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2015 Season

9/24/15 - The Seattle Mariners went 2-1 in a three game series against the Rangers before starting off a three game series against the Royals with an 11-2 victory. The Mariners started the game off with two runs in the top of the first inning, but the third inning was where they showed their mettle, scoring seven runs. The Mariners had five total home runs during the game, including two from Robinson Cano. Despite the strong show, the next night the Royals went home the victor in a close game that went ten innings. The two teams play once more on the 24th, and then the Mariners head to Anaheim to play the Angels for three games starting on the 25th. You can still get tickets, with prices as low as $13.
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9/17/15 - The Seattle Mariners had a stretch where they were working their way up their division, but they seem to have seen a stand still as they approached an even win/loss record. They now sit at 71-76. Because they have won every other matchup for the last seven games, that ratio has not changed. As the post season approaches, they need to start racking up some wins to make it. The Mariners now enter an away series, so this change of scenery may be what they need. Regardless, they will return for their final series of home games on September 28th. With a total of six matches remaining in Seattle, your opportunities to see the Mariners live are running out. Get your tickets now and cheer them to the victory they need.

9/10/15 - The Seattle Mariners are on a roll. They ran into a little trouble as soon as they returned to their home field, but that cleared up quickly and they began dominating again. Their two tight losses against the Teas Rangers did cost them a five-game winning streak, but they followed them up by shutting the Rangers out in back to back matchups. This amazing feat is sure to just be the beginning as the Mariners start to gain momentum. If they keep this up, they will start to make their way back up the division rankings. Up next, they will be playing the Colorado Rockies, followed by the Los Angeles Angles. After this series of home games ends, only one remains before the season comes to a close.

9/1/15 - The Seattle Mariners went 2-2 in the latest four game series against the White Sox. During the second game, the Mariners shut out the White Sox. The next night was a more even battle. The Mariners started out with three runs in the top of the first and by the eighth inning were ahead 7-2. The White Sox rallied, scoring four runs that inning. The Mariners were able to hold onto their one run lead to win. The next night was another close battle, this time remaining tied until the White Sox scored the winning run in the bottom of the 11th. The Mariners started out their first of three games against the Astros with a loss. They play again on the 1st and 2nd. You can still get tickets, with prices as low as $8.

8/26/15 - After losing the first of three games against the Athletics, the Seattle Mariners came back to win the other two to take the series. In the second game, the Athletics seemed to have the win after a four run second inning that brought the score to 5-0. However, the Mariners had three runs in the fourth, followed by another three in the fifth to take the lead. They were able to maintain the lead for the rest of the game to take the victory. The next night, the Mariners came out swinging for a four run first inning, and they went on to easily win 8-2. The Mariners next head to Chicago to play four games against het White Sox starting on the 27th. You still have a chance to get tickets, with prices starting at $3.

8/18/15 - The Seattle Mariners were doing well, but they seem to be struggling slightly since heading out on the road. Before leaving, they had won three of their last four games, even managing to completely shut the Baltimore Orioles out in their final match. After heading to Boston, the Mariners were only able to win one game in the three-match set. They are headed to Texan next to take on the Rangers, but they have already lost the first game. Hopefully the Mariners will be able to turn it around as the set continues. Luckily, it won't be long at all until they are back on their own field, so they should be back to racking up victories soon. Tickets for their first game back, on August 21st, start at $16.

8/14/15 - The Seattle Mariners have been inconsistent since they returned to their home field. They have won exactly half of their matchups and they have not managed to win two in a row. Being 52-61 and fourth for their division, the Mariners cannot afford to just break even. There are just a couple home games before they hit the road again, so hopefully they will be able to build up a little momentum before having to play without the home field advantage. Luckily, this will be a relatively short series of away games. The Mariners will return on August 21st to host the Chicago White Sox. Get your tickets for their homecoming game early to save. Tickets currently are available for as little as just $14.

8/6/15 - The Seattle Mariners are building up a winning streak after winning the past three games in a row. After going back and forth against the Twins in a four game series, the Mariners won the first two games in a three game series against the Rockies. The first night saw the Mariners get an early lead after a four run first inning. The Rockies rallied, but were not able to take the win from the Mariners. The next night, the Mariners took a bigger lead for the 10-4 win. Nelson Cruz had a homer, which was his fifth strait game in which he homered. The two teams meet again on the 5th, and then the Mariners head home to host the Rangers on the 7th. You can still get your tickets, with prices as low as $15.

