Breaking Down The Indiana Pacers Week Ahead


The Indiana Pacers have played this season without their most talented player, Paul George, and are looking at a tough schedule in the week leading up. Roy Hibbert has had a resurgent season, and is playing up to all-star form so far, David West has returned to the lineup and brought some toughness, and has the Pacers playing with an edge. Chris Copeland has shown the scoring ability he did in New York, but all that can’t replace your best player, and that’s why the Pacers sit at 7-14 about a quarter of the way through the season.

12/10/14 vs. Los Angeles Clippers | Average Price: $50.20 | Get-In Price $3.00

Anytime the Clippers come into, they town bring some star power. Fans want to see the likes of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, but according to RazorGator, this game has the cheapest price of the week on the secondary market with an average price of $50.20 for Pacers tickets. With a get-in price of only $3.0, the Pacers could possibly sell out this game. They love their basketball inIndiana, and to see a team like the Clippers come in for prices that low is a treat.

12/12/14 @ Toronto Raptors | Average Price: $126.48 | Get In Price: $26.00

On this day one year ago the Raptors traded Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings, and what a turnaround it has been for them without him. The Raptors have had the best record in the eastern conference since trading him away. It should come as no surprise that this is the most expensive game of the week and at $126.48 on the secondary market. With a Get In price of $26.00 to see the team with the best record in the east is pretty solid deal.

12/13/14 vs. Portland Trail Blazers | Average Price: $60.81 | Get In Price: $7.00

On December 13th LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard bring their crew into Naptown to take on the Pacers in a showdown of really good big men. Aldridge will be putting his talents against the likes of Hibbert and West. To see that matchup up close and personal you’ll have to pay an average price of $60.81 on the secondary market, or you can get in on the cheap end with a get-in price of $7.00. Either way getting to see a matchup like this doesn’t come around often in today’s NBA.

12/15/14 vs. Los Angeles Lakers | Average Price: $80.71 | Get In Price: $6.00

Laker Nation is one that expands across the whole world. The Lakers really may be the most recognizable NBA franchise. With their history of great players and fans, they’ll definitely have fans that attend this game. It should come as no surprise that they have the second highest average price of the week at $80.71. The get in price, $6.00, depicts more of a picture of what they are now, down in the dumps. But the Laker brand will always carry weight, especially with a transcendent player like Kobe Bryant still on the roster.

12/17/14 @Los Angeles Clippers | Average Price: $80.67 | Get In Price: $8

The Pacers will be in Los Angeles this time, but to take on the star studded Clippers again. Blake Griffin and company will look to show the Pacers what “Lob City” is all about. This will be a battle in the frontcourt when Griffin and DeAndre Jordan test their mettle against the defensive duo of Hibbert and West. The Staples Center will always be an expensive venue, kind of like Madison Square Garden, so it comes as no surprise this game is averaged at $80.67 on the secondary market. The get-in price of only $8.00 is looking like a huge steal to see a team as entertaining as the Clippers.

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Last chance to impress CFP for ‘Power 5′

On Sunday (early afternoon – 12:30 P.M. on the East Coast; late morning everywhere else), the College Football Playoff selection committee will announce the four schools who will qualify for the first CFP semifinals, to be played at the Rose and Sugar Bowls. Shortly thereafter, the pairings will be announced for the other four bowls – the Orange, Fiesta, Cotton, and Peach – that have come together to be collectively known as the Big Six.
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No apologies: Spring 2015 tour announced for U2

I’m sorry about that. We had this beautiful idea, and we kind of got carried away with ourselves.

- Bono, apologizing after massive iTunes backlash

After U2 teamed with Apple’s iTunes to push their newest release, Songs of Innocence to every registered user of the digital music site earlier this year — whether the user wanted it or not! — the Irish rockers found themselves having to apologize to those upset over getting an album (for free) not to their tastes.
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Previewing The Clippers Week Ahead In Ticket Prices

NBA Basketball: Los Angeles Clippers-Scrimmage

The Los Angeles Clippers entered the season with major change. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer purchased the team in the summer from banned owner Donald Sterling. However, despite the change in ownership, the Clippers have returned the same core that has won the Pacific division in each of the past two seasons. Blake Griffin is up to his old tricks, averaging 22.6 points per game. Chris Paul is averaging nearly a double-double with 18.3 points per game and 9.6 assists per game. This team is averaging 103.8 points per game, which is 8th in the NBA. They sit at second in the Pacific Division behind the Golden State Warriors. However, despite an 12-5 record, they are the seventh seed in the west. Because the Western Conference is so deep, the Clippers could find themselves on the outside looking in if they don’t have a strong December. Also, if they don’t improve their overall rebounding, they could slip out of the playoff picture very quickly. The Clippers are 29th in the NBA in rebounding per game, and although Griffin is contributing on the offensive side of the floor, his 7.5 rebounds per game are not on par with some of the other premiere power forwards in the Western Conference. He’ll need to improve those numbers, and has a great opportunity to do so in the month of December. Fans have been watching the Clippers play for an average price of $168.57 on the secondary market.

