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San Diego Padres 2016 News and Updates

The San Diego Padres were coming off of a four-game losing streak when they took on the Marlins on Wednesday night. The Marlins had already won the first two games of the series, so things weren’t looking pretty for the Padres. However, the Padres were able to keep up with the Miami team and then some. The fifth inning was when things started to pull in the way of the Padres as they scored three runs and pulled into the lead. The Marlins weren’t able to do much offensively after the fourth inning and the game ended at 6-3 for the Padres. Cheer the Padres on to another win when they take on the Nationals on June 16. Tickets are still up for grabs.
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The San Diego Padres have had better seasons. They are now fifth in the National League West with an overall record of 19-28 following yesterday’s loss against the San Francisco Giants. In fact, tonight’s final game at AT&T Park could mean a sweep for the visiting Padres. The Giants absolutely crushed them yesterday, outscoring San Diego 8-2. The Padres will look to avoid the shut out tonight before heading to Phoenix to play the Arizona Diamondbacks. They will return home to Petco Park on Wednesday, June 1 to play the Seattle Mariners. Be sure to be there to give them your support! Tickets start at prices as low as $12.

The San Diego Padres have now lost three games in a row and, unfortunately, this may be just the beginning of their problems. They are now embarking on a road trip against perennial playoff contenders the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. San Diego couldn’t stop the Giants at AT&T Park yesterday, losing the matchup 4-5. Although the Padres made a good run for the comeback by scoring two runs in the top of the eighth, it just wasn’t enough to avoid the loss. San Diego is now 7-13 overall and fifth in The National League West. Their next home game is Monday, May 2 against the Colorado Rockies. Tickets are $12.

The San Diego Padres ended their Spring Training strong by beating the Dodgers, Mariners, and Chihuahuas in an exhibition game in El Paso, TX. They have a pair of exhibition games against the White Sox at home on April 1 and 2. Then, they host the Dodgers in a three game series that begins on April 4 for their home opener. Tyson Ross is scheduled to be the Opening Day starter for the Padres. His fastball has one of the sharpest bits in the league, and he has a strong slider. You still have a chance to get tickets to catch all the Opening Day action in person, with prices starting at $51.

3/18/16 - The time for the new season to start for the San Diego Padres is nearly here. Unfortunately, the team has been struggling in the preseason so far. Of course, this is only the time for the Padres to get their footing and prepare before the official season starts. So far, however, they have won just four matches while losing 11. They will start the real season with a home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. You can get tickets for the home opener, which will be on April 4rd, for just $66. Or, if you just can’t wait, come out and show your support during their next preseason match on March 21st against the Cincinnati Reds.

2015 Season

9/24/15 - The San Diego Padres beat the San Francisco Giants in a back and forth match during their most recent game on September 23, bringing the three game series to 1-1. Jedd Gyorko had four hits in the game, including a single that brought in Matt Kemp for the winning run, leading to a walk off victory. Gyorko and Kemp both had a birthday that night, so the play made for the perfect present. Travis Jankowski's two-run double in the eighth inning initially gave the Padres the lead, but the Giants were able to tie. The two teams play one more time in this series on the 24th, and then the Padres host the Diamondbacks for three games starting on the 25th. Tickets remain on sale, with prices starting at $17.

9/17/15 - The San Diego Padres continue through their away series. While things got started a little rocky, they have picked up more recently. They started by travelling to San Francisco to take on last season's champion, the Giants. The Padres could not pull out a victory in that set, but they won most of their matches with the Arizona Diamondback immediately afterward. They even managed to win 10-3 in the first matchup. One set remains against the Colorado Rockies before the Padres are able to return to San Diego. Hopefully they will be able to have their homecoming with some momentum already built up. This will be their final home series, so be sure to get your tickets now. First up, they will have a rematch against the Giants.

9/10/15 - Even though the San Diego Padres have an even win/loss record, they have been going through a rough patch, which can be especially costly this late in the season. When they do pull out a victory, it is usually incredibly strong, with more than a five or six run lead. On September 9th, the Padres won 4-11 against the Colorado Rockies. Unfortunately, they lost the very next game. Hopefully a change of scenery will help the Padres gain some consistency. They are now headed up to San Francisco to play against the Giants. They will be returning on September 22nd for their final stretch of home games for the entire season. If you are hoping to catch them in action a few more times before the season ends, be sure to get tickets for one of these upcoming nine games.