7/30/15 - The Seattle Mariners may be at the bottom of the pack in the AL West Division, but not by much. They are behind the Athletics by only one win and the Rangers by a mere two wins. In their most recent four-game series against the Detroit Tigers, the Mariners and Tigers split games giving each team two wins and two losses. On July 23, the Mariners were able to pull off a close win against the Tigers ending the game with a 3-2 lead. This weekend the Mariners take on the Toronto Blue Jays on their home field. Tickets for all three games are still up for grabs and ticket prices start around $22 a piece. If you are busy this weekend, the Mariners have some weekday games coming up versus the Arizona Diamondbacks starting on July 27.

7/24/15 - The Seattle Mariners may be at the bottom of the pack in the AL West Division, but not by much. They are behind the Athletics by only one win and the Rangers by a mere two wins. In their most recent four-game series against the Detroit Tigers, the Mariners and Tigers split games giving each team two wins and two losses. On July 23, the Mariners were able to pull off a close win against the Tigers ending the game with a 3-2 lead. This weekend the Mariners take on the Toronto Blue Jays on their home field. Tickets for all three games are still up for grabs and ticket prices start around $22 a piece. If you are busy this weekend, the Mariners have some weekday games coming up versus the Arizona Diamondbacks starting on July 27.

7/17/15 - The Seattle Mariners' most recent games continue to go back and forth from winning one to losing one. They went 2-2 against the Angles in their most recent four game series. The Mariners won the first game 7-2, with a 19-hit barrage and a leadoff homer by Logan Morrison. The next night, they were unable to beat the Angles, even after getting another run in the first inning. During the third game, the Mariners once again won, this time with a three-hit shutout thinks to eight innings by Hisashi Iwakuma. The next night, the Angles came back and won 10-3. The Mariners will look to win more than one game in a row when they head to New York to play three games against the Yankees, starting on July 17. You can get tickets for as low as $18.

7/10/15 - The Mariners' return to Seattle was a little rocky as they took a rough 12-5 defeat at the hands of the Detroit Tigers. Fortunately, they were back on their feet quick and came right back with a 6-7 victory the very next day. One game remains in this set, and then the Seattle Mariners will take on the Los Angeles Angels. After that set, they will be hitting the road once again, so be sure to take this opportunity to catch them live while you can. If you want to see how the Tigers set concludes, tickets start at $21, while you can attend the opener against the Angels for as little as $17. You last chance to see them in action will be on July 12th.

7/3/15 - The Seattle Mariners continue through their series of away games. After struggling slightly against the Los Angeles Angels, the Mariners fared better against the San Diego Padres. In fact, Seattle managed to keep the Padres from scoring in both of their matchups. However, upon meeting with the Oakland Athletics, they failed to score themselves. It remains to be seen if this was a single instance or if it will be a pattern. Regardless, the Mariners will return to Seattle on July 6th to take on the Detroit Tigers. They should be back at the top of their game then. You can attend that game and welcome the Mariner back home for as little as $13. They will have a few sets before hitting the road again, so you have plenty of opportunities to see them live.

6/25/15 - The Seattle Mariners went 1-2 in their recent three game series against the Royals. In the first game, the Mariners scored quickly with a run in the first inning. However, the Royals came back with two runs in the top of the second, and the Mariners were unable to get back on the board. The Mariners came out the next night ready to win. Mike Montgomery pitched 10 strikeouts and shut out the Royals. Dustin Ackley and Logan Morrison hit homers, and the team had 10 hits and seven runs. They were unable to carry this victory over to the next night, losing 8-2. The Mariners head to Anaheim next for a three game series against the Angels, starting on the 26. You can still get your tickets, with prices starting at $8.

6/19/15 - In Wednesday’s Seattle Mariners game, Austin Jackson tripled, allowing Mike Zunino to score. When Robinson Cano doubled in the same inning, Jackson scored, giving the Mariners two runs, while shutting out the Giants. The Mariners are 5-5 in their last ten, with a 30-36 record, for fourth in the AL West. They have a run of home games in the upcoming week, and Safeco Field will be hopping as the Mariners host the Astros starting on Friday (6/19). There’s still great seats available for the games on Saturday and Sunday with prices beginning at $13. You’ll want to get your tickets to one of the three games starting on Monday against the Kansas City Royals. Enjoy an evening of fun when you come down to the stadium to cheer your home team.

6/9/15 - After a seven game losing streak, the Seattle Mariners finally got a win in Saturday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The homer in the seventh from Austin Jackson put the Mariners ahead 2-1, and Seattle held Tampa back from earning another run. Seattle has a 26-32 record, and they’re just seven games behind the AL West leader, the Houston Astros. The Mariners are out on the road over the weekend and in the upcoming week, before finally returning to Safeco Field on Wednesday (6/17) for games against the San Francisco Giants. Tickets start at just $17, and you’ll want to cheer your home town on to the win. Help them get their momentum going before the Houston Astros come to town, so the Mariners can put some games in their win column.