12/03/14| vs. Orlando Magic| Average price: $65.91| Get-in Price: $4.00

The Clippers welcome the very young Orlando Magic to the Staples Center for the first and only time this season. They will be tasked with defending Nikola Vucevic,who is averaging 18 points and 11 rebounds this season. This team is very good on the glass, and could give the Clippers fits on the boards. However, the Clippers are the superior offensive team, and should have no problems scoring on a team that has been giving up 100.1 points per game. L.A. will also have to deal with small forward Tobias Harris, who is averaging a career-high 18.5 points per game, and is a very athletic swingman who can score from anywhere on the floor. Harris has drastically improved his points per game and his three-point shooting since he came into the league in 2011. L.A. will be tasked with shutting those two down on Wednesday night. Fans are paying an average price of $65.91 on the secondary market, but the get-in price is just $4.00 for this game. Prices have decreased 20% from what they were a week ago.

12/06/14|vs. New Orleans Pelicans| Average price: $102.77| Get-in price: $13.00

The New Orleans Pelicans and their sensational young power forward Anthony Davis make their way into the Staples Center for a match-up of two of the NBA’s best power forwards. Davis is averaging 24.3 points, 11.4 rebounds, and three blocks per game. Nobody has been able to stop him. He’s even averaging 22.4 points per game in their losses. This will also be a great matchup of two talented point guards. Chris Paul will have to deal with the talents of Jrue Holiday, who has come into his own while playing with Davis in New Orleans. Holiday is averaging 15 points per game and 6 assists. However, this team lacks depth on their bench, and has been inefficient on offense this season, only shooting 44.9% from the floor. The Clippers should have no trouble scoring on the NBA’s 13th ranked defense, but they will need to stretch Davis out with outside shooting, and not allow him to block as many shots as he does. This game is the most expensive of the three-game stretch, with an average asking price of $102.77. Fans can get into the game for as low as $13.00. Prices for this game are plummeting as well. RazorGator has seen a 13% decrease from seven days ago for Clippers tickets.

12/08/14 vs. Phoenix Suns| Average price: $71.57| Get-in price: $7.00

The Clippers will face a Phoenix Suns team who is right on their tails in the Western Conference playoff picture. This team has a very skilled backcourt, with the likes of Isaiah Thomas Jr., Goran Dragic, and Eric Bledsoe. All three players are averaging around 15 points per game, and the Suns as a whole are 5th in the NBA with 104.5 points per game. As strong as their backcourt is, their frontcourt is just as weak. They give up the 25th most points in the NBA. Markieff Morris, their leading rebounder, is only averaging 6.4 rebounds per game. The Clippers will look to work the ball inside to Blake Griffin, and exploit their weaknesses down low. The Suns look to out-score teams, but they will have to get some defensive production from their bigs if they want to stay in this game. Fans are paying $71.57 to see this game, but you can get in to the Staples Center for $7.00. Prices have decreased 19% from this time last week.

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Can the Heat Get Hot in the Month of December?

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls

The Miami Heat open their December schedule in a position that many did not think they would be after losing LeBron James. They also opened December with a loss to the Washington Wizards. The team is 9-8, and is 3rd in the Southeast Division. They also sit at the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference. Miami started the season with a 5- 3 record, but Dwayne Wade went down for 7 games with a hamstring injury. Miami was without a second consistent scoring threat, and they went 3-4 without their emotional leader. The Heat start December with Wade in the lineup, and they will need him to improved their 22nd ranked scoring offense. Also, Miami has struggled to rebound effectively, and is 30th in the NBA with 36.9 rebounds per game. With the return of Wade, the Heat have an opportunity to make some noise in the month of December. However, Miami won’t be able to make that push without correcting the huge holes in their defense. Fans have been paying an average price of $193.38 to see Miami play this season, but during the first week of December with the exception of the Washington game, fans can see the team for an average of $87.59 on the secondary market.

