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Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics proved the naysayers wrong, showing that an inexperienced NBA coach and a young team were capable of competing at a high level. The storied Celtics have reinvented themselves once again, making effective use of draft picks and completing shrewd transactions to build a team that appears ready to make yet another run at the postseason in the Eastern Conference. The C’s claimed the seventh seed last year—the question is whether General Manager Danny Ainge has even more tricks up his sleeve to go further in 2015-16. Will the Boston Celtics find a way to fight deeper into the playoffs this season? Find out for yourself—pick up your Boston Celtics tickets for TD Garden today and be a part of the action in-person!
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April 2014
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Celtics Proving Doubters Wrong Daily
This year’s most surprising NBA team, by most standards, has been the Boston Celtics. With just over 20 games remaining in the regular season, the C’s are locked into third place and looking at home court advantage in the playoffs for the first time since 2012. You can follow the entire stretch run to the postseason with cheap Boston Celtics tickets, on sale now from Razorgator.

Knicks Visit Celtics
Be there on March 4th for a glimpse at visiting Rookie of the Year hopeful Kristaps Porzingis. The Knicks star has taken the league by storm, shattering expectations with stellar play both inside the paint and out. Do the Celtics have an answer for the skilled European center? Find out with discount TD Garden tickets, starting at just $25 for Friday night!

Boston Celtics 2015-2016 News and Updates

The Boston Celtics haven’t had an easy go in the first round of the playoffs. Heading into game five in Georgia on Tuesday night, the Celtics and Hawks were all tied up at 2-2. The Celtics came out strong in the first half and were able to tie up the Hawks. However, the Hawks’ bench played out of this world and ended up putting the Hawks in the lead. The Celtics are known for coming from behind, but they weren’t able to pull it together in the second half, losing the game 83-110. See if they can recover and tie the series when they take on the Hawks again on April 28. Tickets are still up for grabs and start at $96.
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The Boston Celtics were on a roll with a four game winning streak, but they saw that streak end when they lost to the Hawks and then the Hornets. In their latest loss against the Hornets, the Celtics had an early lead before the Hornets took over the second quarter. The Celtics battled back, but were unable to regain control of the game. The Celtics have only lost three games in the last 21. They have one game left in the regular season on April 13 against the Heat. Then, they will head to the first round of the playoffs. You can still get tickets for all games. Ticket prices for the Heat game start at $46.

The Boston Celtics are looking good as they enter the playoffs. Their first opponents will be Miami Heat, whom they have played twice this season, winning both times. The Celtics have the advantage of ending their season on a series of home games, meaning they will already have momentum as the postseason begins. Additionally, the Celtics are seeded at number four, so they will start the playoffs on their own court. Their final match of the regular season will be against their playoff opponents, the Heat. If you want to see how the first round is likely to go for the Celtics, be sure to catch this matchup on April 13th. Tickets are still available starting at $48.

The Boston Celtics are neck and neck with the Atlanta Hawks in the Eastern Conference. Both teams have 41 wins and 30 losses so they are sharing the fourth-place position in the Eastern conference. The Celtics had a rough week losing all four of their games. Luckily, they were able to come back from their losing slump and won their Sunday match up against the Philadelphia 76ers. The good fortune continued on Monday when they played against the Orlando Magic. The Celtics were able to outscore the Magic in the first three quarters of the game leading them to a 107-96 win. Watch them play live for their home crowd on Wednesday, March 23 against the Toronto Raptors. Tickets are still up for grabs and start at $40 apiece.

3/15/16 - The Boston Celtics are sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference, which is a great position to be in, but they have a lot of games to go in order to get into second place. They are trailing behind the Raptors by five games and have lost six more time than the Toronto team this season. In order to move their way up on the standing board, the Celtics are going to have to win pretty much every game going forward. Unfortunately on Friday night, the Celtics were unable to do that when they competed against the Houston Rockets. They barely lost the 98-102 game. See if they can recover when they play against the Thunder on March 16.