6/5/15 - The Seattle Mariners have still not recovered from their losing slump that began when they took on the Cleveland Indians. While the Mariners were able to rally and take one victory against Cleveland, they have not won since then. Seattle is now up to six consecutive losses, including an entire set against the New York Yankees. The upcoming matchups with the Tampa Bay Rays are especially important. If the Mariners cannot change their luck here, their losing streak may continue on the road and span numerous matchups. If you would like to come out and cheer them to their first victory in more than a week, you can get tickets for their next game for as little as $10. Help them make their stand and turn it around.

5/28/15 - The Seattle Mariners had a three-game winning streak on the boards until the Cleveland Indians came to town. In the first game of a four-game series, the Indians’ pitcher struck out 13 Mariners and held them to only three runs while picking up five. The Mariners continue the series against the Indians throughout the weekend. Get out to Safeco Field and cheer for the home team. Tickets for Sunday’s (5/31) game start at $17. The Mariners will be on home field for the next week, hosting the New York Yankees for three games beginning Monday (6/1). Relax after work while enjoying the camaraderie of the fans in the stadium. With ticket prices starting at $11, you and a friend could have a great evening while watching your favorite team.

5/15/15 - The Seattle Mariners are on fire, having won their last four games in a row. They swept the three game series against the Athletics and have won the first of two games against the Padres. Against the Padres, the Mariners came out strong, with four runs in the first inning. They went on to score seven more for an 11-4 victory. The win was the first for James Paxton. The team had a total of six home runs, with two by catcher Mike Zunino and the rest by Nelson Cruz, Kyle Seager, Logan Morrison, and Justin Ruggiano. After the final game against the Padres on May 13, the Mariners host the Red Sox for a four game series starting the 14th. Tickets remain available, with prices starting at $16.

5/8/15 - This series of away games started out promising for the Seattle Mariners, but they have really been struggling recently. First, the Mariners lost in each of the four games against the Houston Astros. Heartbreakingly, they lost 6-7, and that one point that decided the game was scored in the eighth inning. Things looked like they were improving when the Mariners won in the opening match against the Los Angeles Angels, but Seattle could not repeat their victory in the second two matches. This string of bad luck sees the Mariners lose six of their last seven games. Hopefully that is all behind them because they are finally back on their own field. The Mariners will play the Oakland Athletic in their first home games in more than two weeks starting May 8th.

4/29/15 - A ten-day trip for the Seattle Mariners has started with a 3-1 victory over the Texas Rangers, thanks to great pitching from Taijuan Walker, who threw a killer fastball in the Monday night game. The young player lasted seven innings, threw 62 strikes, struck out five and had just six hits. After going hitless in 13 at bats on Sunday, the Mariners broke that unwelcome streak with an RBI from Nelson Cruz. After a throwing error on a groundball which should have been a double play, Cano sprinted home making it 2-0 for Seattle. Their last run came from Justin Ruggiano who was able to make it home after a single from Smith. Up next for the Mariners are two series against the Astros and the Angels before they head home to take on the Athletics.

4/24/15 - After two disappointing losses, the Seattle Mariners turned it around and won the third game of their series against the Astros with a 2-3 final score. The Mariners J.A. Happ struck out five and didn’t give up any walks over the seven and one-third innings that he pitched to give him his first win. Catcher Mike Zunino homered in the third. On Friday (4/24), Safeco Field will be busy with Mariners’ fans when they host the Minnesota Twins in a three-game series over the weekend. Tickets start at $17 for Friday’s game. There are still plenty of great seats available all over the ballpark. After Sunday’s game, the Mariners go out on the road, so come down and show your support while your favorite team is in town.

4/14/15 - It has been one week since the 2015 MLB regular season began, and the Seattle Mariners are off to a 3-3 start. After beating the Angels 4-1 in the season opener, they lost the remaining two games in the series to the Los Angeles team. After that, they took a trip to Oakland, where they beat the Athletics in two out of three, including one match that went to 11 innings. Many eyes have been on Taijuan Walker since the preseason began, but his debut performance wasn’t quite up to par and he was relieved of pitching duties in the seventh inning. This weekend, Seattle fans can enjoy a weekend of baseball as the Mariners take on the Texas Rangers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We have your tickets starting at just $15.

