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Tampa Bay Rays Tickets can be purchased today from Razorgator! A team that could be around for a long time, the Rays have plenty of youth, both in their starting rotation and on offense. The club has developed quickly under some great leadership up top and look to return to the Fall Classic this season. Tropicana Field is the place to be this spring and summer so get your Tampa Bay Rays baseball tickets today from Razorgator and enjoy baseball played with youthful exuberance the old-fashioned way!

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2015 Season

9/25/15 - After narrowly losing the first of four games against the Red Sox, the Tampa Bay Rays won the next two games. The second game started off in favor of the Red Sox, but the Rays battled back. Mikie Mahtook hit a two-run homer in the eighth inning, and two sacrifice flies by Steven Souza Jr. and Evan Longoria helped the Rays to win. The next night, the Rays were the first on the board after six scoreless innings. They dominated the rest of the game to win 6-2. The two teams play once more on the 24th, and then the Rays head to Toronto to play the Blue Jays for three games starting on the 25th.
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You still have a chance to catch the action in person, with tickets available for as low as $9.

9/17/15 - With the season winding down, and the Tampa Bay Rays having a nearly even win/loss record, every game matters. Unfortunately, the Rays find themselves in a tough slump. They are still pulling off victories here and there, but they have lost four of their last five games. With a win/loss ratio of 70-75, the Rays have had an excellent season, but they need to start racking up some wins if they want a chance at the post season. One set remains before they hit the road again, so be sure to get your tickets for the matchup against the Baltimore Orioles now. On September 29th, the Rays will return to Tampa Bay for their final home series of the season. Be sure to come out and cheer them on.

9/11/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays ended a three game losing streak with an 8-0 victory over the Tigers. Of the eight runs scored by the Rays, four were home runs. Logan Forsythe, Tim Beckham, J.P. Arencibia and Mikie Mahtook nabbed the homers, two in the sixth and two in the seventh. The victory helped the Rays with their post-season hopes, putting them at 5 1/2 games away for the AL East and Wild Card race. With 23 games left in the season, they have a chance to keep their season going if they continue playing strong. Their next chance will be against the Red Sox for a three game series at home starting on September 11. You still have a chance to get your tickets, with prices starting at just $8.

9/1/15 - After losing the first two games against the Royals, the Tampa Bay Rays won the last of the three games. They opened up a three game series against the Orioles on a better note with a 6-3 victory. Kevin Kiermaier had a chance to show off his athleticism when he caught what would have been a homer by Manny Machado in what many are saying is Kiermaier's most impressive catch to date. Unfortunately, he sprained his ankle on the landing, but he expects to play on Tuesday. The Rays play the Orioles again on the 1st and 2nd before heading to New York to play the Yankees for three games. You still have a chance to get your tickets to see the games in person, with prices as low as $4.

8/26/15 - After notching three straight wins, the Tampa Bay Rays have dropped back-to-back games. They gave up the finale of their three-game set after taking the first two from the Athletics before losing 11-7 at home to the Twins on Tuesday, dropping them back to one game below .500 on the season. Injury was added to insult in the loss to Minnesota as catcher Curt Casali strained his left hamstring on the base paths, landing him on the 15-day disabled list. Tampa Bay will look to Rene Rivera to step up in his place, and they’ll need all hands on deck this weekend as they host the Kansas City Royals at Tropicana Field. Seats are on sale now for each game of the series—get tickets for Sunday afternoon starting at $11!

8/21/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays managed to get up to a four-game winning streak before heading out on the road for their series of away games. Unfortunately, the Rays have not been faring quite as well when off their own field. The Rays did not see a single victory in the entire set with the Texas Rangers. They have, however, won their first matchup with the Houston Astros, managing to score four of their nine runs in the first inning. Up next, the Rays will be taking on the Oakland Athletics before returning to their home field on August 25th. Tickets for their first game back start at $7. Get your tickets early to secure you have a spot in the stands to cheer the Rays to victory.

8/14/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays are back on a winning streak. They suffered a couple single-point losses when they returned from their series of away games, but they have now won three consecutive games. Unfortunately, their time in Tampa Bay is already over and they are hitting the road again. Even worse, it will be a full two weeks before they return to their own field again. Be sure to keep an eye on the team to see if they are able to continue their winning streak on the road. They will return on August 25th to host the Atlanta Braves. Tickets for their homecoming are already available and start at just $15. Secure your place in the stands to welcome the Rays home and cheer them on to victory.