9/1/15 - After three losses in a row, the San Diego Padres have won their last two games. In the final game of a three game series against het Phillies, the Padres were ahead most of the game to secure a 9-4 victory. James Shields was on the mound for seven innings, during which he struck out eight batters. The offense helped him with 16 hits. The next night, the Padres faced the Rangers for the first of three and shut them out. A two run third inning and a four run sixth ensured there was no doubt as the victor. The two teams play again on the 1st and 2nd, and then the Padres host the Dodgers for four games starting on the 3rd. You still have a chance to get tickets, with prices starting at just $15.

8/26/15 - After a strong streak of five consecutive wins, the San Diego Padres have lost their last two games. In their last game, they lost 3-8 against the Washington Nationals. During the game, Jedd Gyorko had two home runs, but it did not help them win. Manager Pat Murphy ended up ejected from the game after arguing over a foul ball hit by the Nationals' Bryce Harper that he felt should have been fair. James Shields almost injured himself during his last pitch of the night when a comebacker hit his foot. The two teams meet up again on the 26th and 27th, and then the Padres head to Philadelphia for a three game series. You still have a chance to catch the Padres play in person this season, with prices starting at only $5.

8/21/15 - While it’s not quite enough to vault them back into the playoff conversation just yet, the San Diego Padres definitely have to be enjoying their three-game sweep of the Braves this week. The Pads won it 5-3 on Monday, scored a 9-0 shutout behind “Big Game James” on Tuesday and then rallied for a 3-2 win Wednesday afternoon to boost their record to 59-62 on the year. They’ve still got work to do if they hope to start catching up to the Wild Card teams in the National League, but for a team mired in controversy and upheaval, a good week is a good week no matter how you slice it. The Padres head to Washington D.C. to face the Nationals starting Tuesday 8/25 and tickets are available now! Get in from $15!

8/14/15 - The San Diego Padres were struggling briefly, but it seems they are back on track. Their most recent series of away games hit them particularly hard as they lost their final three matches. Their bad luck continued onto their own field, but they have finally ended their six game losing streak. If their most recent game is any indication, they are back on their game. They managed to score 11 runs total against the Cincinnati Reds, including three in the first and third inning and an amazing five in the second. There are plenty of home upcoming games for you to attend, but they will be having a quick away set from August 14th to 16th. Be sure to catch them live in one of their upcoming matches.

8/6/15 - After winning four games in a row, the San Diego Padres lost the final game against the Marlins on the 2nd. They came back the next night in the first of four against the Brewers to win 13-5. Yangervis Solarte had two homers, one of which brought in three runs. Tyson Ross had a strong game on the mound, and he also helped with the offense by driving in a run. Unfortunately, the Padres were not able to capitalize on the momentum the next night, and the game went to the Brewers. The two teams meet again on the 5th and 6th, and then the Padres host the Phillies for a three game series starting on the 7th. You can still get tickets to watch the Padres play in person, with prices starting at $24.

7/30/15 - The San Diego Padres have had a pretty average season. They are in third place in the NL West Division, but are behind the Giants who hold the second place position by seven wins. In the middle of July the Padres looked like they couldn’t be beat as they completed a five-game winning streak. However, in baseball winning streaks are commonly followed by big losing streaks, which is what happened to the Padres. The Padres have lost their last three games and need to pull it together during their current series against the Marlins. There are three more games left in that series, so plenty of opportunities to see the Padres live. Tickets are still available for all three games and start around $23 a piece.

7/23/15 - The San Diego Padres have had a pretty average season. They are in third place in the NL West Division, but are behind the Giants who hold the second place position by seven wins. In the middle of July the Padres looked like they couldn’t be beat as they completed a five-game winning streak. However, in baseball winning streaks are commonly followed by big losing streaks, which is what happened to the Padres. The Padres have lost their last three games and need to pull it together during their current series against the Marlins. There are three more games left in that series, so plenty of opportunities to see the Padres live. Tickets are still available for all three games and start around $23 a piece.

