Pitbull’s Nationwide 2016 Tour Info!

Pittbull Tickets

It’s your chance! Your chance to see Mr. Worldwide, live and direct in a city near you for an insanely low price! With our Pitbull Tour Guide and Pricing Info, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to catching the Miami-born popstar blow people’s minds on a stage in your city! Pitbull is known for his Earth-shattering live performances and his chart-topping hits like “Time of Our Lives,” his smash single with singer Ne-Yo.

Pitbull’s shows are much more than just a concert. Featuring an intricate production to blow most other pop star’s live shows out of the water, a Pitbull concert is an entire experience to treat your mind, body,and soul. Buy tickets and get your dance on this summer in the best way possible!

Mr. Worldwide will be touring with Prince Royce and will be hitting cities like Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston and more. And not to worry, Pitbull is also hitting many smaller market areas like Albuquerque, New Mexico, Laredo, Texas, and Allentown, Pennsylvania. Pitbull Tickets to some events are as low as $25! Your chance to see one of music’s most influential forces will never come at a price this low again.

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Who’s Headin’ to Omaha for the College World Series?!

College World Series Tickets

Come to TD Ameritrade Park in legendary Omaha, Nebraska for this summer’s College World Series for a truly one of a kind experience viewing some of the best amateur baseball players in the world.  Thousands of people come every summer to see some of the faces that will be running the show in the big leagues for years to come. Omaha’s TD Ameritrade Park is an excellent venue that’s slated to host the event all the way until 2035. There’s nothing quite like the cracking sound of a home run dinger coming off of an aluminum bat.

With our College World Series tickets guide, you’ll be front and center for all the action and for a great price too! The event runs from June 18th through June 29th. Bleacher seats for earlier games all the way to the finals, played June 27-29, are starting at just $10, an unbeatably low price! These aren’t the multi-millionaires and super-athletes who get paid almost billions just to play the game they love, these are college kids out there doing it for nothing more than the name of the school on their jersey and the love of the game. The College World Series starts with 8 teams, but only one can be crowned champion come June 29th in Omaha. Be there to see it for yourself!

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The Cure Hollywood Bowl Trilogy

The Cure Tickets



The Cure Night 3 at The Hollywood Bowl

The Cure Tickets

The final night of The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl was a perfect evening of music and meeting up with old friends. The evening started with a small reunion of my WEA family (old co-workers from Warner Music days). From there, my wife and I made our way to our Terrace Box Seats. These were by far the best seats of the three nights. The crowd in the Terrace Boxes were dancing all night with great energy flowing all around!! We had a great view of the band and plenty of room to get our dance on. Robert and crew opened the show with two songs from Bloodflowers; “Out of This World” and “Watching Me Fall”.  If you read my last blog, you know that I already predicted these opening songs. “Out of This World” started the show with a backdrop of an image of Earth from space. From there, The Cure rocked through a 33-song setlist. Highlights were “Doing the Unstuck”, “(I Don’t Know What’s Going) On”, “The Walk”, “The Last Day of Summer” (set to an image of a lonely tree on a hill), “Bloodflowers”, “Us or Them” and “The Perfect Girl”.  They finished the night with three encores; one of which focused on rock and the final encore focused on pop.  It sounds like The Cure now have the encores set. The rock encore is a perfect way to bring energy back to the crowd, and ending with the pop encore creates a happy sing-a-long. Pop encore favorites were “The Perfect Girl”, and “Friday I’m in Love”.

Hollywood Bowl Tickets

Hollywood Bowl Seat View: Terrace Box 1263

For those of you who are as obsessed as I am, you’ll be happy to know the following stats over three nights at the shows:

– 99 Cure songs performed

– 35 songs were played only once

– 22 songs were performed more than once

– 19 songs were played on all three nights

– 3 B-Sides were played

As a super-fan of the Cure, it’s never enough.  I’m always wanting more.  Overall, I’m happy with all three shows.  Many people have asked me what night was my favorite and I just can’t choose.  Every night was unique and there were spectacular highlights for each.  Just when I think I’ve figured out my favorite, I change my mind and start to name another.  I’ll have to keep replaying the shows over in my mind until I can decide.

