconds, when the two teams were tied at 94 points with less than 30 seconds left. However, Charlotte pulled away to end the game ahead 102-96. The Bulls had another disappointing loss when they lost their lead when Phoenix rallied in the final minutes to win 103-101. After another loss against the Celtics, the Bulls will start a string of home games by hosting the Clippers on the 10. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $18.

12/1/15 - The Chicago Bulls had a large order to fill on November 30 when they played against the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs were on a five-game winning streak and seemed almost impossible to defeat. Thanks to Paul Gasol’s 18 points, 13 rounds and three incredibly blocked shots, the Bulls were able to slide one by the Spurs and take home the 92-89 victory. The Bulls played well together and it seemed as if every player contributed here and there throughout the game to get the win. Watch the Bulls play live on December 2 against the Denver Nuggets. Tickets are still available so get them before it is too late.

11/24/15 - The Chicago Bulls were, unfortunately, unable to maintain their winning streak. After earning four victories, they lost to the impressive Golden State Warriors, who are both leading the league and undefeated. The final score came to 94-106. Despite this disappointing loss, the Bulls appear to have gotten right back up and continued where they left off. They travelled to Portland to face the Trailblazers on November 24th and the final score came to 93-88 with the Bulls ahead. They are very nearly ready to return to Chicago, so get your tickets to see if they can build up another winning streak. Tickets for their first match back, against the San Antonio Spurs on November 30th, start at $53.

11/16/15 - For the month of November, the Chicago Bulls have continued to go back and forth between wins and losses. However, since their game against the 76ers on November 9, the Bulls have yet to lose. On Monday night the Bulls hosted the Indiana Pacers for a tight game. With the clock ticking away, the Pacers were only down by one point. Paul George from the Pacers took control of the ball with Jimmy Butler defending him. George pulled up for the winning shot, but Butler was on him like glue and helped win the game by turning the Pacers last possession into something that was fruitless. See them play live again on November 18 against the Phoenix Suns.

11/9/15 - The Chicago Bulls started this season with a new coach and five new starters, so they are still trying to figure out how to make things work with all of the changes. However, the Bulls still have a winning 6-3 record and are on a two-game winning streak. On November 13, the Bulls played a home game against the Charlotte Hornets and appeared to be more organized and played together well. Thanks to Jimmy Butler’s 25 points and Gasol’s 13 rebounds, Chicago was able to bring their home crowd the 102-97 win. Get your tickets today to see the team up close and personal when they face off against the Indiana Pacers on November 16.

11/2/15 - The Chicago Bulls have earned their fourth victory for the season out of a total of six games. This is an excellent record, but the Bulls continue to struggle in their away matches. They lost both when they traveled to play the Detroit Pistons and the Charlotte Hornets. This is a problem they will have to remedy quickly because they are about to travel to Philadelphia to take on the 76ers. Before they hit the road, however, the Bulls will be hosting the Minnesota Timberwolves on November 7th. Tickets are still available, but they are going fast. Get your tickets and secure your spot in the stands starting as low as $53.

10/26/15 - The Chicago Bulls are already two games into the 2015-2016 season and they are already unstoppable. First, they hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 27th. The Bulls came away with a narrow victory, ahead by just two points. Then, one day later, the Bulls travelled to New York to play the Nets. The Bulls had a stronger victory in the end with 115-100 as the final score. After one more away game, against the Detroit Pistons, the Bulls will return to Chicago to host the Orlando Magic on November 1st. Tickets are still widely available, but they are going fast. Secure your spot in the stand for as little as $38.

10/19/15 - The Chicago Bulls had a lackluster preseason, with a 3-4 record. They have a chance to even that record in their final preseason game, which will be on October 23 at home against the Mavericks. In preparation for the regular season start next week, the Bulls have waived Jordan Crawford and Marcus Simmons to bring their roster to 15 players. In the final preseason game, Joakim Noah is reportedly going to come off the bench, and Derrick Rose is also helping to see some game time. You can still get your tickets for the final preseason (prices starting at $56) and for the season opener on October 27 at home against the Cavaliers (prices start at $29).

10/14/15 - You have two more chances to see the Chicago Bulls in action before the season kicks off. While the preseason lasts, the Bulls will be hosting the Indiana Pacers on October 20th and the Dallas Mavericks on the 23rd. Then, on October 27th, the season opener takes place with the Cleveland Cavaliers coming to Chicago. Tickets for that exciting match are still available starting at $114. If you are looking for a less expensive way to show your support, be sure to check out the preseason matches. After the season opener, the Bulls will be hitting the road for the following two games, but they will be back on November 1st.