12/03/14 vs. Atlanta Hawks| Average Price: $94.00| Get-in Price: $9.00

The Heat welcome the Atlanta Hawks to American Airlines Arena for an attempt at revenge against a division rival. Miami fell to Atlanta on the road by a score of 114- 103. Miami had major defensive issues, allowing 8 Hawks to finish the night in double-figures. Also, Atlanta power forward Paul Millsap and center Al Horford were able to exploit the Heat inside and combine for 38 points. If the Heat are to win this time around, Heat forward Chris Bosh will have to improve his efficiency after going 7-19 from the floor and 0-3 from the three-point line in the first meeting. Fans are paying $94.00 on average for this game, but you can get in to the stadium with Heat tickets going for as low as $9.00.

12/05/14 at Milwaukee Bucks| Average Price: $69.60| Get-in Price: $15.00

Miami travels to Milwaukee for another revenge match against Brandon Knight and the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee came to Miami and left with a 91-84 victory over the Heat. Knight dominated the Heat to a tune of 20 points, five rebounds, and four assists. Knight was also four of seven from the three-point line. In the previous matchup, Miami mightily struggled on the offensive end. Chris Bosh was only 2-17 from the field and one of six from beyond the arc. Small forward Luol Deng was almost as bad, making only three of his eleven shots. Look for Miami to improve those numbers, as Bosh has since emerged from his scoring slump. The Heat as a team was 41.1% from the floor, and can be expected to improve those numbers in this matchup. Fans are paying $69.60 for tickets to this game, but the get-in price is only $15.00 making this game one of the cheapest NBA tickets this week. This is the cheapest game of this stretch, and ticket prices have decreased 8% in the past 7 days.

12/07/15 at Memphis Grizzlies| Average Price: $98.88| Get-in Price: $8.00

The most expensive game of this stretch is also the toughest for the Miami Heat as they travel to Memphis to take on Marc Gasol and the Memphis Grizzlies. Memphis is one of the best teams in the NBA. They own the Eastern Conference’s best record at 15-2, and are allowing the least amount of points per game in the NBA. The 2013 Defensive Player of the Year will pose a huge challenge for Miami on both sides of the floor, as he is averaging 20.1 points per game as well as 8.1 rebounds. Miami is going to have to find a way to contain Gasol and power forward Zach Randolph, who is averaging a double-double this season. Chris Bosh and the Miami big-men are going to have to play their best game of the season if they want to leave Memphis with a victory. Fans are paying $98.88 on average for this game, and prices have increased by 13% from a week ago. Luckily, you can get into the arena for $8.00, which is the lowest get-in price of this stretch.

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Looking Ahead To Super Bowl XLIX Tickets


Although it’s week 13 of the NFL season is just coming to a close, the big one is coming sooner than it feels. However, it doesn’t seem like there is one team that everyone is picking to make it to the big game. Arizona looked like it could be that team early in the season, but the loss of quarterback Carson Palmer has significantly decreased Arizona’s chances of advancing to the Super Bowl. Seattle, the defending champions, had a slow start to their season, but they are starting to pick things up and are looking like they have a shot to repeat. New England had looked unstoppable, until they fell 26-21 at Green Bay on Sunday. Green Bay has looked great recently, but has not played as well on the road. Denver started hot, but has significantly cooled down after a few injuries to running backs Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball. Whoever does end up advancing will have earned it, but it seems like whoever is playing their best football at the end of the year will be in the big game in Glendale, Arizona.

According to RazorGator, and as of today, Super Bowl tickets are going for an average price of $3,218.95. Keep in mind that prices will change as we approach the big game. Fans can get into the stadium for $1,689.00. As of today, this price is less than last years game in New York, which was going for an average price of $3,375.88 to see the Seahawks and the Broncos. The get-in price was cheaper than it is this year, at only $1,278.00. Super Bowl ticket prices have been trending upwards. In 2010, the average price for a ticket to the big game was $2,679 for the Saints and the Colts. In 2013, fans were paying $3,152 for the game between the Ravens and the 49ers.

The last time that the University of Phoenix Stadium played host to the Super Bowl, Eli Manning and David Tyree hooked up for one of the most amazing pass plays in NFL history. That 17-14 game ruined the then-18-0 Patriots chance at perfection. This will be the second time that the Super Bowl will be played in Glendale, and if this game is anything like the last Super Bowl played there, it should be a real treat for the fans.

