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Southwest Classic Tickets

The SEC is home to the best college football programs in the entire country and the Southwest Classic: Texas A&M Aggies Football vs Arkansas Razorbacks Football game will showcase that. Bret Bielema’s Razorbacks come into the season as a real contender for the SEC West Title. Though after losing key recruits like quarterback Brandon Allen, not everyone is buying the Razorback’s hopes. Some see will see at is a rebuilding year for Bielema and the Razorbacks.

Unfortunately, if Bielema’s team wants to achieve greatness in the SEC West, they are going to have to go through Kevin Sumlin and his Texas A&M Aggies might have a little bit to say about that. The Aggies finished 5th in the SEC West last year but having been home to some of the best talent to enter the NFL in recent memory like Von Miller and Mike Evans, you can never count out the boys from Texas. Like the Razorbacks, the Aggies have also lost key recruits like quarterback Dak Prescott, who ironically enough, will be playing his home games in the NFL next year in AT&T Stadium.

The Southwest Classic will be played at the legendary AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. So you can watch the game with your friends, family, and 100,000 other screaming SEC football fans. 2 weeks into the season, this game will surely be each team’s biggest test of the season in the biggest venue possible. The “House that Jerry Built” is home to the Dallas Cowboys and is also one of the most high-tech and advanced facilities in the sports industry worldwide.

SEC Football is in league of its own compared to the rest of the NCAA, and though recently dominated by the likes of Alabama, other teams like Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and conference newcomer Texas A&M, are quickly climbing the ranks in order to challenge that supremacy. Southwest Classic Tickets start at just $109, and there’s still hundreds left!

Southwest Classic Tickets 2016 Date Venue City
Southwest Classic Tickets Sat – 09/24/16 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX
Southwest Classic Ticket Prices 2016 Date Avg Price
Arlington, TX Sat – 09/24/16 $522
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