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With the Bobcats moniker now becoming a distant memory, the Charlotte Hornets look to write a new page in their franchise history book. A young, talented squad got younger and even more talented in this year’s NBA Draft, as the Hornets selected Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky to bolster a solid frontcourt which also features Al Jefferson and newly-acquired Nic Batum. Charlotte will look to punch their ticket to the playoffs after falling short last season, and with the Eastern Conference seemingly up for grabs once again, there’s no telling just how far this young team might go. One thing’s for sure: you can pick up great seats for Charlotte Hornets home games at Time Warner Cable Arena with Razorgator. Charlotte Hornets tickets are on sale now—get yours while they’re hot!
Charlotte Hornets Tickets - Hornets Ticket Schedule and Dates
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Mon Feb 08 7:00 PM Chicago Bulls at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Tue Mar 01 7:00 PM Phoenix Suns at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Fri Mar 04 7:00 PM Indiana Pacers at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Mon Mar 07 7:00 PM Minnesota Timberwolves at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Wed Mar 09 7:00 PM New Orleans Pelicans at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Fri Mar 11 7:00 PM Detroit Pistons at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Sat Mar 12 7:00 PM Houston Rockets at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Mon Mar 14 7:00 PM Dallas Mavericks at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Wed Mar 16 7:00 PM Orlando Magic at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Sat Mar 19 6:00 PM Denver Nuggets at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Mon Mar 21 7:00 PM San Antonio Spurs at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Fri Apr 01 7:00 PM Philadelphia 76ers at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Fri Apr 08 7:00 PM Brooklyn Nets at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC
Wed Apr 13 8:00 PM Orlando Magic at Charlotte Hornets Time Warner Cable Arena
Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Hornets 2015-2016 News and Updates

1/25/16 - The Charlotte Hornets won three games in a row, two of which were decided in overtime. Their latest victory was on the 25 against the Kings, which went into two overtimes and ended with the Hornets ahead by just one point. Troy Daniels sank a 3-pointer with just 9 seconds left in the second overtime to give the game to the Hornets. He also had a career-high 28 points, leading the team in scoring. However, the Hornets could not keep the streak going and subsequently lost to the Jazz on January 27. They will look to start another winning streak when they play the Trail Blazers on the 29. You can still get tickets for prices starting at $23.

1/19/16 - The Charlotte Hornets beat the Jazz in an exciting game that went into double overtime on Monday, January 18. The Jazz were ahead when the team when into the locker rooms at the half, but the Hornets rallied, outscoring the Jazz 31-22 in the fourth quarter to tie the game and send it into overtime. It took two overtime periods before the Hornets were able to maintain the lead and win the game. Kemba Walker scored 52 points, which was a franchise-record. However, they were unable to maintain the momentum when they played the Thunder and lost. They play the Magic on January 22, and you can still get tickets for $18.
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1/11/16 - Fans have been waiting for the Charlotte Hornets to end their disappointing losing streak. That finally happened when the Hornets took on the Atlanta Hawks on January 13th. After scoring more than their opponents in each quarter, the Hornets finished with a strong victory. The final score came to 84-107. The Hornets are hitting the road for one quick away game against the New Orleans Pelicans, but they are coming right back for back-to-back home matches against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Utah Jazz. Tickets for these matches, which will be on January 16th and 18th, start at $29 and $62 respectively. Be sure to cheer the Hornets to victory now that they are through their losing streak.

1/4/16 - The Charlotte Hornets are in the midst of an unfortunate five game losing streak. Their most recent loss was against the Suns on January 6. The Hornets went into the locker room at the half behind by eight points but came out strong in the third quarter and cut the deficit to just one point. However, they were unable to keep that momentum in the fourth quarter and subsequently lost 111-102. Kemba Walker scored 25 points to lead the team in scoring. Jeremy Lin and Marvin Williams helped out with 15 points apiece. The Hornets next play the Clippers on January 9, and you can still get tickets with prices starting at $6.

