MLB-Best Cardinals Continue To Draw Consistent Ticket Sales

The St. Louis Cardinals seem to do this every year. Even when few baseball experts peg them as the team to beat, they rise up and dominate the standings or make a late push and become a playoff favorite. Here they are, yet again, taking over the league with a 33-18 mark as June welcomes the 2015 MLB season to the first true month of summer.

St. Louis has been fantastic for much of the year, but mostly utilized a strong May to push themselves up atop the entire league. That’s thanks in large part to their tremendous balance as they’ve received outstanding pitching from young Michael Wacha (seven wins with a 2.27 ERA), and solid work from the likes of Lance Lynn (67 strikeouts) and Carlos Martinez (five wins and 64 K’s). That balance also refers to an offense that has also made notable contributions, as the Cardinals have been led by the efficient Matt Holliday (batting .318 with 24 RBI) and Matt Carpenter (8 homers and 27 RBI).

While some didn’t see it coming before the season started, the Cardinals now look like a top-three team in Major League Baseball and legitimate World Series contenders. Let’s gauge how June could go for them as we break down their cheapest and most expensive games on the schedule, with information provided by

Cheapest – 6/7/2015 @ Los Angeles Dodgers | Avg: $31 | Get-in: $4

This is a very odd game to come so cheap when it comes to Cardinals tickets, as it features a massive matchup between two of the best and most storied teams in the league. That alone is interesting, but when you factor in that Dodgers tickets are over $96 on average for the year, the pricing here is beyond a steal. It won’t be easy for the Cardinals to march into Dodger Stadium and get the win, but there’s no doubt there will be the potential for a very compelling ballgame, as it usually is between these two clubs, such as in recent postseasons. Add in that this game includes a beach towel giveaway, and Dodgers and Cardinals fans are clearly getting a mega steal here early in June.

Most Expensive – 6/27/2015 VS. Chicago Cubs | Avg: $196.61 | Get-in: $67

We go from a pretty unbelievable deal to the Card’s priciest game of the month. This one makes sense, as they prepare to duke it out with their hated rivals, the Chicago Cubs. This game needs little hype, but the fact that the Cubs are the Cardinals’ main competition for the NL Central crown this year really spices things even more, especially considering how downtrodden Chicago has been over the past handful of years. Cardinals tickets are almost $100 more expensive than their season average in this showdown, while June sports just two other games in the entire month that ask St. Louis fans to fork over more cash. This could end up being as intense of a battle as we’ll see all season in the NL Central.

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