Seahawks Tickets Up 34% Year After Winning The Title

Coming off an impressive Super Bowl victory, the Seattle Seahawks remain one of the favorites to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy this season. The Seahawks were able to retain their core players and sign “Legion of Boom” members Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman to contract extensions this offseason, while locking up Kam Chancellor last April. With these players, the Seahawks were able to have the best passing defense in the entire league, giving up an average of just 172 yards per game through the air and were the only team in the league to give up less than 300 total yards per game, averaging 273 yards per game.

By keeping their core players under contract for the foreseeable future, the Seahawks are laying the foundation to be one of the dominant teams for the next few years. That foundation is driving fans to the gates, with ticket prices at unprecedented levels.  In 2014, Seahawks tickets are up by 34% as a result of being Super Bowl Champion, 3% higher than the average increase a Super Bowl brings to a given team’s ticket prices, historically.

This season, the Seahawks play in four games that go for over $500 on average, all of which come at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. In total, Seattle plays five of the nine highest priced games of the entire league, with only one coming on the road. The most expensive game this season is the Seahawks home opener (and season kick off) against the Green Bay Packers on September 4th which is going for the unbelievably expensive price of $594 for an average ticket.  To put that into perspective, a fan can get a full package of season tickets to the Tennessee Titans for $20 less than what you would pay for just this one game. The additional Seahawks games to pass this $500 threshold are their contests with the San Francisco 49ers – $541, Denver Broncos – $526 and Dallas Cowboys – $505.

While the fact that the Seahawks have a high cost for their biggest games is to be expected, what is not expected is for their cheapest game of the season to still be higher than all but nine games next year, excluding their own games. This contest will come against the Arizona Cardinals with tickets currently going for an average price of $332 after dropping by $14 in price since last week alone. This game is more expensive than any New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets or even Green Bay Packers home games this season, just to name a few high profile teams who don’t have a single game price higher than the Seahawks vs Cardinals.

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