12/28/15 - This year, the Charlotte Hornets have been one of the pleasant surprises in the NBA, showing hope for a bright future. All attention was on the past when the Lakers came to town though, as Kobe Bryant suited up for what could be his final came as a pro in the city which first drafted him. That’s right—No. 8 didn’t start out as a Laker. Back when he was still No. 24, the Black Mamba was selected 13th overall and promptly traded to La-La Land for one Vlade Divacs. Back to present day, the Hornets will ring in 2016 in Canada as they take on the Raptors at Air Canada Centre. Get your tickets from $42!

12/21/15 - After beating the Raptors in overtime on December 17, the Hornets fell to the Wizards on December 19. Falling behind by 15 going into the fourth quarter, the Hornets attempted to rally and almost achieved their goal. However, the Wizards were able to hold onto their lead and ultimately win 109-101. Kemba Walker led the team with 18 points and Jeremy Lin added another 15 for the Hornets. The Hornets head to Houston to play the Rockets before coming home for a stream of home games that starts with the Celtics on the 23. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person as the Hornets look to add some more wins to their record, with prices starting at $38.

12/14/15 - The Charlotte Hornets suffered what was only their second loss in December. It is okay, however, because their winning streak included four matches. This string of victories sent the Hornets up to the number five position in the Eastern Conference. In fact, they are now only two wins behind the conference leader, the Cleveland Cavaliers. From here, the Hornets will be having many away games, but they will be returning to Charlotte for a quick home game on December 23rd. They will be hosting the Boston Celtics with tickets starting at $30. Come out and welcome the Hornets back to their own court. It is sure to be a very exciting match.

12/7/15 - The Charlotte Hornets are on a roll. After losing to the unbeaten Warriors, the Hornets won their next three in a row against the Bulls, Pistons, and Heat. Against the Heat, guard Nicolas Batum had a triple-double with 11 assists, 11 rebounds, and 10 points. Two players led the team in scoring with 18 points: Marvin Williams and Kemba Walker. The Hornets led for most of the game, and although the Heat tried to rally in the fourth quarter, the Hornets maintained their lead for a 99-81 victory. The Hornets head to Memphis to play the Grizzlies on the 11 and then head home to host the Celtics on the 12. You can still get tickets, with prices as low as $7.

11/30/15 - The last couple of weeks the Charlotte Hornets have been pulling out all of the stops to add more wins to their record. They have been able to win the last six of their eight games, most of which have been close calls. On November 29, they took on the Milwaukee Bucks and were able to hold them off. Their most successful quarter of the game was by far the second. The Hornets put 23 points up on the scoreboard and played outstanding defense, giving the Bucks only nine points in that quarter. See if they can pull it off again when they face the undefeated, Golden State Warriors on December 2. Get your tickets today.

11/23/15 - The Charlotte Hornets had a negative season record just one week ago. Today, they currently maintain a record of 8-6. This comeback is due to the Hornets’ impressive run of home games. They faced the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Sacramento Kings and were able to beat them all. The Hornets even managed to come away with an overtime victory against the Kings. After tying at 112, the final score came to 122-127. Things are just getting started for the Hornets, however. They have four more consecutive home games approaching, so you have every opportunity to see them continue their winning streak. First up, the Hornets host the Washington Wizards.

11/16/15 - If you look at the Charlotte Hornets overall record, which is currently at 5-5, you might not be too impressed. However, the Hornets have been able to win five of their last eight games this month, showing that the team is getting used to playing together. On November 17, the Hornets hit the road to storm the court against the New York Knicks. During the first half, both teams had control at different points in the ball game, ending the half with a two-point difference. However, it was during the third quarter that the Knicks kicked it into fourth gear and outscored the Hornets by ten points, leading them to the win. Get tickets for the next live Hornets game today.

