Mets Tickets Up 5% From Beginning Of The Season

Coming into 2014, expectations were pretty low for the New York Mets, as they were coming off another losing campaign in 2013 and were expected to be without ace pitcher Matt Harvey for much of the year. A month and a half into the season and the Mets have certainly struggled at times this season without their stud pitcher, yet they have been able to hang around the .500 mark and as of today are only three and a half games behind the division leading Atlanta Braves. Though the Mets aren’t first in the standings, Mets tickets happen to be the most expensive in the division, up 5% from the start of the season, currently at an average price of $92.45.  Below is a breakdown of the average price of the remaining games for each National League East team…


1.) New York Mets – $92.45

2.) Philadelphia Phillies – $85.86

3.) Atlanta Braves – $69.38

4.) Miami Marlins – $65.44

5.) Washington Nationals – $54.99


Looking ahead, the most expensive game of the season for the Mets doesn’t come until next month when they welcome the San Diego Padres to Citi Field on June 14th. While at first it may seem odd that an early June game against the San Diego Padres is the top game of the season for the Mets, rather than a game against a traditional rival like the Phillies, upon further investigation the reason for this becomes quite clear. The Mets will be providing additional entertainment and amenities at several games in 2014, including hosting post-game concerts, providing post-game fireworks, and offering free promotional items. For the June 14th date against the Padres, the Mets will feature a performance by Queens born rapper 50 Cent.  Tickets for June 14th are currently averaging 55% higher than normal Mets home games at $140 with a get-in of $21.

In fact, of the top five games of the season for the New York Mets, all five have a tied-in promotion. The Mets second priciest game of the season is September 28th when the Houston Astros come to Citi Field for the season finale. Tickets for the final game (which features a 2015 Mets Schedule magnet giveaway) have an average cost of $118. This is followed by their September 13th tilt with the Washington Nationals (average ticket price of $112) which features post-game fireworks.

If rap isn’t your thing, the Mets have you covered on July 12th when Huey Lewis comes in for a post-game concert.  The average ticket price for that game is only $111.  And to wrap up the top five most expensive New York Mets games remaining this season, the Mets August 3rd game against the San Francisco Giants which features a Mets toy truck giveaway has an average ticket price of $109.

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