4/3/15 - If ESPN’s prediction pans out, it could be a very good summer in Seattle in 2015, as the Mariners are projected by them to win the American League West. After falling just short of the playoffs last year, and being in contention going down to the final days of the season, the M’s will be looking to end a 13-season playoff drought.

3/18/15 - With a devastating loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers in what may have been a World Series preview match up last weekend, the Seattle Mariners will need to get back to playing at peak performance if they want to make it to the championship. Much of their chances rest on the health of star pitcher James Paxton, who has been out with a minor forearm injury since the beginning of the spring. He hopes to return before the start of the regular season, with the possibility of returning as early as next week. Paxton says he has been doing hot yoga in the off-season, which helps to control his heart rate. He finds that if his heart starts racing on the mound, he can use yoga practice to control his breathing and lower his heart rate so he can calm down.

3/6/15 - The Seattle Mariners threatened to make the American League West a three-horse race from much of the 2014 season, and were in contention for the wild card until the final days of the season. This year, though, the M’s have their sights set higher, behind the arms of “King Felix” Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and the bats of Robinson Cano and slugger Kyle Seager.

2/13/15 - The Seattle Mariners were given the short end of the stick last season and it looks like history might be repeating itself. The Mariners are looking at the most travel time out of any MLB team, with more than 2,000 more miles traveled than the next closest team. As the 2015 season starts, Seattle is already at a huge disadvantage. They can absolutely make up the difference through hard work, however, but they need the support of their fans cheering them to victory to even things out. Their season starts on April 6th when they take on the Los Angeles Angels, but then they will be travelling all the way to Oakland to play the Athletics. Catch their home opener before they leave for only $34.

2014 Season

9/25/14 - Close, but no cigar in 2014. That will pretty much sum up the Seattle Mariners’ season once the weekend’s final series is finished, as the M’s take on the Los Angeles Angels at home. A September that showed much promise for an exciting stretch drive went up in smoke due to an inability to win in the clutch, as the squad had a pair of streaks in which they won just once over six games – four of those losses coming to lowly Houston. In addition, aces Felix Hernandez and Hisashi Iwakuma won just two games combined in September.

9/19/14 - They split two with the Los Angeles Angels, and hope to make some hay against Houston this weekend…so there’s still a good chance the Seattle Mariners could make the postseason. They’re a game behind Oakland for the second American League wild card slot, with nine games left – six on the road in Houston and Toronto, then the season finale against the Angels in Seattle. Considering the M’s and A’s are battling Detroit and Kansas City essentially for three spots (the Royals and Tigers for the Central Division title, and all four over the two wild cards), that means some exciting times are still ahead across two divisions.

9/12/14 - It’s a three-horse race in the American League coming down the stretch, but just two of those three teams – Oakland, Detroit, and the Seattle Mariners – will land in the postseason. The M’s find themselves a half game behind the Tigers, who currently hold the second wild-card slot, and it’s a race that seems to change daily, with once-dominant Oakland potentially fading to out of the race. Seattle has a key three-game series this weekend with the Athletics at Safeco Field; a successful series could hand the Mariners some much-needed momentum as they chase their first postseason since 2001. Key to this charge will be the pitching of King Felix Hernandez, who is scheduled to square off with the A’s Sonny Gray as part of this weekend’s action.

9/5/14 - The Seattle Mariners…they keep hangin’ in there, fighting mightily for that all-important American League wild card slot. Just a half game behind Detroit for the second slot, and a mere three games behind once-dominant Oakland for the top wild card, the M’s took two of three from the A’s to start the September stretch drive, and play Texas over the weekend. The M’s have just four non-West Division games remaining on their schedule, a four-game set against Toronto which will finish up their last road trip of 2014, an 11 game swing, before returning home for their last three regular season games of the year against the Los Angeles Angels.

8/29/14 - September is going to be an interesting month in the Pacific Northwest. The NFL’s Seahawks are preparing to return to the field to defend their Super Bowl title; the NCAA’s Huskies are a Top 25 team as college football gets underway; MLS’s Sounders F.C. are atop their conference with the best record in the league – and the Seattle Mariners are relevant again in Major League Baseball, in a taut battle for one of the two American League wild-card slots in the postseason. The last time the M’s were in the postseason was 2001 – Lou Piniella was the manager, and a young Nippon Professional Baseball star by the name of Ichiro Suzuki garnered both Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player awards in his first season on this side of the Pacific – the second Japanese import of the Mariners in as many seasons (preceded the year before by reliever Kazuhiro Sasaki) to win the AL’s top rookie honor.

