Ticket Prices for the St. Louis Cardinals’ Top Divisional Games

Over the past decade, the St. Louis Cardinals have become the model franchise in Major League Baseball. The Cardinals have reached at least the National League Championship Series six times in that time and since 2004 have been to four World Series, winning half of them over the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers respectively. Most recently, St. Louis made last season’s World Series but ultimately ended up being outmatched by the Red Sox in six games.

This season, the Cardinals are sitting pretty in second place in the NL Central behind only the red hot Milwaukee Brewers who have the second most wins in all of the major leagues with a record of 35-24. The Cardinals are 5 games behind the Brewers so far with a lot of the credit heading towards Adam Wainwright who leads the team in almost every pitching category through the quarter pole of the season.

For fans looking to see the Cardinals in action, St Louis Cardinals tickets will always be among the priciest in baseball, but deals can certainly be had.  The top two games for the St. Louis Cardinals actually come on the same exact day. On August 30th, they will play a day-night doubleheader with the Chicago Cubs. These two games current have an average price of $119 and $122, respectively.

This is an extremely strange occurence as neither game is one that jumps off the page at fans as just a Saturday game with no giveaway or ceremony attached. It won’t even be the last time they play the Cubs this season as they have a game the following day on Sunday.

Conversely from their top priced day of baseball, the Cardinals cheapest game of the season does not find itself in the midst of a day-night doubleheader; rather, coming in the first of three games against the New York Mets on June 16th. This game is going for under $30 with the next two games of the series tied for the second cheapest games of the season as both average just $31 for tickets.

Outside the Cubs doubleheader, St. Louis’s other top priced games come in the month of September against the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates which will feature post game fireworks and a poster giveaway, respectively. At average ticket prices of $111 for their September 19th meeting with the Reds and $104 when they play the Pirates on the first of the same month, these two games are good enough for third and fourth most expensive games of the season. The only NL Central team to not make any of the Cardinals Top 5 games of the season are the Milwaukee Brewers, whose highest priced meeting at Busch Stadium only fetches 19% higher than their home average of $68 to go for $82.

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