Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Guide – Part 1


Justin Bieber 2016 Purpose Tour

What will the Purpose World Tour hold for attendees? In tours past, we’ve seen Bieber descend from the sky with angel’s wings, full-scale pyrotechnics and legions of dancers in precise coordination. However, the Biebs hasn’t been doing what we’ve expected of him lately, so more than likely, the show will be an unpredictable spectacle. Grab your tickets while you can!

Justin Bieber Atlanta Tickets – Philips Arena

The past few years, Justin Bieber’s fans have watched as he matured, grew musically, and began adopting new sounds in many of his tracks. A significant influence during this time was the hip-hop and rap scene in cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles. If you want to get in on the concert and catch Justin Bieber performing live, here are a few tips:

  • Get your Justin Bieber Atlanta tickets soon. Justin has two dates in the city on the tour, so you have a better chance of grabbing tickets than some other cities may offer, but they will still sell out quickly.
  • Be prepared for the night of your life. Justin’s abilities as a performer have been almost universally lauded since the Believe Tour he did several years ago. Be ready to see him step it up even further and give an amazing performance.
  • Get the whole Justin Bieber Atlanta experience. It isn’t every day, or even every year, that Justin Bieber goes on tour. Go all out, bring your signs and get souvenirs to commemorate the night for years to come.

Tickets range in price from $16 to nearly $4,000 for VIP packages. The evidence of Atlanta’s influence on Bieber can be seen in the heavy beats and rhythmic raps that are featured on his new album Purpose. He’ll be performing the album on his Purpose World Tour, and it isn’t a show you want to miss.

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Justin Bieber Chicago Tickets – Allstate Arena Arena

He has a new sound and this time we can’t deny him his dose of awesomeness. Justin Bieber is hitting the world stage again with his Purpose World Tour. There are two Justin Bieber Chicago show dates, which means you have twice the opportunity to get the perfect seats for this young man’s ascension into adulthood

You were right. Many of us ‘haters’ must apologize for our dismissive remarks of the Biebs’ razor cut swoop, impossibly high vocal range and cheeky dance moves as the fleeting sparkle of another momentary teen idol. Who could’ve predicted Bieber would emerge on the other side of a tumultuous adolescence as an unexpected EDM/pop crossover star with a broadening base of adult fans? With that said, Justin Bieber Chicago tickets are moving fast as the Belieber Army quickly takes over the world with catchy melodies and hypnotic beats.

Those of you in the Chicago area are in luck because the Biebers will be in town for 2 back-to-back concerts on April the 22 and 23. Both shows start at 7:30pm at the Allstate Arena. There are still plenty of floor seats and more available for both dates, so get you Justin Bieber Rosemont tickets while you can.

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Justin Bieber Dallas Tickets – American Airlines Center

The last time Justin Bieber toured in Dallas, he was 18 years old and fresh off the release of his sophomore album. The Believe Tour brought us a young pop star, but we’ve all seen as Justin has grown up in the years since. He’s ready to hit the road again, though, and this time it’s in support of his album Purpose. The spectacle that concertgoers enjoyed the last time is only going to be bigger and better.

Bieber will once again take over the American Airlines Center to perform. When he announced the tour dates on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, he emphasized how amazing the show would be. Justin’s concerts have been lauded by many critics, and Justin himself has taken pride in giving his fans a fantastic show. If you don’t already have your Justin Bieber Dallas tickets, you should get them now!

Do you want to show Justin Bieber Dallas is the spot where his biggest fans are? There’s no better way than to get your tickets and support him on tour. It’s been years since Justin visited Dallas last, so who knows how long it’ll be before he visits again! Ticket prices range from $32 to nearly $15,000, and you definitely don’t want to miss this tour!

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Justin Bieber Denver Tickets – Pepsi Center

Flash back to 2009, the year when a baby-faced Canadian teenager with a bad bowl cut released his first EP, “My World.” His haircut may not be so famous these days, but his new, grown up persona is taking the world by storm. In 2016, that storm is coming to Colorado with Justin Bieber in Denver.