8/22/14 - While their West rivals down the Pacific coast in Oakland and Anaheim (Los Angeles) have swapped places in the standings – the Angels finally surging into first place – the Seattle Mariners, having gone 7-3 in their last 10 games, remain close at hand in the AL wild-card hunt, just a half game behind Detroit for the second wild-card slot. The M’s take on a traditionally tough Boston club at Fenway Park this weekend before heading back across country to square off with the bottom-of—the-West Texas Rangers in Seattle, followed by a visit with a Washington team who has finally managed to put things together in the National League and establish themselves as one of the NL’s favorites.

8/15/14 - Before the All-Star break, it looked for all intents and purposes like the American League West was Oakland’s to lose. Now? The A’s have regressed to the mean a bit, the Los Angeles Angels got hot – and the Seattle Mariners are still in both the West race, as well as holders of the No. 2 AL wild-card slot (a half game ahead of Detroit) going into the weekend of Aug. 16-17. A word about that wild card race: It’s gonna be tight; after the Tigers, four teams are clustered within a game and a half of each other, which means if a team gets hot or cools off things could get exciting. The M’s, in fact, are riding a hot streak at the moment, having reeled off five straight victories and nine of their last 10.

8/8/14 - The Seattle Mariners may have fallen well off the torrid pace being set by Oakland and the Los Angeles Angels in the American League West, having fallen 10 games back of the A’s – but hoo boy, what a wild card race! Going into Friday’s games, Kansas City had moved into the second wild-card slot behind the Angels, with former seoncd wild card Toronto falling into a three-way tie with Seattle and the New York Yankees, just a half-game back. After coming out of the All-Star break winning just six while losing 10 (including a four game losing streal), the M’s have turned things around somewhat and have won three straight, including the first of a four-game weekend set with the Chicago White Sox.

7/31/14 - The Seattle Mariners found themselves involved in the wheeling and dealing on trading-deadline day, participating in the blockbuster deal with Detroit and Tampa Bay that saw David Price leave the Rays to join the Tigers. In the three-way deal, the M’s sent Nick Franklin to Tampa Bay, and received outfielder Austin Jackson from Detroit. Franklin had played in just 17 games for the Mariners in 2014, going 6-for-47 for a .128 batting average, with a triple as his lone extra-base hit. Jackson, however, was Detroit’s starting center fielder, hitting .273/.332/.398 with 25 doubles, five triples and four round-trippers, driving in 33 runs while scoring 52, the latter being tied for third on the Tigers team with Victor Martinez.

7/28/14 - After falling off the torrid pace set by Oakland and the Los Angeles Angels in the American League West, the Seattle Mariners made a move to shore up their weak offense, acquiring Kendrys Morales from Minnesota for relief pitcher Stephen Pryor. Morales was with the M’s last year, leading the club in batting average, hits, doubles, and RBIs last year, while setting a team record for homers by a switch-hitter. For the Twins this year, Morales had played in just 39 games, with a slash line of .234/.259/.325, with a single home run and 19 RBIs; he signed with Minnesota in early June after failing to generate any interest in the offseason as a free agent. Morales is expected to serve as the Mariners’ designated hitter.

7/18/14 - The Seattle Mariners’ “King Felix” Hernandez was rewarded for an outstanding first half of the season with the starting nod from Boston and American League All-Star skipper John Farrell in the Midsummer Classic. Hernandez became the first Venezuelan pitcher and second Mariner (after the legendary “Big Unit,” Randy Johnson) to earn the honor. Hernandez pitched just the first inning, facing four National League hitters while throwing 23 pitches (14 strikes, nine balls); he struck out Yasiel Puig and Troy Tulowitzki, and induced Paul Goldschmidt to ground out to third, while allowing a leadoff infield hit to Andrew McCutchen.

7/14/14 - With the unfortunate news that first-half pitching sensation Masahiro Tanaka may be done for the season with a partially torn ligament in his pitching arm, attention is focusing on baseball’s version of “The King” -- Seattle Mariners ace “King Felix” Hernandez as a Cy Young Award frontrunner. ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” analysts both lselected Hernandez as their first-half AL Cy Young pick, on the strength of his 10-2 record, 2.11 ERA (2nd in the AL) and 145 strikeouts (third in the AL), not to mention a minuscule WHIP of 0.89, also second in the league. If Hernandez does win the Cy Young this season, it would be his second of his career.