8/6/15 - After losing three games in a row, the Tampa Bay Rays have won three. Their first victory was in the last of three games against the Red Sox, and then they started their three game series against the White Sox with a victory. After an early run, the White Sox drew ahead. A homer by Grady Sizemore in the eighth tied the game, and Mike Mahtook led the Rays to victory with a homer in the ninth. The Rays left no doubt as the the victor the next night, snagging an 11-3 victory. Logan Forsyth, Mahtook, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Richie Shaffer all had homers. The two teams play again on the 5th, and you can still get your tickets on Razorgator, with prices as low as $2.

7/31/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays are almost even when talking about wins and losses. They are currently sitting in third place in the AL Eastern Division with 46 wins and 48 losses. Their most recent series of games was against the Philadelphia Phillies and the Rays were only able to pull off one win of three games. Nathan Karns, the pitcher for the Rays, was the hero of the game on July 21. Karns started the game not feeling well, but was somehow able to pull off some powerful pitches. He didn’t stop there though. Karns got up to the plate against the Phillies and slammed the one and only homer of the game, giving the Rays the W. This weekend the Rays are playing the Baltimore Orioles on their home turf. Don’t miss any of the action and get your tickets today.

7/24/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays are almost even when talking about wins and losses. They are currently sitting in third place in the AL Eastern Division with 46 wins and 48 losses. Their most recent series of games was against the Philadelphia Phillies and the Rays were only able to pull off one win of three games. Nathan Karns, the pitcher for the Rays, was the hero of the game on July 21. Karns started the game not feeling well, but was somehow able to pull off some powerful pitches. He didn’t stop there though. Karns got up to the plate against the Phillies and slammed the one and only homer of the game, giving the Rays the W. This weekend the Rays are playing the Baltimore Orioles on their home turf. Don’t miss any of the action and get your tickets today.

7/17/15 - After losing four games in a row against the Royals, the Tampa Bay Rays swept the three game series against the Astros. In the first game, the Astros got on the board early with a run in the second, but the Rays had two runs in the sixth and Brandon Guyer hit a homer in the seventh to win. The Rays shut out the Astros the next night, with Jake Odorizzi returning from the disabled list. Rene Rivera had a two-run single and Guyer also had an RBI for a three run second. The final game was closer, with the Rays having to come back from behind with two runs in the fifth to win. They head to Toronto to play three games starting July 17, with tickets available starting at $17.

7/10/15 - The Tamp Bay Rays continue through their slump. They did manage to end their losing streak with a strong 8-1 victory over the New York Yankees, but the energy did not last long as the Rays have lost twice more since then. It seems this series of away games is proving to be more challenging than the Rays anticipated. Their most recent loss, against the Kansas City Royals, brings their wins/losses to 43-43. This is the point where they need to turn it around to avoid going into the negative. Their best opportunity to regain their momentum is likely on July 10th, when they make a quick three-game return to Tampa Bay. Get your ticket and cheer them on to victory before they hit the road again on July 17th.

7/3/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays have been struggling lately. After failing to beat the Cleveland Indians once last set, they have now lost five consecutive games. Worse, the Rays now hit the road and will not return to their own field until July 10th. While it is easy to look at this rough patch and lose hope, this set back has actually only tied the Rays with the first, second, and third place in the AL Eastern Division. All four teams have 42 wins, so the Rays are in no way falling behind. If they are able to get their game together, however, this may be an excellent opportunity to secure the top position. You can already get your tickets for their homecoming game. Tickets start at $11.

6/26/15 - Despite a few recent losses, the Tampa Bay Rays remain ranked first in the AL Eastern Division. They lost their most recent series against the Blue Jays 1-2. In the first game on June 22, the Rays got on the board first, with a run in the first inning. However, a four run sixth for the Blue Jays took the game from them. The Rays came back the next night to win 4-3. Asdrubal Cabrera hit a homer in the eighth to assure the win. The final game between the two went scoreless for eleven innings, until the Blue Jays finally were able to get a run in the 12th inning. The Rays next play three games against the Red Sox starting June 26, with tickets still available starting at $7.

6/19/15 - Tampa Bay Rays fans were shocked this week as their team's winning streak was broken. Not only had the Rays won their last four games, including an entire set against the Chicago White Sox, but they beat the Washington Nationals just one day prior to losing to them. Despite this, the Rays suffered a crushing 16-4 defeat during their final home match before hitting the road. It is unusual for Tampa Bay to give up that many runs, so hopefully this will be a sole occurrence in their season and they return to dominating on the field as they travel to Washington D.C. The Rays will return on June 22nd to play the Toronto Blue Jays. Tickets for their homecoming are already available starting at just $7.

