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Album Review: Pitbull Proves “Global Warming” Isn’t Just a Myth

(YouTube video courtesy VEVO) If it seems like Cuban-American rapper Pitbull has become ubiquitous lately, it’s probably because he has – in 2012 alone, partnering with Shakira and Enrique Iglesias; shepherding Dominican rap protégé Sensato del Pa…

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(Not Quite) Ahead of the Curve: K-Pop’s Biggest Ever U.S. Export

(YouTube video courtesy PSY official channel) The mindset…is, ‘Dress classy, and dance cheesy.’ — Psy If the first two-thirds of the summer were owned by Canadian songstress Carly Rae Jepsen (currently on tour with the Biebs) and her video — a…

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Summer Sounds: Week 5

Alex Clare // Too Close While watching Breaking Bad a few weeks ago (which, if you know me, is the only show I actually watch on TV in real time), a commercial for the new version of Internet Explorer came on. Cue eye roll. But I enjoyed the song …

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Taylor Swift Announces New Album, Releases New Single

When Taylor Swift announced that she had some “pretty cool news” to share with the world, my first thought was “She’s engaged!” My second thought was that she had a new album, which seemed as equally realistic as the first thought. So, just like e…

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Emerging Artist: Clarke Edward Andros

Clarke Edward Andros is an easy-going, small town guy, and that is easily seen through his bare-boned, acoustic style. He considers his love for writing and performing came from “simple curiosity and lucky finds.” When he was thirteen, Clarke foun…

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