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These days it’s hard to find a pop star that can hit the notes without some studio editing. That means when you find a pop queen with a real set of live pipes, you make a note on your calendar and go get some Adele tickets. Adele is in a class of her own. With a microphone and a live band behind her, she can capture the hearts and minds of a stadium without the glitz and glam of pyrotechnics and armies of choreographed dancers. However, you might still see a flam ball or two at the show.

Adele Chicago Tickets – United Center

When you finally heard a new Adele song, you probably wanted to run through the streets alerting all citizens of an important international update. Well Chicagoans, do you best to keep your socks on because there are three Adele Chicago dates on her 2016 tour. You completely read that right. Plus, the tickets are cheap enough you might just be able to go to all three!

The three dates for the Adele United Center concerts are July 10, 11 and 13. They all begin at 7:30 pm and tickets begin at just $32 dollars each

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Adele Denver Tickets – Pepsi Center

Adele is back. She’s not back from outer space with that sad look upon her face. Nope, this queen is just back from the other side. Apparently, it’s where you go when you want to worry your fans that you’ve walked away from the music industry and will now be keeping your vocal awesomeness to yourself. Seriously though, we couldn’t be happier that she’s back with a killer single and rad sepia music video. Get ready Colorado because the Adele Denver concert is just around the corner.

Remember when Adele gave us the hope that we could find someone better? Well, her fans tried to find someone like her, but nothing was same. You can’t find a replacement for that unique vocal tone punctuated by witty banter between songs. Have you ever seen how funny she is between songs? When you’re at the Adele Pepsi Center, she’ll probably have a laugh with the crowd as she always does before launching into a soul-stirring ballad.

Adele is making stops all over Europe and North America during her 2016 tour and you still have a chance to get your Adele Denver tickets. There are two concert dates on July 16 and 17 and both start at 7:30 pm.

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Adele Detroit Tickets – Palace of Auburn Hills

If you are a Detroiter who’s also a fan of Adele, you are likely excited for the Adele Palace of Auburn Hills concert that’s planned as part of the Adele Live 2016 event. Adele’s tour will visit the city for two concerts as part of the series, and it’s an especially exciting engagement for Detroit since she’s never performed in the city before.

Adele Detroit tickets are going fast, and it’s no wonder why. Fans can expect Adele to sing such hits as “Somebody Like You,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” “Rolling in the Deep,” and more recently, “Hello.” The Adele Auburn Hills show is sure to be an amazing spectacle, and hopefully the first of many visits to Detroit.

The Adele Detroit show is part of Adele’s big plans for her tour. This will be her biggest expedition to date, with more dates and locations that she’s ever undertaken on a single tour before. If you want to see the singer’s grand performance, and take part in welcoming her to Detroit, you should get your tickets to the Adele Auburn Hills show soon. Ticket prices vary, and there won’t be many left after a while!

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Adele Philadelphia Tickets – Wells Fargo Center 

Adele is a worldwide superstar with millions of fans, so you might not be her biggest fan in the world. You might be her biggest fan in Philadelphia, though, and if you are, you’ll be glad to hear that the singer is bringing her Adele Live 2016 tour to town. The Adele Philadelphia show is sure to be incredible, and it’s not something you want to miss. Want to prove you’re the city’s biggest Adele fan? Here’s how:

  • Get shirts and signs. Adele is bringing her tour to Philadelphia, and the least you can do is show her some love back. There are no truer marks of a fan than enthusiasm, fan signs and commemorative t-shirts.
  • Bring all your friends. The Adele Wells Fargo show will be huge, and if your friends aren’t already Adele fans, it just might convince them to be. Bring your entire group along to watch the show and enjoy the night.
  • Get your tickets. You can’t be Adele’s biggest fan if you miss the show. Get your Adele Philadelphia tickets now, so that you can plan for the big day!

This will be the first time Adele brings a tour to Philadelphia, so you can be sure it’ll be huge.

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Adele Phoenix Tickets – Talking Stick Resort Arena

If you are one of Adele’s many fans in Phoenix, you probably already know that there is an Adele Talking Stick Resort concert coming to town. The Adele Phoenix concert will be part of the singing sensation’s Adele Live 2016 tour. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about it, but here are the top three:

It might not seem like it’s been that long, but it has, indeed, been five years since Adele brought us the original Adele Live tour in 2011. Adele wasn’t quite the international superstar that she is now, and Phoenix wasn’t even on the itinerary, so this is the first time Adele will be touring in Phoenix.

Since the first tour that Adele embarked upon, she was forced to cancel two subsequent tours due to an injury to her vocal cords that threated to permanently damage her voice. After undergoing surgery and recovering, she’s ready to hit the road again and wow her fans with her impressive range.

Adele isn’t just renowned for her operatic vocals. She’s also recognized as a gifted performer. Adele Phoenix tickets are going fast, so if you want to catch this once in a lifetime opportunity, you should get them now. Tickets range in price, but getting them early will ensure you get the best price available.

