MLB 2016 News and Updates

There are several trade rumors circulating the MLB this week. There is speculation that the Braves might trade Julio Teheran, although after a stellar performance over the weekend, the Braves might choose to build their team around him instead. Another possible move for the Braves is to trade Arodys Vizcaino. The Mets might be looking to bring in a strong hitter and rumors have it that they might be eyeing Yulieski Gourriel. The Giants might be looking to bring Carlos Beltran back to help while Hunter Pence is sidelined due to a hamstring injury. These remain in the rumor stage, but there will most likely be some trades hitting the league soon. Fans can still get tickets to all games, for prices starting at $2.
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After two months of baseball, it is time for fans, experts and coaches to review the performance of the teams. The Atlanta Braves currently sit at the bottom of the rankings and projections have them at a zero percent chance of the playoffs. This is a team focused on rebuilding itself, so it most likely will make some trades prior to the upcoming deadline. On the other end of the spectrum lies the Chicago Cubs ranked at number one. Experts put their chance at making the playoffs at 99.6 percent, and the only change they might make is to take on Jose Bautista if he becomes available. There are still plenty of regular season games, and fans still have a chance to grab their tickets.

As May nears its close and baseball heads towards its dog days, the MLB landscape is beginning to show signs of how things might look in September and October. The San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have traded the top spot in the NL West multiple times and it looks like they might continue to do so for the rest of the season. The Mets have cooled since the team raced out of the gates, and Max Scherzer struck out 20 batters in a return-to-form game for the NL East leading Washington Nationals. In the American League, the Red Sox and Orioles are battling for the top spot in a talented AL East division as David Ortiz looks to carry this Boston team to the playoffs in what is likely his final MLB season.

It may still be spring, but things are heating up for the boys of summer. With May already half gone, MLB teams are just about a quarter of the way through their schedules, meaning each game takes on more and more importance. As of May 12, the Chicago Cubs boasted the best record in the Majors with a mark of 25-8. The Cubs led the National League Central at that point, a full seven games ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Other division leaders were Baltimore (21-12, American League East), Chicago White Sox (23-12, American League Central), Seattle (21-13, American League West), Washington (21-13, National League East), and Los Angeles Dodgers (18-15, National League West).

It’s off to the races in the MLB, and the Orioles are one team that’s had a start for the record books. They’re officially 7-0 and the last team in the league to continue undefeated in 2016. They’ll be up against the Red Sox this week as they look to extend their streak. Also particularly hot are the Nationals, who at 5-1 are currently enjoying their best start in more than 60 years. They fought a tough series against Atlanta, winning the last game after a double from Bryce Harper allowed teammates Anthony Rendon and Stephen Drew to score. Who will shine in the MLB this week? Keep your eyes on the game by getting tickets to all upcoming games from us today!

April is one of the most exciting months of the year, according to MLB fanatics. Most MLB teams held their season openers the beginning of this month and others will hold their opening games in the upcoming week or so. There is nothing more refreshing and exciting than attending a live baseball game in the spring months and seeing a team start their season off with a clean slate. Now is the time to get your tickets before it is too late. Regardless of what team you are behind or what city you are located in, you can find your tickets here. This is the one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs.

There are always plenty of exciting things happening in the MLB, but next week is one of the most important events of the year. Baseball organizations across North America will officially and finally kick off the regular season with Opening Day 2016. A vast majority of teams will host their home openers on Monday, April 4, with all others following closely behind. Opening Day is one of the most popular sporting events around, so you’ll want to secure your tickets to your favorite team’s kickoff game as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can still find tickets to most of next week’s season openers right here. Prices and availability vary by city.

For baseball fans the official end of winter means only one thing—that spring training has begun! There is a lot going on this year in the MLB, and teams are in full swing in their various training locations. New players are being welcomed by the seasoned, and all are hoping to make a run at the Pennant. Among the intense focus on the game, however, players and coaches are taking some time to remember one legendary member of the MLB—catcher Joe Garagiola, who died this week at the age of 90. After playing 20 years with the Cardinals, he moved on to become one of the most beloved announcers out there, and he will be missed.

Spring training is still underway for the MLB, but it won’t be long before your favorite baseball teams return home to kick start the 2016 season. One team that has been struggling in the pre-season is the Chicago Cubs. They were able to break their losing snap yesterday, however, when they demolished the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Cubs won a whopping 15 – 4. It was a much-needed lift in spirit for the team. Come find if this win will give them the push they need to finish spring training and start their season strong. Opening Day is just a few weeks away, with most games kicking off on April 3 and 4.

2/26/16 - The MLB organization always has to make tough decisions regarding teams and specific players. This week, during offseason, the MLB officially decided to place Jose Reyes on paid leave until his domestic violence case in Hawaii is complete. The Colorado Rockies shortstop will encounter possible discipline from the MLB establishment once the case is resolved. Reyes will be receiving his regular $22 million while he is on required leave. Back in October, Reyes was arrested by the Hawaii police and was charged with domestic assault against his wife. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 4, which happens to be the same day that the Rockies have their season opener against Arizona.