Justin Bieber’s latest album, “Purpose,” debuted at number one on the Billboard charts when it was released on November 13, 2015. The album’s first single was “What Do You Mean.” It was already number one the day it was released and earned him a Guinness World Record as the youngest male artist to debut a single at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The other two singles, “Sorry” and “Love Yourself,” also reached number one.

“The Biebs” is celebrating his latest success by taking Purpose on the road. The tour, which begins in Seattle, Washington, on March 9, will span the United States, Canada and England, hitting popular destinations like Los Angeles, Quebec and Miami before finishing up with five dates in London, England, with the final performance being November 29.

Colorado fans who want to experience the concert will get a chance with Justin Bieber at Pepsi Center on April 4. The high-energy show is sure to be something fans will never forget. If you want to see Justin Bieber in Denver, tickets start at just $33 and are available here on Razorgator’s website.

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Justin Bieber Detroit Tickets – Palace of Auburn Hills

Guess who’s back again with a new album, new sound and new tour? The Biebs. Reinventing your image is difficult, but it’s a necessary transition for every child start trying to make it on an adult’s stage. Lucky for Beliebers, Justin and his team have managed to pull off the monumental feat with a great deal of grace and you can see it all go down at the Justin Bieber Detroit concert.

Few artists have a story as amazing as the Biebs’. He drew the attention of a party planner trying to transition into music management via some YouTube videos that showcased his raw talent. After some artistic development and a few into singles, a teen sensation was born with one song: “Baby.” The Biebs has had a rocky adolescence in front of those bright camera flashes, but he’s managed to come through it all in a stylish fashion. Can he successfully make the transition in the adult side of the music industry? You can find out with your own pair of Justin Bieber Auburn Hills tickets.

If you’re ready for a great show that’ll be talked about for years, grab your tickets to the Justin Bieber Rosemont now! The concert is on April 25 at 7:30 pm in the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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Justin Bieber Fresno Tickets – Save Mart Center

It’s no secret the reigning Prince of Pop Justin Bieber had a tumultuous few years, but he’s “Sorry” and ready to show you he’s found his sense of Purpose. The boy king is ready to claim his kingdom and you can watch his transition first hand on his Purpose World Tour.

No doubt, many of you have been die hard Beliebers since the “One Time” days, but the Biebs’ new music has him making waves outside of the teen music scene. Justin is making a play to be the first pop/EDM sweetheart with his effortless mix of infectious hooks and hypnotic beats. You have to wonder, what kind of show will he pair with his killer new sound?

It all goes down on Saturday, March 26 in the Save Mart Center. The Justin Bieber Fresno concert starts at 7:30pm and excellent seats are still available. Tickets start at just over $100, which isn’t bad for seeing the young King of Pop take his throne.

You’ve seen him stumble. You’ve seen him Dougie. Now, you can watch the Biebs become a man with an army of perfectly coordinated dancers behind him. You’ll have to act fast though for those Justin Bieber Fresno tickets. On his first world tour, the kid sold out Madison Square Garden in less than 25 minutes!

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Justin Bieber Houston Tickets – Toyota Center

Justin Bieber has come a long way since he was discovered on YouTube and signed by Usher eight years ago. The baby-faced teenager has grown into his angular features as an adult, and his music has grown along with him. The global superstar recently released his fourth studio album, “Purpose.” Not only did the album reach number one, but each of the three singles he’s released so far have done the same. Reaching the top of the Billboard charts isn’t enough for the star, however. Fans will be able to see Justin Bieber in Houston or one of dozens of other cities across the world during The Purpose World Tour this year.

The 18th date on his tour, you can see Justin Bieber at Toyota Center on April 9. 19,000 fans will be able to watch the singer perform old songs such as “Baby” and “One Less Lonely Girl” along with today’s new hits like “Sorry” and “Love Yourself.” The centrally located venue features restaurants and plenty of other amenities to make an evening out more convenient for concertgoers.

For those seeing Justin Bieber in Houston, tickets range from $336 for the upper level to nearly $3,000 to be close enough to practically touch him. Tickets are available here on Razorgator, but prices are subject to change as the event draws near.

