San Francisco 49ers Tickets Among Priciest In NFL


For the past three seasons, the San Francisco 49ers have been one of the best teams in the NFL with coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm. Led by one of the most fearsome defenses in the league, the 49ers have made it to at least the NFC Championship Game in each of the past three seasons, only to lose to the eventual Super Bowl Champion all three times. It began with a tough home loss in 2011 to the New York Giants, followed by a heart-wrenching loss to Jim’s brother John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens in the 2012 Super Bowl.  Then last year, San Fran came up just short against their rival Seattle Seahawks, with quarterback Colin Kaepernick being intercepted in the end zone to seal the win for Seattle.

As a result, this year’s 49ers squad will be even more prepared and hungry to take that next step and move on to become the best football team in the world. With his first full season as a starting NFL quarterback under his belt, Kaepernick now must lead the charge if they plan on going from a good team to champions.  And San Francisco fans are willing to pay to see their team try to take that next step.  For the upcoming season, the 49ers have one of the highest home average ticket prices for any team in the league at a cost of $426 per ticket.  That number is up by roughly 58% from 2013 and 10% since the NFL schedule was released on April 24th

San Francisco’s highest priced game of the season is also the most expensive NFL game in 2014.  There is much hype for the Thanksgiving showdown with defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium and that is clearly expressed by how much tickets are. This game is averaging an astonishing price of $568 for 49ers tickets, up by more than $30 from their NFC West game a season ago and fetching a very high get-in of $238.

Even their cheapest game of the year is still more expensive than several teams’ highest priced ticket.  The least expensive game in the 2014 season for the 49ers comes in their Week 9 meeting against the St. Louis Rams, currently going for $339 (up $77 from the 2013 season when the Rams came to Candlestick Park.) Even though this game is the cheapest this upcoming season for the 49ers, it is still more expensive than all but three games in San Francisco over the past two seasons, showing just how much ticket prices have increased since the start of the 2012 season.


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Looking Ahead To The US Open


With the French Open in full swing it is the perfect time to look ahead and preview the biggest tennis tournament on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, the US Open. This annual tennis tournament takes place for a little over two weeks beginning the last week of August on the worlds biggest stage in New York City

Some of the top players you can fully expect to see in Queens this year will be the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic on the Men’s side while superstars like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Li Na will be the favorites to win at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Even though they are both Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the US Open and French Open differ greatly in the way in which they are played due to the US Open uses a composite court while the French Open uses a clay court. This may not seem like a big deal at first, yet under further examination plays a huge factor in games as players have to navigate the slick top layer of clay which will force many players to slide across the court, Rafael Nadal is one such player who has harnessed this and turned it into a strength of his winning eight of the past nine French Opens.

US Open tickets currently are going for $395 up by 23% from last year which went for $75 less, but an All-Sessions pass can be had right now for just $167 which will give you access to all matches taking place in the first eight days of the tournament. Though, from there tickets begin to increase, and by the time they reach the Championship Match is seeing tickets go for $928 after falling by 17% in just the past seven days after averaging as much as $1,093; which is over $100 more than to what Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals tickets is currently averaging between the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers. Even with dropping in price by over $100 tickets for this years Men’s Final still outpace that of last years by roughly 32% as it only averaged $704 in 2013.


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Jay-Z & Beyonce Add Second Concert At MetLife Stadium Due To Overwhelming Demand

Beyonce Jay-Z On The Run Tour

It was recently announced that Jay-Z and Beyonce will be adding another date at MetLife Stadium due to what has been called “overwhelming demand” by fans of the ultra-popular couple. Tickets will go on sale for the show this Saturday and will more than likely sell out very quickly considering the demand for the first show which is averaging a staggering $324, the fifth highest of any date on the tour.

As a result Jay-Z and Beyonce tickets have commanded quite a hefty price tag on the secondary market with little to no tickets still available on the primary market. Furthermore, this will be the only stop in the New York City area for the two performers, opting to not schedule concerts at either of the two marquee venues located inside the city, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center in Jay-Z’s hometown of Brooklyn.

Jay-Z & Beyonce tickets for their “On the Run Tour” are currently averaging $259 over the course of the tour with their first stop coming on June 25th in Miami. This concert also happens to coincide with the least expensive of the entire tour averaging just $167, 35% lower than the tour average.