2/10/16 - There was concern in Baltimore when it appeared that the Orioles wouldn’t be able to re-sign “Crush” Davis, but once they found a way to retain their top-level slugger, everything else could start falling into place. This week, the Birds are making moves on the other side of the ball, entering into discussions with the intent of adding starter Yovani Gallardo. Texas did extend their own qualifying offer to the righty, which means that BAL would be forced to forfeit their first-round pick if they’re able to ultimately net Gallardo. Regardless of where the 29-year-old lands, it’s looking like the Orioles and Rangers will both be likely contenders again in the 2016 MLB American League.

2/3/16 - In an MLB offseason full of juicy gossip and power moves, some of the most important transactions were those which kept key players close to home. Much of this winter’s discussion centered around OF Alex Gordon, a longtime Royal who Kansas City finally managed to re-sign following their first World Series title win in 30 years. On the east coast, the Orioles were able to lock up slugger Chris Davis to a very rich contract, while the Mets came to an agreement with superstar OF Yoenis Cespedes in hopes of taking that last step to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy at the season’s conclusion. Opening Day is just around the corner and MLB tickets are on sale now—get yours now!

1/28/16 - With the new MLB season fast approaching, the last few off-season transactions are starting to trickle down the wire. First among them this week was the announcement of righty Doug Fister being signed by the Houston Astros, a young AL team widely expected to contend again behind their strong core. The Rockies made news next by trading OF Corey Dickerson to Tampa Bay, reportedly, in exchange for relief pitcher Jake McGee, a move many in Colorado had been anticipating to some degree all winter. Baseball is almost ready to return to action and now is the perfect time to start securing your seats for the regular season. Order your MLB tickets today and get set for opening day!

1/21/16 - As the 2016 MLB season approaches, the last of the coveted free agents are starting to find their new homes. Justin Upton marks the most recent signing, a move which adds formidable power to the lineup and considerable depth in the outfield for the Detroit Tigers. The acquisition comes on the heels of Baltimore’s re-signing of slugger Chris Davis, who for a time appeared to be on his way out of town. The Orioles were finally able to net Davis to a massive seven-year deal, which will likely keep “Crush” in black and orange for the remainder of his major league career. Pick up your advance MLB tickets today for an early look at this season’s crop of young talent!

1/14/16 - This year’s inductees into the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame have been announced, and just two players made the cut. Ken Griffey Jr. set a record with 99-plus percent of the panel vote and will be inducted alongside standout catcher Mike Piazza, both of MLB fame. Last year’s vote saw four new additions in Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez, a first for Hall of Fame voting. In 2016, however, players like Jeff Bagwell, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling continued to miss the cut, although each still has several years of eligibility remaining. The new MLB season is just around the corner and tickets for Spring Training are on sale now! Grab yours today!

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10/12/15 - It’s a great time to be an MLB fan, with four of the most exciting playoff series in recent memory all running simultaneously. The Royals rallied big in Houston, forcing the Astros into a decisive Game 5 at Kauffman Field this week. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays defeated the Rangers to stay alive and force their own series to the limit, setting up a thrilling day of American League action. In the National League, the Cards find themselves on the ropes, as the Cubs are just one win away from the NLCS. Finally, the Dodgers and Mets will conclude a series which quickly became personal following the injury to Ruben Tejada. MLB playoff tickets are on sale now—secure yours today!

10/7/15 - Of course, the big news in the MLB this week is the beginning of postseason play. With the future always in mind, however, many clubs have been chasing after top prospect, Eddy Julio Martinez. It has recently been made known that the Cuba native has signed a $3 million deal with the Cubs. It had been reported earlier that he would be taking a $2.5 million deal with the Giants, but he later backed out of the deal. Martinez has undoubtedly been one of the most sought-after international players this year, and will be a welcome addition to Chicago. He is a right-handed hitter who knows how to work the count and hit home runs to all fields.

9/30/15 - MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, appeared recently on The Kalb Report and spoke about the role baseball has played in the lives of Americans. He stated that the sport holds values that “are consistent with the values that are really important to our country.” One great example of this is the hiring of Justine Siegal as the first female coach to ever be hired in the league. The A’s recently made the announcement that she has been hired to work as an instructor, a job which has only been offered to men before now. This isn’t the first time she’s made history in the league, either. She was also the first woman to throw batting practice.

9/23/15 - Amidst all the hustle and bustle that comes at the end of another MLB regular season, players from all across the league took a few moments out of their busy schedules this week to honor one of the best athletes in the world. Yogi Berra, a legendary catcher for the Yankees, passed away this week at the age of 90. Many are remembering not only the 10 championships he helped his team earn, but also the attention he brought to the sport of baseball. In other events this week, the league is asking fans to choose some of their current favorite players. They are inviting you to vote for different categories such as Best Major Leaguer, Best Rookie, Best Everyday Player, Best Pitcher and more as a part of this year’s Esurance MLB Awards.