2/8/16 - The competition is close in the Eastern conference of the NBA this season. The Boston Celtics are holding tight to their third place position and are scraping for every win to add to their record. On Tuesday night, the Celtics suffered from an extremely tough loss against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics were highly favored to win the game, but the Bucks weren’t going to give it to them easily. Both teams played the first two quarters quite evenly. The third quarter is when the Bucks came to life and outscored the Celtics by 20 points. The Celtics fought back from the deficit but lost 111-112 in the end. Get tickets to see them play the Bucks again on February 25.

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2/1/16 - The Boston Celtics are performing better than they have all season. They have only taken one loss in recent history. Besides their matchup against the Orlando Magic on January 31st, which came down to just five points, the Celtics have been completely dominating the court. Most recently, they beat out the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons in consecutive matches. In the Pistons game had a final score of 95-102 and brought the Celtics’ season record to 29-22. From here, they will be travelling to face the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they will be back in Boston real soon to host the Sacramento Kings on February 7th. Tickets start at $41.

1/25/16 - The Boston Celtics are on a row, winning their last four games. Their latest win came against the Nuggets on January 27. The Celtics had a strong defense, forcing 20 turnovers and stealing the ball 15 times during the game. The offensive effort was also strong, with Avery Bradley leading the team in scoring with 27 points, which tied his season-high. Kelly Olynyk added 17 points to the effort and also grabbed seven rebounds. This four-game streak is a season-high for the team. They will look to continue their streak when they host the Magic on the 29. You can still get tickets to catch the action in person for prices starting at $36.

1/18/16 - After winning three in a row, the Boston Celtics have lost their two latest games. Their first lost happened against the Mavericks on January 18. The Mavericks were ahead when the teams went into the locker room at the half, but the Celtics rallied in the second half to go from a 17-point deficit to leading the game. However, the Mavericks fought back and tied the game, sending it into overtime. They also stayed in control of overtime, outscoring the Celtics 20-15. Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas both had 20 points to lead the team in scoring, and Avery Bradley helped out with 19 points. The Celtics next play the Bulls on January 22, and tickets are available starting at $53.

1/11/16 - The Boston Celtics have finally ended their losing streak. It was a rough slump, as they racked up four consecutive losses despite scoring 114 points against the New York Knicks, but fans are hoping that is all behind them now. The Celtics hosted the Indiana Pacers in a homecoming match, where they scored 103 points against their opponents’ 93. From here, the Celtics are hitting the road again for their next three matchups, but they will return on January 22nd to host the Chicago Bulls. It does not seem like the Celtics are having many games on their own court at this point in the season, so be sure to catch them in action where you can.

1/4/16 - After beating the Nets on January 4, the Boston Celtics lost their next two games against the Pistons and the Bulls. The victory against the Nets came after a loss against the team in a home-home two game series. Jae Crowder led the team with a career high of 25 points, 14 of which were in the first quarter. He also helped out in the final minutes to keep the Celtics in the lead. Isaiah Thomas added 19 points for the team. Unfortunately they could not maintain the winning momentum in the next two games, but hopefully they will turn things around when they play the Grizzlies on January 10. Tickets remain available starting at $6.

12/28/15 - The Boston Celtics should be happy with the way their holidays have gone on the basketball court. They have won their last four-games in row, including their game against the New York Knicks on December 27. The game came down to the wire during the last minutes, as the Celtics clung onto a five-point lead with only three minutes remaining. Isaiah Thomas was clutch during those last few minutes, driving to the basket and racking up points to give the Celtics the 100-91 win over the Knicks. See if the Celtics can keep up the impressive winning streak when they take on the Brooklyn Nets on January 2. Tickets are still available to purchase.

12/21/15 - The Boston Celtics have lost their last three games in a row. Their most recent loss was against the Atlanta Hawks. They had a small lead heading into the fourth quarter, but the Hawks rallied and stole the momentum of the game. The Celtics attempted to bring the game back their way, but fell 109-101. Isaiah Thomas led the team with 29 points and he also hit 14 of 15 of his foul shots, including one that tied the game at 92. Jae Crowder had a career-high 24 points and grabbed 10 rebounds. The Celtics host the Timberwolves on the 21 before heading out for two away games. You can still get tickets, with prices starting at $25.