8/10/15 - The official NBA schedule for 2015-2016 has just been released, and it looks like the Chicago Bulls will be off to an exciting start. The Bulls finished second in the Central Division last season with a decent 50-32 record. With room to improve, they’ll be looking to make a statement as they head into their kickoff game. Their first game at United Center will not be an easy one. They will have to face archrivals and reigning division champions the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everyone is curious to see how the new and improved Bulls lineup matches up with star forward LeBron James and the rest of the Cavaliers. Come see it all unfold on Tuesday, October 27. Tickets are currently available for as little as $60.

2015-2016 Season

5/11/15 - The Chicago Bulls just finished the fifth game of the playoff's second round and things are getting dicey. While they have won two games, their opponents, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have won three and are now only one victory away from taking the spot in the semifinals. The Bulls had the home court disadvantage, but has still managed to win one of their away games, taking the victory by seven points after they scored an impressive 32 points in the third quarter. There is one home game and one away game remaining in this round, and the Bulls need to win both to advance. The odds may be stacked against them, but victory is still well within their reach. After all, Chicago did manage to remain undefeated in the previous round.

5/4/15 - With whispers suggesting they would not be able to finish off Milwaukee before their first-round series was pushed to a decisive Game 7, Mike Dunleavy and the Chicago Bulls responded in an emphatic way. Dunleavy put 20 points in 28 minutes and Paul Gasol added 19 to go with 8 rebounds as the Bulls ran the Bucks out of their own gym, 120-66. Advancing to the second round hasn’t slowed Chicago’s momentum, as they opened Round 2 on the road with a victory in Cleveland over LeBron James and the Cavaliers. The 99-92 victory was highlighted by 25 points and five assists from Derrick Rose, who led his team to a win and home court advantage in the series. Game 2 is Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena, and tickets are still available starting at $58!

4/27/15 - The Chicago Bulls started their series of away games against the Milwaukee Bucks well. They managed to win, even on the Bucks' court, by seven points. Since then, however, the Bulls have had less luck. They lost the second away game, by a tiny two points, ending it 90-92. Worse, they lost their next meet too, this time back in Chicago. To secure a place in the conference semifinals, the Bulls only need to take one more victory, but they only have two games remaining, one of which being an away game. It seems like a long shot for the Bucks to make a comeback and steal the spot in the next round, but the Bulls cannot let their guard down. Their next home game will be on May 2nd.

4/21/15 - So far, the Chicago Bulls are doing extremely well in the playoffs. With the formidable Milwaukee Bucks as their first opponents, no one could be entirely sure how the matchup would go down. Now, the Bulls have won both of the meets, which means they are 50% of the way to the next round. They took the most recent victory by nine points, but they won the postseason opener on April 18th by an impressive 12 points. The Bulls now travel to Milwaukee’s home court to play two more games. If they win both, they will be on their way to the conference semifinals. Otherwise, the two teams will meet again on April 27th on the Bull’s home turf. Tickets for that game start at $51.

4/13/15 - The Chicago Bulls have one final home game against the conference leader, the Atlanta Hawks, before the regular season ends. They are currently in the third position for the Eastern Conference, but they are at risk of falling to the number four spot if they lose and the Toronto Raptors win their final game. The Bulls already have secured a place in the playoffs, but this would affect which team they open against. It is looking like they will be taking on the Milwaukee Bucks, but there is a chance the Bulls will play the Washington Wizards instead. Either way, Chicago is in the middle of a winning streak right now, which is the perfect time to enter the postseason. Hopefully they will be able to maintain their edge.

4/6/15 - The Chicago Bulls are back from their short break and they seem to be a little rusty, losing two of their three games. They were able to beat the Detroit Pistons, but they only scored an unimpressive 88 points. Additionally, both of the teams they lost to, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, will be appearing in the postseason, in the Bulls' own conference no less. They did only lose these games by four and five points respectively, but being unable to hold their own against their eventual opponents in the postseason is worrying. The Bulls only have a small handful of games remaining, only two of which being home games, before the playoffs begin. Hopefully they will be able to regain their momentum before the postseason kicks off.

3/30/15 - The Chicago Bulls are currently on a short hiatus, but they will be returning to the court again on April 1st. Their last game, against the New York Knicks, was on March 28th. The Bulls played an incredible game, with their lowest scoring quarter being at a very impressive 26 points. Total, Chicago scored 111 points, 31 more than the Knicks. The Bulls are the third team in the Eastern Conference, but they are performing much better than the two teams above them. They have a real chance at walking away with the championship. Their next home game, which is one of only three that remain before the playoffs, is against the Detroit Pistons on April 3rd. Tickets are available starting as low as $65.