9/16/15 - The race to the playoffs is heating up in the MLB, and that is especially true for many NL teams including the Chicago Cubs. In fact, the Cubbies went 1 – 1 in their latest double header against division rivals the Pittsburgh Pirates. They lost the first game of the day 4 – 5 but managed to salvage the second game with a 2 – 1 win. Fortunately for fans in Chicago, the Cubs got the better of the Pirates in the series with a final record of 3 – 1. They’ll go on to face their nemeses the St. Louis Cardinals and will play them for the next three days, all at home in Wrigley Field. Don’t miss a second of the action as playoff time creeps closer!

9/9/15 - The race to the playoffs is on for the MLB, and the competition is heating up. Until recently it looked like the St. Louis Cardinals had the top spot on lock for the National League, but they’ve been on a serious slide over the past several days. The Cardinals have lost to both the Cincinnati Reds as well as their arch rivals the Chicago Cubs, who are wildcard contenders, in recent games and it has left their postseason ranking in question. The Pittsburgh Pirates are also in the NL Central race, and it’s anyone’s guess where the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates will all end up in the postseason. There’s only about a month left to catch your favorite teams in the regular season, so come show them your support before the playoffs begin!

9/3/15 - History was made in the MLB this week, as Bryce Harper took his batting game to a whole new level. The outfielder is known for being aggressive behind the plate, but he is also known for being smart. At Thursday night’s game against the Braves, he walked four times and scored four runs, all without an official at-bat, helping the Nationals to a 15-1 win at their home field in Washington DC. This is the first time in 100 years of Major League history that this has happened. While the Braves didn’t give him much to hit, he made the most of it. “I’m going to take what they give me,” Harper stated. He also credited the batters who followed him with allowing him to score those runs.

8/27/15 - It’s almost September and that means that your favorite baseball teams are heading into the home stretch before playoff season. In the meantime, a former San Francisco Giants superstar is back in headlines. Barry Bonds, former homerun slugger turned outcast following reports of performance enhancing drug use, recently lost his case against the MLB. Bonds once cited that he couldn’t get a job in 2007 because the league was actively preventing him from getting work. Bonds will be eating a big slice of humble pie this week, as the investigation proved that the league had nothing to do with Bonds’s inability to land a spot with another team. It’s more likely that other organizations simply thought hiring the fallen star would come with too much baggage.

8/20/15 - The biggest news this week out of the MLB is that of the upcoming postseason! The league released all the scheduling for the playoffs, which are set to officially begin on Oct. 7. The final games of the regular season are scheduled for Oct. 4, but if any tiebreaker games are necessary they will be played on Oct. 5, a Monday. The following Tuesday and Wednesday, the National League and American Leagues will have their Wild Card Games. After that, the regular division series will begin. Ultimate winners in each will be decided by Oct. 24 and 25, and the World Series is set to begin on Tuesday, Oct. 27. If a full seven games are necessary to determine the winner of the pennant, the last won’t be held until Nov. 4.

8/13/15 - Something incredible happened in MLB on Tuesday. For the first time in league history, all 15 home teams won their games. Not only is this the first time a 15-0 home team sweep has ever occurred, it happens to blow the closest record out of the water. The last time this happened was on May 23, 1914, but only 12 teams won that day. While this may be underwhelming to some people, diehard baseball fans know how statistically rare the occasion is. It is not uncommon for players and fans to pay close attention to statistics like batting averages and pitching records, but it is hard to find something that catches everyone’s attention. The 15-0 home team sweep on Tuesday is, however, such an occasion.

8/5/15 - Now that the MLB trade deadline has passed, ball clubs are now setting their sights on the playoffs as the regular season winds down. Only two months remaining until the postseason begins, and that means that general managers, coaches and players have to really step things up in order to secure their chance at winning the World Series. The standings will undoubtedly fluctuate some between now and then, and that places particular pressure on teams to get wins without wearing out their players. Juggling pitching innings and schedules becomes increasingly important during this stretch of the season. Some clutch games to keep your eyes on this weekend are the Yankees vs. the Blue Jays, the Dodgers vs. the Pirates and the Royals vs. the White Sox.

7/29/15 - Trade deadlines are on the forefront of managers’ minds in the MLB this week. This year, the trade deadline happens on this Friday July 31. It’s an arbitrary date that often forces teams into premature buy-sell decisions. The deadline affected the Tigers this week, who traded David Price for hopes of more than just a draft pick next season. Some managers are calling for a more timely trade deadline, with some considering moving it to the middle of August. While the notion has many supporters, others like Dan O’Dowd think the later deadline might inhibit teams from making trades at all. O’Dowd and others suggest, instead, to move the deadline up to the early part of July so it would be right in the middle of the season.

7/22/15 - It is officially open season on trades in Major League Baseball, with contending teams scrambling to secure those final pieces for their playoff runs and underperformers hustling to offload their biggest chips. The Oakland A’s got things started by moving their second-best starting pitcher, trading Scott Kazmir to the Astros for prospects. Houston is vying for first place with the Angels in the AL West and hope that Kazmir gives their rotation the extra oomph it needs to get over the hump. In the National League, the Pirates picked up Aramis Ramirez to bolster their outfield and batting order as they seek to hold on to their Wild Card spot as the second half of the MLB season gets underway. Get tickets for all of your favorite teams, on sale now!