12/14/15 - Fans of the Boston Celtics were heartbroken on December 11th. Any NBA fan will know that the Golden State Warriors are dominating the competition and are still undefeated. In the Celtics’ most recent match, they came closer to dethroning the Warriors than any other team this season. After an intense double overtime, the final score came to rest at 124-119, with the Celtics slightly behind. Even with this disappointing loss, they have a season record of 13-10. At seventh in the Eastern Division, the Celtics are still doing fine in the rankings, and maybe this near win against such a strong team means they will be moving up in their upcoming matches.

12/7/15 - After losing to the Spurs on December 5, the Boston Celtics have won the next two games in a row against the Pelicans on the 7 and Bulls on the 9. The Pelicans were ahead during the first half until the Celtics had a 13-2 run at the end of the second quarter. They came back out after half time and continued to dominate to take the win. Isaiah Thomas led the scoring with 22 points. Thomas again led the team with 20 points in a close victory against the Bulls. The teams went back and but the Celtics came out the victors. The Celtics face the unbeaten Golden State Warriors on the 11, and tickets remain available starting at $173.

11/30/15 - If the playoffs were to happen tomorrow, the Celtics would be the last team in the Eastern Conference to make it to post season play. They are currently sitting in eighth position and are hanging on to that spot as tightly as they can. On Monday night, they beat the Miami Heat, who is a team that is full of talent. Boston had the lead for the majority of the game, but it didn’t go without contention from the Heat. Boston’s, Avery Bradley, kept the Celtics in the game over and over during the final minutes of the game both offensively and defensively. Watch them play live against the Sacramento Kings on December 3. Tickets are still available.

11/23/15 - The Boston Celtics have won four of their last six matches, including a strong home game against the Brooklyn Nets that ended with a final score of 95-120. With a season record of 7-6, the Celtics are in the number nine position of the Eastern Conference. They have one more away game, against the highly ranked Atlanta Hawks, but the Celtics will be playing on their own court soon. Starting on November 25th, they will be hosting the Philadelphia 76ers for the first in two consecutive home matches. Tickets are available starting as low as $15. Two days later, the Celtics will host the Washington Wizards. You can attend that match as well, with tickets starting at $33.

11/16/15 - Things are looking real pretty for the Boston Celtics right now. They have won their last three games in a row, which they have scored over 100 points in. Not only are they winning right now, they played their fifth game in seven days on November 16, so they could easily be exhausted at this point. However, they showed great energy and hustle throughout the entire game against the Rockets. Isaiah Thomas blew the Rockets out of the water with 23 points to his name, leading the Celtics to a 111-95 win. Get your tickets today to see them play live against the Dallas Mavericks on November 18. Tickets start at $13 each.

11/9/15 - The Boston Celtics have had a season that many would describe as average. Their record is currently at 4-4, putting them in the middle of the standing board in the Eastern Conference. On November 13, the Celtics faced off against the Atlanta Hawks who are one of the top teams in the league thus far. That didn’t seem to stop the Celtics from bringing their “A” game. The Celtics completely outscored the Hawks during the second half leading them to a 106-93 win over the dominating team. See if they can keep up the good work when they take on the Houston Rockets on November 16. Buy your tickets today.

11/2/15 - The Boston Celtics got off to an excellent start to the season, but they have been struggling more recently. They followed their incredible 95-112 win up with three consecutive losses, two of which were on their own court. Most recently, when the Celtics travelled to face the Indiana Pacers, they fell just two points short with a final score of 98-100. It is easy to get disappointed because of the Celtic’s short losing streak, but they are still playing very well. They have simply had an unlucky streak, which is sure to end soon. Perhaps they will turn it around on November 11th when they face the Pacers again. Tickets start at $15.

10/26/15 - The Boston Celtics started their season off with a bang this year. They hosted the Philadelphia 76ers on October 28th. Despite trailing at the end of the first quarter, the Celtics scored twice as much as the 76ers in the second, and finished strong with 95-112 as the final score. This is an incredible way to kick the season off, but the Celtics are not done yet. They have two more home matches before they hit the road for the first time. They face the Toronto Raptors next, then they host the San Antonio Spurs on November 1st. Tickets are still available starting as low as $32. After that, the Celtics will be gone until November 6th.