On the other hand the most expensive tour date is their Rose Bowl concert on August 2nd which is averaging $430 for tickets, making this 60% higher than the normal concert. Interestingly, the power couple’s show the night after at the Rose Bowl on the 3rd of the month is over $100 cheaper despite increasing by 15% in price since just this past Monday. Fans in the Pasadena area would be wise to opt for this second show as they can save a significant amount of money as even the get-in for this concert is half that of the August 2nd show at just $56. Outside of their stop at the Rose Bowl, when Jay-Z & Beyonce’s On The Run Tour hits Soldier Field in Chicago on July 24th it will be for their second most of the entire tour at 50% higher than the normal concert averaging $388 for tickets with a Get-in of $100, a bargain to see two of the biggest music acts in the world perform together.

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Rockies Ticket Prices Not Nearly As High As Their Batting Average


The Colorado Rockies began the season as the best hitting team in the major leagues and continue to do so as they lead every major category – Runs, BA, Home Runs OBP, Slugging pct.  Basically you name it and the Rockies are probably the best in the league at it. Some of this can be attributed to the fact that they play their home games at Coors Field in Denver which the elevation has the effect of balls traveling further than at other ballparks

When at Coors Field the Rockies hit .353 as a team, but when they are on the road that number falls by 100 points to .258, placing them ninth among all teams and fourth in the NL. While their batting average at home is 36.8% higher at home their ticket prices at home are actually less than their road average by 41.6%, at an average price of $56.14 for their home games compared to $79.52 for road games.

The Rockies top game this year will see them retire longtime first baseman and future Hall of Famer Todd Helton’s jersey after spending his entire 17 year career with the organization, the first player to receive such an honor from the team. While with the Rockies, Helton blasted an impressive 369 homers while hitting .316 lifetime and becoming a fan favorite. It is for these reasons that when the Rockies retire his #17 against the Reds on August 17th, it will be the most expensive game of the season at Coors Field averaging $130 for Rockies tickets.

Aside from this game the Rockies only have two others that average over $100 for tickets. The Rockies second and third priciest games of the season come in back to back nights on July 3rd and 4th against the Los Angeles Dodgers and feature postgame fireworks in honor of America, averaging $100 and $106.97 respectively. The remaining game that is going for more than $70 is their July 25th matchup with the Pittsburgh Pirates and reigning NL MVP Andrew McCutchen. At 35% above the Rockies home average, this game is the fourth most expensive of the season for a mean price of $75.95 with a very reasonable get-in rate of just $9.

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Ticket Prices for the St. Louis Cardinals’ Top Divisional Games


Over the past decade, the St. Louis Cardinals have become the model franchise in Major League Baseball. The Cardinals have reached at least the National League Championship Series six times in that time and since 2004 have been to four World Series, winning half of them over the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers respectively. Most recently, St. Louis made last season’s World Series but ultimately ended up being outmatched by the Red Sox in six games.

This season, the Cardinals are sitting pretty in second place in the NL Central behind only the red hot Milwaukee Brewers who have the second most wins in all of the major leagues with a record of 35-24. The Cardinals are 5 games behind the Brewers so far with a lot of the credit heading towards Adam Wainwright who leads the team in almost every pitching category through the quarter pole of the season.

For fans looking to see the Cardinals in action, St Louis Cardinals tickets will always be among the priciest in baseball, but deals can certainly be had.  The top two games for the St. Louis Cardinals actually come on the same exact day. On August 30th, they will play a day-night doubleheader with the Chicago Cubs. These two games current have an average price of $119 and $122, respectively.

This is an extremely strange occurence as neither game is one that jumps off the page at fans as just a Saturday game with no giveaway or ceremony attached. It won’t even be the last time they play the Cubs this season as they have a game the following day on Sunday.

Conversely from their top priced day of baseball, the Cardinals cheapest game of the season does not find itself in the midst of a day-night doubleheader; rather, coming in the first of three games against the New York Mets on June 16th. This game is going for under $30 with the next two games of the series tied for the second cheapest games of the season as both average just $31 for tickets.