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Knicks Begin Week With Battle For New York Before Hosting King James

espite being led by the one time scoring champion Carmelo Anthony and new team President and 11 time NBA champ “The Zen Master” Phil Jackson, the Knicks have underperformed. The team currently posts an awful 4-14 record at this point in the season. With hopes of making the playoffs looking bleak the feeling about the team has seen Knicks tickets start to
12/2 vs Brooklyn Jersey Nets  | Avg. Price: $191.65 | Get-in  Price: $36| Trend -15% 
The Battle of New York will not be receiving the amount of coverage as past seasons. Although still rivals, the Madison Square Garden will be playing host to two teams with more wins than losses. Knicks tickets for this game is well below the season average, posting an average price of $191.65 and a get in value of $36. The average price is 30% below the average value for the season and prices have been trending downward by 15%
12/4 vs Cleveland Cavaliers | Avg. Price $386.48 | Get-In Price: $90| Trend -15% 
This game with the high-powered Cleveland Cavaliers is sure to be one to attract many of the celebrity filled New York City. Lebron James and Carmelo’s rivalry can be traced back to their days in High School. That is thought to be the cost of the lucrative average ticket price of $365.48 and get in price of $90. The average price is 60% above the league average. However the price is trending downward by 15%, perhaps due to the disappointment of the New York Knicks.
12/5 @ Hornets | Avg. Price 144.62 |Get-In Price 20 | Trend -14% 
Time Warner Cable Arena will play host to the Knicks and Hornets on the fifth of December. The Hornets are a team in disarray having lost their last 9 games in a row to date (12/1). The average ticket price is  $144.62 with a get in price of $20. The average price is 40% bellow the season average and is trending 14% downward.
12/7 vs Blazers | $194.16 | Get-in Price $54.50 | Trend -10% 
This looks to be a tough game for ‘Melo as they go up against the high powered offence of the Blazers lead by Damien Lillard and All Star LaMarcus Aldridge. The average ticket price is $194.16 a 20% decreases from their average value this season. The get in price for the game is $54.50 and the average trend is heading downward 10%.
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Patriots Look To Bounce Back Against The Surging Chargers This Sunday

As the class of the NFL for over a decade it is no surprise that again the Patriots are regarded as a top tier team in the league. After 7 straight wins the Patriots suffered finally a loss at the hands of the white hot Packers in an ice-cold Lambeau Field. This coming weekend they travel to the west coast to challenge the Chargers in the San Diego sun, who are trying to keep themselves in playoff position. Each of these teams desperately needs a win and a battle of 2 of the AFC’s best quarterbacks in Phillip Rivers and the great Tom Brady has been bolstering the secondary markets average prices.
According to RazorGator the average ticket price of this game will be $452.76, San Diego’s highest priced home game this year as well as the most expensive Patriots ticket of any game they play in. That price is more than 150% higher than their season average.  The get in price is 231 as the game is trending upward 11% with less than a week until kickoff.
The faceoff of these two Pro-Bowl quarterbacks will be the main storyline heading into this weekend’s matchup. However, three weeks into the season when Tom Brady looked as if his and his teams decade long dynasty would be nearing a close, but since then it appears as if Brady and Belichick seam to have righted the ship. With the return of a fully healthy Rob Gronkowski the Patriots seem ripe for another Super Bowl run. Especially with the help of a strangely potent New England rushing attack by the three capable backs Shane Vereen, LeGarrette Blount and Jonas Gray.
Sunday’s game will be the first meeting between the two since September of 2011 where Brady and New England’s high-powered offence put up 35 points in a two-touchdown victory against the Chargers.  New England will hope to keep their hunt for the number 1 seed in the AFC alive, while spoiling the Chargers playoff chances in the process.
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Riding ‘Sonic Highways’ with the Foo Fighters

For Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters, the making of their latest album, Sonic Highways, was indeed a journey.
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The new College Football Playoff, and what it all means

College Football Playoff 2015

Every team in the top 25 has just enough football acne to require a dab of Clearasil.

- Gene Wojciechowski, “BMOC,” 11/17/2014

If nothing else, the new College Football Playoff system, which replaces the Bowl Championship Series that was used to determine the national champion Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS, formerly known as Division I-A) from 1998 through January of this year) team, has gotten fans talking (second-guessing?) the rankings of the March Madness-style selection committee ever since the first poll came out at the end of October.
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