10/19/15 - The regular season is just days a way, and the Boston Celtics are ready. They have had a great preseason with a 5-1 record. The only team to whom they lost was the Knicks, but they came back and beat them the next chance they had. The Celtics have one more preseason game on October 23 at home against the 76ers. Then, they prepare for their first regular season game, which is also a home game against the 76ers. There is still time to get tickets to see any or all of the Celtics' games in person. The ticket prices for the final preseason game start at $85, and the tickets for the home opener start at just $24.

10/14/15 - If you are a fan of the Boston Celtics, you are in luck. They have one of the most exciting early seasons in the entire league. Not only are their first three matches home games, they still have three home preseason matches for you to attend. If you cannot wait for the season to kick off, pick up some tickets for their October 19th, 22nd, or 23rd matches. If you are looking for the most action, check out the season opener on October 28th when the Celtics will be hosting the Philadelphia 76ers. Tickets are available starting as low as $25. Come out and help the Celtics start the season right.

8/10/15 - The new NBA schedule has been published this week, and it looks like the Boston Celtics are just a mere ten weeks away from kicking off the 2015-2016 season. The Celtics had a mediocre season last year. Although they finished second in the Atlantic Division, they only managed to do so with an unremarkable record of 40-42. After looking red hot in previous years, the Celtics will undoubtedly be looking for revenge as they head into this season. They will face the Philadelphia 76ers in their home opener, which takes place on Wednesday, October 28 at TD Garden. You won’t want to miss this epic kickoff game, so be sure to get your tickets now before they sell out. Tickets are currently available for as little as $34.

2014-2015 Season

4/21/15 - The Boston Celtics started out the 2015 NBA playoffs a little rocky. They have lost both of the two opening games against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the first by 13 points, the final score being 100-113, then by eight points. At this point, the Celtics now have the chance to play on their own court. If they have any hope of turning it around, they need to make their play now. Hopefully the home court advantage will be enough to turn the tide. If the Celtics lose two more times, they will officially be eliminated. The next matchup between Boston and Cleveland will be on April 23rd. If you want to come out and help cheer them to their first postseason victory, tickets are still available starting at $71.

4/13/15 - On April 14th, the Boston Celtics took on the Toronto Raptors and came away with a narrow 93-95 victory. With this win, the Celtics officially have a place in the 2015 playoffs, which will begin in about a week. This news also reveals that Boston will take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in their opening round. The Celtics have had a good record of beating the Cavaliers this season, but that may be due to the fact that Cleveland rested their key players in most of the games in which the two teams met. Even so, it is hard to ignore the incredible 78-117 victory that Boston earned over Cleveland just two nights before securing a place in the postseason. If they can play like that, or how they have been in their current five-game winning streak, the Celtics will do well in the playoffs.

4/6/15 - The Boston Celtics have won two of their last three games. First, they dominated the court with the Indiana Pacers, scoring a strong 87-100 victory. They had a little more trouble when they took on the Milwaukee Bucks on April 3rd. The Celtics came close, but they still fell nine points short. Regardless, they played incredibly well, scoring an impressive 101 points. Even though they lost, going toe to toe against another postseason team is a good sign. Even better, the very next day, the Celtics were able to take a win against the, also postseason team, Toronto Raptors. It came down to overtime, but the Celtics won 117 to 116. With two home games remaining in the season, your next chance to catch them live will be on April 12th against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

3/30/15 - Slowly, the Boston Celtics are starting to turn their win ratio around. Last week, the Celtics lost 80% of their matches, but they have won two out of their three games so far this week, and even their loss against the Los Angeles Clippers, who are high up in the Western Conference, saw Boston score more than they did when they beat the New York Knicks two days earlier. Most impressively, however, was their performance against the Charlotte Hornets on March 30th. The Celtics racked up an incredible 116 points. Luckily, they seem to be performing very well in their away games, which will be very beneficial in the playoffs. The next time you can catch the Celtics in action will be on April 1st when they take on the Indiana Pacers. Tickets start at $19.

3/23/15 - The Celtics' winning streak last week, right as the decision for who would go to the playoffs, paid off. The Boston Celtics officially have a spot in the postseason, but they have their work cut out for them. They currently are last out of both conferences. Unfortunately, they have lost four of their last five games, as well. If they want to have any chance of holding their own in the playoffs, they need to start building momentum now, but they are quickly running out of time with only five home games and less than a month remaining. Your next chance to see the Celtics play live will be on March 29th when they take on the Los Angeles Clippers. Tickets for that game start at $48.