6/10/15 - With their 32-28 record in the AL East, the Tampa Bay Rays are just 1.5 games out of first, behind the Yankees. The Rays have won seven games out of their last ten, winning Wednesday’s game against the Angels 2-4. Evan Longoria homered in the third, which gave the Rays the lead, and in the eighth, Asdrubal Cabrera doubled, which gave Steven Sousa Jr. a chance to take home. The Tampa Bay Rays host the Chicago White Sox over the weekend, and you’ll want to get your tickets to Saturday’s (6/13) afternoon game. With tickets starting at $22, you can bring a friend and relax at the stadium. The Rays host the Washington Nationals on Monday (6/15) and Tuesday (6/16), before going out on the road, so come out and watch your home team.

6/5/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays continue their series of away games, and they continue to dominate. Strangely, it seems the Rays are doing better than when they were on their own field. They have only lost one game so far: the opener against the Los Angeles Angels. The rays managed to score six runs in each of their other matchups against the Angles, both ending in victory. Before they can return to Tampa Bay, the Rays have one more short set against the Seattle Mariners. They have come out of the first game with a victory, but they will need to play hard to repeat that feat. Once the Rays do return, on June 9th, they will have a rematch with the Los Angeles Angels. Get your tickets now.

5/29/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays need to pick up their game. They’re on a five-game losing streak. Their last win was a week ago against the Oakland Athletics. The Mariners swept their series against the Rays. In their final game, Pitcher Chris Archer tied his career high 12 strikeouts, but it wasn’t enough to give the Rays a win. The Mariners shut out the Rays with a 3-0 final. The Rays’ 24-24 record places them in second place in the AL East, but they’re in sixth place overall. The Rays are out on the road until Tuesday (6/9), when they come back to Tropicana Field to host the Los Angeles Angels. Don’t wait to get tickets to these games. You can find great seats starting at $10.

5/15/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays are 1-1 in a four game series against the Yankees. In the first game on May 11, the Yankees won 11-5. The Rays came back the next night to win 4-2. The Yankees got on the board first with two runs in the first inning. However, the Rays had strong seventh and eight innings, bringing in two runs in each. David DeJesus hit a single to bring in two runs and tie the game in the seventh. In the eighth, Kevin Kiermaier had a walk, and with a single from Steven Souza Jr, he moved to third. A sacrifice fly by Evan Longoria brought in Kiermaier to inch ahead. The fourth run came from a wild pitch. The series continues on the 13th and 14th, with tickets still on sale. Prices start at $7.

5/8/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays have been just barely breaking even, winning 50% of their last eight games. Their most recent match, against the Texas Rangers ended in a loss, which brings their record to 15-14. While they have managed to remain in the positive, and they have maintained the number two position for their division, they need to up their game in the near future. Luckily, their recent slump has been in a long series of away games, and they are now back on their own field, their first set being with the Rangers. The first matchup saw the Rangers take the victory, but it was only by one point. If the Rays can warm up again, they are sure to start racking in the wins.

5/1/15 - In the top of the thirteenth inning, Tampa Bay Rays’ first baseman James Loney’s RBI single kept the Rays from being swept by the New York Yankees. The final score of 3-2 of gave Brandon Gomes his first win of the 2015 Season, and Ernestro Frieri his second save. The Rays are out on the road in Baltimore over the weekend, then they fly even farther north to Boston for games at the beginning of next week. They finally come back to Tropicana Field on Thursday (5/7) for a four-game series against the Texas Rangers. Tickets for the opening game start at $10, and if you can’t get out to the ballpark for this game, come on down for any of them over the weekend.

4/24/15 - With a four game losing streak, the Tampa Bay Rays sit in last place in the AL East Division with their record of 6-8. The Yankees swept their three-game series against the Rays, even though the Rays came out strong in Sunday’s game with two runs in the first inning. The Yankees overtook the Rays at 5-3. This weekend brings the Toronto Blue Jays to Tropicana Field with an evening game on Friday (4/24). Tickets are available starting at $12. The Rays have another game on Saturday evening, then Sunday afternoon against the Blue Jays. Get out to the ballpark to cheer for the home team, because they go out on the road following Sunday’s game. You’ll have to wait until Thursday (5/7) to catch the Rays in town.