7/14/15 - It’s an exciting week for MLB fans, as the 86th annual All-Star Game takes place in Cincinnati at The Great American Ballpark. Reds hometown hero Todd Frazier started off the festivities with a bang on Monday night, rallying on numerous occasions to take the 2015 Home Run Derby crown in front of a feverish fan base. The thrilling show was a welcome reprieve for Reds fans, whose team has not been able to make much noise this season in an extremely-competitive NL Central division. Teams throughout the majors will enjoy two days off following Tuesday night’s Midsummer Classic before resuming the regular season on Friday. Will the Nationals be able to hold off the Mets in the NL East? Will Houston reclaim the lead in the AL West or will the Angels run away with the division? Stay tuned in the second half of the season to find out!

7/8/15 - The MLB has reached close to its halfway point, with most teams having already played somewhere around 81 games this season. Although the season is in full swing, there are still some rumors of trades around the league, with the deadline fast approaching. Most likely, the Cardinals, Dodgers, Royals, Astros, Orioles will be looking to buy some new talent, while the Red Sox, Mariners, White Sox, Reds, Diamondbacks, and Rockies will be looking to get rid of some of their players. The Padres may also partake in these last minute trading deals. Many of the players will get a break this weekend as the league hosts is annual All Star game, with activities starting on July 12. Fans can still get tickets for the rest of the season, with prices varying depending on the team, location, and date.

7/1/15 - Huge news in the MLB organization this week was the conditional signing of a 16-year old outfielder from the Dominican. The Blue Jays team agreed to a $3.9 million deal with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. this. Guerrero Jr. has already made a name for himself and is currently ranked in the number four spot on’s Top International Prospects list. He comes from athletic blood being the son of nine-time All-Star Vladimir Guerrero, who was also named one of the best right-handed batters of all time in his class. Guerrero Jr. is not only great in the outfield, but has proved himself on the plate as a powerful, talented hitter. Stay caught up with the MLB to see if the deal will really work out for the Blue Jays in the future.

6/24/15 - The MLB continues to make headlines this week, but this time not for the voting fiasco that was the All Star Game player selection process. This week, the league is making news for a possible revolutionary move. Officials have added the French baseball player Melissa Mayeux to the list of international prospects. It’s not her nationality that’s making waves, of course, but her gender. Mayeux would become the first woman ever to join the MLB, and she could be signed to a club as soon as July 2. Mayeux is a phenomenal shortstop and hitter known for playing on two of France’s major national teams. She also happens to be just 16 years old. Although she is still considered a long shot, she’s known for her ability to rise to the moment.

6/17/15 - With the MLB season in full swing, fans and players are already looking ahead to the All-Star Game. The All-Star Game is set to take place on Tuesday, July 14 at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, OH. Unfortunately, the league is having major problems with its fan-based voting system. The voting process has been described as a “tragic comedy,” because fans have reported that it’s all too easy to abuse the voting system as it has little to no verification. Now, fans in Kansas City appear to have hacked the system altogether to get their favorite players into the game. The All-Star Game cast is currently set to star multiple players from the Royals. While the league maintains all procedures have been valid, some fans are sure they have the system beat.

6/8/15 - The MLB season is in full swing, but this week, teams were looking to the future during the 2015 MLB draft. The draft went for three days for a total of 30 rounds. The first two days concluded with 315 players drafted, and the third day is expected to have a much more rapid format that will lead to up to 900 players getting their dream of going pro. The Arizona Diamondbacks had first pick and chose Dansby Swanson, a shortstop from Vanderbilt. Swanson played an amazing game in the regional playoffs for Vanderbilt, helping them to make the College World Series. Playing such a strong game on the first day of the draft helped his position as the number one draft. Tickets for all games, including several of the playoff games, are on sale now.

6/3/15 - Some of the slower-starting MLB teams are showing signs of life over the past week, while some of the hot-starters have started to cool off. The Detroit Tigers have slid from first place in the AL Central to third, losing seven straight after they opened the season 6-0. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Indians have started to build momentum after starting out in the Central division’s cellar, winning five of their last seven. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Giants as well as the Oakland A’s have found their strides after slow starts, with SF vying for first place in their division and the Athletics winning nine of their last 12 games. What will the second trimester of the season bring? Tickets are on sale now for games from here through the playoffs so you can be a part of all the action!

5/27/15 - This week, the New York Yankees managed to remain undefeated against the Kansas City Royals, snagging the top position in the AL Eastern Division over the Tampa Bay Rays who are in the middle of a slump. Meanwhile in the central division, the Royals' series of losses tied them up with the Minnesota Twins, who are now up to a five-game winning streak. In fact, if the Royals had not lost on May 22nd, they would have remained undefeated in their last two sets. In the western division, the Houston Astros maintain an impressive lead over the Seattle Mariners despite losing two of their last four games. With 23 wins, Seattle has a long way to go to catch up with the Astros' 30 wins.

