Detroit Tigers Top Series After All-Star Break

The Detroit Tigers entered the season as a favorite to win their division and represent the American League in the World Series. Last season they came up just short, falling to the eventual World Series Champion Boston Red Sox in the ALCS, but the Tigers kept that team largely intact and most notably swapped first baseman Prince Fielder for Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler in the off-season. So far they’ve compiled a 41-32 record that places them in first in the AL Central. As a result Tigers tickets are averaging $98.50 for the season, but Detroit has only three series in the after the All-Star break that average over $100.

1) Cleveland Indians – September 12th to 14th 

Game 1: Avg: $135.50 | Get-in: $12       Game 2: Avg: $130. 96 | Get-in: $13      Game 3: Avg: $193.94 | Get-in: $11

In the middle of September the Tigers face their division rival, the Cleveland Indians for the most expensive series remaining on the Tigers schedule. The series as a whole is averaging $153.69, which is 56 percent above the season average. The series offers some notable promotions, with Star Wars day scheduled for Saturday’s game, and a lunch sandwich case given to fans for Sunday’s game. Sunday’s game also is the most expensive of the series at $193.94 on average, but has the cheapest get-in price at $11.

2) New York Yankees – August 26th to 28th

Game 1: Avg: $137.63 | Get-in: $18       Game 2: Avg: $122.06 | Get-in: $20      Game 3: Avg: $146.94 | Get-in: $22

It’s certainly not shocking to find the New York Yankees on this list. Not only are Yankees tickets the most expensive in the league, but they also regularly draw top prices and large attendance figures when on the road. This series is averaging $135.13 for a 37 percent increase over the season average. The Yankees are currently 3.5 games out of first in the AL East after missing the postseason last year. The Tigers swept the Yankees in the ALCS the last time the Yankees made the postseason. The final game of the series has a poster giveaway for Tigers fans and is the most expensive game of the series with a $146.94 average price and a $22 get-in.

3) Colorado Rockies – August 1st to 3rd 

Game 1: Avg: $105.26 | Get-in: $14         Game 2: Avg: $107.59 | Get-in: $20        Game 3: Avg: $108.30 | Get-in: $17

The final series on the list is a bit of a surprise. It is an interleague series with the Colorado Rockies for the first weekend series in August. The series is averaging $107.08 for a nine percent increase from the season average. The Rockies haven’t exactly been a stellar team this season, as they are ten games back in the NL West with a 35-42 record. They have a run differential that’s only as high as -10 because of their impressive 387 runs scored – which ranks just behind the Oakland A’s 390 for best in the league – that they mostly acquired during a scorching hot streak to start the season. They’re also only 15-24 on the road. There will be a few giveaways for fans attending the games, however. For the second game of the series fans will receive a Pudge Rodriguez figurine, and the final game has a PAWS figurine giveaway.

The Tigers should have an exciting pennant race on their hands in the second half of the season. They have some exciting series coming up and plenty of promotional giveaways to keep fans coming to the park despite a ticket average that is among the pricest in the league.


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