7/17/15 - After a six-game losing streak, the San Diego Padres have finally turned it around with two wins in a row. After losing the first game in a three game series against the Rangers 3-4, the Padres came back the next night to win 6-5. The Padres were behind for most of the game, but they kept it close. Then, Yangervis Solarte snagged a two-run homer with two outs in the ninth, taking the lead over the Rangers. The Padres came back strong the next night, keeping the lead for most of the 2-1 game. Tyson Ross had a shutout for 6 and 2/3 innings. The Padres head back home to host the Rockies for a three game series starting on July 17. Tickets are still available with prices starting at $24.

7/9/15 - The San Diego Padres are starting to struggle. It seems this series of away games is taking its toll. It's nearly over, but they have lost half their matches with the St. Louis Cardinals and every Pittsburgh Pirates game so far. The Padres are currently on a four-game losing streak. Hopefully, they will fare better against the Texas Rangers. After that set, they will return to San Diego on July 17th, which may be their best bet for regaining their momentum. They have fallen slightly farther behind in the NL Western Division, but there are actually only four wins between them and the second place team. It may seem like they are in a slump, but they are definitely not too far-gone. A comeback is absolutely within their capabilities.

7/2/15 - The San Diego Padres' series of away games started promising enough. They won back to back games against the Arizona Diamondbacks to open the series. Things went downhill from there however. The Padres just could not stand up to the Seattle Mariners and lost both of their matches. They have, however, won their first game back on their own field, against the NL Central Division leader, the St. Louis Cardinals, no less. It seems like they just needed a home game to get their momentum back. San Diego is in fourth for the NL Western Division, but they have the same number of wins as third place and are only seven wins away from the leader. Even though they went through a small rough patch, the Padres really are doing well this season.

6/25/15 - The San Diego Padres are 1-1 in their current series against the Giants. The Padres won the first game, thanks to a two-run double by Will Venable in the eighth inning to tie the game. They initially struggled, with the Giants' pitcher Madison Bumgarner pitching a personal record of 14 strikeouts. The game went into overtime, until Alex Amarista hit a single and brought home the winning run. Their next meeting did not go as well for the Padres, with the Giants winning 6-0. The two teams play once more on the 25, and then the Padres head home to host the Diamondbacks for a three game series starting on the 26. You can still get your tickets for the games, with prices as low as $8.

6/18/15 - After a four-game losing streak, the San Diego Padres saved themselves from being swept against the Oakland Athletics with a 3-1 win. Matt Kemp and Derek Norris picked up homers, and Ian Kennedy earned his third win of the season. The Padres are out on the road over the next week with games against the Arizona Diamondbacks before flying to San Francisco to face the Giants. Tickets are on sale now for the Padres next home games, beginning Friday (6/26). The Arizona Diamondbacks come to Petco Park for another three-game series, this time on the Padres’ home turf. Prices for Friday’s game start at $11, and there are still some great seats available. Don’t wait to get your tickets and come out to the ballpark to cheer for your team.

6/9/15 - With a 30-30 record, the San Diego Padres are only 4.5 games out of first in the NL West. They’ve won six out of their last 10 games, the most recent win against the Braves on Monday. Matt Kemp earned an RBI when sent Justin Upton home in the eleventh, then Alexi Amarista sent Kemp home just a few minutes later, giving them the lead as the Braves came up to bat. The Padres kept the Braves from scoring, giving them a final 5-3 win. The Padres come back to Petco Park on Friday (6/12) to host the Los Angeles Dodgers, and you’ll want to grab your tickets now, starting at $19. It’s a great way to end your week and relax. Come out and see your home team and enjoy some great game.