3/23/15 - Things were not going well for the Chicago Bulls last week, but they certainly picked themselves up. Starting with their back to back home games, the Bulls have won four out of their last five games. They also have used up nearly all of their home games for the season, so it remains to be seen how well they will play in the final days before the playoffs begin. If their most recent game, against the Toronto Raptors, is any indication, they will be alright. The Bulls managed to rack up 116 points, and even scored an incredible 39 points in the final quarter. There are four more matches on the Bull's court, the first being on March 28th against the New York Knicks. Tickets start at $66.

3/16/15 - Even though the Chicago Bulls have already secured a spot in the playoffs, they have not been playing well lately. They are now up to two consecutive losses and five of their last six games ended in defeat. If the Bulls want any chance of standing up to the competition once the postseason rolls around, they need to start building momentum now. Luckily for them, they are about to have back to back home games, which may just give them the edge they need. Even after those games, the Bulls will be having many home games, so you have plenty of opportunities to catch them in action in the coming weeks. First up, they take on the Indiana Pacers. You can attend for just $34.

3/9/15 - Offensive difficulties have plagued the Chicago Bulls, as they continue to look for scoring options in the absence of stars Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. Despite 21 points from Tony Snell and 18 from Rookie of the Year candidate Nikola Mirotic, the Bulls came up short for a third straight game, falling 101-91 to the Memphis Grizzlies. Pau Gasol added 13 and 11 boards for Chicago, who dropped games to the Indiana Pacers and San Antonio Spurs over the weekend. A soft schedule for the week upcoming may benefit Chicago, who find themselves clinging to a half-game lead over Toronto for third place in the East. The Bulls visit Philadelphia on Wednesday night, before heading to Charlotte to face the Hornets on Friday. Tickets for Time Warner Cable Arena in North Carolina are available from $45.

3/2/15 - Injuries to Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, and Jimmy Butler have come at a difficult point in the season for the Chicago Bulls, but fans know this team to be one of the toughest and most resilient in the league today. Gibson should be back in action by mid-March, while Butler and Rose both are hopeful to return late in the season for the Bulls’ playoff push. Chicago figures to make it into the postseason regardless, although they may not enjoy home court advantage at any point unless Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah can help lead Chicago’s second unit to a solid record for the next six weeks. The Bulls play rival Washington on Tuesday night in a game with big playoff implications—come out to the United Center and support your home team, with ticket as low as $24!

2/23/15 - The Chicago Bulls maintain their first place standing in the Central Division. In Monday night’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Nikola Mirotic was the top performer with 16 points, 14 rebounds, one assist, one steal, and one block. The final score was Chicago 87-71, both defensive teams were on top of their game. The Bulls are enjoying a stretch of seven home games, giving their fans a unique chance to enjoy them as much as possible in the final 25 games of the regular season. Catch them on Friday (2/27) when the Minnesota Timberwolves come to town. Tickets start at $45. You can get tickets for the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday (3/1) from Razorgator. Prices start at $62. Wrap up your week with some basketball action at the United Center.

2/16/15 - The Chicago Bulls seem to be keeping their team intact at the trade deadline. With just 28 games left to play, they’re making a push to get into the play-offs to take the Eastern Championship. They’re the second-best team on the road in the Eastern Conference, but they have the worst home team record among the top 15 teams in the NBA. On Saturday (2/21), the Bulls host the Philadelphia 76ers and tickets are going fast. There are still seats left, starting at $71. You’ll plenty of opportunity to catch some great basketball in the upcoming week, with the Bulls at home for another game on Monday (2/25) against the Milwaukee Bucks, then Wednesday with the Charlotte Hornets. Don’t wait to get your tickets for any of these exciting matchups.

2/9/15 - The Chicago Bulls are first in the Central Division with a 33-20 record, but they’d like to see a higher win percentage. They’re on a three game winning streak, beating the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday in a game filled with fast-paced action and excitement. The final score was 86-104. This gives the Bulls a 14-11 record at home, which is an improvement in their season. There’s still time to get tickets to the Bulls’ final game before the break. Razorgator has them starting at $75. Watch the Bulls host the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday (2/12). Break up the monotony of winter with your favorite home town team. They need your support and cheers to help them push through the end of the season and make it to the playoffs.

2/2/15 - If you’ve been missing your home team, you aren’t alone. The United Center hasn’t seen the Chicago Bulls since January 25 when they played the Miami Heat. Get your tickets now to their next home game on Tuesday (2/10) against the Sacramento Kings. Starting at only $34, these tickets will go fast as Bulls’ fans grab them up. Take a break out of the cold to see the team ranked first in the Central Division with a 30-19 record. Joakim Noah looks like he might be back to last season’s game when he took the defensive player of the year. In the last five games, Noah’s had 9.2 points and 10.8 rebounds. After all the injuries he’s dealt with, fans are glad to see him back on the court.