11/9/15 - The Charlotte Hornets may be at the bottom of the pack in the Eastern conference, but they are still in the running with a close record to the teams above them. On November 13, the Hornets hit the road to take on the Chicago Bulls. The Hornets were the favored team in this matchup, due to their 25-point defeat against the Bulls on November 3. However, the tables were turned on Friday night when the Bulls played more consistently and aggressively. The Hornets lost 97-102 when they were outscored in the fourth quarter by seven points. Get your tickets to see them play live on November 17 against the New York Knicks.

11/2/15 - The Charlotte Hornets were off to a rocky start earlier in the season, but it seems they are back on their feet. It is always difficult to deal with back to back matches against a team as talented as the Atlanta Hawks, so it is impressive that they only fell two or three points behind in each game. Then, the Hornets took some strong victories against the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks. For the first time this year, the Hornets broke 100 points, and even managed to get up to an unheard of 130 points in November 3rd’s match. Their next home game will be on November 11th when they host the New York Knicks. Tickets start at $15.

10/26/15 - It is finally time for the Charlotte Hornets to start up their 2015-2016 season. Unfortunately, things kicked off with an away game, which is always difficult to deal with. The Hornets played the Miami Heat on October 28th. The final score came to 94-104 with the Hornets behind. They have one more away game to go before they are finally able to have their home opener. Tickets for the first match on their own court are almost entirely sold out. If you want to see the Hornets host the Atlanta Hawks on November 1st, be sure to get your tickets right away. It is sure to be an incredibly exciting match.

10/19/15 - The Charlotte Hornets have had an incredible preseason. Up until their final game against the Pacers, they had been undefeated. They were on the verge of a record until the Pacers destroyed their dreams, leaving them with a 7-1 record. The solid preseason bodes well for what to expect from the Hornets for the 2015-16 season, and it was still the best preseason record in the franchise's history. Fans are hoping this could mean the Hornets could go all the way. The regular season starts on October 28 in Miami for the Hornets. You can still get your tickets to the game for as little as $26. There's still time to grab tickets for the rest of the 2015-16 season.

10/14/15 - The Charlotte Hornets will not have their first home game until the third game of the season, but you can catch them in action before the season even starts. Two home preseason games still have tickets available. First the Hornets will host the New York Knicks on October 17th, and then the Chicago Bulls arrive two days later. If you have your hopes set on kicking the season off right and attending the home opener, get your tickets for the November 1st match against the Atlanta Hawks today. Tickets start as low as just $15, so there is no reason to miss this exciting opportunity to see the Hornets live.

8/10/15 - Fans of the Charlotte Hornets probably still haven’t gotten over the disappointment that was the 2014-2015 season. The Hornets finished fourth in the Southeast division with a record of just 33-49. Fortunately, fans now have next season to look forward to. The official NBA schedule for the 2015-2016 season was published this week, and the Hornets are just over two months away from their shot at redemption. It won’t be easy, however. They will start their season on the road and face the Miami Heat before facing division rivals the Atlanta Hawks in back to back games. Tickets to the kickoff game on November 1 are available in extremely limited quantities and are currently listed at $125 a piece. Come show the Hornets your support as they gear up for the new season!

2014-2015 Season

4/21/15 - The Charlotte Hornets have officially ended their season, and it was rough, especially near the end. Hornets star Cody Zeller was out of nearly 20 games in the last few months due to a shoulder injury. He is entering rehab now, and it looks like he might be back for next season, though that is still unclear. Even if he is unable to return, Charlotte is high up in the draft and they should be able to put together a team to contend with the competition. The Hornets had a rough season, but it is really looking like they will have better luck next year, so do not give up hope on them. Bigger and better things are certainly right around the corner for the Hornets.

4/15/15 - Another rough stretch for the Charlotte Hornets, who are officially out of the race for the 2015 playoffs. Fittingly enough, the leader of their conference, the Atlanta Hawks, are the ones to bump them out of the running. On April 10th, in a tough 104-80 loss, the Hornets simply could not stand up to the Hawks. That was their third consecutive loss, and they have been unsuccessful in turning things around since their loss. It seems that without a chance at the postseason, Charlotte simply loss their drive. The final game, on April 15th against the Toronto Raptors, saw the Hornets come close to breaking their streak, but they still fell just short with 87-92. Luckily, they are pretty high up on the draft, so hopefully they will get a strong start next season.