7/3/14 – Well look who’s coming up in the AL West. The Seattle Mariners have quickly narrowed the gap between themselves and the Los Angeles Angels for second place in their division, now just one game behind the Halos. The Mariners are 4.5 games out from the top spot, and they’ll have to maximize on their current hot streak of four consecutive wins if they hope to catch the Oakland Athletics. Lock-in Seattle Mariners tickets and see them set off fireworks on the field this Friday against the Chicago White Sox! Independence Day marks the first of their three game series, and Mariners tickets start at $7. Not only will you get Robinson Cano shooting rockets out of the park, but US Cellular Field is sure to have and amazing fireworks display!

6/19/14 - After starting off the month of June with seven wins in their first eight games of the month, the Seattle Mariners have since lost seven of their last 10 – but remain just over .500 at 37 wins and 36 losses, and just two games behind the second-place Los Angeles Angels in the American League West. The M’s are also maintaining a positive run differential of plus-33, one of just five teams (two of those other teams are their West rivals in L.A. and Oakland) in the American League to be in the green in that statistic. The Mariners are just one of two teams in the AL to have a worse home record than on the road, the other being Baltimore; the Mariners are a solid 20-16 away from Safeco Field, while 17-20 at home.

6/6/14 - Here’s a shocker: If the season ended today, the Seattle Mariners would be in the postseason, just ahead of Baltimore. They’re second in the American League West, tied with the Los Angeles Angels, and have won five in a row, including two in Atlanta against the NL East leaders. After “King” Felix Hernandez, a perennial candidate for the AL’s Cy Young Award almost from the moment he was brought up to the bigs, a key reason for the Mariners’ success has been #2 pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma. Iwakuma has only made seven starts this season – he injured a finger in offseason workouts that fortunately did not require surgery – but in those seven starts he is 4-2 with 36 K’s against just four walks, with a 2.66 ERA. He pitched seven shutout innings in his last start, against the Braves, with seven strikeouts and zero walks, scattering six hits along the way.

5/30/14 - King Felix Hernandez rolled to his team leading seventh win for the Seattle Mariners in a 3-1 triumph over the Los Angeles Angels on May 28. Hernandez is now third in the American League in wins and strikeouts (83), fourth in WHIP (1.02), and seventh in ERA (2.57), after throwing 8 2/3 innings of four hit baseball against the Angels. Closer Fernando Rodney needed just three pitches to collect his 13th save (third in the AL) against just two blown saves so far this year.

5/27/14 - How valuable has Robinson Cano been to the Seattle Mariners this year? The M’s, currently in the middle of the pack in the American League West Division, 6 ½ games behind Oakland, are getting great production from their big-splash offseason acquisition. Cano is leading the Mariners in batting average at .322, which is also good enough for third in the American League, behind a pair of Detroit Tigers, Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera. Cano is also getting on base at a .372 clip, which places him among the top 20 in the AL, and his 58 hits put him tied for fourth (with another Detroiter, Ian Kinsler) in the league. While his power numbers are off (just two homers this season so far), he has also cut down on his strikeouts, making him a tough out for opponents.

5/16/14 - The Seattle Mariners made a big splash in the offseason, picking up Robinson Cano as a free agent to bolster the offense – and so far, the M’s are reaping some benefit from this pickup, currently sitting in third place in the competitive American League West Division, six games behind division leading Oakland. Cano is hitting mostly as advertised, though his power is off a bit; currently his slash line stands at .301/.355/.385, with just a single homer and 22 RBIs. Three Mariners – Mike Zunino, Kyle Seager, and Justin Smoak – each have a team-leading six longballs. King Felix Hernandez has picked up where he left off last season; Hernandez is 4-1 in nine starts, with 60 strikeouts (good for sixth in the American League), and a solid 3.03 ERA.

5/5/14 - The Seattle Mariners have made great improvements to their play, and are now just one game under .500. To boost morale and rankings, the Pac-Northwest team won both of their series, against the Yankees and Astros, last week. Seattle will finish off their road trip with four games at Oakland, and return home for an extended series against the Kansas City Royals. Seattle Mariners tickets for their remaining two games in Oakland are $14 (5/6) and $16 (5/7) to start. Prices are at their lowest this week then Kansas City comes to play, starting at $9 (5/8) and $11 (5/9) at Safeco Field.

4/29/14 - The Seattle Mariners came into last week battered by a seven game losing streak, but they come into the final week of April with far better momentum. Seattle has won three games out of the last four, including a series victory over division foes: the Texas Rangers. This comes thanks to resurgent third baseman Kyle Seager, who was named AL Player of the Week: hitting .409 with 8 runs, 5 HRs, 11 RBI and 1.549 OPS in six games. See if the Seattle Mariners can extend this winning momentum on the road: they are pitted against the New York Yankees and Houston Astros this week. Be there for Robinson Cano's welcome back to Yankee Stadium with Seattle Mariners tickets: get-in prices range from a mere $2-$3 this week at Yankee Stadium (4/29-5/1).