1/26/15 - Pau Gasol’s reinvigorated play this season was not lost on NBA fans, as the Spaniard center was voted to start the fifth All Star Game of his career—his first since 2010-11. His 18 points and 11 boards per game have buoyed a Chicago Bulls team that is competing for home court advantage in the playoffs, as they have also received strong contributions from their cast of hard-nosed regulars, including breakout star Jimmy Butler. It remains to be seen if any other Bulls will be joining Gasol in New York, but it’s a safe bet that at least one familiar face will be by his side as he plays his first game for Team East. The Bulls will face Pau’s former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, on Thursday night at the Staples Center. Aeats can still be had starting at $67, but they’re going fast!

1/19/15 - The Chicago Bulls are in first place in the Central Division with a 27-16 record, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are only 4.5 games behind them, so they need to get back into the win column. Even though the Bulls are on top, they’ve lost their last two games. Former MVP Derrick Rose went on the record as being frustrated with the team’s lackluster effort. Get your tickets to the next home game on January 25, because they won’t be back in the United Center until February 10. Sunday’s (1/25) game features the Miami Heat giving it all they’ve got to beat the Bulls. Tickets are available starting at just $56. It would make a great way to end the weekend in the arena with thousands of fans, cheering their home team on to victory!

1/12/15 - After a torrid December, the Chicago Bulls are starting to cool off just a bit, dropping three of their last four games to slide into fourth place in the Eastern Conference. Besides a win over the Milwaukee Bucks (thanks to a season-high 46 points from Pau Gasol), the Bulls did not fare well this past week: a 20-point defeat at the hands of the lowly Utah Jazz was followed by losses to Washington on the road, and Orlando at home. Chicago will get an opportunity for some measure of retribution on Wednesday night, when they host the Wizards at the United Center. Great seats are still available for this clash between two Eastern powers, with tickets starting at $34. Come out and show support for your Bulls!

1/5/15 - The Chicago Bulls continue their climb up the ranks of the Eastern Conference, going 9-1 in their last ten games to leapfrog both Washington and Toronto and take hold of second place, just a game and a half behind the Atlanta Hawks. The Bulls have put up three straight wins after closing out 2014 with a loss to the Nets, led by Pau Gasol and Jimmy Butler. Derrick Rose continues to look more like his pre-injury self as well, consistently logging over 30 minutes per game and putting up solid numbers across the board. Chicago will try to keep the ball rolling on Wednesday night, when they visit John Wall and Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center. Razorgator has great seats for the game available starting at $64!

12/29/14 - Jimmy Butler is looking more and more like an all-star candidate each night, and the Chicago Bulls are reaping the rewards, downing the Indiana Pacers on Monday night to stretch their win streak to seven in a row, the longest active streak in the league. Butler scored 27 points to go with nine rebounds, and Pau Gasol added 20 and six to help lead the Bulls to a 92-90 win over the Pacers in Indianapolis. Chicago overcame cold shooting from the floor with aggressive drives to the basket, connecting on 29 of 33 free throws to edge their division rival. The Bulls return home for a Tuesday night showdown with the Brooklyn Nets to wrap up 2014, and you can still get in the game with Razorgator. Tickets start at $97, and they’re going fast so don’t delay!

12/23/14 - In the midst of their toughest three-game stretch of the season so far, the Chicago Bulls are looking strong—and more importantly, so is all-star point guard Derek Rose. The Bulls scored a franchise-record 49 points in the fourth quarter on Monday night to defeat the East-leading Toronto Raptors, 129-120. The late-game scoring outburst—the like of which had not been accomplished by any team since 1993—propelled the Bulls to their third straight win, and Rose led the way with 29 points in 31 minutes. Rose has struggled to stay on the floor this year due to numerous injuries, but seems to be rounding back into form, helping his team win six of their last seven games. Chicago will need another strong performance to win their fourth straight, as they visit the dangerous Washington Wizards on Tuesday night. Razorgator is your source for tickets, with great seats still available starting at $29.

12/15/14 - The Chicago Bulls are showing their mettle with a 1st place ranking in the Central Division with a record of 15-9. They are playing strong, and their fans couldn’t be happier. On Monday, December 22, the Bulls take on the Toronto Raptors. On Christmas Day, they have an evening game against the Los Angeles Lakers. If you need a distraction amidst the holiday cheer and family get-togethers, what better way to spend the evening than a great basketball game between two great teams? On the 27th, the New Orleans Pelicans come to town to battle the Bulls. Tickets are still available for all of these great games that you won’t want to miss if you are a Chicago fan. Spend the holidays with your favorite team!