4/7/15 - The Charlotte Hornets are a game and a half behind Boston for the final spot in the Eastern Conference with six games left to play, so they’re not out of the running by any means. However, the Hornets are getting zero respect with regard to their chances; ESPN’s playoff odds put the Hornets with just a 5.6 percent chance of making the postseason.

3/31/15 - It’s looking more and more as though the Charlotte Hornets will be on the outside looking in at the NBA postseason, despite a short run as a playoff contender earlier in the season. The Hornets are a game and a half behind the current eighth seed Boston, with nine games left to play; however, their schedule strength in those remaining games is expected to work against them.

3/24/15 - With five teams in the running for just two playoff spots in the Eastern Conference, the Charlotte Hornets have some hard work in front of themselves to make it into the looming postseason. The Hornets are just a half game behind Boston – and just a half game ahead of Indiana – in the conference playoff race, with Brooklyn also nipping at the Hornets’ heels.

3/20/15 - Unfortunately, the Charlotte Hornets did not make the playoffs. They were doing exceptionally well, but since that disappointing news, the Hornets have been off their game. They have only won one of their last five games, even drooping as low as scoring a miserable 66 points against the Utah Jazz. They need to drudge through three more away games before returning to their own court. Hopefully they will be able to regain their momentum at that point. With only eight home games remaining, your next chance to see them live will be on March 25th, when they will be taking on the Brooklyn Nets. Tickets for that game start for as little as $12. Then, starting on the 28th, the Hornets will have three consecutive home games, so you have plenty of chances to see them in action.

3/10/15 - Do the Charlotte Hornets still have a chance? According to data-journalism site FiveThirtyEight, in their latest power rankings, the Hornets are moving up, and stand at a 53% chance of making the postseason. The Hornets had won five straight before losing their last outing, and six of their last eight in keeping pace with Indiana in the Eastern Conference race.

3/3/15 - With a win over division rival Orlando to kick off March, the Charlotte Hornets continue to battle for a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference. The Hornets are just percentage points behind ninth-place Indiana, and a half game behind Brooklyn for the eighth and final seed in the playoffs.

2/24/15 - The middle of the Eastern Conference is getting mighty bunched up these days, and the Charlotte Hornets are one of six teams clustered within 2 ½ games of each other. At the moment, the Hornets are in 11th place in the conference, just four percentage points behind Detroit and Indiana, all three of whom are a game behind Brooklyn.

2/19/15 - The Charlotte Hornets were quiet at the Thursday trade deadline, making no further deals after their pre-All Star addition of veteran Mo Williams from Minnesota. The Hornets are still in contention for the postseason, tied with division rival Miami for the last two seeds.

2/10/15 - Needing depth at the point guard position, the Charlotte Hornets acquired veteran Mo Williams and another guard, Troy Daniels, from Minnesota for Gary Neal and a second-round draft pick in 2019. Williams’ highlight while with Minnesota this season was his 52-point explosion against Indiana in January.

2/3/15 - The Charlotte Hornets, for all the drama they’ve had to deal with this season surrounding Lance Stephenson, are still in the hunt for a spot in the postseason. The Hornets currently hold the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference, and are a game and a half ahead of ninth-place Brooklyn at the moment.

1/27/15 - It’s been a good January so far for the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets are 9-3 so far this month, and have also won four of their last five, that loss coming to a resurgent Cleveland squad late last week. The Hornets close out the month with a pair of road games before starting February with back to back games against Washington.

1/13/15 - As Atlanta and Washington pull away in the Southeast Division, the Charlotte Hornets currently sit in fourth place in the division, two games behind Miami while two ahead of Orlando. The Hornets are in the midst of a five-game winning streak; only Atlanta’s is longer in the Eastern Division at the moment.

