Breaking Down The Indiana Pacers Week Ahead

The Indiana Pacers have played this season without their most talented player, Paul George, and are looking at a tough schedule in the week leading up. Roy Hibbert has had a resurgent season, and is playing up to all-star form so far, David West has returned to the lineup and brought some toughness, and has the Pacers playing with an edge. Chris Copeland has shown the scoring ability he did in New York, but all that can’t replace your best player, and that’s why the Pacers sit at 7-14 about a quarter of the way through the season.

12/10/14 vs. Los Angeles Clippers | Average Price: $50.20 | Get-In Price $3.00

Anytime the Clippers come into, they town bring some star power. Fans want to see the likes of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan, but according to RazorGator, this game has the cheapest price of the week on the secondary market with an average price of $50.20 for Pacers tickets. With a get-in price of only $3.0, the Pacers could possibly sell out this game. They love their basketball inIndiana, and to see a team like the Clippers come in for prices that low is a treat.

12/12/14 @ Toronto Raptors | Average Price: $126.48 | Get In Price: $26.00

On this day one year ago the Raptors traded Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings, and what a turnaround it has been for them without him. The Raptors have had the best record in the eastern conference since trading him away. It should come as no surprise that this is the most expensive game of the week and at $126.48 on the secondary market. With a Get In price of $26.00 to see the team with the best record in the east is pretty solid deal.

12/13/14 vs. Portland Trail Blazers | Average Price: $60.81 | Get In Price: $7.00

On December 13th LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard bring their crew into Naptown to take on the Pacers in a showdown of really good big men. Aldridge will be putting his talents against the likes of Hibbert and West. To see that matchup up close and personal you’ll have to pay an average price of $60.81 on the secondary market, or you can get in on the cheap end with a get-in price of $7.00. Either way getting to see a matchup like this doesn’t come around often in today’s NBA.

12/15/14 vs. Los Angeles Lakers | Average Price: $80.71 | Get In Price: $6.00

Laker Nation is one that expands across the whole world. The Lakers really may be the most recognizable NBA franchise. With their history of great players and fans, they’ll definitely have fans that attend this game. It should come as no surprise that they have the second highest average price of the week at $80.71. The get in price, $6.00, depicts more of a picture of what they are now, down in the dumps. But the Laker brand will always carry weight, especially with a transcendent player like Kobe Bryant still on the roster.

12/17/14 @Los Angeles Clippers | Average Price: $80.67 | Get In Price: $8

The Pacers will be in Los Angeles this time, but to take on the star studded Clippers again. Blake Griffin and company will look to show the Pacers what “Lob City” is all about. This will be a battle in the frontcourt when Griffin and DeAndre Jordan test their mettle against the defensive duo of Hibbert and West. The Staples Center will always be an expensive venue, kind of like Madison Square Garden, so it comes as no surprise this game is averaged at $80.67 on the secondary market. The get-in price of only $8.00 is looking like a huge steal to see a team as entertaining as the Clippers.

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