4/17/15 - Tampa Bay Rays fans have plenty of opportunities to catch some great baseball in the upcoming week. This weekend, beginning on Friday (4/17), their rivals from spring training, the New York Yankees come to town for three games. Get your tickets starting at $29 for the Friday evening game. Unwind with a beer and hot dog after your long week. Cheer the home team on to victory! The Rays get one day off before they host the Boston Red Sox in the first of three games on Tuesday (4/21). Tickets for this evening game start at $29. Don’t miss out while the Rays are playing at Tropicana Field. Come down to the stadium and enjoy a great game of baseball. Put on your cap and glove and have some fun.

4/10/15 - Even though the Tampa Bay Rays opened the 2015 MLB Season with two losses against the Orioles, before shutting them out in the third game of the series opener. Jake Odorizzi pitched in his first game of the season, to give the Rays a 0-2 win. Logan Forsythe earned a bases-loaded walk in the sixth for the first run of the game, then Desmond Jennings had an RBI single in the eighth. The Rays are out on the road over the weekend against the Miami Marlins, then they travel to Toronto for a four-game series against the Blue Jays. Finally, on Friday (4/17) the Rays come back to Tropicana Field for a three-game series against the New York Yankees, one of their big rivals. Get your tickets now, starting at $34.

4/3/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays have wrapped up their spring training with a 13-12 record. They’re ready for the regular season, and they’ve named their pitchers for the opening series against the Baltimore Orioles. The Rays are home on Opening Day 2015 (4/6), and Chris Archer will be the starting pitcher in the afternoon game. There are still great seats available for this game, starting at $51. In Tuesday’s game, Nate Karns will pitch, and Wednesday’s game features Jake Odorizzi. Don’t miss these evening games of America’s favorite pastime, because the Rays go out on the road and won’t play at Tropicana Field again until Friday, April 17. The Rays still have to announce their fourth pitcher in the rotation, and it’s thought that Erasmo Ramirez is likely to join that spot.

3/27/15 - With a 9-9 record to date, the Tampa Bay Rays are hovering right in the middle of the pack in the Grapefruit League. They came up just short in their most recent outing, falling 7-6 to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tampa Bay got a good inning of relief out of Grant Balfour, who is known for his fiery presence on the mound. “Happy with the way it went,” Balfour noted of his outing. “I really tried to stay under control and work on a couple things in my delivery.” Tampa Bay enters into the final stretch of Spring Training with games versus the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees first on the schedule. Great seats are still available for Yanks vs. Rays on Thursday afternoon at Charlotte Sports Park, with prices as low as $44!

3/19/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays triumphed over the Toronto Blue Jays in Wednesday’s game. The Rays’ pitcher Chris Archer allowed one hit in four scoreless innings, and with four runs in the ninth inning, the Rays had a great game that finished at 9-3. Upcoming spring training home games include one on Saturday (3/21) against the Minnesota Twins. Tickets start at $12. On Monday (3/23), it’s the Pittsburgh Pirates, and tickets are only $18 and up. Thursday’s game features the New York Yankees against the Rays. The Yankees make Tampa their spring training home, so there’s a fierce rivalry between the Yankees and the Rays. Tickets are sure to go quick for this exciting matchup. Get in on all the action when you come out to the stadium to root for the home team.

3/12/15 - Florida residents are sure getting a good dose of baseball this year. Monday was yet another busy day of preseason games, including a matchup of the Tampa Bay Rays against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phillies won 5-1, but players for both teams remain optimistic about the upcoming season. Chris Archer, the no. 2 starter for the Florida team, played for the first time this year and pitched a scoreless first inning. Next up for the Rays is yet another spring training game against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday afternoon, which will be held at Hammond Stadium and is scheduled to begin at 1:05PM. The following day, they will be up against the Toronto Blue Jays at Charlotte Sports Park. Tickets are on sale now for $24 and up.

3/6/15 - The Tampa Bay Rays have a major advantage during the Grapefruit League games because their home city is so close to their spring training location. Alex Cobb took the honor of pitching in their opening game against the Baltimore Orioles. In the 2014 MLB season, Cobb had a 10-9 record with a 2.87 ERA, and his career ERA is 3.21. The Rays have home game at Charlotte Sports Park on Sunday (3/8) against the Philadelphia Phillies, and tickets are going for $36 and up. On Tuesday, the Rays host the Pittsburgh Pirates. With tickets starting at $10 and up, bring the whole family for an afternoon of great entertainment and fun. On Thursday (3/12), catch the Toronto Blue Jays. Tickets are just $19 and up.