3/16/15 - As the revelation of who will receive the final playoff spot for the Eastern Conference quickly approaches, the Boston Celtics continue to dominate the court. They have only lost one game is recent memory, and they are on a five-game winning streak, which is currently the second highest in the league. With seven of their last eight games ending with victory, many are starting to expect the Celtics to go all the way to the postseason, which they have not done since 2012. Tyler Zeller led the Celtics with 26 points in their most recent game against the Philadelphia 76ers, to end the game 89-108. They have two more away games remaining before they return on March 22nd to play the Detroit Pistons. Tickets start at $23.

3/9/15 - Winners of three out of their last four games, the Boston Celtics are making a push for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. A disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic became an afterthought on Monday night, as the C’s took down the Heat despite a 34-point outing from Miami shooting guard Dwyane Wade. Recently-acquired Isaiah Thomas led Boston with 25 points in 31 minutes off the bench, also tying a team-high with four assists for the game. With the win, Boston closed within two games of the eighth spot in the East, as they try to reach the postseason for the first time since 2012. The Celtics will host the dangerous Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, and tickets for TD Garden are available starting at $17!

3/2/15 - Still knocking at the door in the Eastern Conference playoff conversation, the Boston Celtics wrapped up an impressive month of basketball in February, going 7-4 to pull within one game of eighth place. They find themselves in a dead heat with several teams vying for the final two postseason spots in the East, including Miami, Indiana, Brooklyn, Charlotte, and Detroit—all of whom are separated by a mere two games in the standings. The Celtics opened March with a loss to the high-powered Golden State Warriors, but will look to turn things around on Tuesday when they visit LeBron James and the Cavaliers in Cleveland. A select number of tickets are still available from $38, but you’ll have to act quickly if you want to be a part of the excitement at Quicken Loans Arena!

2/23/15 - The Boston Celtics got a great deal when they grabbed Isaiah Thomas from the Phoenix Suns. Just four days after his trade, the Suns hosted the Celtics and Thomas showed his mettle on the court scoring 21 points. Eight of those points came in the last two minutes of the game. The final score was 115-110. On Friday (2/27), you can catch Thomas and the Celtics at TD Garden when they host the Charlotte Hornets. Start your weekend right and get your tickets from Razorgator starting at only $22. Enjoy some great basketball on Sunday (3/1) when the Golden State Warriors come to town. You can get tickets starting at $48 for this game. The Utah Jazz join the Celtics on their home court on Wednesday (3/4). If you have the winter blues, shake them off with the fast paced action of a game.

2/16/15 - The Boston Celtics are hoping that Isaiah Thomas from the Phoenix Suns becomes available at the NBA trade deadline. Rumor has it they’re interested in getting him for their team. When the Celtics come back to TD Garden on Wednesday (2/25), it will interesting to see how their roster held up. YOu’ll want to get your tickets to catch them in the arena. Starting at only $17, you can bring the whole family out for a night of great entertainment on the court. If you miss the Celtics on Wednesday, they’ll be back on home court on Friday (2/27) when they host the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets and Celtics are evenly matched, so it should be an exciting game. You’ll be warm and toasty, no matter what the weather outside looks like.

2/9/15 - With a 19-31 record, the Boston Celtics had their three-game winning streak snapped by the Milwaukee Bucks in last Saturday’s game. When the Celtics come back from the break, they’ll be on the road for three games before coming home to host the New York Knicks at TD Garden on Wednesday (2/25). Get great seats to catch all the action of this exciting and fast-paced game starting at $18 from Razorgator. Guard Andre Dawkins is joining the Celtics on the court. Coming from the Maine Red Claws, Dawkins has averaged 16.1 points per game in seven games, along with 2.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists during game play. He’ll be a player to watch. Come out and cheer the home team in this long-standing rivalry of 512 games in the regular season. The Celtics lead the series with 276 games.