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Justin Bieber Las Vegas Tickets – MGM Grand Garden Arena

In a town known as Sin City, there are few things imaginably worse than missing the Justin Bieber Las Vegas date of the Purpose World Tour. Justin will once again perform at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, like he did when he brought his Believe tour to the city. Though Las Vegas is known for entertainment and celebrity, Justin Bieber is sure to bring the very brightest show.

If you’re excited for the Justin Bieber MGM Grand concert, you should act fast and get tickets. We all know how infamously dedicated Justin’s fans, or shall we call them Beliebers, are, so tickets are sure to sell out quickly. They currently range in price from $273 to nearly $4,000 for VIP packages, and delaying getting Justin Bieber Las Vegas tickets can put you either without tickets or at the mercy of scalpers.

While Las Vegas is home to residencies of many performers, tours present the opportunity to see a performer who’s just visiting the town, and if you miss it you probably won’t get another chance to see the tour. It’s been over three years since the last Justin Bieber tour, so who knows when he’ll come to Las Vegas after the Purpose World Tour? Give in to your inner Belieber, and get tickets to see Justin in Last Vegas.

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Justin Bieber Louisville Tickets – KFC Yum Center

Back in 2012, Justin Bieber brought his Believe Tour to the KFC Yum! Center, and over 16,000 people showed to enjoy the concert. In the years since that tour, Justin has worked on new music and released an album, and his fan base hasn’t showed any signs that its growth will slow. Now, Justin has announced that his Purpose World Tour will once again grace Louisville with the wonder that is the Bieber himself.

With dates in exotic locales across Europe and the biggest arenas in the United States, Louisville is sure to be one of the more intimate stops on the tour. Justin’s made no secret of his affinity for the city, either. He’s appeared on local radio station WDJX multiple times and even tweeted about hanging out downtown.

If you don’t already have your Justin Bieber Louisville tickets, it’s time to get them, before it’s too late! They are sure to sell out, and tickets currently range in price from $81 to nearly $4,000 for VIP packages. If you love Justin Bieber, and you want to show him that Louisville is home to his biggest fans, this is your chance. Catch the Purpose World Tour while you can. If it’s anything like the Believe Tour, Justin will put on an epic show!

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Justin Bieber Phoenix Tickets – Gila River Arena

A teen star no more, Justin Bieber has been reforming his image and reputation in the past few months, and his new sound is garnering respect from critics and the general public alike. Who knew the “Baby” crooner would grow up to make not just respectable music, but tunes you shamelessly sing along to in front of your friends? Belibers knew it. Now, it’s time to show your newfound belief at the Justin Bieber Phoenix show.

When is the show? It’s all starts at 7:30pm at the Gila River Arena in Glendale. Justin Bieber Phoenix tickets start at just $22! You can see the Biebs say he’s “Sorry,” find his “Purpose” and dance like Michael without breaking the bank! In the past, the boy-king descended from the ceiling with custom wings, but what will he bring to the stage with his new understated style

If you want to see what all the fuss is about first hand, there are plenty of Justin Bieber Glendale tickets available. You’ll want to move fast though, because March is just around the corner. Rock out with the Biebs and see if this boy-king will rise and claim his throne!

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Justin Bieber Salt Lake City Tickets – Vivint Smart Home Arena

The later teen years are rough for everyone, but Justin Bieber’s were documented in the tabloids. Ever since, the teen star’s been trying to get his footing, and he finally found his “Purpose” with a new sound and now, a world tour. What should you be prepared to see from this pop prince attempting to transition into pop king?

When Justin Bieber started dropping his new music, skeptics were waiting to see if “Where Are U Now?” and “What Do You Mean?” were just lucky bulls eyes. After taking a page from Beyoncé’s “visual album” book, the Biebs dropped an album and ten videos proving his fresh new sound is no fluke. When you see the Justin Bieber Salt Lake City concert, you aren’t just witnessing a young man’s redemption. You’ll get a firsthand look at the debut of a full-blown international entertainer.

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Justin Bieber San Diego Tickets – Valley View Casino Center

Whether you’ve been a Belieber from the start or just joined the club, you were probably shocked when you realized who was asking, “What Do You Mean?” At first, you probably thought Ryan Sheckler randomly dropped a single, but it turns out Justin Bieber’s new leaf comes with a new sound.