Outside the Cubs doubleheader, St. Louis’s other top priced games come in the month of September against the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates which will feature post game fireworks and a poster giveaway, respectively. At average ticket prices of $111 for their September 19th meeting with the Reds and $104 when they play the Pirates on the first of the same month, these two games are good enough for third and fourth most expensive games of the season. The only NL Central team to not make any of the Cardinals Top 5 games of the season are the Milwaukee Brewers, whose highest priced meeting at Busch Stadium only fetches 19% higher than their home average of $68 to go for $82.

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With Rodgers At The Helm, Packers Tickets Up in 2014


The 2013 season didn’t quite go as planned for the Green Bay Packers who lost their starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers midway through their season and struggled mightily without the Super Bowl MVP. However, the Packers were able to win two of three games by the time Rodgers was able return for the final week of the regular season.  That put them in a position with to steal the NFC North division with a win. The only thing standing in Green Bay’s way was their bitter rival the Chicago Bears who also could make the playoffs with a win.

Luckily for the Packers, Rodgers was just the spark they needed as he threw for over 300 yards in the game, none more important than his final 48 yard touchdown pass on a 4th and long situation in the final minute to win the game. Green Bay went on to lose to the San Francisco 49ers in the first round of the playoffs but had to feel confident that, despite being without their quarterback, they were still in position to win the division with one game left.

That confidence has carried over to this season as they will have a healthy Rodgers under center.  Because of this, Packers tickets have jumped by 32% for the 2014 season to their new average of $262 over their 2013 average of $197. The Packers will need to be confident from the get go as they will be squaring off with the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks on the road in Week 1.  That also happens to be the most expensive game they will play in all year long at an average cost of $589 for tickets.

For Green Bay’s games at Lambeau Field, their Week 10 meeting with the Chicago Bears is tops as the Bears will be out for revenge after the Packers kept them out of the playoffs last season. At an average cost of $308 this game is the most expensive home game for Green Bay at 17.5% higher than their home average and $105 more than their meeting at Lambeau in 2013.

The Atlanta Falcons are the cheapest game on the Packers schedule for the second straight season which, even more coincidentally comes on the same exact day one year apart. On December 8th the Falcons will descend on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field looking to make up for their shortcomings last year where they blew an 11 point lead in the second half. This game is going for $185 on the secondary market, double of what it averaged in 2013 when the Packers had Matt Flynn managing the game.

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2014 New York Giants Tickets Preview


A few weeks weeks removed from picking wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in the NFL Draft, the New York Giants are beginning to set the foundation for a successful 2014 season. With offseason team activities for both veterans and rookies alike in progress, fans are getting geared up for a return to the gridiron. The Giants have one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL who love their rivalries, which is why the Giants most expensive games of the season come against their traditional opponents the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins.  All four teams will be right in the thick of the playoff hunt, so fans looking to purchase New York Giants tickets will undoubtedly be in for some hard fought battles.

The Giants have faced all four of these opponents countless times in their history, both in the regular season and playoffs.  This year, the average ticket price for these four games is well above the Giant’s season average of $299.  The most expensive game of the season for the Giants comes against the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants have no bigger rival than the Cowboys, which is why New York Giants tickets have increased by 17% above their home average to $350.  The other three games against San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington have average ticket prices of $336, $318, and $308, respectively.

The Giants most inexpensive game of the season comes versus the Arizona Cardinals which also happens to be their home opener. It is not a surprise that the Giants cheapest game of the season comes against an unfamiliar foe but rather that it comes in their first game of the 2014 season when the weather is expected to be much friendlier, compared to the cold, windy times ion November and December. Typically home openers are amongst the pricier games for teams as fans are excited to see their team in action after a long offseason but that is the exact opposite case here. When they take the field Giants vs Cardinals tickets will be averaging 15% less than normal at $253 with a get-in rate of $91.  Fans look to be saving up for the rivalry games, which makes the home opener one of the best bargains of the year for NY Giants fans.

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Chargers Tickets Up 41% From 2013


Of all the teams in the National Football League, the San Diego Chargers have been one of the biggest movers in terms of ticket prices. When the NFL schedule was released a month ago, Chargers tickets were averaging $177 for their games at Qualcomm Stadium, up by $14 from 2013. However, since then, Chargers tickets have dramatically increased all the way up to their current average of $231, a jump of 41% from 2013.

