Top Father’s Day 2014 Gifts

Fathers Day

Put down the socks, ugly tie, ridiculous electronic or whatever you’re thinking about getting dear old dad for Father’s Day, and consider giving him what he really deserves: quality time with you. It’s common knowledge that dads are often the recipient of re-giftable items every third Sunday in June, but this time around, give pop something he can’t stuff away in a closet somewhere. We’ve got the best selection of sports, concert and theater tickets to make any dad happy this weekend

Is dad a sports fan? Wow him with Stanley Cup or NBA Finals tickets. For a more inexpensive approach, choose from a plethora of MLB tickets and relive your childhood, or buy US Open Golf tickets and catch up around the legendary Pinehurst green. Does dad enjoy great TV? Take him to see Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston in-person with All the Way tickets. Reminisce on the good old days with Bill Cosby live, or crack him up with George Lopez tickets. What’s his favorite kind of music? This weekend is brimming with awesome concerts both you and your dad will enjoy, from Darius Rucker  to Santana, Elton JohnLionel Richie and more. Is dad single and lovin’ it? The Playboy Jazz Festival will play in Hollywood all weekend for the perfect amount of class and…sass. Too much? Alright, we’ll stop there.

Whatever activity you decide on, the most important thing is making sure Dad enjoys his Father’s Day celebration—of course, that doesn’t mean he has to know how little you paid for it! Save money on Father’s Day gifts with our new app. Since your tickets are instantly downloadable, feel free to commiserate with siblings or the rest of the family down to the last minute before purchasing. We’ve drawn up the top 2014 Father’s Day options in the table below, showing you just how varied your choices are from June 13-15. Scroll through hundreds of these events to attend with dad via your mobile device and pick a completely personalized gift for dad. Trust us, he won’t ever miss those generic loafers you almost purchased.

Category # of Events Get-in Price Avg Price
AAA Baseball 4 $10 $14
AFL 2 $3 $36
Boxing 2 $10 $120
Circus 25 $4 $89
Cirque du Soleil 52 $42 $199
Classical 2 $54 $189
Comedy 79 $26 $91
Country 30 $4 $121
Dance 13 $99 $162
Hip Hop & Reggae 2 $55 $106
Jazz & Blues 5 $23 $138
Latin & Reggaeton 7 $48 $138
Mixed Martial Arts 1 $49 $128
MLB 45 $4 $63
Monster Trucks 1 $35 $51
Musical 267 $5 $255
NASCAR 1 $33 $100
NBA 1 $320 $746
NCAA Baseball 5 $12 $78
NHL 1 $28 $1,683
PGA 3 $25 $134
Play 99 $54 $326
R&B 12 $10 $87
Rock & Pop 123 $7 $117
Rodeo 3 $39 $103
Soccer 13 $11 $382
WNBA 5 $4 $41
Wrestling 1 $25 $34
WWE 5 $4 $84

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