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You love tuning into your PPV WWE, but have you thought about heading out and seeing it live? The good news is, there are a bunch of different events to choose from this summer. All a little different, all with the same WWE madness that you love. Out of the seven different live events going on this summer, make sure you head out to at least one. Find the lowest prizes in the Razorgator App.

WWE Live


Here’s the cool thing about the WWE Live shows. They’re house shows full of your favorite champs and all the mayhem that you’re used to, but aren’t filmed. That means everything that goes on during the show, is for the people who showed up and not available for the viewers at home. Point being, you can’t PPV this one. You have to head out, and we both know you won’t regret it.

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Live 38 Jul – Nov $27 $92

WWE Night of Champions


Previously known as Vengeance, this is a night of live WWE chaos full of your favorite stars, that is also filmed for PPV. The night is made up of a main event and an undercard, full of championship matches and various different matches. The whole squad will be there and it will be a night full of madness leading to the battle for the WWE Champion. It all comes down to this night and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Night of Champions – Houston, TX 1 Sep 20 $45 $162



WWE NXT is like the wrestling version of America’s Next Top Model. 8 rookies are aided by mentors from WWE’s Raw and SmackDown brands, and compete to become WWE’s next breakout star. There’s drama, there’s fighting, there’s new faces. What more could you want? And the benefit of going out to see it live, is you’ll have the bragging rights of seeing the next WWE Superstar before they made it big. That’s worth something, right?

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE NXT 2 Jul – Aug $40 $173



This is the ultimate event to attend if you want to be at the heart of the wrestling, drama, fights, and rivalries that is WWE. If you aren’t sure which summer event to attend, this is the one, without a doubt. The weekly show has all your favorite stars like John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and the Undertaker. Not only do you get to see all the matches but also the backstage drama between the superstars, managers and your favorite Divas. There’s no doubt that WWE Raw will pass through a town near you. Not a bad way to spend a night.

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Raw 16 Jul – Jan $32 $184

WWE Smackdown


WWE Smackdown is another weekly wrestling event  full of the same amount of killer matches and drama as WWE Raw, but with a different lineup. With stars like Kane, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Brooker T, there’s never a dull moment. Match sure to catch the Smackdown Mayhem in a city near you.\

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Smackdown 13 Jul – Dec $17 $116

WWE SummerSlam 


Unlike most of the other events, SummerSlam is an annual event, that airs in August on PPV. So far the number one match that has been announced is between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. This will be Undertaker’s first SummerSlam match since 2008.  And after his lose to Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX, this is going to be a crazy main match. There’s no way it’s not going to be insane. Go see it live!

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Summer Slam – Brooklyn, NY 1 Aug 23 $160 $387

WWE Survivor Series 


Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall with the WWE Survivor Series. Like SummerSlam, Survivor Series is an annual PPV event that is held in November. Your favorite stars, like John Cena will be there battling to be the champion. The event is infamous for its tag-team elimination matches, usually featuring teams of four or five wrestlers. They  call these matches “Survivor Series matches”, and there sure to be off the chain, insane. You’re going to pay to see it on PPV anyways, why not go out to see it live!

Events Dates Get-In Avg
WWE Survivor Series – Atlanta, GA 1 Nov 22 $45 $147
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