After An Eventful Offseason Dodgers Tickets Are Averaging Under $175 In 2015

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a team that needs to put up or shut up in 2015. This is a team that has spent a ton of money over the past few seasons, and brought in some marquee talent from around the league. They made strides last season, making it to the NLDS. However, they lost to the Cardinals by a game-score of 3-1. They ended up finishing second in the National League, but fell to a team with a championship pedigree. This is crunch time for the Dodgers. They have a $235 million payroll, which is the highest in the MLB. If they don’t make a serious move at a championship, it may be time to think about rebuilding. With the emergence of San Diego in the offseason, this could be the best division in the MLB. The Dodgers statistically have one of the best pitching staffs in MLB history. Clayton Kershaw had an unbelievable season, winning his third Cy Young award. He has also led the MLB in ERA for the past four seasons, which has never been done before. Zach Greinke, Hyun Jin Ryu, and Brandon McCarthy, who have all-star caliber arms, round out the rotation. They have the best staff in the National League, and that alone should be able to carry them very far this season.

The Dodgers will also be curious how their bats respond to the loss of Matt Kemp. Kemp is a career .285 hitter, and has been a leader in the clubhouse for a long time. This could be the year that outfielder Yasiel Puig establishes himself as an MVP candidate. They also unloaded second basemen Dee Gordon and brought in future Hall-of-Famer Jimmy Rollins. This team was 3rd in overall batting average last season. The promise of this season directly correlates to the price Dodgers tickets this season. Here are the games at either side of the price spectrum. The average price of Dodgers tickets so far this season is $173.54.

10/03/15 vs. San Diego Padres | Average Price: $350.47 | Get-in Price: $19.00

This matchup will feature one of the many returns of Matt Kemp to Dodger Stadium. The former home run king was a two-time all-star from 2011-2012. This team has also brought in Justin Upton from the Braves, who is a 2-time all star. They finalized their outfield by adding Will Myers from Tampa Bay. San Diego will continue to be buyers in the free-agent market, but they still lack an elite arm that will carry them to the post season. This matchup could be very crucial to the Dodgers, as they could be fighting for a top seed in the National League, and that means home field advantage in the post season. This also could be a game against NL West contenders. The average price that fans are paying for this game is $350.47. You can get in to Dodger Stadium for $19.00.

4/14/15 vs. Seattle Mariners | Average Price: $48.00| Get-in Price: $9.00

Despite having plenty of west coast star power, this is the cheapest game for the dodgers so far. The Mariners have just brought in AL Home Run king Nelson Cruz, and they also feature one of the best pitchers in the MLB, Felix Hernandez. If Hernandez pitches in this game, you can expect prices to shoot way up. The Dodger hitters will have a tough time against the man who finished second in last season’s Cy Young race. If Hernandez doesn’t go, the Mariners still have a staff full of strong, young arms. Despite the even matchup, the average price of this game is just $48.00, and you can get into Dodger stadium for as little as $9.00. I wouldn’t expect this game to be the least expensive one on the schedule for very long.

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