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2016 NBA Conference Finals

The fervor over the NBA is at an all-time high across America and the entire world. The only way to understand it is to see it for yourself! Players like Steph Curry and Lebron James have redefined the game of basketball and hoop fans everywhere are scrambling to keep up. It’s one thing to see a regular season game, but the NBA playoffs is home to some of the most intense and jaw-dropping feats of athleticism and teamwork that you can catch anywhere in the world. With our NBA Conference Finals tickets and prices, you and your friends and family can catch the final four duke it out for a place in the NBA Championship, and for an unbeatable price!

Most people think playoff tickets are way out of their price range. Well they’re wrong. Ticket prices vary depending on the team, time and date, but they start at just $31. As it stands now, the Warriors are in a heated series against the Trailblazers, with the Spurs and Thunder just splitting their first two games of the series to fill out the western side of the bracket. The Eastern Conference pairs Lebron and the Cavaliers up against a gritty Atlanta Hawks team, with the Miami Heat duking it out against the 2nd seeded Toronto Raptors.

The conference semi-finals have proven to be as dramatic as expected and chock full of controversial no calls, half-court buzzer beaters, and of course, plenty of three pointers for the Warriors. All this sets up for what will be the most anticipated Conference Finals series in recent memory. With a potential for Lebron vs. his old friends the Miami Heat in the east, or the Warriors versus Spurs in the west, a matchup that gave the regular season some of its most memorable moments, it’ll be a Conference Finals you don’t want to miss. With our great deals on tickets, chances are you won’t.

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The 2016 NBA Playoffs are officially underway! 16 teams are currently battling it out to advance past the First Round and onto Conference Semifinals. It’s still too early to say who will make it to the next round, but several teams are already making a strong case for their spots. We will not know the exact date of the Semifinals kickoff until all eight victors are crowned, but you will want to check back often for tickets to all games right here at Razorgator. Here is a look at how the race to the championship is shaping up so far.

The West

Last year’s winners the Golden State Warriors are looking like strong contenders once again. They’re fresh off of a record-breaking 73 wins throughout the 2015-2016 season and are hoping to carry that momentum straight through to the finals. Right now, they sit 2-1 against James Harden and the Houston Rockets. The Rockets will not go down without a fight, so catch their next match up in Houston on April 24 for $87 and up. Another exciting matchup is Oklahoma City against Dallas, with the Thunder currently leading the series 2-1. You can catch their next game in Dallas this Saturday for 24 and up. The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers are currently dominating their own matchups with 2-0 records each.

The East

In the East, we’re currently seeing three runaway series. The Cleveland Cavaliers are beating the Detroit Pistons 2-0. The Atlanta Hawks currently have the same record over the Boston Celtics, as do the Miami Heat over the Charlotte Hornets. The only matchup that is providing a little bit of tension is Toronto’s battle with Indiana. The Raptors currently have the lead by one game, with the Pacers looking to make a comeback at their next clash on Saturday at home. Tickets to Game 4 currently cost $13 and up.

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