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Dodgers v Cubs Monday May 30th, 2016

Wrigley Field. It’s one of those stadiums when you hear the name and know exactly what it is, a baseball classic. I luckily had the pleasure of visiting this iconic stadium this past week and I must say it surely is breathtaking.

This wasn’t my first Wrigley Field experience. I had been there many years ago as a kid, but wasn’t as old and as appreciative as I am today. One can say that going to Wrigley Field is like visiting a historic landmark (it opened in 1914).

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I made sure to get to the ball park nice and early so I could really soak in the surroundings. We took the L train down to Wrigley 3 hours early, just in case any of Chicago’s tricky subway system got the best of us. Not only was it a day game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it was also a holiday weekend in an already populous Chicago area. The weather was perfect Chicago weather, 84 degrees and that classic humidity.

When we showed up and got off the train, I was amazed by all the blue that was surrounding the stadium. The mixture of both team’s trademark blue color was definitely a sight to see. What the most amazing thing to me was how many people were there so early! When I go to Dodgers game, you will be lucky to see a full crowd by the second inning, but here we were a full 2 ½ hours early and the streets were packed with people!

Upon observation, you can tell the surrounding area is full of historic buildings and landmarks; the old school statues of players past, the old school looking buildings and of course, the old fashion ushers dressed in top hats greeting all fans to the game.

Inside the stadium has a historic feel as well with the sections and seat numbers lined up in a confusing matter so the kind ushers can help you out. There are ramps and polls, where you wouldn’t think there should be. It was a different time and the architecture was much simpler and less worried about little things like obstructed view.

The fans were the most fun part of Wrigley. There was a lot friendly banter between Dodgers and Cubs fans, but nothing that would deem disrespectful or aggressive. It was the legendary Ryne Sandberg flag night at the stadium, so a lot of Cubby fans were coming up to us and asking us if we were willing to sell ours. Of course, I obliged in exchange for money for peanuts and hotdogs.

When we got down to our seats, I made sure to take my time observing the different levels and the famous grass wall in the outfield. Beer and hotdog vendors frequent the aisles, making sure all fans are having a good time. I didn’t even mind the occasional vendor blocking my view, as it all felt very old school and right.

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