5/12/15 - Those who were in attendance of batting practice at the Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday night were wowed by Giancarlo Stanton’s (a Mariner’s player) ability to hit the ball out of the park. This was just the beginning of how the upcoming game was going to play out. The Dodger’s pitcher, Mike Bolsinger watched one of his pitches take-off into left-field after Stanton made bat to ball contact. The ball not only was a home run, but it was estimated to travel 475 feet with a velocity of 114 miles per hour. This was clocked to be the third longest home run in history. This home run also marked the fifth home run in the history of the Dodgers Stadium to ever occur. The players and fans alike were in awe with Stanton’s performance.

5/7/15 - Those in New York to see the Yankees play Thursday night got to witness a huge milestone for Alex Rodriguez. He hit the 661st homer of his career, and officially passed baseball legend Willie Mays for fourth place on the all-time home run list. Both his teammates and the audience celebrated with him as he rounded home plate, and the cheering fans even required him to take a curtain call from the dugout after he had sat down. In other news, many players and managers in the league are calling for the season to be shortened to 154 games, as opposed to the 162 that they are playing now. Cutting the season down by eight games would allow for a few additional days off to rest and recuperate during the six month long season.

4/28/15 - One of the largest news coming out of the MLB is the decision to not cancel the game against the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox scheduled for April 29, despite the rioting going on in the city. The MLB did cancel the games on Monday and Tuesday night. However, they made a historical decision to not cancel the game on Wednesday. Instead, the two teams will play to an empty stadium, as the stadium will be closed to the public over safety concerns. This marks the first time in MLB history that two teams will purposely play without any spectators. To preempt anything happening in the next round of play, the Orioles will head to St. Petersburg to play the Tampa Bay Rays, rather than hosting them in the upcoming weekend. Tickets to all MLB games remain on sale.

4/23/15 - With the new season in full swing with MLB, there has been plenty of drama to start things off. The Kansas City Royals suffered a major hit this week when MLB suspended Kelvin Herrera for five games and fined both him and pitcher Yordano Ventura. These harsh actions were due to the two players targeting Oakland’s third baseman Brett Lawrie during a rough series of games. Ventura hit Lawrie above the left elbow with a 99 mph pitch. Also, David Ortiz has been suspended from the Boston Red Sox for one game for bumping an umpire. He is currently trying to appeal. There is so much more to see and hear regarding the MLB, so get your tickets here first hand to stay in the loop this season.

4/16/15 - What’s not to love about one of the best sports in America? The new MLB season is completely underway and has been jam packed with rousing games already. This week the Detroit Tigers punched out a victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates, thanks to Shane Greene’s amazing game of pitching. Greene threw for eight innings without letting the Pirates have a single run, which lead the Tigers to the win. The Red Sox and Nationals had a wild, high scoring game on Tuesday. Behind by two points in the seventh inning, the Red Sox played off of the Nationals errors and were able to come away with the win. The 2015 baseball season has just begun and there are countless upcoming games to be watched. Don’t miss your opportunity and get your tickets today.

4/7/15 - Welcome back, baseball fans! The 2015 MLB season kicked off with a St. Louis Cardinals victory behind ace pitcher Adam Wainwright, who out-dueled Jon Lester and the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on Sunday evening. Monday night brought more outstanding pitching performances, highlighted by Sonny Gray carrying a no-hitter into the eighth inning as the Oakland A’s blanked the Texas Rangers 8-0. “King” Felix Hernandez shut down the Angels except for a solo homer from Mike Trout, as the Mariners won 4-1 in Seattle. World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner opened the season for the defending World Champion San Francisco Giants, who bested the Diamondbacks 5-4 in Arizona. Major League Baseball is back in full swing, and tickets for all of your favorite teams are on sale now!

3/31/15 - Spring training is winding down, and MLB Opening Day is less than a week away. The Oakland Athletics have climbed to the top of the Cactus League, scoring big in recent wins over the White Sox, Brewers, and Rockies. Meanwhile, the New York Mets have given fans a reason to be excited for the season upcoming, rattling off 17 wins in 28 tries to top the Grapefruit League in preseason play. The first full day of the regular season features plenty of great pitching matchups, including the Mets’ Bartolo Colon taking on Max Scherzer of the Nationals, Jeff Samardzija of the White Sox vs. Yordano Ventura of the KC Royals, and Corey Kluber battling Dallas Keuchel when the Reds face off with the Astros. Five days and counting, baseball fans!

3/24/15 - Opening Day is less than two weeks away, and MLB fans are chomping at the bit for their favorite teams to take the field once again. The 2015 season kicks off on April 5, as the revamped Chicago Cubs look to turn around their long history of misfortune, led by free agent acquisition Jon Lester, who will start versus St. Louis in their first outing of the year. You can be a part of the action at Wrigley Field starting at $90. Baseball’s remaining 28 teams play their first games on April 6 with several marquee matchups, including Blue Jays vs. Yankees in New York (tickets from $41), White Sox vs. Royals in KC (get in for $96), and Angels vs. Mariners in Seattle (seats starting at $55). Baseball season is right around the corner—get your tickets for Opening Day while they’re hot!

