Knicks Begin Week With Battle For New York Before Hosting King James

espite being led by the one time scoring champion Carmelo Anthony and new team President and 11 time NBA champ “The Zen Master” Phil Jackson, the Knicks have underperformed. The team currently posts an awful 4-14 record at this point in the season. With hopes of making the playoffs looking bleak the feeling about the team has seen Knicks tickets start to
12/2 vs Brooklyn Jersey Nets  | Avg. Price: $191.65 | Get-in  Price: $36| Trend -15% 
The Battle of New York will not be receiving the amount of coverage as past seasons. Although still rivals, the Madison Square Garden will be playing host to two teams with more wins than losses. Knicks tickets for this game is well below the season average, posting an average price of $191.65 and a get in value of $36. The average price is 30% below the average value for the season and prices have been trending downward by 15%
12/4 vs Cleveland Cavaliers | Avg. Price $386.48 | Get-In Price: $90| Trend -15% 
This game with the high-powered Cleveland Cavaliers is sure to be one to attract many of the celebrity filled New York City. Lebron James and Carmelo’s rivalry can be traced back to their days in High School. That is thought to be the cost of the lucrative average ticket price of $365.48 and get in price of $90. The average price is 60% above the league average. However the price is trending downward by 15%, perhaps due to the disappointment of the New York Knicks.
12/5 @ Hornets | Avg. Price 144.62 |Get-In Price 20 | Trend -14% 
Time Warner Cable Arena will play host to the Knicks and Hornets on the fifth of December. The Hornets are a team in disarray having lost their last 9 games in a row to date (12/1). The average ticket price is  $144.62 with a get in price of $20. The average price is 40% bellow the season average and is trending 14% downward.
12/7 vs Blazers | $194.16 | Get-in Price $54.50 | Trend -10% 
This looks to be a tough game for ‘Melo as they go up against the high powered offence of the Blazers lead by Damien Lillard and All Star LaMarcus Aldridge. The average ticket price is $194.16 a 20% decreases from their average value this season. The get in price for the game is $54.50 and the average trend is heading downward 10%.
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