My Night at Dodger Stadium

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I was fortunate enough to attend the Dodgers game this past Saturday with my father while he was in town. It was his first time being at Dodger Stadium having grown up in Illinois watching the Cubs.  One of the nice things I enjoy about Dodger Stadium is the timelessness the stadium possesses.  Anytime a highlight is shown of past Dodger feats on the two giant screens overlooking the outfield the stadium always looks the same. Having been built in the 60’s and upgraded several times since then there doth exists an air of anachronistic narcosis that is prevalent throughout the stands.  My father stated, “This place looks like Tomorrowland at Disneyland!”  This extends to the concessions as well, where the world famous dodger dog has been sold since the team first moved from Brooklyn back in 1958.  I ate two of those right off the bat and grabbed some peanuts shortly thereafter.

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My Dad was very impressed with the stadium but was skeptical Dodgers’ pitcher Scott Kazmir would be able to go deep in the game, having struggled a bit in adjusting to his new team having signed here over the winter from the Astros. I had faith and was rewarded when Mr. Kazmir was able to go all the way through to the ninth inning when he was finally replaced with potential all-star closer Kenley Jansen.  Coming onto the field for the last batter to Tupac’s “California Love” the crowd was jammin’ and ready for Kenley to close things out, which he did in short order. After the match we filed out to the parking lot and got to experience the classic Dodger ritual of sitting in traffic after a game.  I didn’t mind that so much as the Dodgers had just beaten the hated Cardinals!  Overall I and my father had a great time; I picked up a hat, and made some great memories.  Please be sure to check out for all your Dodger ticketing needs!

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