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Razorgator is First In The Secondary Market to Sell Tickets Directly Through Twitter

We’re thrilled to announce that Razorgator is stepping up to the plate today to be the first secondary market ticket seller to allow sports, concert, and theater fans to buy tickets directly through a tweet! Check us out on Twitter

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Super Bowl XLVII: Your Fearless Forecast

Last year, your Fearless Forecaster lucked out. After sweating out a second-half lead by the New England Patriots, the New York football Giants pulled out a late victory, exactly as I’d called it: “Defense will win the day, and the Giants’ defense…

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What’s the biggest bowl game this season? It’s not the BCS Championship… yet.

Image source: On Monday, @Yahoo_Graham, a college football and basketball writer for Yahoo!, ranked all of the 2012-13 bowl games ̶ “from absolute must-see TV to must-see-a-psychiatrist if it’s on your TV.” So, how do these ranki…

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Album Review: Pitbull Proves “Global Warming” Isn’t Just a Myth

(YouTube video courtesy VEVO) If it seems like Cuban-American rapper Pitbull has become ubiquitous lately, it’s probably because he has – in 2012 alone, partnering with Shakira and Enrique Iglesias; shepherding Dominican rap protégé Sensato del Pa…

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2012 NBA Tickets Infographic

[Click the image for a larger version.]

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(Not Quite) Ahead of the Curve: K-Pop’s Biggest Ever U.S. Export

(YouTube video courtesy PSY official channel) The mindset…is, ‘Dress classy, and dance cheesy.’ — Psy If the first two-thirds of the summer were owned by Canadian songstress Carly Rae Jepsen (currently on tour with the Biebs) and her video — a…

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MLB offering mix of surprises and settled races as regular season nears close

(YouTube video courtesy ScuminattiDisclosure) With three weeks to go in the regular season, there’s still much to be decided as to who will attend Major League Baseball’s postseason dance – while for some, it’s all over but the shouting. L…

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Sights and Sounds of New York: US Open Tennis and The Big Apple – Week 1

Image Credit: Salma Elbarmawi And so begins US Open Tennis, in the beautiful city of Flushing, New York! The time has come that we all know everyone’s been waiting for. Yet, whether you’re sitting on the sidelines, intently studying the moves of e…

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iHeartRadio: The Making Of, 2012 Tickets and More…

Photo credit: The Making of iHeartRadio It seems technology has changed not only the ways in which we travel, communicate, and even learn but also the ways in which we listen to music! Radio, which has been around for over 10…

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NBA snap predictions

Eastern conference source: Al Diaz / Miami Herald Boston Celtics: Old age, and the lack of three-point specialist Ray Allen will hinder the Celtics run this season. Expect a fierce game against the defending NBA Champs Miami Heat. If they flounder…

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