There are still some great deals for Chargers games this season, such as their Week 4 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars which is currently going for 35% below average. That makes the Jags game their cheapest game of the season at an average price of just $150. On the other hand, two of the most expensive games of the season for the Chargers are their home opener on September 14th against the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks (avg $248,) as well as their December 7th meeting with the New England Patriots that has tickets currently going for $314 on average with a get in of $83.

Nonetheless, the Chargers priciest game of the year comes the following week against their division opponent, the Denver Broncos. When these AFC West foes meet one year ago at Qualcomm Stadium tickets went for an average of $256, but this year that price has climbed all the way up to $315. From this game, the Chargers go on a brutal stretch to finish the regular season going on a road trip for the final two games at the San Francisco 49ers (12/20 – Avg $357) and at the Kansas City Chiefs (12/28 – Avg $179). If the Chargers can make it through this grueling test to end the season they will be one team ready to make waves in the playoffs.

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Seahawks Tickets Up 34% Year After Winning The Title


Coming off an impressive Super Bowl victory, the Seattle Seahawks remain one of the favorites to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season. The Seahawks were able to retain their core players and sign “Legion of Boom” members Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman to contract extensions this offseason, while locking up Kam Chancellor last April. With these players, the Seahawks were able to have the best passing defense in the entire league, giving up an average of just 172 yards per game through the air and were the only team in the league to give up less than 300 total yards per game, averaging 273 yards per game.

By keeping their core players under contract for the foreseeable future, the Seahawks are laying the foundation to be one of the dominant teams for the next few years. That foundation is driving fans to the gates, with ticket prices at unprecedented levels.  In 2014, Seahawks tickets are up by 34% as a result of being Super Bowl Champion, 3% higher than the average increase a Super Bowl brings to a given team’s ticket prices, historically.

This season, the Seahawks play in four games that go for over $500 on average, all of which come at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. In total, Seattle plays five of the nine highest priced games of the entire league, with only one coming on the road. The most expensive game this season is the Seahawks home opener (and season kick off) against the Green Bay Packers on September 4th which is going for the unbelievably expensive price of $594 for an average ticket.  To put that into perspective, a fan can get a full package of season tickets to the Tennessee Titans for $20 less than what you would pay for just this one game. The additional Seahawks games to pass this $500 threshold are their contests with the San Francisco 49ers – $541, Denver Broncos – $526 and Dallas Cowboys – $505.

While the fact that the Seahawks have a high cost for their biggest games is to be expected, what is not expected is for their cheapest game of the season to still be higher than all but nine games next year, excluding their own games. This contest will come against the Arizona Cardinals with tickets currently going for an average price of $332 after dropping by $14 in price since last week alone. This game is more expensive than any New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets or even Green Bay Packers home games this season, just to name a few high profile teams who don’t have a single game price higher than the Seahawks vs Cardinals.

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One Direction Tickets Available, But Costly, For Where We Are Tour


One Direction is in the midst of their massive Where We Are World Tour, spanning three continents over the course of six months. Beginning in April of this year in the South American country of Columbia, the Where We Are World Tour already is one of the their most successful to date, and according to Forbes, could be one of the most lucrative tours of all time potentially grossing over $300 million from ticket sales alone. That, of course, is just an estimate based on their previous tours which averaged 55,000 in attendance with One Direction tickets going for $88 on average.

The boys of 1D are presently on the European leg of the tour which will run through July 13th, ending with their show at Dragao Stadium in Porto, Portugal. Afterwhich they will have some time off before heading stateside for their North American leg. When they finally do bring their Where We Are World Tour to North America they will begin at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, currently going for $248 with a get-in rate of $63. This is $14 above their tour average for their North American leg which is averaging $234. Their highest priced shows come at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa at $467 and Rose Bowl which is averaging $450 to give these two concert premiums of 100% and 92% respectively.

Interestingly enough, One Direction plays two dates at the Rose Bowl and while the one is the second priciest of the tour on September 13th, their show the night before is going for $140 less than that  at $310. With that type of a discount, you can go to both their first show at the Rose Bowl as well as their least expensive show of the tour at Ford Field which is only going for an average price of $144. One Direction’s next cheapest show comes in Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field on August 14th where an average ticket will be in the neighborhood of just $147 for seats to the show.

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