1/6/15 - Even though the Charlotte Hornets are only winning, on average, one in three, they’re on a two game win streak to start the year. The Hornets are just a half game behind Orlando in the Southeast Division standings, and 3 ½ back of Miami.

12/9/14 - It took a buzzer-beater to do it, but the Charlotte Hornets escaped Madison Square Garden with a eon point win over the Knicks last Friday. The Hornets’ win is just their first in the last 10 games, however.

12/2/14 - The Charlotte Hornets would like to think good riddance to November, a month in which they won just three games, and closed out with a nine game losing streak. But awaiting them to start the month of December are the Centra-leading Chicago Bulls.

11/11/14 - It was a roller coaster ride for the Charlotte hornets recently. First, offseason acquisition Lance Stephenson hit the first buzzer-beater of his career in a double-OT win over Atlanta; then turned around and allowed the previously winless Lakers their first win.

11/4/14 - Defensively, the Charlotte Hornets are establishing themselves as a tough team to score on – their 91.0 points allowed average is third in the league. On the other hand if anything needs more work, it’s the Hornets offense, which is averaging just 90.0 points per game – next to last in the league.

10/27/14 - The upcoming season for the Charlotte Hornets promises to be a good one after winning a come-back game against the Milwaukee Bucks in their season opener. The Hornets’ first game in twelve years was sold out and ended with an impressive 108-106 win in overtime. They were behind 24 points in the third quarter when Kemba Walker carried them to catch up to the Bucks. In the last eighteen minutes of regulation time Walker gained the team 26 points and was one of five Hornets’ players to reach double digits in the game. Marvin Williams and Gary Neal worked hard to keep the score even during the extra session and it was Walker with a jumper at the end of the shot clock that ended the game with a close win for the Hornets. Watch the Hornets dominate this season with tickets starting at $21 for upcoming games.

8/26/14 – The 2014-2015 Charlotte Hornets schedule is lined up and ready to go, are you excited for the in the Oct. 29 season opener against Milwaukee. Not long after, Charlotte will host the Miami Heat (Nov. 5), facing former hometown hero Josh McRoberts. New recruit Lance Stephenson will seek revenge over the team who spurned him, when the Indiana Pacers host Charlotte on Nov. 19. Time Warner Cable Arena welcomes LeBron James and the Cavaliers on Jan. 2, a team they’ll have to beat if the Hornets intend on being a top-three seed in the Conference. Additional cant-miss bouts figure the Toronto Raptors on Apr. 8 and Apr. 15. See if MJ and coach Steve Clifford can continue propelling this team to the top of the East with Charlotte Hornets tickets today!

The Charlotte Bobcats did a little more than change their name back to the Charlotte Hornets in the 2014 offseason. After the then-Bobcats earned a trip to the postseason for just the second time in franchise history, the Al Jefferson-less crew were swept by the Miami Heat in round one. Despite the early exit, their berth displayed the high degree of success by new head coach Steve Clifford, who turned Charlotte around from the league’s worst defensively to the NBAs fifth best. The Hornets are now a playoff ready team in the East, and with their big offseason move, they could be one that no one wants to face come postseason.

Following the 2014 lottery, Michael Jordan and Co. scored the No. 8 pick and used it on Noah Vonleh, a big man who’s drawn comparisons to Chris Bosh. In free agency, the franchise lost Josh McRoberts to Miami and Gordon Hayward to Utah, but gained the likes of Brian Roberts, Marvin Williams and—the biggest splash signing—Lance Stephenson. With the franchise’s new purple-and-teal color scheme, you’ll be buying all kinds of first edition jerseys—why not purchase Charlotte Hornets tickets and show off your gear at a game? Lock-in Charlotte Hornets tickets from Razorgator for the best deals on the 2014-2015 season now!

