10 Classic Rock Icons You Didn’t Know Were Touring this Summer


Tuning into your favorite classic rock station is almost like looking through an old photo album. They may call it “classic” rock now, but back then, it was just rock.  Fresh, and new, you were there as it all unfolded. You were there to experience bands like AC/DC and Van Halen as they went from a bunch of crazy dudes taking the stage for the first time, to members of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Here’s the good news. Those concerts, those wild nights, and those memories are not just a thing of the past. You’d be shocked to know how many of your favorite bands are back on the road and tearing up the stage again. Take a look at the list below, dust off your leather jacket and get ready to rock. Find the best prices in the Razorgator App.

1. AC/DC

After the release of the band’s 16th studio album, the guys from AC/DC hit the road with their “Rock or Bust” tour which they kicked off on April 10, 2015 at the Coachella music festival. While there are 14 dates left on their massive world tour, tickets are selling like hotcakes. In fact, they set a world record, selling 300,000 tickets in 77 minutes when they went on sale in Germany. There are few that rock like these guys and the world knows it. Tickets are going for as low as $56! Better snatch up a em’ before they’re all gone

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
AC/DC Tour 14 Aug 22 – Sep 28 $56 $286

2. Mötley Crüe

As one the most notorious of all rock bands that got their start in the 80’s, you never quite know what to expect from the guys of Mötley Crüe. They’ve gained and lost some members throughout the decades, but one thing remains timeless. These guys are absolutely wild and that comes out on stage. While they haven’t released an album since “Saints of Los Angeles” in 2008, the band has stayed busy. Not only are they touring but they’re in the midst of turning their book “The Dirt” that details the band’s infamously outrageous rise to fame, into a film. Can you imagine what a wild ride that’ll be when it’s released? None the less, they’ve still found time for over 50 tour dates, with tickets going for as low as $11. A good chunk of the tour will be with rock icon Alice Cooper. What a show!

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Motley Crue Tour 55 Jul 22 – Dec 31 $11 $172


3.  Billy Idol

We all know and love good ol’ Billy. And over the years not too much has changed. He has the same crazy bleach blonde hair, dramatic vocals and unstoppable energy that he had when he first entered the rock scene in the early 80’s. After the release of his new album “Kings & Queens of the Stone Age” in 2014, Billy is hitting the road again starting August 7 in Reno and hitting San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival for the weekend, with 11 dates ending in October. These tickets are limited and in pretty high demand, so look for a date near you before it’s too late.

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Billy Idol Tour 11 Aug 7 – Oct 8 $40 $127

4. Social Distortion

Since their original formation in the late 70’s, the evolution of Social Distortion’s sound is nothing less than iconic. From the garage punk sound of “Mommy’s Little Monster” to their most recent album “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes” that seamlessly blends elements of punk rock, blues and their familiar rockabilly undertone, Social Distortion isn’t capable of producing music that is anything less than brilliance. Lead singer, Mike Ness has transformed from a child of the punk rock formation to a seasoned front man with all the swagger and presence of a 1930’s gangster. The cool thing about seeing these guys live, is they typically gravitate toward smaller venues that create more of an intimate performance. With over 20 tour dates this summer and tickets that start as low as $39, you should check this one off your bucket list.

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Social Distortion Tour 24 Jul 28 – Sep 12 $39 $88

5. Def Leppard

Since their formation in the midst of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, the guys from Def Leppard have never been without a hit on the radio, or a crowd to show up to watch them tear up the stage. While they haven’t released a studio album since 2008, they have one in the works, and it’s expected to drop sometime this year. They hit the road this summer with bands Styx and Tesla and will continue to tour through October. With tickets as low as $25, you aren’t going to want to miss that killer lineup.

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Def Leppard Tour 16 Jul 21 – Oct 17 $44 $181
Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla Tour 27 Jul 17 – Oct 4 $25 $130

6. The Who

With all their members hailing from London, The Who, without a doubt, is one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century. What fascinated an entire generation was the fact that the band could not be defined to one genre, or style. Pioneers of rock opera, synthesizer integration, combined with the unique and passionate style each member added to create the perfect rock n’roll storm. And now they’re heading out to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary with the “The Who Hits 50!” tour.  The tour kicks off on September 14 , with over 25 tour dates that run through mid December. This tour is pretty historic. 50th anniversaries don’t happen everyday and who knows when these guys will hit the road again. Tickets start as low as $48

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
The Who Tour 27 Sep 14 – Dec 13 $48 $240
The Who with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Tour 3 Dec 2 – Dec 6 $69 $212

7. Van Halen

With their first album debuting in the top 20 in 1978, the guys from Van Halen introduced the world to a new type of heavy metal. Their southern California roots still shine through in their music, lyrics and the all-out party they have every time they hit the stage. Brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen are still rocking as hard as they did back in the 80’s and the cool thing is there’s now another Van Halen thrown in the mix. Eddie’s son Wolfgang, began touring with the band in 2006 and replaced Michael Anthony on the base and with back up vocals. It’s a Van Halen trifecta. With over 30 tour dates running through October, tickets to this rock party are going for as low as $20.

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Van Halen Tour 34 Jul 18 – Oct 2 $20 $191

8. Deep Purple

The guys from Deep Purple can make any live venue explode. You don’t have to take our word for it. It’s actually fact. They were listed as the loudest band by “The Guinness Book of World Records”. And let’s be honest, you’ve been listening to the neighbor kid attempt to play the opening riff of “Smoke on The Water” one too many times. He’s almost butchered your memory of the song and it’s time you head out and hear it live by the guys who made it a globally recognized anthem. Don’t miss that chance, catch one of the 14 upcoming shows. There’s tickets for as low as $24

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Deep Purple Tour 14 Jul 20 – Aug 15 $24 $111

9. ZZ Top

Over the years, this crazy Texas trio has managed somehow to remain timeless. Taking a look back at Dusty Hill and Billy Gibson’s signature beards…they really haven’t changed much throughout the years. And neither has there bluesy, rock n’roll sound, combined with their cheeky lyrics that can always get a smile out of a crowd. With the release of the album “La Futura” in 2012, ZZ Top is keeping it fresh, while sticking to their signature style that we love so much. They’re playing 23 boot-stomping shows and you should without a doubt head out to one of them. With tickets going for as low as $31, why wouldn’t you?

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
ZZ Top Tour 23 Aug 12 – Oct 3 $31 $140

10. The Beach Boys

One of the main reasons that California is known around the world as a place full of sun, perfect waves, convertibles and girls in bikinis is because of the Beach Boys. They single handedly made California rock an actual music genre, and the world fell in love with it. These icons have sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time,  They are also listed at number 12 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2004 list of the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time”. You already know what rock gods they are. While the members have come and gone over the years, their sound continues to transport us to a beach party in the 60’s. Catch them live before their tours are just listed in history books.

Shows Dates Min Price Avg Price
Beach Boys Tour 30 Jul 24 – Oct 25 $21 $112
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