2/2/15 - The Boston Celtics broke a 3-game losing streak with a win in Tuesday’s game against their longtime rivals, the New York Knicks. It was a fairly close game, with the final score of 108-97. Avery Bradley scored 26 of those points, with Jared Sullinger having 22. The energy was strong from the Celtics at Madison Square Garden. The Celtics hope to keep the trend going when they host the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday (2/6). Tickets from Razorgator start at $16. The following Wednesday (2/11), the Celtics take on the strong Atlanta Hawks. Tickets start at $13. Get out of the cold and get to TD Garden to watch an exciting and fast-paced game with your favorite local team. Cheer the Celts to victory and enjoy the camaraderie of their fans!

1/26/15 - Following a rocky start in January, the Boston Celtics have taken three of their last four games during their current six-game Western Conference road trip. Clutch one-point wins over the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets on back-to-back nights preceded a narrow three-point loss to the high-powered Golden State Warriors, but the C’s bounced back the very next night to knock off the Utah Jazz, 99-90. New addition Tayshaun Prince had a big game off the bench to lead Boston to the win, turning back the clock with a 19 points on 7-10 shooting, plus five assists in 30 minutes of action. The Celtics will face the struggling Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night (with tickets from just $2!) before returning home to take on James Harden and the Houston Rockets on Friday. Tickets for TD Garden start at $29.

1/19/15 - The Boston Celtics are out on the road over the next week, coming home on 1/30 to face the Houston Rockets. The Celtics’ rookie, Marcus Smart, who played with Oklahoma State University, is the player to watch. Since returning to the lineup in December after an injury, Smart has converted 29 of the 68 3-pointers, for an average of 42.6 percent. In a game against the Clippers, Smart had four 3-pointers, which is his record. Tickets for the Rockets game are available through Razorgator so that you can come out and see this phenomenal player. Starting at $29, it’s a bargain for a night of great basketball. Enjoy the Celtics and show your support for your home town team. Don’t miss any of the action.

1/12/15 - The Celtics scored a win over superstar Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night, 108-100. The frontcourt carried the C’s to victory, led by 27 points and 10 rebounds from Jared Sullinger, plus 22 points on 9-14 shooting from second-year forward Jae Crowder. Rookie point guard Marcus Smart paced his team with six assists, as he continues to develop in hopes of becoming Boston’s starting point guard in the post-Rajon Rondo era. The Celtics remain within striking distance of the top eight in the Eastern Conference, although they will face a handful of the NBA elite to finish out the month of January, beginning with the East-leading Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night. Great seats are still available from $15, so come out to TD Garden and support your Boston Celtics!

1/5/15 - After dropping their last three games, the Boston Celtics will take to the road and look to get back on track versus a set of Eastern Conference rivals. The C’s opened 2015 by hosting the Dallas Mavericks and recently-jettisoned point guard Rajon Rondo, who dismantled his former team on the way to an 18-point Dallas victory. Boston took the Chicago Bulls to overtime the following evening, but they were unable to overcome Pau Gasol’s 29 points. The Celtics are averaging the third-most points per game in the East, but are also last place in points allowed. They’ll need to put the clamps on if they hope to score a win over the Indiana Pacers on the road Friday night. Get in with great prices from Razorgator—seats start at just $8 for this Eastern Conference clash!

12/29/14 - It hasn’t been easy for the Boston Celtics after trading franchise point guard Rajon Rondo, but they will try to reverse their fortunes on Wednesday when they host the Sacramento Kings. The Celtics have lost four straight, but continue to show themselves as a young team that battles back into games under second-year coach Brad Stevens—however, they have not been able to get over the hump since putting together three straight wins in mid-December. Sitting only two-and-a-half games out of eighth place in the Eastern Conference, Boston will try to build on their foundation of scoring-leader Jeff Green, versatile power forward Jared Sullinger, and defensive specialist Avery Bradley, as they try to make their first playoff appearance since 2011-12. Razorgator has great prices for Boston’s final game of the year, with tickets from $29 for their clash with the up-and-coming Sacramento Kings.

12/23/14 - The Boston Celtics will look to get back into the win column on Tuesday night when they face off with the Orlando Magic. The Celtics defeated Orlando as part of the three-game winning streak that was snapped on Sunday night, as they fell 100-84 to the Miami Heat. Third-year center Tyler Zeller led Boston with 22 points and eight rebounds, but Miami’s balanced attack, led by Luol Deng (game-high 23 points), was too much for the Celtics to overcome. Currently, Boston sits only a half-game back for eighth place in the Eastern Conference, and could have a chance to put themselves into the playoff mix as the season progresses. The Celtics will try to add to their two-game lead over the Magic on Tuesday night at the Amway Center, and Razorgator can get you in the door with tickets starting at just $21!

