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It takes special chemistry for a band to stay together more than 35 years, and you can experience that magic with Rush tickets from Razorgator. It’s only fitting they have named their concert series the Time Machine Tour. Science fiction has always been a major influence on the lyrics of leader/drummer Neil Peart. And Rush is a music machine that has stood the test of time like few others, selling more than 40 million albums worldwide. Your Rush tickets will bring you a retrospective of tunes by Peart, bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, and guitarist Alex Lifeson. If you’ve scored Rush tickets before, you know the virtuosity from their albums only gains more power and spontaneity outside the studio. Rush fans are a diverse bunch with lots of different reasons to buy Rush tickets. The music is complex, the words are unusually thoughtful, and the energy level is off the charts. With Rush tickets, you’ll not only hear, but you’ll see the intricate interaction of a tight trio of “musicians’ musicians” who somehow produce a near-symphonic sound.
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Rush Tour News and Updates

2015 R40 Tour

8/6/15 - The Forum in Los Angeles, California, was as good a venue as any for Rush to perform what may just be their final show as a band. The band has not been secretive about the fact that they are not keen on doing another big arena tour, but this last one certainly was a great send-off for their loyal fans. They played songs from 16 out of their 20 albums, performed two separate sets, and even traded instruments in a video that played during a performance of “Tom Sawyer.” Fans young and old were in their element playing air guitar and drums, an activity that is perfectly suited for a Rush concert. Unfortunately, there are no more scheduled performances, so we will all have to wait and see what this rock trio does next!
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7/23/15 - You know you’re legendary in the music business when you attract other legends of the biz to your concert. Such was the case for Rush at Key Arena on July 19th. Seattle natives Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden fame were in attendance for the show, as was Duff McKagan of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Velvet Underground fame. With whispers abound that this may indeed be Rush’s final tour, the band dug deep into their studio archives and unleashed an assortment of rare tracks that had never been played live, according to Geddy Lee. Overall, the show was a rousing success and surely left loyal northwest listeners content. Rush will head to Las Vegas for a Saturday night performance before playing the US Airways Center in Phoenix on 7/27. Tickets are still available from $90!

7/17/15 - Is being a Rush fan good luck? One fan seems to think so, as she took a pair of Neil Peart’s drumsticks as a lucky charm when she participated on the game show, Jeopardy, and won. Peart, along with the rest of the trio, are currently traveling throughout North America as a part of their “R40” tour. Although the tour is winding down, you still have a chance to get your tickets to see them perform live. They will be at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington, on Sunday, July 19. We have an extremely limited number of tickets available, with prices starting at $208. As this is likely the final big arena tour that Rush will ever do, this is not something you want to miss!

7/9/15 - Rush will continue their North American tour. There are just two Midwest shows left in the United States, before they travel up north to play in Canada. On July 11th, they will play in Denver, Colorado, then on July 13th, they will play in West Valley, Utah. After that, they will be playing just two shows in Canada, in Calgary and Vancouver. Finally, starting on July 19th, Rush will begin the final leg of their tour by travelling down the west coast. First, they play in Seattle and will host seven shows, ending in Inglewood, California. If you are in the Midwest and cannot make one of the last shows in your area, you may be able to catch them before their tour ends a little farther west.

7/2/15 - The ever popular band, Rush, is on an incredible summer tour across North America to celebrate the 40 years they have been together. On June 29, 2015 they had one of their biggest shows of the tour held at Madison Square Garden in New York. Rush hit the stage in front of thousands of fans and gave them a show of a lifetime. They not only played 22 songs in two separate sets, but finished the night with a four song encore that the crowd went wild about. Ignite your summer plans by purchasing upcoming Rush concert tickets. Rush plays next in Kansas City, MO on July 9. Tickets are still available starting at $15. The band then travels to Denver to put on a show the night of July 11.