4/21/14 - After a hot start to 2014, the Seattle Mariners season took a turn for the worst: they've lost 9 in the last ten games, and have currently dropped seven straight. Yesterday, Seattle allowed the Astros to snap their own 7-game losing streak, but with two games left, the Mariners can still take hold of the series. Dustin Ackley has emerged as an offensive gem despite his team's lackluster play (over .345 in the last eight games)—perhaps he and Cano can rally the team to victory. Score cheap Seattle Mariners tickets for their final two games against Houston: $9 to get-in on 4/22 and 4/23, or pay $17 to get into each game against Texas this weekend (4/25-4/27).

4/15/14- The Seattle Mariners have taken a decent slip after mostly solid play out of the gate. After splitting their series against Oakland at the beginning of the month, the Mariners dropped two out of three against the A's at home. This past weekend put a sobering end to their three-game win streak, which started in Anaheim with 26 total runs. They got back to business with yesterday's offensive eruption over Texas: three Rangers errors granted the squad six relentless runs for the final score of 7-1. Seattle has three more games against the Texas Rangers before they visit the failing Miami Marlins over the weekend. Cheap Seattle Mariners tickets are easy targets this week: starting at $5 on Tuesday, $3 on Wednesday, and $2 on Thursday.

4/8/14 - The Seattle Mariners have rocked the American League after the first week of baseball. They kicked the year off right by annihilating the Angeles, sweeping their on-the-road opening series. Though they hit a snag in the road with two losses to the Athletics, they have a chance to take on these two teams again, but this time at Safeco Field in Washington. Today, the Mariners start their two-games against Anaheim, where their huge investment, Robinson Cano, will be making his debut at home. Seattle Mariners tickets are available for tomorrow's game at $27 to start (4/9). Their series against Oakland offers a get-in price of $18 on Friday (4/11), $15 on Saturday and Sunday (4/12-4/13).

4/1/14 - The Seattle Mariners made an announcement to the MLB on Opening Day: they aren't messing around this year. The Mariners stifled the Los Angeles Angels on Opening Day with a stunning 10-3 victory down in Anaheim. Mariners' bullet slinger Felix Hernandez may have given up a two-run homer to Mike Trout in the first inning, but he made the Halos pay with 11 strikeouts. Justin Smoak launched a three-run homer while Robinson Cano was pitched around in favor of walks. Score Seattle Mariners tickets for the rest of this opening series: get-in for $17 tonight and $10 on Wednesday. Up next for the Pacific Northwest team is another California opponent, a visit to the Oakland A's beginning on Thursday (get in for $13).

3/25/14 - With under a week left until Opening Day, things in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse are getting interesting. The Mariners are looking at the possible return of former superstar Ichiro Suzuki, as the Yankees are currently shopping around the 40 year-old and willing to cover a portion of his salary if the right buyer comes along. Aside from bringing back a fan favorite and the idea letting the veteran finish his career in Seattle, the Mariners could actually use an outfielder with his skill set. Stay posted on Ichiro's potential homecoming! The Mariners will play their final game at Peoria, AZ this Friday against the Rockies (tickets start at $37) and then they'll be taking the show on the road to start regular season. Cheap Seattle Mariners tickets this Monday against the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim start at just $19—one of the best bargains of Opening Day!

3/18/14 - With two weeks left of Spring Training, Seattle is still looking to make roster moves! The Mariners are considering a trade involving Nick Franklin to Detroit (in need of a shortstop), possibly in exchange for bullpen help. The Mariners are slotted against the Los Angeles Angels for their first game of the year, in a highly anticipated match to get the season going. Fans are excited to see which slugger—Mike Trout (LA) or Seattle's new Robinson Cano—will have the bigger impact out of the gate. Seattle Mariners tickets for their March 31 (Opening Day) game average just $78, making it one of the biggest steals in the league!

3/10/14 - With Spring Training in full swing, and Opening Day exactly three weeks away, it seems as though the Seattle Mariners have heeded the advice of slugger Robinson Cano, because the front office is now looking for another hard-hitting right-hander on the market. The Mariners have reportedly contacted Cuban outfielder Dayan Vicideo from the Sox. Still, they may consider holding-off on the move, as shortstop Brad Miller and outfielder Michael Saunders both launched two-run homeruns in their first at-bats Saturday against the San Francisco Giants. Seattle Mariners tickets start at $24 on Wednesday against the Cubs and $29 on Saturday against the Giants.

