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Miley Cyrus has always entertained shock value, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she chopped her hair into a platinum pixie cut with shaved sides. And good for her! Hate on her if you will, but I happen to admire her revamped mixture of Twi…

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Album Review: Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange is what R&B should be

image credit: Def Jam With a mix of old school and eccentric instrumentals, Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange is the epitome of R&B in the 21st century. The whole album listens like a concept album with several songs connected through a weaving noir-in…

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This Week In Music

Haven’t had enough Based God? Good, because Lil B just came out with a mixtape that will take up about 5 GB of your hard drive. The 855-song download has just been released for your listening pleasure. Thank you, Based God. Download Track List (Im…

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Summer Sounds: Week 1

1. Frank Ocean // Pyramids: The almost ten minute track off of Ocean’s upcoming album, Channel Orange, combines a mixture of his trademark smooth, crooning vocals with an easily dancable beat, then suddenly halts to a darker, denser rhythm. ‘Pyram…

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