3/20/15 - Spring is in the air, and the MLB is well into the training season. As teams anticipate the upcoming regular season play, throwing arms and batting techniques are being put to the test. Third baseman Kris Bryant has been catering to a sore shoulder, but he didn’t seem to be affected by pain as he hit a two-run homer on a Thursday matchup against the Angels in Arizona. Albert Pujols scored his first home run for the Angels off a fastball from the Dodgers’ Brett Anderson. Across the country, all eyes have been on Mookie Betts of the Red Sox during the Grapefruit League in Florida. The 22-year-old has played exceptionally, with a hitting average of .448 that includes five doubles and two triples. He has earned a spot as the lead hitter for the team on opening day.

3/11/15 - Spring training in Arizona and Florida is officially underway, and MLB fans and players alike are excited to see what each team and player has to offer. Starting on March 3 and going until April 4, teams will be preparing for the upcoming regular season. There is much to anticipate, for example seeing the Chicago White Sox pitcher, Carlos Rodon, perform. This will be his first professional MLB season in the city of Chicago, and has high hopes as he is ranked number 15 on the list of pitchers. Byron Buxton of the Minnesota Twins is still at the top even after 2014’s season being full of injury after injury. He is the complete package with speed, defense and a powerful arm. He is hoping to prove himself at spring training and is a delight for anyone to watch.

3/4/15 - Opening Day is just 32 days away, and fans are waiting in anticipation to see their favorite baseball teams start their season off right. One story that’s got the fans buzzing as of late is the return of Matt Harvey. This pitcher for the New York Mets is expected to do big things this season, and he seems to be progressing nicely. He’s had a lot of time to recover from his surgery, which bodes well for Mets fans. Another highlight from spring training is the Padres’ new outfield. Matt Kemp, Wil Myers and Justin Upton are the starting rotation in the outfield, and they are expected to produce a lot of runs for the Padres this season. It should be interesting, as well, to see how Myers transitions to the center field position.

2/26/15 - With Spring Training around the corner, the MLB teams are preparing for the 2015 season, which involves more changes than just the new lineups. The MLB has implementing new pace-of-game rules, about which the league briefed the 30 teams this week. The players' union is in charge of briefing the individual players on the new rules. These rules will impact certain aspects of the game, including changing pitchers mid-inning, stepping out to the batters box between pitches, and requesting replay reviews. One such change is that they will use the same timers that count the between-inning commercial breaks for changing pitchers during an inning. Any violations to these new rules could end with fines up to $500, although they will be made gradually to help players and managers adjust to the new rulings. You can find tickets for most games here.

2/18/15 - One of the best players in the MLB last year was Miguel Cabrera. In 2014, he was one of the only three players to reach 25 home runs, 100 RBIs and a .300 batting average. He looked great for much of the season, but then injured his ankle. Reports around the MLB say he’s recovering quite well from the injury. In fact, according to CT scans, he might heal enough to where he could play on Opening Day. This is huge news for Cabrera fans around the world and for his team. The Tigers have looked great these past couple of years, and if they can have a healthy Cabrera and maybe add a little more depth to their pitching rotation, they are going to do great things this year.

2/13/15 - It’s been almost four months since the San Francisco Giants captured their third World Series championship in five years in a thrilling seven game series with the Kansas City Royals. As we prepare for spring training and another MLB season, let’s check in to see the latest happenings around the league. With the first games coming on March 3, 2015, teams are working hard to tweak their rosters to find the right mix of players. Today in Cincinnati, three-time All-Star closer Aroldis Chapman just signed a $8.05 million dollar one-year contract with the Reds, who are trying to make it back to the playoffs after a disappointing 2014 season. Wednesday, star pitcher James Shields finalized a four-year deal with the San Diego Padres, him the most expensive free agent acquisition in club history. Keep checking in with Razorgator for the latest MLB news and ticket information.

2014 Season

10/10/14 – We are down to the final four! Two familiar foes – the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants – will face off in the NLCS which begins tomorrow. The Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals will meet for the first time in postseason history in tonight’s ALCS opener. Baltimore and St. Louis will have home field advantage in each of their respective series hosting games 1, 2, and a potential game 6 and 7. ALCS tickets are averaging $537, $311 more than NLCS tickets largely due to the high prices of a potential game 6 and 7 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. St. Louis Cardinals tickets are the cheapest of the remaining ball clubs (avg. $202), followed by San Francisco Giants tickets (avg. $250), Kansas City Royals tickets (avg. $410), and Baltimore Orioles tickets (avg. $ 636).

9/16/14 - It comes as no surprise that the Los Angeles Angels are the first team in the MLB to say “Halo!” to the 2014 MLB Playoffs. The dominant Anaheim squad routed the Mariners last night to become the first team to clinch a postseason berth in the majors. The Baltimore Orioles may be the next club to clinch its first division title since 1997, just one game away from making it happen at Camden Yards. The AL Central race is gaining velocity, as the Kansas City Royals strengthened their grip on the league's second Wild Card slot, and stayed within 1.5 games of the first-place Detroit Tigers. Watch all of the pennant races go down in person with MLB tickets today. Score your cheap regular season tickets now before the postseason fires up and prices follow suit!