I’ve been looking forward to the Cure shows for so long and now that they are over I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  I’ll probably have to find a way to make it up to my wife and dogs.  My wife was a super trooper.  She attended all three shows with me, took time off of work to ensure that we made it to every show on time, and didn’t once mention the drain on our bank account.  Our dogs were also neglected as we left them home alone to rock out every night. Thankfully, they handled it well and didn’t destroy any of our belongings.  Thanks, girls!

There are still opportunities to see The Cure as they close out their North American tour.  Buy your Cure tickets now!


The Cure Night 2 at The Hollywood Bowl

The cure Tickets

Getting around LA on a Monday night is no easy task.  Due to time constraints, we skipped the picnic and instead headed over to Spice.  This is a very small, Italian restaurant located in the Best Western hotel one block from the Hollywood Bowl.  An evening of pizza and beer with a series of hits from The Cure was the right start to the evening.  After a quick dinner, we headed into the Bowl for another sold out night of The Cure.  For night two, we had some great seats.  We were in Section H, or, the Super Seats.  What makes them so super?  These seats are directly center to the stage and have actual seats – no bleachers for us!

Hollywood Bowl Super Seats Tickets

Hollywood Bowl Super Seats

The Cure came on stage at 8 p.m. and rocked through a 33-song setlist.  This time, they opened with two songs from the Wish album; “Open” and “High”.  There are so many songs that stand-out from last night’s playlist.  Robert played two B-Sides, “This Twilight Garden” from the”High” single, and “The Exploding Boy” from the “In Between Days” single.  Two B-Sides in one night?  Thank you, Robert.  My favorite songs of the night were, “A Letter to Elise”, “Screw”, “The Caterpillar”, “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”, “The Edge of the Deep Green Sea”, and, “The Snakepit” (a perfect song for the cloudy, dank California air that even Robert made a joke about).  It’s hard to pick which night has been the best but the crowd was really into the performance of the second show.  The final pop encore had the crowd on their feet with a big sing-along to finish the night.

The only disappointment for me was that most everyone in our section was sitting for most of the show.  To quote my friend, Cat, “This is a concert, not the symphony!”.  As we head into tonight’s show, I’m hoping that the crowd will be there to dance.  I expect The Cure to open the show with “Out of This World” and to pepper in some Bloodflowers songs after that.  An encore featuring songs from “Seventeen Seconds” would be pretty awesome too.

For those keeping tally, The Cure has played a total of 65 songs during two nights at the Hollywood Bowl.  Of those, 25 songs were entirely different, three songs have been B-Sides and 20 songs have been played twice.

Tonight’s show is sold out so I hope you’ve already purchased your tickets.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  Off to the show now.

Hollywood Bowl Tickets

Hollywood Bowl Seat View: Section H Row 12, Super Seats

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Stanley Cup Finals Potential Matchups and Ticket Prices!

NHL Finals Tickets

The greatest show on ice is getting even better as four teams are left to vie for the coveted Stanley Cup. NHL hockey is at its best this time of year when the very best teams and players in the world battle it out for supremacy. You can be in the middle of it all by getting tickets to playoff games. Check out our Stanley Cup Finals tickets, which start at $47.

With the regular season and the first two round of the playoffs in the books, the Conference Finals are in full swing. The Western Conference Finals features the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues. In the Eastern Conference, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lighting are squaring off for the right to play for hockey’s most cherished trophy.

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NBA Finals Ticket Guide for Every Possible Matchup!

NBA Finals Tickets

Now that the NBA playoffs have reached the conference finals, things are really heating up. In what has been a record-setting NBA season, the excitement is sure to be through the roof with thrilling finishes, crowd-pleasing plays, and memorable action. The four top teams are all that stand, and you can get a piece of the action. Get all the information about NBA Finals Tickets and score some seats for playoff fun. Tickets for conference semifinal games start at $68.

The Eastern Conference finals pit the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Toronto Raptors. The series began May 17 in Cleveland, with game two also in Cleveland two days later. The best-of-seven series shifts to Toronto on May 21. Cleveland has been on fire this postseason.

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