Jay-Z & Beyonce Add Second Concert At MetLife Stadium Due To Overwhelming Demand

It was recently announced that Jay-Z and Beyonce will be adding another date at MetLife Stadium due to what has been called “overwhelming demand” by fans of the ultra-popular couple. Tickets will go on sale for the show this Saturday and will more than likely sell out very quickly considering the demand for the first show which is averaging a staggering $324, the fifth highest of any date on the tour.

As a result Jay-Z and Beyonce tickets have commanded quite a hefty price tag on the secondary market with little to no tickets still available on the primary market. Furthermore, this will be the only stop in the New York City area for the two performers, opting to not schedule concerts at either of the two marquee venues located inside the city, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center in Jay-Z’s hometown of Brooklyn.

Jay-Z & Beyonce tickets for their “On the Run Tour” are currently averaging $259 over the course of the tour with their first stop coming on June 25th in Miami. This concert also happens to coincide with the least expensive of the entire tour averaging just $167, 35% lower than the tour average.

On the other hand the most expensive tour date is their Rose Bowl concert on August 2nd which is averaging $430 for tickets, making this 60% higher than the normal concert. Interestingly, the power couple’s show the night after at the Rose Bowl on the 3rd of the month is over $100 cheaper despite increasing by 15% in price since just this past Monday. Fans in the Pasadena area would be wise to opt for this second show as they can save a significant amount of money as even the get-in for this concert is half that of the August 2nd show at just $56. Outside of their stop at the Rose Bowl, when Jay-Z & Beyonce’s On The Run Tour hits Soldier Field in Chicago on July 24th it will be for their second most of the entire tour at 50% higher than the normal concert averaging $388 for tickets with a Get-in of $100, a bargain to see two of the biggest music acts in the world perform together.

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