2013-2014 Season

4/18/14 - The Charlotte Bobcats ended the 2013-14 regular season on a high note, winning their last three straight – to earn them the unenviable prize of a first-round date with defending NBA champion Miami in the first round. However, the final-game victory over a gritty Chicago squad had to be helpful. The Bobcats got strong performances from Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson; Walker tallied 22 points, eight assists, seven rebounds, a steal and a blocked shot against the Bulls, while Jefferson had a double-double of 10 points and 18 rebounds; Jefferson also recorded three assists, a pair of rejections and a steal. Chris Douglas-Roberts added 13 points off the bench, and Gerald Henderson picked up 11 points and six boards. Forward Josh McRoberts scored just seven points, but handed out seven assists and pulled down five rebounds, to go along with a steal and a block.

4/14/14 - Two teams heading in opposite directions in the standings – the Charlotte Bobcats and Washington – met in the nation’s capital on April 9, and the surprising Bobcats put together a solid effort in a 94-88 win over the Wizards. Al Jefferson (20 points, 18 rebounds) and Kemba Walker (17 points, 12 assists) rung up double-doubles in the game; Gary Neal added 16 points, four rebounds and four assists coming off the bench for Charlotte, who are now tied for sixth with the Wizards in the Eastern Conference playoff race, each team having four games left to play. Key stat of the night: The Bobcats outshot the Wizards from beyond the arc, hitting 44% of their three-balls, while the Wizards were just 1-of-15 (6.7%).

4/7/14 - Six squads have clinched their places in the East, which means the Charlotte Bobcats are next up. The most recent win by the likely playoff-bound Bobcats, a 123-93 blowout of Philadelphia, was a chance for some of Charlotte’s bench players to see some court time. Just a pair of starters – center Al Jefferson, who was game high with 25 points and 10 rebounds; and Gerald Henderson, who went for 14 points – hit double figures in scoring. Two of the reserves – forward Anthony Tolliver and guard Chris Douglas-Roberts – lit it up from beyond the three-point arc for Charlotte; Tolliver was 4-of-7 in threes en route to 16 total points, while Douglas-Roberts was 3-of-5 on the way to a 14 point night.

3/28/14 - The Charlotte Bobcats used a combined 55 points from Al Jefferson (35) and Kemba Walker (20), in helping their playoff drive with a 116-111 overtime victory over the visiting Brooklyn Nets on March 26. Both Jefferson and Walker finished the night with double-doubles; Jefferson with 15 rebounds, Walker with a dozen assists. The Bobcats were strong under the baskets, scoring a 49-32 advantage in rebounding, along with a 42-30 bulge in points in the paint. Off the court, the team announced that Gary Neal would be out for 2-3 games as he recovers from ankle and knee ailments. Neal did not play in the win over the Nets, listed as having a sprained left ankle.

3/14/14 - Charlotte used a 29-19 fourth quarter run to upend division mates Washington 98-85 on March 12, closing to within 2 ½ games of the second place Wizards in the Southeast Division.— albeit still three games under .500 on the season. The Bobcats were fueled by center Al Jefferson, who had one of two Charlotte double-doubles on the night, with 26 points and 10 rebounds (all defensive); Michael Kidd-Gilchrist joined Jefferson with 10 points and 12 rebounds, while Kemba Walker contributed 16 points and five assists for the Bobcats. Off the court, the news was not so good, as the Charlotte Observer newspaper reported that coach Steve Clifford does not expect Brendan Haywood to return this season from a stress fracture in his left foot.

3/10/14 - Led by Al Jefferson, who lit up the scoreboard for 34 points while clearing eight rebounds, the Charlotte Bobcats maintained their seventh place in the Eastern Conference standing with a huge 109-87 home win over conference leaders Indiana on March 5. The Bobcats held Pacers All Star starter Paul George to just two points on a pair of free throws, while outscoring Indiana 44-24 in the paint, and 23-7 on the fast break. Kemba Walker collected nine assists in the winning effort for the Bobcats, who had previously lost three straight, all on the road.