6/25/15 - The progressive rock group known as Rush transformed the city of Boston’s TD Garden into a time machine on Tuesday night, playing four decades of hits in reverse. Geddy Lee and the rest of the group opened with a high voltage performance of “Clockwork Angels” and held a dramatic stage presence all the way through “Tom Sawyer.” After that, stagehands gradually pulled the set apart, removing amps and equipment so that the stage resembled the time period and era in which that particular song was written. This continued until Lee and the rest of the group were down to one amp each, held up only by chairs, while a video of their high school days played in the background. They ended the night with their first hit, “Working Man.”

6/17/15 - Hometown heroes Rush visited the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario on Wednesday and put on an impressive career-spanning performance capturing 40 years of music. The night kicked off with an animated film intro before Geddy Lee and the rest of the band played three high energy hits of the Clockwork Angels album including “The Anarchist,” “Clockwork Angels,” and “Headlong Fight.” In the final of the three intro songs, drummer Neil Peart gave one of his signature 20-minute solos. The sold out crowd was ecstatic, not only because this may be the last time they see their beloved hometown band play live, but because Lee and the rest of the group still sounded absolutely incredible even after four decades together. They’ll play one more show in Toronto on Friday night. Tickets are still available at prices as low as $57.

6/9/15 - Rush has announced that they will film two upcoming concerts to be released on DVD in the future. The recordings will take place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on June 17 and 19. The location holds somewhat of a special significance to the band; Toronto is where they first got their start back in 1968. Combine that with the fact that this is likely their last big arena tour, and these shows will undoubtedly be something special. Previous concerts in the “R40” tour have been long and full of the band’s most epic tunes. Join them for a show this Friday, June 12 at the United Center in Chicago. A very limited number of tickets are still available with prices starting at $235. If you are closer to Auburn Hills, Michigan, they will be at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday, June 14 and our ticket prices start at just $52.

6/4/15 - Progressive rock icons Rush are rumored to be going out in style on their widely successful R40 Tour, but that doesn’t mean they’ll say goodbye to each other forever when the last show is over. Lead singer Geddy Lee recently opened up about his 40 years with the band. According to Lee, what set the group apart and made them able to stay together creatively for four decades was their ability to remain friends and support each other. He calls the group a “collaborative kind of club” and says, “…This is our thing, together.” Come see just how solid these seasoned rockers are when they take the stage at their next show in Columbus, OH at the Nationwide Arena on Monday. Tickets are still available in limited quantities.

5/28/15 - At a Rush concert, it’s not uncommon to see generations of fans air drumming and playing air guitar as they take in the impeccable musicianship from this great trio. New friends and old diehards alike can’t seem to get enough of the Rush sound, and due to the fact that this will likely be their final big arena tour, things are getting a little emotional for both the performers and the audience members. They are going out in style, however, and are giving fans long sets that include performances of their greatest songs, including “Tom Sawyer” and “Limelight.” This Saturday, they will be on stage at the Jiffy Lube Live venue in Bristow, Virginia. Tickets for lawn seating start at just $50, or you can choose tier seats for $116 and up.

5/14/15 - Progressive rock icons Rush kicked off their long awaited R40 World Tour last Friday, thrilling sold out crowds at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. Singer and bassist Geddy Lee and the rest of the band wasted no time, getting straight down to business without the help of an opening act. They dazzled fans with four decades of hits while a number of video clips depicting the band’s history played in the background. The trio played a first set with ten songs and a second set with eleven tracks, including one of the group’s most well known songs “Tom Sawyer.” The guys also put on a stellar encore, playing “Lakeside Park,” “Anthem,” “What You’re Doing,” before finally closing the evening with a powerful rendition of “Working Man.”

5/6/15 - If you live in the vicinity of Tulsa, Oklahoma and haven’t purchased your Rush concert tickets yet, what are you waiting for? They will be in town on Friday night and we still have a very limited quantity of tickets remaining with prices starting at just $71. This is a band you don’t want to miss, and not just because they are on their final big arena tour. After performing together for decades, inspiring countless other musicians and being covered by hundreds of other acts, they have earned their spot in the hearts of fans young and old. Come hear this talented trio rock your socks off with tunes such as “Tom Sawyer,” “Closer to the Heart,” and “Working Man.” If you don’t live near Tulsa, be sure to check our page for a show in a city near you!