Eventually, every teeny-bop icon must make the transition into the big leagues, and Bieber knows how difficult that can be. However, this former teen sensation is shaking his bad boy image in exchange for a professional entertainer’s reputation. He’s shown the world he can write good music and now, it’s show time.

If you’re in San Diego on Tuesday, March 29, reserve your night for the Justin Bieber Valley View Casino concert. At 7:30pm, the Biebs will be ready to show you what he’s made of and you can see it all live!

At the moment, you can grab tickets for the Justin Bieber San Diego show for any level in the venue. You’ll have to move fast. It’s rare to see a young star’s successful transition into a full-on entertainer, so grab a seat for a show that’ll be talked about for years.

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Justin Bieber Kansas City Tickets – Sprint Center

From reading about his antics on the Internet to hearing “Love Yourself” or “Sorry” every time you turn on the radio, you simply can’t get away from Justin Bieber, and 2016 won’t be any different. Beginning in March, he will embark on a tour spanning two continents to promote his latest album, “Purpose.” Whether you see Justin Bieber at Sprint Center or check out one of his other stops on the tour, the evening is sure to be one you won’t soon forget.

The Purpose World Tour will include 64 dates in North America and 48 in Europe. His third world tour and first since 2011, concertgoers can expect to hear a mix of singles off the most recent album and old favorites such as “Baby,” “Boyfriend” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” Knowing the crooner, there will also be plenty of chances to ogle his abs as you sway back and forth to the music when you see Justin Bieber in Kansas City.

Justin will be performing at Sprint Center, a venue that holds more than 19,000 people, on April 6. If you want to see Justin Bieber in Kansas City, tickets range from $166 to $900 and are available here on Razorgator. The Purpose World Tour is not to be missed!

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Justin Bieber St. Louis Tickets – Scottrade Center

With so many reasons to love Justin Bieber, it’s hard to narrow the list down to just three. Where do we start? His undeniable musical chops? His looks? His inspirational message? Well, get ready to have even more reasons on the list, because Justin Bieber is coming to St. Louis. He will bring his Purpose World Tour to the city and serenade us with the songs we all know and love. Here are the top three reasons you should grab your tickets to the Justin Bieber St. Louis show:

1. He loves his fans. This one is important. Justin Bieber loves his fans as much as we love him, and that makes supporting him even more amazing. You can tell from the way he talks about his fan base that he truly appreciates the support and has managed to stay humble.

2. He’s an awesomely talented musician. Though Bieber’s songs are catchy pop, they’re driven by the amazing vocal and musical talent that got him discovered in the first place. There’s no denying that he is a great artist.

3. He’s an even better performer. Since he began touring, Justin has earned himself a reputation for being a spectacular showman. His Believe Tour incorporated several now-iconic moments, so you can expect the Purpose World Tour to do the same.

If you haven’t already gotten your Justin Bieber St. Louis tickets, now is the time. They range in price from $184 to close to $4,000 for VIP packages, so get them before it’s too late!

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Justin Bieber Tulsa Tickets – BOK Center

On his first world tour since the My World Tour ended in October 2011, Justin Bieber is taking over the United States, Canada and Europe. With more than 100 dates, the shows will begin in Seattle on March 9 and end in London on November 29. The Purpose World Tour is going to be a mix of his higher energy singles and his quiet acoustic songs, which many believe he penned as tribute to ex-love Selena Gomez. Of course, you’re free to pretend all those love songs are about you when you check out Justin Bieber in Tulsa.

Justin Bieber at BOK Center is scheduled for April 7. The 10-year-old arena holds more than 19,000 people and spans 565,000 square feet. Several area restaurants, including Billy’s On the Square, Mazzio’s Italian Eatery and Borden Dairy, have space within the building, so plan to come early and enjoy dinner to keep your energy up during the show.

Tickets are still available for several levels in the arena, but are going fast. For those who plan to see Justin Bieber in Tulsa, tickets are currently available here on Razorgator. They start at $137 for the upper level and go up to $1,977 for seats directly in front of the stage.

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