3/3/14 - Even though the Charlotte Bobcats are under .500 (27-30) at the moment, they are very much in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race. The Bobcats have been idle since a February 22 victory over Memphis, 92-89. Currently sitting in seventh place in a tightly packed Eastern Conference (just five games separate fourth place Chicago from eighth place Atlanta; the Bobcats are just a game clear of the Hawks), Charlotte faces a tough gauntlet of opponents in the next few days, including contests with East front runners Indiana and Miami.

2/21/14 - In an effort to add depth to their roster in the second half for a playoff push, the Charlotte Bobcats dealt Jeff Adrien and Ramon Sessions to Milwaukee for trade target Gary Neal and Luke Ridnour. Reportedly unhappy in Milwaukee, the acquisition of Neal provides depth for the Bobcats. Neal had averaged 10 points per game for Milwaukee in 30 games (starting twice). Charlotte started the second half of the regular season off right, with a solid 116-98 win over the Detroit Pistons, who are 2 1/2 games behind the Bobcats in the East playoff chase.

2/11/14 - The Charlotte Bobcats won three out of their last four road games, but were less successful in hosting San Antonio, dropping a close game 104-100 to the Spurs. Still, a pair of Bobcats, center Al Jefferson and guard Gerald Henderson, notched over 20 points each in the loss, while forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist collected 12 rebounds. The Bobcats hope for a different result against their next Texas opponent, Dallas, before taking to the road again with a visit to Brooklyn.

2/4/14 - Despite being seven games under .500 (21-28) at this point in the season, if the season were ending now, the Charlotte Bobcats would be in line for just their second ever postseason appearance. That appearance, in 2010, coincides with the only winning record in Bobcats history, a 44-38 mark. The Bobcats may be seeking to bolster their numbers as part of their postseason push; the Charlotte Observer reported on February 3 that the Bobcats have some interest in acquiring Philadelphia’s Evan Turner; however, the Observer story also cautioned that no deal is imminent.

1/21/14 - Not only did the Charlotte Bobcats lose to the Heat on Saturday (104-96), but they also lost point guard Kemba Walker for two weeks due to a sprained left ankle. Yesterday, Charlotte nearly blew a 30-point lead against the Raptors in the last 17 minutes of the game, thankfully saved by six free throws scored by Gerald Henderson and fresh starter Ramon Sessions (in for Walker) with 15 seconds left on the clock. Bobcats tickets are super affordable—get in for just $5 when the Clippers visit tomorrow, or $16 to be there for their big game against the Bulls this Saturday. After that, Charlotte will be on the road for some time, not returning until Feb 8 to face the Spurs (get-in for $18). Halfway through the season, the Bobcats and their strong defense have built an 18-25 record—a great sign of improvement over last season, in which they only won 21 games. Charlotte is currently tied with the Pistons for the Easter Conference’s last playoff spot, are they a playoff caliber team? Get Charlotte Bobcats tickets now and you be the judge!

The average price for Bobcats tickets at Time Warner Cable Arena in 2013-14 is $99. After starting the regular season on the road against the Rockets on 10/30, the Bobcats’ home opener on 11/1 against the Cavaliers is averaging $80. The two most expensive games come on 11/16 and 1/18 against the defending champion Heat, averaging $237 and $227, respectively. The next five most expensive Wizards home games are against the Lakers on 12/14, Thunder on 12/27, Knicks on 11/8, Bulls on 1/25, and Clippers on 1/22.

In the final year of Bobcats history, owner Michael Jordan hopes for drastic improvement leading into a retro-inspired new era of Charlotte basketball. Now that the Pelicans inhabit New Orleans, Jordan will bring the Hornets name back to Charlotte starting with the 2014-15 season. After finishing next-to-last in the NBA last season in 2012-13, first-year coach Steve Clifford will be responsible for the maturation of the team’s young core. Former top-10 picks Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Bismack Biyombo will need to prove they can be efficient, productive NBA players. Former Hoosier Cody Zeller, the #4 overall pick in the 2013 draft, will also need to play well to justify his high draft position. The free agent acquisition of forward Al Jefferson provides a solid low-post presence and veteran leadership for the young Bobcats.
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