12/8/14 - After letting a close game versus the NBA-best Golden State Warriors slip away, the Chicago Bulls will look to regroup on Wednesday when they host the Brooklyn Nets. The Bulls managed to erase a 12-point halftime deficit versus the streaking Warriors on Saturday, outscoring them 31-18 in the third quarter, but a big fourth quarter from Draymond Green was enough to bring home the win for Golden State, who moved to a league-leading 17-2 with the victory. Led by Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol, Chicago will try to improve on their 2-5 home record this season, as they face the Nets at the United Center on Wednesday night. Razorgator is your connection for great seats at the game, with tickets still available starting at just $27!

12/2/14 - The Chicago Bulls’ season is back on track with their second win in a row on Sunday. The Brooklyn Nets didn’t put up much of a fight with a final score of 102-84. So far, the Bulls have had a whirlwind season with their excellent score of 11-6. They are currently in the number one position for the Central Division, but the Milwaukee Bucks are close behind with 10-8, only one less win and two more losses. Additionally, they will be taking on the Dallas Mavericks next which is one of the only teams in the league with a better win-loss ratio: 13-5. That game certainly promises to be a challenge for the Chicago Bulls, but if you’d like to catch it, some tickets are still available starting at $24.

11/25/14 - The Chicago Bulls had their second loss in a row to the Portland Trailblazers on Friday. With a final score of 87-105, the Bulls trailed in each of the first three quarters. They had a small comeback in the final minutes, scoring 6 more points than their opponents, but ultimately they were unable to close the gap. Chicago is, however, still first in the Central Division having one more win and two less losses than the Milwaukee Bucks, who are in second. The Bulls continue their seven-game-series of away games as they bring their wins/losses to 8-5. They will return to Chicago on the 2nd of December to play the Dallas Mavericks. If you would like to welcome the Bulls back to Chicago, tickets are available for $29.

11/17/14 - The Chicago Bulls had their first loss for this week on Saturday. It was a very low scoring game with only one quarter above 30 points. The final score of 99-90 put the Indiana Pacers at 4-7 while the Bulls sit pretty at 7-3. They are still the team to beat in the Central Division. Things certainly are looking good for Chicago, but the Bulls have almost entirely away games left, so they’ll have to fight hard to maintain their position. If you do want to catch the Bulls before the season ends, take advantage one of their last home games on December 2nd. Tickets are already available for $19. Otherwise, be sure to catch them fighting it out with the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday.

11/11/14 - Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls were unable to beat the Boston Celtics in their game on Saturday. Following an early lead, the Bulls were trailing significantly at the end of the third quarter. In the final quarter, Chicago was able to put together an impressive comeback with 23-34 in that period alone. It was nearly enough to overtake Boston, but regrettably they fell just short at 106-101. Despite this loss, the Bulls have one of the best win-loss ratios in the league at 5-2 and their game against the Detroit Pistons on their home court in Chicago will provide an excellent opportunity to pick up their winning streak where it left off. The Pistons are currently sitting at 2-4, so hopefully Chicago will be able to pull out a win on Monday.

11/4/14 - Even without the help of Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls were able to score another win for the 2014-2015 season Saturday, defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves 106-105. Now sitting at 2-1, the Bulls are at the top of the central standings. Rose bowed out of Saturday’s game due to two sprained ankles following the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday, but the win helped the team prove that it may be able to perform without the star, though winning a championship may be another story. The Bulls are scheduled to face the Orlando Magic on Tuesday, with Rose waiting to see how he feels before deciding whether or not he will play. Tickets for upcoming games are still available, with prices starting at just $29 per ticket.

8/14/14 – The Chicago Bulls 2014-2015 schedule was unleashed on Wednesday, revealing Derrick Rose’s re-return to the court will come on Oct. 29 against the Knicks in New York. The season tip-off also grants Windy City an opportunity to show Carmelo Anthony what he missed out on after spurning them in free agency. The home opener at United Center will see a visit from LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on Halloween. As usual, the LA Lakers will play on Christmas, and this time they’ll visit the Bulls, marking Carlos Boozer’s return to United Center in the same game Pau Gasol will play his former teammates. Chicago will face the Spurs (Jan. 22), Pacers (Nov. 15) and Clippers (Mar 1), with their final game being April 15 opposite Atlanta. Don’t miss out on the team everyone will be watching in 2015 and score your Chicago Bulls tickets now!