2/13/15 - The 2015 MLB season is coming up, but it will have a slow start for the Tampa Bay Rays. They will only get to play three home games before hitting the road for more than a week. The Rays are lucky to have their home opener for their first game, however, so they can potentially build some momentum. They take on the Baltimore Orioles first, on April 6th. Tickets start at only $10. Then Tampa Bay's season will really get going on April 17th when the Rays return to play nine consecutive home games. There are plenty of opportunities to catch your team as the 2015 season begins in a few weeks, so be sure to seize the chance to cheer them on and show your support.

2014 Season

9/25/14 - Can you say “Wait ‘til next year”? Tampa Bay Rays fans are saying that as the team closes out the 2014 season on the road in Cleveland, a distant 19 games back of the division champs from Baltimore, and going forward without their homegrown ace, David Price, traded to Detroit at the August deadline. A number of Rays offensive stars had down seasons, including Evan Longoria, whose 22 homers, despite leading the squad, are below his career average; and James Loney, whose .289 average is 10 points below his season ending average from 2013. In Price’s departure, Alex Cobb (10-8, 2.75 ERA, 144 Ks) and Chris Archer (10-9, 3.33 ERA, 173 Ks) have become the Rays’ top pitchers heading into 2015, with Jeremy Hellickson and Drew Smyly on board for a full season next year.

9/18/14 - As the 2014 season unwinds to its close, the Tampa Bay Rays will need to start thinking about what moves they might want to make during the offseason, in order to get competitive for 2015. Surely one of the things they will need is starting pitching; after trading David Price at the end of July, Jake Odorizzi became the team’s win leader, with an 11-12 record through Wednesday’s games. Odorizzi is also the whiff king, again taking over for the departed Price with 171 strikeouts; while Alex Cobb leads the Rays’ staff in earned run average with a respectable 2.82 mark, sixth in the league.

9/11/14 - After looking like they might be able to reel in either Toronto or the New York Yankees, the Tampa Bay Rays have fallen back, and are now 5 ½ games in arrears of the “Evil Empire” in the American League East. The Rays are a middling 4-5 this month, with a sweep at the hands of the Blue Jays not helpful, though the Rays bounced back to take two of three from best-in-the-league Baltimore before splitting the first two of a three-game midweek series with the Yankees in the Bronx. This weekend the Rays will make their final trip north of the border this season for three with the Jays, who still have an outside chance at a postseason berth in the increasingly tight American League.

9/4/14 - It certainly looked, as late as last week, that the Tampa Bay Rays had a chance of reeling in Toronto and moving into third place in the very competitive American League East. However, since then, the Rays have dropped seven of 10 – including three of four to Baltimore, a split with Boston, and two losses to the Blue Jays – to fall to 15 games behind the division-leading Orioles, and five back of the third-place Jays. The Rays have six out-of-division games remaining this season – their final three home games of the year against the Chicago White Sox, in mid-month; and their final series of the season, on the road in Cleveland as part of a six-game road trip.

8/28/14 - Those Tampa Bay Rays, they just keep on keepin’ on. Moving to within two games of third place Toronto in the AL East, the Rays are just three games under .500 for the year, but need to hustle if they hope to have any chance at the wild card, sitting 7 ½ games behind Seattle and Detroit, who are currently tied for the second wild-card slot. The Rays, like the rest of Major League Baseball, will finish the season primarily against their own division, with a pair of series – against the Chicago White Soc and a season-ender against Cleveland – being the only six games not against division opponents. The Rays start a 10-game homestand against Boston, Toronto, and Baltimore this weekend.

8/21/14 - It is nothing but sweet irony, in his first outing against the club that developed him and turned him into a star – the Tampa Bay Rays – that Detroit pitcher David Price would throw a one-hitter…and still lose, 1-0. The Rays’ lone run was scored by Ben Zobrist, who reached on an error by the Tigers’ shortstop, then was driven home by Brandon Guyer’s triple, the only hit allowed by Price. Price, the former Rays ace, whiffed nine hitters en route to his eight inning complete game, becoming just the third pitcher to ring up at least nine K’s in a one-hit losing effort in the last 100 years. Alex Cobb collected his ninth win, allowing just two hits in seven innings of work while striking out six.

8/14/14 - Could the Tampa Bay Rays reel in the faltering “Evil Empire” New York Yankees? Just a few weeks ago, only the most die-hard Rays fan might have entertained such thoughts – but don’t look now, the Rays are just 2 ½ games behind the once-mighty Bronx Bombers. While the Rays are just 5-5 in their last 10 games (and 6-6 in the month of August), they have to be encouraged by their on-field performance; even though they haven’t quite gotten to a .500 record (two games under as of Thursday’s games), they have a better positive run differential than East Division rival Toronto, who at one point led the division. And, while the Rays have several teams to climb over in an extremely tight wild-card chase, they are just 6 ½ games out of the second AL wild-card slot.

