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With the 2015 All-Star game less than a week away, there are a few things you should know about this year’s All-Star events and All-Star game starters — not only who they are, but why they made it to the All-Star game. And if you’re eager to experience a piece of the MLB All-Star excitement live in Cincinnati, you have a few options: All-Star Sunday (July 12), Home Run Derby (July 13) & All-Star Game (July 14).

On a budget? All-Star Sunday tickets are a steal, starting at just $10! See the Futures game (top MLB prospects, like  Blake Snell, Alex Reyes, Colin Rea, Ozhaino Albies & Tony Kemp) plus the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game. This year’s celebs include Snoop Dogg, Nick Lachey, Josh Hutcherson, Macklemore and many more.

Next, the Home Run Derby is another exciting way to spend the day and an annual event we all look forward to. It’s changing this year, however, and should be even more fun. Each hitter will have 5 minutes to hit home runs, compared to a number of “outs” in previous years. Bonus time will be added for multiple home runs greater than 420 feet. Another update is that players, now seeded 1-8 based on home run totals, will compete head-to-head in a bracketed tournament format. First round matchups: Albert Pujols (1) vs Kris Bryant (8), Todd Frazier (2) vs Prince Fielder (7), Josh Donaldson (3) vs Anthony Rizzo (6), Joc Pederson (4) vs Manny Machado (5).

And finally, nothing beats the actual All-Star Game itself. Teams are composed of the best players from the American and National Leagues as voted by the fans. Each team is helmed by one of the managers from last year’s World Series participants: Ned Yost (KC), Bruce Bochy (SF). Bochy and Yost get to select the non-starters and the pitching staffs. The winning All-Star team secures World Series home field advantage for their League. If you’re able to make it out, we’re super jealous!

American League

Josh Donaldson

Position: 3rd Base 

Team: Blue Jays

Why is he here: Donaldson ranks in the top six in AL in home runs and was the top vote getter in the AL.


Salvador Perez 

Position: Catcher

Team: Royals

Why is he here: Not only is he a two time Gold Glove winner, but is also tied in the AL with 13 home runs among catchers.

Miguel Cabrera (*Injured)

Position: 1st Base

Team: Tigers

Why is he here: In the span of his 13 year career, Cabrera has won three batting titles, hit 405 homers and is a 2 time All-Star.

Jose Altuve

Position: 2nd Base

Team: Astros

Why is he here:  Altuve was the 2014 batting champion, batting .303, making him 5th among 2nd baseman. He also leads the AL with 21 steals and his .992 fielding percentage has tied him for second in the American League.

Alcides Escobar 

Position: Shortstop

Team: Royals

Why is he here: Over the years, Escobar has earned the reputation as being one of the best shortstops in the league.

Lorenzo Cain

Position: Outfielder

Team: Royals

Why is he here:  Cain’s currently batting .308

Mike Trout

Position: Outfielder

Team: Angels

Why is he here: Not only is he the reigning AL MVP, but he was also the AL top vote getter.

Alex Gordon

Position: Outfielder

Team: Royals

Why is he here: He has won the Gold Glove four years in a row, and is an elite defender.

Nelson Cruz

Position: Outfielder

Team: Mariners

Why is he here: Cruz leads the Mariners  in average hits, home runs, RBI and OBP.

National League

Bryce Harper

Position: Outfielder

Team: Nationals

Why is he here: He’s a rockstar and has had a killer season in every aspect. Just as an example, he’s leading the majors with 10.24 at-bats/HR through July 4.


Buster Posey

Position: Catcher

Team: Giants

Why is he here: Not only does he have 3 world-series wins under his belt, but he was also rookie of the year and has become a household names.

Paul Goldschmidt

Position: 1st Base

Team: Diamondbacks

Why is he here: Not only is he the most productive first baseman in the NL over the past three seasons but he’s on pace to shatter his career highs from 2013, the same year he came in 2nd in MVP voting.

Dee Gordon

Position: 2nd Base


Why is he here: He had a killer year in Miami with his crazy number of hits, steals and stellar batting average.

Todd Frazier

Position: 3rd Base

Team: Reds

Why is he here: He leads the majors in extra-base hits, with 50 up to July 4th and has an awesome number of votes and hometown support.

Jhonny Peralta

Position: Shortstop

Team: Cardinals

Why is he here: He’s consistent, reliable and has had one of the best hitting seasons in the league. He’s an obvious choice.

Giancarlo Stanton (*Injured)

Position: Outfielder

Team: Marlins

Why is he here: He hit four of the six longest home runs in both leagues this season, and in the 2014 season had 37 homers.

Matt Holliday 

Position: Outfielder

Team: Cardinals

Why is he here: Holliday reached base in 45 consecutive games at the beginning of the season. He’s a solid choice for this season’s starting lineup.

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