The Chicago Bulls come into the 2014-2015 season with a ton of storylines. Eyes will be on Joakim Noah, who highlights this year's early MVP conversations, not to mention Pau Gasol, acquired from LA in the offseason, or Nikola Mirotic’s uncompromising play in the frontcourt—the list of Windy City intrigue goes on. There is, however, one headline that will remain on the NBA’s front page, and that is the return of Derrick Rose. Arguably the most hyped return from injury in recent history, Rose was impeccable before his brush with two season-ending disasters that have left him off the courts for the better part of three years. Chicago Bulls fans are putting all they’ve got in their point guard’s knees, because with a healthy Rose, no team in the Eastern Conference is safe.

The 2013-2014 season was not only anguished by injury, but fans also lost favorite Luol Deng to the Cavs for Andrew Bynum's layover. Still, mastermind coach Tom Thibodeau never let this team fall by the wayside, and the stellar play of Joakim Noah reinvigorated the warrior squad that was left for dead. Chicago landed in the postseason with fourth seed in the East, but were dispatched early by the fifth-seed Wizards. This year, the Bulls welcomed rookies Doug McDermott and Anthony Randolph from the Draft. Score Chicago Bulls tickets and jump on board with this never-say-die team in 2015!

2013-2014 Season

4/30/14 - A rollercoaster of a season came to a crashing end this past weekend in Chicago, as the host Bulls, who were the top non-division winner and fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, were eliminated in five games by surprising Washington, who was making just their first playoff appearance since 2008. Big man Joakim Noah, who stepped up into a leadership role during the regular season when Derrick Rose was injured and knocked out for the rest of the season, had just one strong showing during the playoff series with the Wizards, scoring 20 points and collecting 10 boards in Game 2 (which the Bulls still lost). After the series, Noah revealed to reporters that he had been playing on a bad left knee, though CSN Chicago reports that Noah would not use his injury as an excuse for poor performance. Reserve Taj Gibson was also injured during Game 5, and had to be helped off the floor to the locker room. So now, the Bulls have several months to get healthy and figure out how to get back to the next level.

4/15/14 - Along with division mates Indiana, the Chicago Bulls will go down as one of the most defense-oriented squads in the league…but as good as they are on defense (a league leading 91.8 average points per game allowed), they are as woeful on offense (30th in the league overall in per-game scoring average at 93.6). Which means the Bulls will struggle when the shots don’t fall they way they’d like, as against New York over the weekend, a 100-89 loss. While six Bulls scored in double figures, only one – jimmy Butler, with 17 points – had more than 15. Joakim Noah, who has assumed the role as team leader in the absence of Derrick Rose, collected another double-double (and one assist shy of a triple), scoring 13 points while grabbing 17 rebounds and handing out nine assists; Mike Dunleavy and backup Taj Gibson also chipped in 13 points apiece for the Bulls.

4/8/14 - Starter Joakim Noah and reserve D.J. Augustin outshone the host Washington Wizards over the weekend, as the Bulls and Wizards, two playoff-bound squads in the East, clashed, with the Bulls victorious 96-78. Augustin led all scorers with 25 points, including 6-of-11 shooting from beyond the three-point arc for the victorious Bulls, while also collecting four boards, four dishes and a pair of steals; Noah recorded a double-double of 21 points and 12 rebounds to go along with three assists and a blocked shot. Carlos Boozer made his presence felt as well, adding 16 points, four rebounds, an assist and two steals, as did reserve Taj Gibson, who had seven boards and a pair of rejections to go with nine points.

3/31/14 - Even without Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls have wrapped up a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, currently sitting in the fourth spot overall in the conference standings. The Bulls – most notably coach Tom Thibodeau and general manager Gar Forman – insist that Rose will not play this season; however, Pro Basketball Talk reported that Rose is practicing with the Bulls’ second unit. In the meantime, the Bulls got a career night from reserve D.J. Augustin, who exploded for a game, team, and career high 33 points in the Bulls’ most recent win, a 107-102 triumph over the Celtics in Boston. All five Bulls starters broke double figures in points: Jimmy Butler with 15; Carlos Boozer with 14; Joakim Noah, whose 13 points, 13 assists, and eight rebounds nearly gave him a triple-double; and finally Mike Dunleavy and Kirk Hinrich, who each added 11 points.