7/31/14 - With the trading deadline looming, the Tampa Bay Rays pulled a three-way deal with Detroit and Seattle which sent former Cy Young Award winner David Price, who was long rumored to be on the trading block, to the Central Division leading Tigers, where he will join Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and Anibal Sanchez to form one of the American League’s most formidable starting rotations – one that could keep pace with Oakland, who pulled a blockbuster deadline deal earlier in the day. In exchange, the Rays will get a young starting pitcher from Detroit, Drew Smyly, who was 6-9 in 18 starts for the Tigers, with 89 strikeouts and a 3.93 ERA; also from the Tigers, infielder Willy Adames; and from the Mariners, another infielder, Nick Franklin. Smyly was the starter in Thursday’s game for Detroit, giving up four runs in five innings.

7/24/14 - Don’t look now, but the hottest team in baseball at the moment is…the Tampa Bay Rays. Once written off just a month ago, the Rays have won five straight coming out of the All-Star break, and seven straight overall, good enough to move them two games up on last-place Boston, and just 4 ½ games behind Toronto and the New York Yankees, who are tied for second place. The winning streak also adds some pressure to a team who will need to make a buy-or-sell decision next week, when the trading deadline rolls around. The Rays swept both Minnesota (three games) and National League contender St. Louis (two games) and have a chance to put even more breathing room between themselves and the rival Red Sox this weekend, which in recent years has been a battle.

7/10/14 - A little over a month ago, the Tampa Bay Rays were one of the biggest underperforming teams in all of Major League Baseball, stuck in last place in the highly competitive American League East Division. Now? They’re out of the cellar (albeit by one percentage point over Boston), less than 10 games behind new division leader Baltimore, and many of the trade rumors regarding ace David Price are quieting in the process. The Rays have won 12 of their last 15, and are set to host the suddenly swooning division rivals from Toronto in a key series this weekend. The Rays still have a lot of work yet to do, but in a season that tends to have ups and downs, at this point the Rays are riding a positive wave.

6/23/14 - It’s clear that the Tampa Bay Rays, by won-loss record the worst team in Major League Baseball at 29-46, will be sellers as the trade deadline draws near. And in that instance, probably the biggest name that might come up in trade discussions is that of starting pitcher David Price, who has been so instrumental in the Rays’ success in recent years. Price is still a top-rate starting pitcher by any standard, despite having just five wins against seven losses this season. Of his 16 starts, nine have been classified as “quality starts” (a start of at least six innings, allowing three runs or less); Price has accumulated an American League-leading 133 strikeouts, against just 13 walks with a WHIP (walks plus hits divided by innings pitched) of 1.12 (8th in the AL) and an ERA of 3.81.

6/16/14 - An interesting pair of news headlines – one routine, one rather unusual – featured the Tampa Bay Rays recently. First, the Rays announced that Grant Balfour would no longer be their designated closer, instead choosing to go to a “closer by committee” system of finishing games, said manager Joe Maddon. Although Balfour had converted nine of 11 save opportunities in 24 games, he also had an ERA of over 6, and had walked nearly a bqatter an inning. Off the field, though, the next story could fall under “odd news”: the slumping Rays bringing in a Seminole Indian “medicine man” in an attempt to reverse the team’s fortunes. (Unfortunately for the Rays, the attempt was unsuccessful – at least so far.)

6/4/14 - The entire baseball world reacted with the passing of Tampa Bay Rays senior advisor and coach Don Zimmer on June 4. Zimmer, who was 83, was one of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ “Boys of Summer” in the 1950s, signing with the Dodgers in 1949 and working his way into the starting lineup in 1954, alongside such names as Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, and a year later being an integral part of the only Brooklyn squad to capture a World Series title. Zimmer would leave Brooklyn when the franchise relocated to Los Angeles before the 1958 season, but returned as a member of the expansion New York Mets in 1962. His final year as a player would be spent in Japan in 1966, after which time he bounced among numerous clubs as a coach, and in four cases – San Diego in 1972-73; Boston in 1976-80; Texas in 1981-82, and the Chicago Cubs in 1988-91 – a manager. Zimmer joined the then-Devil Rays in 2004 and spent the rest of his career in the Tampa Bay organization.

