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2016 NHL Conference Semifinals

Year in and year out the Stanley Cup Playoffs provide hockey and sports fans in general with some of the most intense and exciting moments across all sports. The only thing more intense than seeing it on TV is being there in person. And trust us, it is extremely exciting in person. With only 8 teams left in the now Conference Semifinals, it’s only getting more heated. Use our NHL Conference Finals tickets and prices to get the best deal on tickets for the next round of the playoffs.

The Conference Finals features the 4 best teams in the league duking it out for only 2 spots in the Stanley Cup Finals, one of the most iconic and recognizable trophies in the world of sports. With living legends like Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, and Steven Stamkos still scraping it out for a chance at glory, you know the Conference Finals are going to have some highlight reel plays and high-pressure moments.

The stage is set for 10-year veteran Alexander Ovechkin, one of the most prolific players in NHL history, to get his long-awaited first Stanley Cup as part of the the regular season’s best Washington Capitals. At 28 and also having ten years in the league under his belt, it’s hard to call Sid the Kid anything but a full grown man, but will this be the year Sidney Crosby gets his hands on his second Stanley Cup to secure his place among the all time greats? Or will a Cinderella emerge from the west and take the cup despite the dramatic storyline arising out of the east? You’ll have to see for yourself, and what better way to do it than for a price on tickets you can’t get anywhere else. Hockey fans and non-hockey fans across North America and the world will tell you that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are an event you have to see to believe.


The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs are well underway, with one team already advancing past the first round to the semifinals. For the remaining 14 contenders, there’s still a battle ahead of them to advance to the next round. It’s still too early to determine which teams from the Eastern and Western divisions will make it to the semifinals, but it’s never too early to secure your seats to all of the action. Be sure to be there to support your favorite NHL teams as they make their argument for a shot at the Stanley Cup.

Eastern NHL Teams

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning, who have already eliminated the Detroit Red Wings! The Lightning managed to eke out a final win last night to defeat the Red Wings 4-1 in the series. Tampa Bay will go on to face either the Florida Panthers or the New York Islanders, depending who wins their series. Those teams are currently tied 2-2. The Washington Capitals, who were red hot all season, currently lead the Philadelphia Flyers 3-1. You can find out if they close the deal in Washington DC tonight. Tickets are still available for $81 and up. The Pittsburgh Penguins also lead the New York Rangers 3-1.

Western NHL Teams

It’s a much tighter contest in the West, with half of the series separated by just one win. The Dallas Stars are one of the exceptions, who lead the Minnesota Wild 3-1. The San Jose Sharks are also leading the Los Angeles Kings by 3-1. The St. Louis Blues are currently up on the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2, which may come as a surprise to some! Catch their next clash in Chicago on Saturday. Tickets are $145 and up. Nashville and Anaheim are locked in the closest contest with two wins each for the Ducks and Predators.

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