Many Americans celebrate Memorial Day weekend by taking a long vacation, hosting a barbecue, or going to the movies however I consider it one of the greatest weekends in sports of the whole year. On every Sunday there is racing going on in the world. However, on this particular day Formula 1, Indycar, and NASCAR all hold some of the biggest events of the year. In one day.

The biggest race of the year for Formula 1 and IndyCar happen on this day, while NASCAR holds the longest of its schedule. One is required to wake up at 5 am (PT) in order to watch the Grand Prix of Monaco. An epic race on the streets of Monaco it is renowned for its party atmosphere as much as it’s racing.  The course is a track filled with narrow corridors and severe switchbacks and success on this track grants driver immortality.  The Grand Prix of Monaco is considered one of the three grand jewels of racing along with the Daytona 500.

The other crown jewel is the running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by the IndyCar series. This race is one of the biggest of the world.  To win at Indianapolis means more than to even win the championship for that same series. Taking place in the afternoon, the race is a great stretch of the day that always ends in the victor drinking Indiana Milk in victory lane!

The last event of the day is also the longest, the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte, NC by NASCAR. For more than 4 grueling hours the drivers of the series test their own bodies almost as hard as they push their own cars.  To win the 600 is to put to rest any doubt of a driver’s durability.  After all three events in the same day you’ll be ready to pull into the garage and rest up for next year.

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