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Adele San Jose Tickets – SAP Center

Adele is returning to the Bay Area for a string of live performances this year. She’s returning to the stage in support of her groundbreaking new album 25, which has broken records and amassed huge sales. The singles “Hello” and “When We Were Young” have received copious amounts of airplay over the past few months and the anticipation for her new tour is growing every day. Learn more details about seeing Adele in San Jose.

The last time Adele performed in the Bay Area was in 2011 at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Whether you went to that show or not it’s been a long time coming for her to come back. That’s why she’s playing a total of two shows here. You can catch Adele at the SAP Center on July 30th and 31st.

Adele is currently riding the success of her latest release. She has a huge following and a talented voice that comes along only once in a generation. Her huge success is causing tickets to sell out fast!

Don’t miss your chance to hear her hits “Rolling In the Deep,” “Someone Like You,” and several more on her first US tour in five yeas. Get your hands on Adele San Jose tickets while you still can!

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Adele Seattle Tickets – Key Arena

Adele is back at it again with a brand new North American tour. She hasn’t been on the road since 2011! The announcement of this tour coincided with her release of her hot album 25 last November. She’s set to play 56 shows in North America. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Adele in Seattle.

Before the tour begins, catch up on the latest news regarding her music, where she’s playing, and what tickets are going for.

25 is Adele’s latest release that boasts the smash hit “Hello” that’s been dominating the airwaves ever since October 2015. The single reached 1.11 million downloads in the US in just one week. 25 sold 3.38 million copies in the US in one week as well. The momentum for Adele is growing faster and isn’t stopping any time soon. Catch Adele at Key Arena on July 25 or July 26. Price ranges are ranging from about $300 to $7,000 currently. Keep in mind that prices are fluctuating and selling out quick!

The last time Adele performed in the city was in 2011 at the Paramount Theater. She is a 10-time Grammy Award-winning artist with a set list full of memorable hits. Seeing her perform is a once in a lifetime opportunity that no fan will regret. Order your own Adele Seattle tickets now before they sell out!

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Adele St. Paul Tickets – Xcel Energy Center

Adele is back and she’s making tour stops all over North America and Europe. Lucky for you, she’s making two stops in the St. Paul area, which means you have twice the chance to get your Adele St. Paul tickets. What do you want to do first: set fire to the rain or have an introspective moment about sidewalks? Regardless, you’ll probably get to do both!

Where has Adele been? Didn’t she know that she had to release a “23” album to keep up her numerical sequence? What are we supposed to do without her sultry hits to soothe us through break ups and provide tearful soundtrack to our nostalgic moments? While we’re glad she took some time to do her, we’re glad she’s back from the other side. Perhaps, our grass was a little greener. Whatever the reason, it’s time to hear her belt it out live.

When are those two Adele St. Paul concerts? They are on July 5th and 6th and they start at 7:30 pm at the Xcel Energy Center. Tickets for the second show are well under 100 dollars and there are plenty of great seats available for both dates.

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Adele Los Angeles Tickets – Staples Center

Adele’s fan base around the world has swelled with the release of her new single “Hello.” Few cities have shown as much excitement, though, as Los Angeles. The City of Angels is actually where the hit song was mixed, so of course her announcement that she’ll bring her Adele Live 2016 tour here was well-received. If you haven’t already gotten your Adele Staples Center tickets, now is the time!

If you’re ready for the Adele Staples Center concert, you can bet it’ll be an incredible show. We’ve seen Adele in Los Angeles for award shows and other performing engagements, but the last time she formally toured here was a whole five years ago during the original Adele Live series. Back then, she performed two dates at the Greek Theatre and Hollywood Palladium, but her rising star has landed her at the huge Staples Center this time around.

If you want to see Adele perform all of your favorite songs, she’ll be doing it at the Staples Center for all of her biggest fans. Ticket prices vary, but they won’t be available for very long, so you should get yours today while you still can!

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Adele Vancouver Tickets – Rogers Arena

For the first time in five years Adele is hitting the road for a highly anticipated North American tour in 2016. The official tour announcement came in November 2015 as she released her monumental album, 25. This album drew huge success, selling 3.38 million copies in the US in its first week causing it to rocket up to the number one spot on the Billboard charts.

You don’t want to miss out on this stunning show! Take a second to catch up on all the details and how to get tickets for Adele in Vancouver.

Adele’s North American stadium tour dates include two stops in Vancouver, British Columbia. She will be performing at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena on July 20th and 21st. This gives her legions of fans two opportunities to see her belt out her heartfelt songs. Ticket prices for July 20th and 21st are currently ranging from $291 to $3735 and $284 to $4482, respectively.

Attending a concert of the multi-platinum artist is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Her set will be full of hits including “Someone Like You,” “Rolling In the Deep,” and “Hello.” Don’t pass up your chance to see Adele on her first North American tour since 2011. Purchase your Adele Vancouver tickets today!

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