12/15/14 - The Boston Celtics are showing their strength as a team. With an 8-14 record, they rank 3rd in the Atlantic Division. After losing four straight games, they finally took another win against the Philadelphia 76ers. At 105-87, it was a lopsided game after the Celtics took the lead after the second quarter with 57 points over 38 points by the 76ers. The Celtics take on the Brooklyn Nets in a post-Christmas game. With tickets starting at just $48, it would be a great diversion from shopping and holiday parties. Kelly Olynyk is a player to watch. He scored a career-high 30 points in the 76ers’ game, with three 3-point shots in the first half of the game. Catch him and his teammates on the court and enjoy a great basketball game.

12/8/14 - Fresh off a tough double-overtime loss in Washington, the Boston Celtics will look to rebound on Wednesday when they visit the Charlotte Hornets. Boston forced the first of two overtimes on Monday with a clutch three-pointer by Evan Turner, and even led by as many as seven points in each of the two extra sessions. The Wizards kept answering back though, and took the lead for good on a three-point play by John Wall in the final minute to seal the win, 133-132. The Celtics finished with six players in double figures, plus 17 steals as a team, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the surging Wizards and their all-star backcourt. The C’s will try to inch closer to the top eight in the Eastern Conference in Charlotte on Wednesday night, and Razorgator has your tickets to the game starting at just $9!

12/1/14 - The Boston Celtics continue their rough patch in this season with another heartbreaking loss. Despite being ahead at the half, Boston simply couldn’t hold onto their lead against the San Antonio Spurs. With a final score of 111-89, the Celtics are now at 4-10. This also marks their fourth loss in a row. They are, however, still in the third position for the Atlantic Division. Boston is only two wins behind the Brooklyn Nets, but almost .5 PCT behind the Raptors in first. There may not be much chance of closing that gap, but the Celtics will absolutely continue to fight hard. Their series of home games is approaching, the first of which is on the 3rd against the Detroit Pistons. Tickets are still available for $10.

11/25/14 - The Boston Celtics’ rough season continues as they lost one more game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Boston built a small lead in the first two quarters, but the game was tied at the start of the final quarter. Unfortunately, the Celtics were only to score 16 points against the Trail Blazers’ 22 bringing the final score to 94-88. This brings Boston to 4-8 and is their second loss in a row. They are still sitting at 3rd for their division, so they haven’t fallen too far behind yet. There’s still time to turn things around, but if their luck continues, they may need to wait until next season for a fresh start. Boston is taking on the Chicago Bulls next on the 28th and tickets are available starting at $26.

11/17/14 - Friday’s Celtics / Cavaliers game ended with just a single point victory for Cleveland. The Boston Celtics were ahead by 17 points at the end of the third quarter, putting away an unbelievable 42 points in that quarter alone. But the Cavaliers were able to put together a formidable comeback that was able to just barely peak over the Celtics at 122-121. This brings Boston to 3-5 and places them 3rd in the Atlantic Division. With the season nearly halfway over, they have an uphill battle ahead of them, but plenty of opportunity, especially with mostly home games left. There’s no excuse not to go and cheer your Boston Celtics on, the first chance being this coming Monday, the 17th. They will be playing the Phoenix Suns and tickets start at $10.

11/10/14 - The Chicago Bulls were given their second loss on Saturday by the Boston Celtics. A close game of 106-101 brings the Celtics to 3-3, even without Rajon Rondo, who has now missed four games. Boston ended the first quarter behind by five points, but followed it up with an incredible second and third quarter with a combined 63 points. In the final stretch, the Bulls were able to close the gap with a whopping 34 points, but were ultimately unable to overtake the Celtics. Up next, the Boston Celtics will be playing Oklahoma City Thunder on their home court this coming Wednesday. With three wins and three losses, Boston will be looking to push their win-lose ratio into the positive. Tickets are available starting at $66.