3/24/14 - The last two victories for the Chicago Bulls have come at the expense of the woeful Philadelphia 76ers, on either side of a key loss down I-65 at Indiana. The most recent Bulls-Sixers matchup, in Chicago, was won by the Bulls, 91-81; four players, led by Joakim Noah’s 20, were responsible for 69 of the Bulls’ 91 points. Taj Gibson contributed a double-double for Chicago as a substitute, combining 16 points with 10 rebounds as well as four blocked shots; Jimmy Butler added 17 points and eight rebounds in what the Chicago Tribune termed a “yeoman effort.” D.J. Augustin also had 16 points, as well as six assists and four rebounds.

3/18/14 - What a game for Joakim Noah in last weekend’s 94-87 defeat of Sacramento by the Chicago Bulls. Noah was responsible for scoring a team high 23 points, another team high with 11 boards, while adding eight assists, five blocks and three steals for the night. Supporting Noah in the win were reserve Taj Gibson with 19 points, nine boards and three blocked shots of his own; and Mike Dunleavy, who contributed 16 points and six rebounds to the cause. Noah is certainly making a case for himself to be named as an all-NBA first teamer, which would net him a $500,000 bonus if he is.

3/11/14 - Just two weeks after being blown out in Miami by the Heat, the Chicago Bulls sent the defending champs packing with a key loss, prevailing in overtime 95-88. Center Joakim Noah came up huge for the Bulls, collecting 20 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists, and five blocked shots in the win. Guard Jimmy Butler also had a double-double for the Bulls, contributing 16 points, 11 rebounds and four steals in the winning effort; while D.J. Augustin added 22 points and Taj Gibson pulled down 10 boards, both off the bench.

3/4/14 PM - Momentum – in the form of a triple-double for Chicago Bulls big man Joakim Noah – is back in the United Center for the Bulls, who have reeled off four straight wins since a lackluster loss to the Miami Heat last week. Noah had 13 points, along with 12 boards and 14 dishes for the Bulls in their 109-90 victory over New York this past weekend. Chicago also got a team high 23 points off the bench from D.J. Augustin, and new acquisition Jimmer Fredette, recently waived by Sacramento, made his Chicago debut as well. All five Chicago starters scored in double figures for the Bulls in their defeat of the Knicks.

3/4/14 AM - Upon negotiating his buyout last week from the Philadelphia 76ers, forward Danny Granger quickly signed with the contender he wanted, the Los Angeles Clippers. Signing his contract Friday afternoon, Granger was ready to hit the floor for the Clips’ contest against visiting New Orleans. However, coach Doc Rivers failed to indicate Granger as active on the official scorecard submitted to the league – so Granger had to retreat to the locker room and return to his street clothes. That might have been the only mistake the Clippers made last weekend, as they blitzed New Orleans 108-76 behind 21 points and eight assists from Chris Paul; 20 points from Blake Griffin; and 12 rebounds plus four blocked shots from DeAndre Jordan.

2/24/14 - Even though Miami’s best player was on the sidelines in a suit and tie, the Chicago Bulls were unable to capitalize, losing 93-79 to the Heat, with the third quarter of the game being decisive – the two teams went into the locker rooms at the half tied, but Miami outscored the Bulls 25-12 in the third period. Center Joakim Noah had unpleasant words for the press after the game; in an ESPNChicago story, Noah said, “When we play the Miami Heat, our intensity has to be high the whole time.” He also said, “I’m frustrated about the game right now.” Coach Tom Thibodeau was also less than pleased, saying, “We have to be tougher.” One very telling negative stat for the Bulls: They were called for seven shot-clock violations for the game.

2/18/14 - Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah put in a good showing at last weekend’s NBA All Star Game in New Orleans, scoring eight points, chipping in five rebounds and five assists as well as a steal in 21 minutes on the court in for the East in their comeback 163-155 win over the West. In a TrueHoop TV video posted on, Noah says he still believes that the Bulls are on the right track to a title, despite losing Derrick Rose to another season ending injury and Luol Deng in a trade. While the Bulls overall are getting the job done on defense (second in the NBA behind Indiana in points allowed per game), they will need to improve on their league worst offense to have any hope of gaining ground in the standings.

2/6/14 - During their eight-game road trip, the Chicago Bulls have so far split their games, collecting wins over Charlotte, San Antonio, and most recently Phoenix on February 4; while losing to lesser lightweights Minnesota, New Orleans, and Sacramento. After the win over the Suns, Joakim Noah slapped a new nickname on Jimmy Butler: “Blazing Saddles,” after the Mel Brooks comedy flick. Butler is already known among his teammates as “Cowboy,” and he recorded his fifth straight double-figure scoring game against Phoenix.

