Atlanta Falcons Tickets Still Expensive Following 4-12 Year

The Atlanta Falcons never had back to back winning seasons, but that was before they had a quarterback like Matt Ryan. Since drafting Ryan 3rd overall out of Boston College in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Falcons have been able to run off five consecutive winning seasons. After coming within a few minutes of going to the Super Bowl in 2012, last year the Falcons struggled mightily and it was the first year under Ryan that they failed to have a winning record, going a dismal 4-12.

While Ryan certainly did not have a banner year, it’s hard for anyone to play quarterback while on your back. In total, Ryan was hit 100 times on the season and the fifth most in the entire league which led Atlanta to completely revamp its line by signing guard Jon Asamoah and drafting tackle Jake Matthews 6th overall in this year’s draft. Now that Ryan should have some more time to operate, he should have no problem finding one of his large targets like Roddy White and Julio Jones.

With the Falcons biggest problem seemingly fixed, fans are very excited about their chances to rebound and see Atlanta return to the postseason yet again. In order to do that, the Falcons will have some pretty tough obstacles in their way and are also handicapped in the sense that they only play seven games in their home stadium due to the fact that they will technically be the “home” team when they play the Detroit Lions on October 26th at historic Wembley Stadium in London. This is the priciest game the Falcons play all season long at an average price of $354 for Atlanta Falcons tickets and a get-in price of $123.

For their actual home games in the Georgia Dome, Falcons tickets will go for $159 on average, up by $45 over their home average of $115 last year. Of their home games, none are more expensive than their matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers at an average price of $227. The Falcons and Steelers have gone into overtime against each of the last three times they played so fans purchasing tickets for that game may be in line for some extra football. The Falcons have some other intriguing matchups on their schedule, such as their game against the Chicago Bears (Avg – $195, Get-in $53), New Orleans Saints (Avg – $192, Get-in $54) as well as Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns (Avg – $117, Get-in $23.)  Falcons fans certainly have several exciting matchups to choose to see this year.

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