It’s time for Dodgers baseball!

Vin Scully

These are the famous words of Vin Scully that every Dodgers fan cannot wait to hear this time of the year. The longtime Dodgers broadcaster is entering his 67th and final year as the ‘voice of the Dodgers.’ He has literally seen it all from the Dodgers coming to Los Angeles in 1958 to Kirk Gibson’s famous home run in 1988 to the current team, which come into the season with high hopes.

Even Vin himself would tell you a dream ending to his illustrious career would be for the Dodgers to win the World Series, but this season will go as far as the Dodgers mix of young talent and old veterans (not to mention not so strong starting pitching) will take them. That’s not to mention the stiff competition from other National League competition, which figures to be some of the best the Dodgers have seen in many years.

The Dodgers come into the season with the league’s best pitcher in Clayton Kershaw and have retained a solid core of young and veteran players from last year’s team. They didn’t make any huge additions, but they are still considered to be one of the top contenders in the National League this year. The main question is whether the Dodgers youngsters (Joc Pederson, Corey Seager, Yasiel Puig) and veterans (Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Turner, Andre Ethier) can produce enough fire power and runs to make up for its suspect starting pitching (which is affected by Zack Greinke leaving to Arizona).

However, this season should also be a celebration of not only one of the best announcers in Major League Baseball history, but also one of the most important people in Los Angeles history. He has been known as the ‘Voice of LA’ for many years and is one of the most recognizable faces in all of the southland.

As a lifelong Dodgers fan, there is nothing like turning on the Dodgers game and hearing Vin call the game. Some of my earliest memories were listening to him on the radio, describing the game in a way no announcer can do. Unfortunately, he only calls games on the west coast now, as he is older and doesn’t travel with the team, so there is still some time to enjoy the sweet sound of Vin’s voice.

Simply put, there will never be another Vin Scully. In the age of having multiple analyses from current and former players, as well as having high profile networks and names, Vin Scully goes out there the same way he has for the last 67 years. He is known for being a one person announcing team and implementing interesting facts and stories for almost every player he announces (he does all the research on his own to this day). Sitting down and listening to Vin Scully work is pure gold. As a kid, I always wondered how he knew so many stories about current and former players, it was simply incredible.

The Dodgers season should be filled with excitement and intrigue, with hopes of a World Series, but do yourself a favor; sit down and enjoy Vin Scully for his last year as the Dodgers announcer, as you are truly experiencing a once in a lifetime experience.

Cheers to an incredible career for Vin Scully.


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