Shen Yun Is A Must See!

shen yun

Shen Yun is a breathtaking visual into Chinese culture through music and dance. The show begins with your hosts for the evening presenting the story behind each performance in both English and Chinese. At the start of the show, the dance “Salvation and Renewal” transports you into the heavens where angelic hosts are seen leaving the heavenly realm and coming to earth. From there Shen Yun presents stories of mystical beings, ancient legends and current day political tensions in China.

Highlights of the evening include the Chinese dance story “Monkey King and the Dragon Palace”, “Fairies of the Sea” and “The Mystical Udumbara”.

The “Monkey King and the Dragon Palace” is a story inspired by the classic novel Journey into the West. The story tells of the Monkey King, ruler of all the monkeys, born from a rock with mystical powers. While searching for the perfect weapon, The Monkey King meets the Dragon King in his undersea palace where challenges and battles ensue as he struggles to return to the surface with his weapon in hand.

An ancient Chinese legend “Fairies of the Sea” told through classical Chinese dance takes you to the surface of the sea where fairy maidens appear to the pure of heart.  This colorful and upbeat performance held the audience’s attention from the moment the curtain lifted.

In “The Mystical Udmubara”, we see the story of a flower that blossoms once every thousand years and brings the Holy King into the earthly realm.

Each dance story has its own unique interactive back screen where dancers descend from the heavens and appear on stage in colorful and extravagant dress. The dancers float around the stage in a seamless choreographed dance and then jump back into the screen to ascend into the heavens. Amazing!

All of the dance numbers were performed to the backdrop of a live orchestra.  In addition to the many dance numbers, there were musical acts with opera singers performing alongside a pianist, and soloists playing traditional Chinese instruments.

The two-hour show included a 15-minute intermission but still went by too fast.  I left the show wishing that I could still see more.  Luckily, there are still shows taking place in 2016 and they’ll be back in 2017 with an entirely new production.  Shen Yun is a show unlike anything seen before.  Don’t miss it! Purchase your Shen Yun tickets today.

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