5/29/14 - “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.” So goes one of the quotes from the baseball movie classic “Bull Durham.” And in the case of the Tampa Bay Rays, it could very well be a walk-off. The Rays won three consecutive games last weekend in walk-off fashion, starting with a game-winning three-run homer by Sean Rodriguez to beat Oakland; then the next night, against the Boston Red Sox, rookie Cole Figueroa doubled home the winning run; then Figueroa scored the game-winner on a Boston throwing error. (The Red Sox had not lost back-to-back walk-offs to the same team since July 2002, according to ESPN Stats and Info.) On the other hand, a few days later, the Rays allowed Toronto to walk off with a win on a throwing error by Rays reliever Juan Carlos Oviedo.

5/23/14 - Talk about unlucky. Erik Bedard threw 5 1/3 innings of one hit baseball, followed by four relievers who allowed no hits in the remainder of the game – and the Rays still lost, 3-2, to Oakland on May 21. The lone hit was a homer by A’s Brandon Moss, however, the Rays had given up a pair of runs in the second inning thanks to a throwing error by Sean Rodriguez. In better news for the Rays, though, starting pitcher Alex Cobb has been activated from the disabled list; he had been placed on the DL in April after a strained side. The Rays have two other starters on the disabled list: Matt Moore, who underwent ligament replacement surgery; and Jeremy Hellickson, who had arthroscopic surgery on his right elbow and recently threw a short bullpen session. Hellickson is expected to return by the All-Star break.

5/16/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays got some bad news this week when Ben Zobrist, their versatile switch-hitting infielder, was placed on the 15-day disabled list because of a dislocated left thumb. Zobrist is hitting .260/.352/.364 with three homers and nine RBI; he also leads the Rays in runs scored with 24, just one ahead of teammate Wil Myers and two ahead of Evan Longoria. Longoria is one of a number of Rays who have a team high four longballs; no fewer than five players – Longoria, Myers, David DeJesus, Desmond Jennings, and Sean Rodriguez – have collected four homers so far this season. James Loney is the leading Rays hitter in terms of batting average, his 46 hits and .313 average are tops on the team.

5/5/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays have done much to improve their division standing to a 15-17 record. Last week, the squad won two important series against division opponents, the Red Sox and Yankees--on the road and in convincing fashion. Upon their return to Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay is third in the standings, pitted against other AL East contenders, the Orioles, in their upcoming series. Tampa Bay Rays tickets are only $6-8 to start against Baltimore (5/6-5/8).

4/29/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays are at the bottom of their division: earning an 11-15 record in the tough AL East. The Rays will have a heavy dose of inter-division play this week, squaring off against the Red Sox at Fenway Park—in their first meeting since Boston eliminated TB in the 2013 playoffs—followed by a contest with New York at Yankee Stadium. Tampa Bay Rays tickets start at $6 for their final two games against Boston (4/30-5/1), and jump up to $17 for their Saturday and Sunday bouts with the Yankees (5/3-5/4).

4/22/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays are 9-10 on the season, which puts them 4th in the tough AL East. The Yankees lead the division with 11 wins, followed by Toronto (10), while Baltimore, Boston and Tampa Bay are tied at nine. In their last series, split 2-2, the Rays snapped a four-game losing streak against the Yankees in one meeting and pounded them, 16-1, in the next. Tampa Bay will conclude their home stretch with a series against Minnesota, before heading up to Chicago to take on the White Sox. Score cheap Tampa Bay Rays tickets for their second game against the Twins (4/23) and their first game versus Chicago (4/25) for just $7 apiece!

3/3/14 - Despite losing their first game of spring to the Orioles, the Tampa Bay Rays turned things around with two straight victories Sunday (Minnesota) and Monday (Philadelphia). Showing Rays' offensive stock, Evan Longoria hit a two-run homer, while Grant Balfour made a blemish-free start with Tampa Bay after four years in the 6-3 victory against the Twins. The Red Sox better watch out, because with this promising preseason start, it looks like the Rays are coming for them in the AL East! Tampa Bay Rays tickets for Week 2 of Spring Training start at $40 against the Yankees (3/5) and $18 against the Pirates (3/8).

2/25/14 - Tampa Bay Rays tickets for spring training run $48 on average, and their first game against the Baltimore Orioles has a $19 get-in price (up from $15 last week). Rays fans will get treated to a special military salute at their spring game opener, with the delivery of the American Flag and game ball thrown by the US Special Ops Parachute Team. The Para-Commandos will present numerous awe-inspiring demonstrations you've got to see to believe!