11/3/14 - The Boston Celtics suffered a loss against the Dallas Mavericks Monday night, and nearly acheived the impossible. With only one more free throw, the Celtics could have sealed the stat at 2-1,056. This feat has only been achieved once in the past 1,057 attempts. Boston began to fall behind at 31 points but were within reach of catching up and sealing a victory against the Mavericks. The Celtics scored three points twice, cutting its deficit down before Avery Bradley scored the most important play ofthe game with only 39.5 seconds left on the clock. Bradley scored a three-pointer and nearly erased Dallas' lead until Bradley missed his second free throw and the Mavericks were able to retain a one-point lead. The Celtics hope to gain back their momentum when they take on the Indiana Pacers at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 7, at the TD Garden in Boston, Mass. Get your tickets today for just $20 each.

10/27/14 - The Boston Celtics will open the 2014-15 season Wednesday, Oct. 29, against the Brooklyn Nets at TD Garden. It has been speculated that Rajon Rondo will return to the floor as point guard after recovering from a broken bone in his hand. In 2011, Rondo also returned from a dislocated elbow in the playoffs and played with a torn ACL for 12 minutes in 2013. The Celtics and Nets played a head-to-head preseason game Oct. 22, and the Celtics came out with the win 100-86. This game might be the start of the most important season for Evan Turner. As his third team, Tuner should have a better opportunity to showcase his talent. Jared Sullinger, in the BOston frontcourt, should also make an impact. Tickets for Wednesday night's game start at just $24, so be sure to grab your last minute tickets now.

10/20/14 – A little over two weeks before the Boston Celtics play their first regular season game at TD Garden, ticket prices for the season are averaging $187 ($12 more than the NBA average). Two preseason games in Boston will be played Wednesday against the Nets (min $7) and a week later also against Brooklyn (min $24). Speaking of the Brooklyn Nets, the two teams went head-to-head in the league’s experimental 44-minute game and Boston outscored their opponent 95-90; but, don’t worry NBA fans there is no sign of implementing the rule any time soon.

10/14/14 – The Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets will experiment with a 44-minute preseason game on Sunday. Seats at Barclays Center are just $4 for the contest that will be four minutes shorter than the NBA’s standard 48-minute game. Forward Jeff Green will make his preseason debut Wednesday against the Toronto Raptors; however, veteran Gerald Wallace is out due to a bone bruise in his knee.

8/14/14 – The Boston Celtics 2014-2015 schedule surfaced yesterday, revealing the squad is slated against stiff competition as they further the rebuilding process. The Celtics open their season at home with an Oct. 29 visit from the Nets, and whereas Brooklyn is still pending the status of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce will journey back to his old stomping grounds with Washington on Dec. 7. Boston will take a whack at LeBron James on his new-old team, when the Cavaliers visit on Nov.14, and the Celtics get a shot at Carmelo Anthony when they faceoff with the Knicks on Dec. 5. The Cs will defend TD Garden from the West, highlighted by games against defending champion San Antonio Spurs (Nov. 30), the Lakers (Dec. 5), and Doc Rivers and the Clippers (Mar. 29). The final home game is slated for Apr. 14 against potential Atlantic Division crown contenders, the Toronto Raptors. Score your Boston Celtics tickets now and get a jump-start on the best deals for the 2014-2015 season!

Upon parting from two championship-winning legends, the Boston Celtics officially initiated the long process of starting from the ground up last year. The franchise bid farewell to duo Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, as well as Jason Terry, in return for three future first round picks and a number of Brooklyn’s surplus contracts. This dramatically overhauled roster was further impacted by Rajon Rondo’s limitation to just 30 games following knee surgery, though the star performed very well upon his return.

Boston ultimately wound up with a 25-57 record on the 2013-2014 season and tied with Utah for the fourth-worst record in the NBA. The Celtics have nowhere to go but up, ranking 29th in the league in points per game (96.2) and 18th in defensive efficiency (107.7). Brad Stevens was commendable in his first year as head coach in the NBA, but see where he takes the team with another year of experience under his belt! The franchise landed Marcus Smart, the second point guard to go in the draft (No. 6 overall), and brilliant scorer James Young (17th overall). These touted prospects, plus a generous salary cap of $63.2 million, mark the promising start towards upward mobility during Boston's 2014-2015 season.
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