3/3/14 - As anticipated, slugger Robinson Cano made a huge impact in his debut with the Seattle Mariners this spring, helping his new team achieve back-to-back victories over the Padres to open up Cactus League play. The All Star did voice his opinions, that the team still needs to pack more of an offensive punch, by suggesting the organization signs a right-handed hitter—even going so far as to say Kendrys Morales should be contacted for a re-sign, being a switch hitter who hit 23 homeruns with the franchise last year. The Mariners are now 5-1 to start Spring Training and look forward to taking down their next opponents in Peoria during Week 2. Even though Seattle is red-hot, their tickets are super affordable! Seattle Mariners tickets start at $5 against the Indians (3/5) and $11 against the Reds (3/7).

2/25/14 - The Seattle Mariners are reportedly dealing with the New York Mets to trade off one of their young shortstops, Nick Franklin or Brad Miller. Franklin is a strong player who riled up the Mariners fanbase when he moved up from Triple-A last May, but has since been displaced by the Robinson Cano acquisition and is the more likely candidate to move. The Mariners would presumably make a deal to secure one of New York's young pitchers in the swap. Despite all the publicity surrounding perhaps the biggest trade of the offseason, Seattle Mariners tickets across spring training have dropped $10 in price: from $51 before camp began to $41.

2/12/14 - The Seattle Mariners practically announced their "win-now" projection for the season when they scooped up heavy-hitter, and the biggest agent available, Robinson Cano, along with the recent addition of proven closer Fernando Rodney. Seattle may be a west-coast town, but Emerald City residents have had their fair share of blistering weather this winter, so why not escape the cold and see your city's other winning team with Seattle Mariners Spring Training tickets? The Mariners are pitted against rivals down south, the San Diego Padres, for the first game of spring: tickets for this match-up start at $17 for a seat in Peoria, AZ.

1/30/14 - The Seattle Mariners made headlines this offseason by signing Robinson Cano, one of the heaviest-hitters in the majors. Now that management is reportedly talking with some of the biggest names left on the free agent market, score some Seattle Mariners tickets to see who takes the field this spring! Get a jump on the season with Spring Training tickets at $51 on average.

The Seattle Mariners were desperate for some big-time sluggers to rev up their lackluster core, and commenced this offseason with one of the biggest, most surprising moves of the year. The Mariners landed Robinson Cano with the third biggest contract in MLB history, at $240 million for 10 years, mirroring the Los Angeles Angels’ deal with Albert Pujols a couple years ago.

Aside from Cano, the Mariners have yet to repair other deprived zones this winter, namely the bullpen. Last season, Seattle racked up the second-worst bullpen ERA in the league (4.58), and no major moves have been made thus far. The Mariners allowed Oliver Perez to join the free agent market, though they held steadfast onto Felix Hernandez and top-prospect rookie Taijaun Walker. Mariners fans should keep their eyes on the front office leading up to Spring Training, as the franchise is reportedly interested in Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez, Fernando Rodney and Bronson Arroyo—some of the hottest free agents left on the market. Don’t sleep on the Seattle Mariners this year, especially after making one of the biggest splashes in the league this winter!

2013 Season

Despite their last place AL West finish in 2012, the Mariners have reason for optimism in 2013. After finishing at the bottom of the American league in runs scored, the Mariners decided to reconfigure Safeco Field and move in their outfield fences for 2013. This should generate higher power numbers, especially with newly acquired switch-hitting slugger Kendrys Morales, who was acquired via trade from the Angels. Free agent signees and returning Mariners Michael Morse and Raul Ibanez should also add significant pop to the lineup. The most important offseason deal the Mariners made was their extensions of ace pitcher and 2010 Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez. The 22 year old righty agreed to a 7-year, $175 million extension, making him the highest paid pitcher in baseball history.

The Mariners open their season with a 4-game series in Oakland against the A's and a 3-game series in Chicago against the White Sox. Their home opener at Safeco comes on 4/8 against new divisional foe, the Houston Astros. Prices start around $40 for bleacher and upper level seats, with field box tickets starting around $65. Aside from opening day, the most expensive Mariners home games come 6/28-6/29 against the Cubs and 7/9-7/10 against the Red Sox. Overall, Mariners tickets for 2013 are averaging $65, 17th highest in the league and 7% below the league average. Fan looking to save money should purchase tickets for games in May or September, which average under $50. The most expensive months for Mariners tickets are April and June, when tickets average around $75.
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