1/31/14 - Despite losing Derrick Rose once again to injury, the Chicago Bulls remain in the thick of the playoff hunt, even though the team is hovering right around the .500 mark. However, Rose’s extended absence has left the door open for veteran center Joakim Noah to step up. Noah, who is having a career year statistically, was named on January 30 as one of the Eastern Conference’s All-Star reserves. Noah is averaging 11.4 rebounds per game, while recent acquisition Luol Deng leads the squad in points per game at 19.0.

1/21/14 - The Chicago Bulls are up to.500 with a 20-20 record halfway through the season, and are the 6th seed in the East. Thanks to their 102-100 victory over the dejected Lakers yesterday at home, the Bulls have gotten hot, winning eight of their last ten games. Chicago can score another W tomorrow over divisional opponents, the Cavaliers, but they’ll have to face former teammate Luol Deng, who was traded for (and immediately released) Andrew Bynum and three draft picks, to do so. Chicago’s next home game will pit them against the Clippers this Friday, who won’t go down easy. Chicago Bulls tickets for this uncompromising match-up start at $29 in the Upper Level and $81 in the Lower Level. Carlos Boozer’s amnesty clause will likely see him leave Chi-Town this summer, so this may be the last few weeks you can jump on the Booze Train before it leaves the station!

Entering the 2013-14 season, Chicago Bulls tickets are the fourth most expensive NBA ticket, averaging $269 (up 68% since last year). The $109 jump in average price is a result of the Bulls MVP point guard being back on the court. Last year we saw the rise of young players like Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, and Taj Gibson; add Rose back into the mix and the team is a true, Eastern Conference title contender. While we saw the Bulls lose the season opener to the Heat, Chicago did outscore their opponents in the second half proving you can never count them out coming down the stretch. It was a different story against the Knicks in Rose’s homecoming two nights later. A baseline floater by the Chicago native with 5.7 seconds left on the clock, gave the Bulls their first win of the season. Another must-see Eastern Conference matchup will come on Christmas Day against the Brooklyn Nets in a rematch of last year’s seven game series in the first round of the playoffs. The two big market teams will kickoff NBA Christmas of high-caliber matchups of top players and teams.

The Bulls did not make any major moves during free agency, but they hope that the return of a healthy Derrick Rose will propel them back to the top of the Eastern Conference. Rose looks to regain his MVP form and bring championship-level basketball back to the United Center after missing the entire 2012-13 season. The Bulls will open the 2013-14 season on 10/29 in Miami, hoping to avenge their hard-fought second round playoff loss to the Heat last season.

2012-2013 Season

4/1/13 - The Chicago Bulls have grinded out some close wins of late. Their toughness was rewarded last week when they broke the Miami Heat 27-game winning-streak and clinched a playoff berth. Miami is a likely opponent should the Bulls get to the second round. Chicago has proven that they can win against the best (even with multiple injuries to key players), are physical, and resilient. Many feel the only question mark around the team is whether or not Derrick Rose will return to the court before the end of the season. We’ll all stay tuned as the Bulls finish the regular season with four home games against the Orlando Magic, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks, and Washington Wizards.

2/20/14 - When thinking of the Chicago Bulls, what usually comes to mind are the Bulls squads of the Michael Jordan days, the Bulls who won several NBA titles while blowing away the opposition. The Bulls of today are not quite the same caliber, but remain a formidable opponent to play, and are well in the playoff hunt. While as a team, they are no offensive juggernaut — near the bottom of the league in points scored per game — the Bulls make up for their lack of offense with one of the top team defenses in the NBA, and they're doing it without their superstar, Derrick Rose, who suffered a major knee injury in last season's playoffs.

Rose's rehab is just about completed and he is starting to practice again, which will definitely provide a lift to the Bulls offense. In his absence, Joakim Noah (the son of retired French tennis star Yannick Noah) is picking up much of the slack, along with forward Luol Deng. While Deng leads the team in scoring, Noah is a force in the center, leading the team in rebounding, steals, and blocked shots. Carlos Boozer and Richard Hamilton also provide offensive punch; while Kirk Hinrich, when healthy, is an assist machine, distributing the ball to teammates. Coach Tom Thibodeau has to be praying for Rose's ultimate return to the United Center floor; when that happens, the Bulls will have to be considered as a serious contender for the NBA title chase once again.

Bulls tickets at the United Center in Chicago average $168, currently the 5th most expensive NBA tickets this season. Bulls fans on a budget in the Windy City will find cheap Chicago Bulls tickets under $40 in the 300 level for select 2013 Bulls home games. On the road, Bulls basketball tickets average $141 — only the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and OKC Thunder are more popular NBA road teams. If you're in Chicago this spring and looking for the hottest Bulls tickets, check out these upcoming home games on the 2013 Bulls schedule: Brooklyn Nets, Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat.
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