Ernie Banks Statue Is Top Chicago Cubs Game Of Season

The Chicago Cubs have had a longstanding tradition of being the loveable losers in baseball which only became even more obvious after the Boston Red Sox ended the “Curse of the Bambino” with a World Series Championship in 2004 after 86 years of trying unsuccessfully. This years Cubs team may not be as fortunate as that Red Sox team was to finally break through as they sit at 11 games below .500, yet even though they sit in last place Cubs tickets have only fallen by 10% since opening day and still rank among the priciest in baseball with a home average $89 for their remaining games.

However there is hope on the horizon for the Cubbies as they have one of the best farm systems in baseball grading no less than fourth in most experts farm systems rankings. The next month will be very crucial in determining whether or not to bring up some of these young players and prepare for the future. Here we breakdown the Top 5 Chicago Cubs games over the course of that time:


1) 7/26 vs St. Louis Cardinals Avg $144.27 / Get-in $52 / Ernie Banks Statue Celebration

Its only fitting that the biggest game of the year for the Chicago Cubs comes on the day when they honor “Mr. Cub” himself, Ernie Banks. The Cubs will pay tribute to the man who has given the organization everything he could by unveiling a statue of his likeness at historic Wrigley Field. With this game being so important from a historical context it has seen Cubs tickets skyrocket by 62% over their home average to go for $144.

2) 7/25 vs St. Louis Cardinals Avg $135.68 / Get-in $38 / Jack Brickhouse Bobblehead

Coming in the same series as their top game of the season the Cubs second priciest game of the season at Wrigley Field is going for over 50% higher than normal. Also this game against the rival St. Louis Cardinals will have the added bonus of giving out a bobblehead of Baseball Hall of Fame and radio announcer Jack Brickhouse with tickets in the neighborhood of $135 on average.

3) 7/12 vs Atlanta Braves Avg $125.82 / Get-in $26

This is the only game to make the Top 5 Chicago Cubs games after that doesn’t feature a giveaway or promotion. This game is the Cubs second to last before the All-Star Break and could potentially be the final time Jeff Samardzija takes the mound for the Cubs as there has been a ton of speculation that he will be moved before the trade deadline as Braves vs Cubs tickets will average just under $126.

4) 7/27 vs St. Louis Cardinals Avg $116.03 / Get-in $26 / Magic Baseball Giveaway

The finale of a three game series against the St. Louis Cardinals is the fourth most expensive Cubs game of 2014 going for $37 above average at $116 for Cubs tickets. Fans looking to attend this game will be able to Get-in $26 and will be eligible to receive a Cubs magic baseball, akin to that of a magic 8-ball.

5) 7/11 vs Atlanta Braves Avg $ $113.41 / Get-in $20 / Gale Sayers Bobblehead

Rounding out the top five Cubs games after the break is this July 11th game against the Atlanta Braves. This game will have the added bonus of featuring the bobblehead of Chicago Bears legendary running back Gale Sayers which has seen tickets jump to $113 with a Get-in of $20

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