Miami Marlins Tickets in More Demand Due To Stanton Signing, Overall Optimism

Giancarlo Stanton said he would commit to the Miami Marlins if the franchise wanted to commit to winning right now.

The Marlins brought in Michael Morse from the San Francisco Giants, Dee Gordon and Dan Haren from the Los Angeles Dodgers, Martin Prado and Ichiro Suzuki from the New York Yankees, Mat Latos from the Cincinnati Reds, and Aaron Crow, a reliever from the Kansas City Royals.

It seemed the franchise obliged his request.

The Marlins have quickly turned into a team that will compete against the Washington Nationals for a National League East division title.

Although Stanton is one of the most talented players in the MLB, it will be interesting to see how he returns from his season ending injury last season in the latter half of the season. Stanton was hit in the face with a fastball and had multiple facial fractures, lacerations and dental damage. The Marlins seem to think he’ll be just fine, as they signed their young star to a 13-year, $325 million extension, which is the biggest in sports history—not just baseball—all sports.

The Marlins have one of the most exciting teams they’ve had in sometime, and as a result Miami Marlins tickets to their Opening Day game against the Atlanta Braves on April 6th at Marlins Park have an average price of $162.95 with a get-in price of $27. This is the Marlins’ highest-priced ticket in the month of April. The excitement for the team is real.

The battles with the Washington Nationals and New York Mets will be fierce all season long. The National League East looks like it may be one of the more competitive divisions at the top, with the Nationals playing the role of the early World Series favorites and the Mets on the rise with their young pitching staff and the return of Matt Harvey.

The Marlins have a habit of having a few down years and springing to life and capturing a World Series title. Maybe this is one of those teams that will add to that cycle.

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