LA Dodgers Game Write-up from a Guy who Doesn’t Like Sports

LA Dodgers Tickets

Top Deck – Section 12 View

I’m not a sports fan, nor will I pretend to be one while writing this blog.  But, when the opportunity for a night out with my wife presents itself, I’m not one to turn it down.  While scrolling, I came upon LA Dodgers tickets for $2 apiece.  Since there were eight tickets located together for this great price, I decided to take the whole family.  With my wife, brother-in-law and several of their cousins in tow, we were excited to pull out our bluest outfits and attend the game.

Preferred parking at Dodger Stadium is $30 per vehicle but had parking passes for only $18.  I’m always searching for a better deal and I found an option to buy $10 general admission parking in advance of the game via the LA Dodgers website. Needless to say, I took it.  Traffic was almost non-existent on the day of the game (hard to fathom for an LA native) and parking was a breeze.  It is a 10 – 15 minute walk from the lot to the stadium but the directional signage was easy to follow and made the walk more enjoyable.

Our seats were located in Section 12 on the Top Deck, right along the first base line.  The Top Deck allows a complete birds-eye view of the field and affords an amazing view of Downtown LA.  There are many tables and bar stools scattered throughout the level and we decided to enjoy our drinks and meal in this area prior to the start of the game.  Because we were at Dodger Stadium, we just had to order a Dodger Dog for my wife and a Veggie Dog for me (oh, have you not heard?, I gave up meat during a Morrissey concert – but that’s another blog).

After dinner, we took our seats and proceeded to watch the action on the field.  The NY Mets were already ahead but that gave us extra incentive to cheer loudly for the LA Dodgers.  After the second or third inning, the rest of the family arrived.  They needed to go down a level to find nachos in a helmet but no matter how hard we pushed, our cousin just couldn’t bring herself to wear the helmet after the nachos were done (something about not wanting nacho cheese in her hair).

Sadly, the LA Dodgers lost to the NY Mets but I’m sure that it’s not my fault.  I did my best to blend in with the true fans, cheering when they cheered, booing when they booed and making sure to appreciate every bit of my Dodger experience.

For a total of $10 parking, $4 for tickets and approximately $40 in food and drink, my wife and I had a great date night with the LA Dodgers.  I highly recommend checking out if you are looking for inexpensive tickets to a premier sporting event!  Your family and friends are sure to have a great time!

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