5/1/15 - The month of May is finally here and that means that legendary progressive rock band Rush is just days away from kicking off what could be their last tour together ever. Longtime guitarist Alex Lifeson recently opened up about the group’s upcoming tour, citing mixed emotions given that this could be his last tour with the band. He also admits that it’s most likely for the best. At age 61, Lifeson says the pace of life has slowed down and he now enjoys spending time with his grandkids. “I don’t feel there’s anything we need to prove,” says the aging guitarist. He says he’s also often in disbelief that the band has been able to tour as hard as they do for over 40 years.

4/24/15 - Iconic progressive rockers Rush are set to rock crowds the world for what could be the last time ever in just over two weeks. Their 2015 R40 Tour will kick off on May 8 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK and continue throughout the summer until August 1st. Their performance at The Forum in Inglewood, CA will mark the last show of the tour, and possible of their career. The band mates have been open that this tour could be their final, as they have been together for 40 illustrious years. Don’t miss your once in a lifetime chance to see these epic rockers live on tour. Tickets are still available to all shows in varying prices and quantities. They are expected to sell out fast.

4/17/15 - Legendary progressive rock band Rush is set to take the world stage in just over three weeks, when their highly anticipated R40 Tour kicks off at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. While the band has openly stated that this tour could potentially be their last, they aren’t going quietly into the night. In fact, the band recently released a book entitled “The Art of Rush,” which covers the group’s impressive 40-year history in 272 pages. While their history is certainly worth documenting, one of the most well-received parts of the coffee table book is the story behind the creation of the iconic graphic “The Starman” as well as the cover art for 2112. With just a few weeks to go until tour kickoff, fans will have plenty of time to read the book cover to cover.

4/8/15 - Alex Lifeson, the amazing guitar player for the band that needs no introduction, recently spoke about what goes into putting a Rush concert tour together. He stated that the band gets together to practice together six weeks before the official rehearsals start, and that he spends two to four hours playing his guitar per day just to get ready to rehearse. Considering that their “R40” tour begins in a month, it is almost certain that thousands of hours have already gone into preparing for the event. Clearly, these guys are devoted to music and to making the concert experience unforgettable to any who are in attendance. If you are in the Chicago area, they will be at the United Center on June 12. Ticket prices vary, but start at just $43.

3/31/15 - With all of the rumors flying around about the possibility of the “R40 Tour” being their last, Rush fans are taking advantage of the upcoming event to see Geddy Lee, Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson on stage. Although the band hasn’t completely nixed the possibility of performing and recording together in the future, the chances of a large tour like this one are slim. The three-month event will begin on May 8 in Tulsa and end on Saturday, Aug. 1 in Inglewood, CA. With stops all over the United States and Canada in between, you have plenty of chances to see Rush in concert. We have tickets for all shows on sale now for just about any budget, but they will likely sell out quickly.

3/27/15 - Apart from being one of the most talented and influential rock trios in history, Rush is also being honored as one of the most generous. Giving has come natural to these three, who have quietly donated millions of dollars to charity over the span of their careers. Geddy Lee, the vocalist and bass player for the band, recently accepted the Alan Waters Humanitarian Award on behalf of the trio and stated that he was grateful for the honor, but that he felt uncomfortable for being rewarded for “something that you should do.” Knowing how charitable this band is only makes fans all the more excited to purchase tickets for the upcoming tour. They will be at the United Center in Chicago, IL on June 12 and we have your seats for just $48 and up.

3/20/15 - Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart of the band Rush are reaching out to their droves of loyal fans in search of pictures that will be used as a part of their marketing strategy for the “R40” tour, which begins in less than two months! These guys understand how loyal and dedicated their fans are, and whether you have been going to their concerts and buying their albums for decades or just the recent past, they want to see through your eyes what it’s like to be in the audience at a Rush concert. Tickets for all upcoming shows are available now, including two nights in Toronto, close to the place where it all began for the group. Those concerts are scheduled for June 17 and 19 at the Air Canada Centre. Tickets cost just $51 and up.