9/11/14 - Fall has finally rolled around, which means the Hunt for October is well underway. The Royals, who sit atop the A.L. Central, look to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in 28 seasons. The Mariners, who remain a half-game behind the final A.L. wild card spot, try to reach the playoffs for the first time in 12 seasons. September is the most exciting time to watch baseball, so be sure to buy MLB tickets while the playoff race is hot!

9/10/14 - As we head into the final stretch of regular season MLB, dramatic playoff races are increasing velocity in a number of divisions. The Detroit Tigers have moved within one game of the Kansas City Royals for American League Central supremacy; the AL Wild Card race will run all of September as long as these two keep at it. In the National League, the Giants moved within 2.5 games of the West-leading Dodgers, while the Pirates are attempting to pull away from the fading Brewers for the NL’s final slot. Catch this exhilarating 2014 Wild Card action yourself, with MLB tickets today!

9/4/14 - At this point in the season, MLB fans will get a load of postseason contender versus spoiler games, and this weekend showcases a prime example. The majors-leading Los Angeles Angels will take on the bottom barrel Minnesota Twins. Can the Minneapolis squad put a thorn in the side of the Anaheim team, who is coming off of two straight losses to the Astros? Score MLB tickets tonight for a mere $1 at Target Field. You can’t go wrong with last minute deals like this in the final month of regular season baseball!

8/29/14 - Today will feature a few big games, one such game is that between the Toronto Blue Jays and the surging Yankees who have been on a hot streak winning six of their last eight games. MLB tickets for their game today are going for just over $71 according to RazorGator.

8/27/14 - While there is nothing quite like playoff baseball, the September playoff race comes closest. In the National League, the Cardinals, Giants, Braves, and Pirates will chase the final two wild card spots, while the Mariners, Tigers, Yankees, and Indians will battle in the American League. Be sure to buy MLB tickets while the weather is nice!

8/25/14 - Today there are 20 of a possible 30 Major League Baseball teams will be in action with some great games slated to take place. According to RazorGator MLB tickets for today are averaging just $22 the highest priced game is that between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox which is going for nearly $75 on average with a Get-in of $8.

8/21/14 - This weekend every major league team will be in action and will see some great matchups. One such marquee series is that between the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels that will see MLB tickets go for just under $65 for the three game set.

8/19/14 - An exciting Major League Baseball regular season draws to a close on September 28, which means that playoff races in both leagues are as contentious as ever. Down the stretch, as teams compete for the coveted wild card positions, superstars Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Trout, and Jose Abreu will be vying for the Most Valuable Player award, while gunslingers Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw will battle for the Cy Young award. Plus, with a number of teams seeing prices fall on the secondary market, it’s never been a better time to grab some MLB tickets!

8/18/14 - The Major League Baseball is almost over, and playoff races are heating up in both leagues. Time is also running out to see Derek Jeter play before he retires at the end of the season. So it’s a good time to grab some MLB tickets before, especially with several teams seeing prices drop for tickets on the secondary market.

8/11/14 - MLB is at its third quarter mark on the year, and the postseason race is starting to heat up. Though much of the focus has been on the west coast—with Oakland leading the American League for the majority of the season, followed by the power-packed Los Angeles Angels, while the Los Angeles Dodgers and Giants have gone back and forth until recently—baseball fans should also be paying attention to the competitive Central teams. Detroit was far ahead of Kansas City, but the Royals have won seven in a row and are now just a half game back from claiming the top spot. Can the Tigers’ vaunted pitching add some much-needed distance? Will the Cleveland Indians succeed in their surprise postseason push? Middle America is stirring with National League Central ruckus as well, with Milwaukee ahead of St. Louis and Pittsburgh by no more than 2.5 games. No matter where you live or which coast you call home, there’s tons of excitement rousing in baseball, so buy you MLB tickets today and watch your favorite team make a late season surge today!

8/4/14 - The 2014 trade deadline hit the league last Thursday, and baseball’s top contenders didn’t let it go by without making major moves. MLB’s fire sale of the season saw GMs make unapologetic trades of two mega-name players. Oakland and Detroit partook in an arms race of sorts, with the Athletics bagging Jon Lester from Boston and the Tigers acquiring David Price from Tampa Bay within hours of each other. How will the AL West challengers fare against the loaded Tigers rotation that now boasts three Cy Young winners? The Los Angeles Angels have effectively narrowed the gap that separates themselves from the top of the majors and are now just one game back from Oakland. The Anaheim squad will have to come up in the Freeway Faceoff against the Los Angeles Dodgers this week, but the National League leaders are eager to gain more distance over their Bay Area rivals and won't go down without a fight. Score MLB tickets in 2014 and watch your favorite teams duke it out on the diamond as the season approaches crunch time.