2/12/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays are gunning to be top dogs in the AL East, with a talented starting rotation and a couple hard-hitters in the lineup, a postseason run for the fifth time in seven seasons is a viable possibility. Though the Rays bid farewell to many effective players, newcomers Ryan Hannigan, Logan Forsythe, Grant Balfour and Heath Bell are welcome improvements at their positions. Pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in two days, with position players following 5 days later. The first day you can catch the Rays are when thy take on the Baltimore Orioles (2/28) in Port Charlotte, FL. Tampa Bay Rays tickets for this first spring match are only $15.

1/30/14 - The Tampa Bay Rays’ front office has been bustling this offseason. This year, the Rays are resolute on besting their American League rivals, the Boston Red Sox, for the division title. Score some Tampa Bay Rays tickets for Spring Training, at $48 on average, and get a head start on the season!

The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the teams to beat in the AL East, finishing just second to the Boston Red Sox last year. Despite getting close in playoffs, the Rays let go of numerous players this winter: including, Kelly Johnson, Luke Scott, Sal Fuld, Delmon Young, Roberto Hernandez, Fernando Rodney, Alex Torres, Jamey Wright and Jeff Niemann. This exhaustive list has been revamped by promising rookies/new starters and the latest acquisitions: talented catcher Ryan Hanigan, Logan Forsythe, and Heath Bell.

The bullpen will get a boost from fresh starters already enlisted, sure to be upgrades over the last rotation if fully healthy; these players are bolstered by two of the Rays’ bigger signings this offseason: pitchers Brad Boxberger and Grant Balfour. The outfield will greatly benefit from a full season by Rookie of the Year Wil Myers, as well as David DeJesus. Though they re-signed James Loney and Jose Molina, the Rays must still decide whether or not to trade David Price. See if this re-working pays off with Tampa Bay Rays tickets this year. See if they can exact revenge on the defending World Series Champs who beat them out in the ALDS this time around!

2013 Season

10/4/13 - Tampa Bay earned a division series berth after winning the AL Wild Card in Cleveland. The AL Wild Card game averaged $93, less than 1/3 the cost of the NL Wild Card game. ALDS tickets are averaging $160 for the give game series, up 19% in 24 hours.Entering the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays World Series tickets prices are averaging $974, third cheapest of the eight division series teams.

10/1/13 - The Tampa Bay Rays were the final team in 2013 to clinch a MLB Playoff spot. The berth came after the Rays defeated the Texas Rangers in #Game163, the AL tiebreaker. Next up on the Rays postseason schedule – the AL Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Indians (10/2). The winner of that game will advance to the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox which begins at Fenway Park two days later. AL Wild Card tickets start at $85.

7/25/13 - After a slow start, the Rays have once again proved their competitive nature while doing more with less, moving into second place in MLB’s “Black and Blue” AL East Division. Now that key players (such as Evan Longoria) are back from the disabled list, can the Rays keep it up and lock in another postseason berth in what could be an historic four-way pennant chase?

After sneaking into the 2011 playoffs on the very last day, the Tampa Bay Rays fell back a little bit in 2012. While in contention for much of the season, the Rays fell back to third place in the American League’s East Division, behind eventual division champ New York, and a surprising Baltimore squad. The 2013 Rays have some power to make up, as 2012 team home run leader B.J. Upton went up the road to Atlanta. After Upton, the power and the hitting will come from Ben Zobrist, along with an apparently healthy Evan Longoria, who has already etched his name into Rays lore multiple times. Aside from Zobrist and Longoria, four other players — Desmond Jennings, Matt Joyce, Luke Scott, and Carlos Pena &mdsah; all collected double figures in home runs last year. Pitching-wise, the Rays lead with reigning Cy Young Award recipient David Price, who won 20 games for the first time in his career last year. Returning starters Jeremy Hellickson and Matt Moore will have to pick up some slack from James Shields's departure to Kansas City, while Fernando Rodney established himself as one of the league's elite closers in 2012. Manager Joe Maddon is widely regarded as one of baseball's best managers, and Rays fans at Tropicana Field are hoping the boys can Rays the stakes in 2013.

How much will Rays fans pay to see a game at Tropicana Field this season? Tampa Bay Rays tickets average $68 at home, some of the lowest-priced MLB tickets in 2013. If you're in Tampa and want to catch must-see baseball, check out these series on the Rays baseball schedule: Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Francisco Giants. If you don't care about the opponent, the cheapest Rays tickets average under $50 at games with the Los Angeles Angels, Miami Marlins, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Texas Rangers. Rays tickets on the road average the same as at home. The top road games in 2013 will be against AL East division opponents: Boston Reds Sox, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays.
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