3/4/15 - The progressive rockers of the band Rush just gave fans something to cheer about ahead of their 2015 R40 Tour, which kicks off May 8 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. In honor of their 40th anniversary together, the band will rerelease their 1976 LP with a very special feature: the 2112 vinyl will project a hologram when played. It may sound like it’s something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but that’s exactly what fans have come to expect and love about the band. The hologram will depict art from the 2112 album and will be available starting on March 17. That should give fans a great way to pass the time and get ready for the main event, when the Rush tour opens later this spring.

2/25/15 - When bass player Geddy Lee from the band Rush speaks about the band’s upcoming “R40” tour of North America, he makes no secret that it’s likely their last extensive tour together. However, he stated that it does not mean that when it’s over that they’re completely finished as a band. They are all still highly invested in the music making process, and they speak with each other about songwriting ideas frequently. While this is great news for all you Rush fans, be sure to purchase your concert tickets soon, as it remains to be seen what the future holds for the trio. They will be playing at the Maverick Center in the Salt Lake City area on July 13. Snag your tickets for a starting price of $70.

2/18/15 - Summer is right around the corner and what better way to get through the next few winter months than buying tickets to see the incredible band Rush. Rush has been united for a whopping 41 years and they continue to pump out innovative music to please their already gigantic fan base. The Canadian trio are going on tour for a final time between May and August and will stop everywhere from Inglewood, CA to Montreal, QC. Let your hair down with Rush one last time as you jam out to hits like “Closer to the Heart” and “Fly by Night.” See them pull out all of the stops at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN on May 12, 2015. Tickets from Razorgator start at $80 a piece.

2/12/15 - Rush is one of those bands that is best experienced live, and music fans have a great opportunity to do just that this year as the Canadian trio will be on tour one final time, making over 30 stops between May and August of this year. Known for great songs such as “Tom Sawyer,” “The Spirit of Radio,” and “Fly by Night,” the group has certainly evolved over the decades, and they have documented those changes by recording live albums after four or five studio albums. Lead singer and bassist Geddy Lee called those recordings “closing chapters” for a particular time in the group’s history. See them as they make a stop at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday, May 10. You can get your tickets through Razorgator for just $57.

2/6/15 - Since they got their start in 1974, Rush has proved to be one of the most innovative and respected bands in the business. Bassist and lead singer Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson, and drummer Neil Peart have recorded 20 studio albums, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 and have been revered by critics and their peers for superior musicianship on their respective instruments. The band recently announced a North American tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and has stated that this is probably the last time they’ll hit the road together. The opening night is May 8, 2015 and will be held at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Razorgator has your tickets for that performance for a starting price of $69.

2013 Tour

Along with being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, Rush will finish the first leg of their Clockwork Angels Tour and begin their second leg in June. Rush's tour in support of their latest album Clockwork Angels began in September of 2012. Watch Rush live in concert as the band performs singles "The Wreckers" and "Headlong Fight" off their nineteenth full length album.

The first leg will wrap up in the United States in Atlantic City (5/11) before the band travels to Europe for 10 shows. The second leg kicks off in Hershey, PA (6/21). The 2013 Rush tour will visit 15 cities from June to August; the only city that was visited in the first leg and will also be visited in the second leg is Chicago (different venues). Extended tour dates include stops at Riverbend Amphitheatre (7/2), Rogers Arena (7/26), and Pepsi Center (8/2). The remaining Rush concert tickets for the first leg are averaging $184. Rush tickets for leg two are averaging $198. Rush tour tickets are cheapest in Alberta (7/24) and most expensive in Tinley Park (6/28).

Rush last toured in 2010-2011 as part of the Time Machine Tour. While at Quicken Loans Arena in April of 2011, the rock band filmed their show for a DVD titled Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland. The tour's set list included "Caravan" off the band's (then upcoming) Clockwork Angels album.
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