7/28/14 - One of MLB's biggest days, the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, ushered the Class of 2014 among baseball's greatest. The newest MLB Hall of Famers include 300-game winners Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, hitter Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, and legendary managers Joes Torre, Bobby Cox and Tony La Russa. This year's class is easily among the best in recent memory and was inducted on Sunday in front of the third-biggest HOF crowd in history. Current MLB players are undoubtedly inspired by the recent ceremony, and will do their best to craft their own legacy each day they take the diamond. The Tampa Bay Rays are certainly inspired, having won 9 straight games and now just 3.5 games back from a postseason spot. Another hot topic came from the Mariners, who acquired Kendrys Morales in exchange for RHP Stephen Pryor; Morales will leave the Twins after just half a season. Two other players similarly moving like lighting, except around the bases, are Dodgers’ Dee Gordon and Astros’ Jose Altuve. Both have reaped at least 45 stolen bases, but what every MLB fan wants to know is: can these two catch legendary speedsters and steal 100 bases in a single season? The MLB trade deadline for non-waiver trades will hit this Thursday. Buy your MLB tickets to see if any new faces appear on your squad’s roster!

7/21/14 – The second half of the 2014 MLB season kicked off this weekend, returning all players from the short All-Star break. At this point in the season, the real contenders will make their bids for a postseason run, and candidates at the halfway mark may surprise you. The National League features a four-way stalemate between teams that are virtually indistinguishable at the top: Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. Over in the American League, the Oakland Athletics have, indeed, maintained their first place position, though it has been whittled down significantly by challengers within their own division: the Los Angeles Angels. Buy your MLB tickets now and see which teams emerge from these neck-and-neck standings before summer ends.

7/14/14 – Baseball fans from all over are flocking to the Twin Cities to attend this year’s big All-Star Game, and it's not hard to see why. The players fans selected for this baseball extravaganza boast tons of star talent and intriguing storylines. You can see Derek Jeter play his final All-Star Game, watch touted pitchers Adam Wainwright and Felix Hernandez take the mound for their leagues, while first-timers Yasiel Puig and rookie Jose Abreu look to make their mark in the Midsummer Classic. All-Star Game tickets are still available—and for a bargain price, too—at 31.3% cheaper than they were just two weeks ago, at the start of July. Buy All Star Game tickets and get into Target Field for $207. Home Run Derby tickets are always a fan favorite, so of course they’re nearly sold out! Tickets for Tuesday night's action are still available for a $156 get-in price. You can see the strongest sluggers in the league like Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Abreu, Nelson Cruz, Edwin Encarnacion, Mike Trout, Troy Tulowitzki and let their canon's loose. Who do you think will knock the most out of the park? Score MLB tickets to this Midsummer Classic and find out in person!

7/7/14 - The MLB All-Stars of 2014 have been unveiled! Have you punched your tickets to the Twin Cities yet? The American League boasts LA Angels outfielder Mike Trout, Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera and Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista—the leading MLB vote getter with 5.6 million nods in his name. Robinson Cano will join his former teammate Derek Jeter, in the legends' final All Star game appearance. The Baltimore Orioles lead not only the AL East, but all other teams, with three players picked for the All Star starting roster; these include slugger Nelson Cruz, catcher Matt Wieters and outfielder Adam Jones. The National League put up huge names as well, headlined by Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki—the leading NL vote-winner with 5.3 million ballots. The Milwaukee Brewers are the only other team with multiple All-Star starters, including Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Gomez. NL MVP Andrew McCutchen and slugger Yasiel Puig, in his first appearance, will man the outfield for the big game. All-Star pitchers for each league were named but not yet selected as starters. The lineup looks impeccable, with Masahiro Tanaka, Clayton Kershaw, Adam Wainwright and other strong arms in rotation.

You voted them in, now see the best in the league storm Target Field in Minneapolis next week! All Star Game tickets on Tuesday 7/15 start at $217. Score Home Run Derby tickets to see top-tier sluggers hit their hardest for as low as $111. And you can’t forget about All Star Sunday tickets, where you’ll get to see an amazing double-header featuring the All Star Futures Game and the Legends & Celebrity Game. All Star Sunday tickets for July 13 start at an unbelievably low $9. Make sure to lock-in your MLB All Star Game tickets and witness this mid-summer classic in person!

6/30/14 – We’re at the halfway mark of the 2014 season, as all but a few teams have played their 81st game of the year, and guess which team was first to reach the 50-win milestone? It may come as no surprise that the Milwaukee Brewers got there first, given their extremely hot start and continued excellent play. Now at 51-33, the Brewers own the National League’s largest division lead, at 6.5 games. The Oakland Athletics headline the American League after racking up a 51-30 record, winning eight of their last 10, and lead the MLB in runs and OBP. The Detroit Tigers are blazing, having reclaimed the division crown from the Kansas City Royals and displaying their dominance in recent games. The battles in California are still a-brewing: the LA Angels are keeping pace with Oakland, going 8 for ten, while the LA Dodgers are finally neck and neck with San Francisco for NL West supremacy, taking advantage of the Giants’ continued skid. This weekend, the AL and NL will reveal their All-Star teams team (July 5-6)—will your favorite be in the line up? Baseball fans know nothing beats July 4th fireworks at the ballpark on a warm summer night--come celebrate Independence Day and America’s Greatest P
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