6/4/15 - The San Diego Padres’ pitcher James Shields earned another win for a 7-0 record, giving the Padres two of three games against the Mets. The Padres have a 27-28 record for 3rd in the NL West, and while they’d like to be playing better, their two-game winning streak certainly helps them gain some momentum. The Padres are out on the road over the weekend and in the upcoming week, first in Cincinnati, then flying on to Atlanta. When they finally return to Petco Park on Friday (6/12), they host the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of their divisional rivals. Don’t wait to get tickets for this evening game, as they’re sure to go fast with prices at $21 and up. Come out for some great game after you get off work.

5/28/15 - The San Diego Padres are on a two-game winning streak when they faced the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim, California. This gives the Padres a 23-25 record for third in the NL West. In Tuesday’s game, the Padres shutout the Angels in a game that went into the tenth inning. The Padres picked up four runs in the tenth, and held the Angels to five hits without any runs. This weekend, the Padres host the Pittsburgh Pirates in a four-game series that began on Thursday (5/28). Tickets for Saturday’s (5/30) game start at $19, but they’re being grabbed up quickly. On Monday (6/1), the Padres host the New York Mets in a three-game series. Come out to Petco Park and show your support for your local hometown favorite team.

5/22/15 - The San Diego Padres were doing well, winning four out of six games recently, but they just could not stand up to the Washington Nationals. The Padres won the set opener, but lost the remaining three matches, giving up 10 runs two separate times. Now, they have just started a set against the Chicago Cubs, and it is looking like they have found their stride again. They won 3-4 scoring once in the seventh inning and twice in the eighth. The Padres are still third in their division, but they are only one win behind the San Francisco Giants and a couple wins away from the top spot. Tickets for the next match against the Cubs start at only $17. Be sure to catch them in action before they leave San Diego on May 22nd.

5/14/15 - After losing against the Diamondbacks in the first game of the four game series, the San Diego Padres cam back to win two in a row. The first game was close, with the Padres winning 6-5. Will Venable and Wil Myers had a combined seven hits, two of which were homers. They also drove in three RBIs. The next night was also a back and forth game, and it went twelve innings. The Padres got two runs in the twelfth inning, with Justin Upton hitting a homer, to win the game 6-4. However, they lost the final game in the series. They are currently 0-1 in a series against the Mariners. Next, they host the Nationals for a four game series starting May 14. Tickets are available, starting at $22.

5/8/15 - The San Diego Padres have been playing inconsistently lately. They failed to get any runs in two consecutive games against the San Francisco Giants right on the heels of winning all three of their matchups against the Colorado Rockies. They followed up their disappointing losses with an incredible 9-1 win despite also being against the Giants. Then, the Padres failed to score once again against the Arizona Diamondbacks, going 0-11. On the whole, the Padres are just breaking even, having a record of 15-15, and they do still maintain the second spot in the NL Western Division, but they need to get their game together soon. The Padres need to make it through three more games against the Diamondback and a short two-game set with the Seattle Mariners before returning to San Diego on May 14th to take on the Washington Nationals.

4/29/15 - This season has been shaping up to be a great one for the San Diego Padres, who have not only a winning record, but who also have the lead in the National League for runs. Despite these and other successes, they have been unable to beat their long-time rivals the Dodgers. In a series that took place this weekend, the Los Angeles team took the series 2-1, which is exactly what happened as the season began just three weeks ago. Despite these tough losses, the Pads remain just a couple spots away from the number-one spot on the National League leaderboard, and hope to overtake it quickly. They will take on the Colorado Rockies this weekend at home. Tickets for the May 1-3 series are available now, and our prices start at $17.

4/24/15 - The San Diego Padres had a three-game winning streak going until Wednesday’s game where they fell to the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies came out with an early lead, three runs in the first two innings, while keeping the Padres to one. The Padres caught up, and at the bottom of the eighth, the score was tied at four-all. The Rockies earned a run in the ninth for the win. When the Padres wrap up their games in Colorado, they come home to Petco Park to host the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-game series over the weekend beginning with a Friday evening game. Don’t wait to get your tickets, available at $24 and up. Make it a great weekend when you come down to the ballpark for some exciting fun.

4/17/15 - The San Diego Padres are on a two-game winning streak, after two wins against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In Wednesday’s game, the teams were tied with two runs after the sixth. Left fielder Justin Upton homered in the eighth to give the Padres the lead. It was Upton’s third homer in the 2015 Season. They kept the Diamondbacks from scoring in the ninth, and the game was over 3-2. The Padres are out on the road in the upcoming week with weekend games in Chicago against the Cubs. They travel to Denver on Monday (4/20) for four-games against the Rockies. Finally on Friday (4/24), the Padres come back to their home ballpark for three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Don’t miss out. Get your tickets now, starting at $24.

4/3/15 - Starting pitcher James Shields, slated to be the San Diego Padres’ Opening Day starter against the L.A. Dodgers, rounded out his Spring Training by allowing just three hits in three innings against the Chicago White Sox on Wednesday. Shields also struck out a pair and walked one in his three innings of work.

3/18/15 - The San Diego Padres looked red hot as they slammed the Chicago Cubs seven to nothing at Peoria Stadium on Monday. Cubs pitcher Jon Lester had a rough day, allowing several towering runs courtesy of Matt Kemp and Tommy Medica. It was good news for the Padres, as this is the first time Lester has allowed a run or walk in two starts and five innings. The pitcher left before the end of the fourth inning, but it was already too late to recover from the damage. Lester left the game with six runs and seven hits attached to his name. Although Matt Kemp is new to the Padres, he’s already starting to feel at home. His home run against the Cubbies is his second in Spring Training.

3/6/15 - They finished a distant third place behind their California counterparts in the National League West. But the San Diego Padres are a potential postseason wild card in 2015 after making a number of deals during the winter meetings; among these deals, the Padres received outfield star Jeff Kemp from the L.A. Dodgers, Justin Upton from Atlanta, and Wil Myers and Ryan Hanigan from Tampa Bay, all of whom are expected to make large contributions.

2/27/15 - The San Diego Padres are looking strong for the 2015 MLB season. In fact, some are saying the Padres might have the best outfield in the entire league. Others are even going as far as to call the current roster a "dream team". No one certainly has to wait long to find out, however. The Padres begin their preseason on March 4th against the Seattle Mariners and then have their first home game of spring training a few days later on March 6th. You can attend that game against the Chicago White Sox for as little as $14 to see for yourself if the team has what it takes. They have not seen a World Series since 1998, but many think this might be their year.

2/6/15 - With just a few weeks left before heading to Arizona for Spring Training, the San Diego Padres are making some final adjustments to their roster. Although they are expected to be close to a final roster, executive Chairman Ron Fowler has provided General Manager A.J. Preller with the ability to add payroll in order to strengthen the team as needed. Their have been rumors linking the Padres may be looking for a starting pitcher, including working on a potential deal with free-agent pitcher James Shields or perhaps even a trade with the Phillies for Cole Hamels. While there may be some final additions to the roster, those already on the team are working hard to prepare for their first game of Spring Training against the Seattle Mariners on March 4 at Peoria Stadium. Tickets remain on sale, starting at $24.

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San Diego Padres Ready to Pitch Back to Contention
You know you’ve got a wealth of pitching talent when you can afford to bring James Shields out in your second game of the season. It’ll be Tyson Ross taking the mound on Opening Day for the 2016 Padres, a team which is ready to put last year’s disappointing conclusion in the rearview and start building toward a return to the postseason. Looking for cheap San Diego Padres tickets to be part of the journey? You’ve come to the right place!

Shoring Up the Defense
The Pads made big changes both at the infield and outfield positions, bringing in standout SS Alexei Ramirez and OF Jon Jay to bolster their D. They also acquired reliever Fernando Rodney, a proven setup man with a career ERA of 3.71. Perhaps even more promising are Rodney’s 2015 splits, which included a 2.65 ERA against National League competition, where he’ll obviously be logging the heavy majority of his innings this season.

Get in the Game
After a fourth-place finish in the NL West and a mid-season managerial change, it’s a sure bet these Padres are looking forward to a fresh start. Take the opportunity to pick up discount San Diego Padres tickets for the regular season and all Spring Training contests, on sale now. Be there at Peoria Stadium when the Pads take on the Athletics, Sunday the 6th—seats start at just $6 when you order with Razorgator!

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